Being in the dark and unable to speak I've had a recurring dream since I was about 14. In the dream I'm in a dark house (my house usually) and when I try to turn the lights on, it doesn't work. It remains dark. So I start to panic and call out for someone, but I'm unable to yell. I can barely even speak in the dream. After a few cries out for help, I wake up. And the only reason I wake up is because I'm yelling in real life and I end up waking myself up because of it. I have this dream 2-4 times a month since I was about 14. Thank you. A house in dreams typically represents the dreamer's own psyche and persona, so a dark house could signify failures or your own pessimism. Meanwhile, the struggle to speak is an allusion to your insecurities and possible identity crisis. You may be having trouble expressing yourself in reality and this is causing your subconscious to become cloudy and burdened with self-doubt. The fact that you wake up screaming actually reveals pent up anger and frustrations. The emotions are piling up inside and they are looking for an outlet. Perhaps you need to improve your self-esteem and learn to assert yourself instead of keeping it all inside in order to avoid a possible emotional breakdown.
Being controlled by a famous personality I had a dream about Aleister Crowley. I was lying on my stomach. It was bright morning. I look up to the window which was literally facing me about 2 inches away from my face, I stare into my reflection, then I merge into Aleister Crowley's face, his voice then proceeded to tell me "Let the serpent control you". I feel intense pain in my genitals, as if something was entering my energy field, I started to vibrate all over, suddenly waking up letting out a faint scream. Please let me know. Looking through a window in the dream world alludes to the possibility of gaining new perspectives by observing your surroundings. Meanwhile, the serpent, because of its biblical association, is often used to symbolize wisdom and truth. As such, your dream may be alluding to a period of enlightenment for you. You may be faced with a predicament or an identity crisis which would force you to confront your demons in order to become a better version of yourself. The image of Aleister Crowley may hint at the type of personality crisis you would have to deal with, such as an egotistical attitude or a delusion of grandeur.
Feeling the presence of a man for males I was on an empty airplane, and anytime I would try to relax, by trying to sleep or get into a more comfortable position I would feel a touch on the side of my stomach. It felt very real and although I couldn't see the person, I knew it was a man. When I got to my house, I laid in my bed and I felt the same man in the bed with me in some kind of spooning position and I could not move for hours. I am male. Dreaming about flying in an airplane symbolizes that you are about to make some major decisions in your waking life. It is an indication that you are about to embark on a journey which you always wanted to happen. However, the notion of being involved with a male actually depends upon your sexual orientation. If you consider yourself homosexual, it symbolizes that you would find yourself enter a new relationship or perhaps finally realize your inner desires. On the other hand, if you are straight such a dream could signify that you greatly admire masculine traits like strength, perseverance and good judgment. You would be able to find all these traits within yourself and these could help you achieve what you have always desired.
Becoming tired and lost while walking I saw in a dream walking with my boss, after a while I was walking alone and in front of myself was some guardrail. After I passed that difficulty I felt I was very tired and thinking I lost my way and I think I was lost. While this dream vision contains a number of symbols, the interpretation is actually quite simple and straightforward. As is seen commonly in dreams such as these, walking down a road is synonymous with your success in life and progress you are making toward your goals. However, it seems that there are a number of obstacles to your ultimate happiness. For example, seeing your boss could reflect work stress, while becoming tired and lost could allude to financial troubles. Even the guardrail could be interpreted literally, suggesting a barrier to success which stands in your way. In essence, it is possible for you to make your dreams come true and be successful, but you would have to overcome all the challenges that you face first.
Becoming rich and popular Last night I had one of the best dreams in my life. I was one of the coolest guys in school, which usually isn't the case. I had the bedroom I've always wanted with a sound system and a huge TV and everything. I had the coolest and newest clothes. I walked downstairs and there was a Jeep parked in the driveway. Pulled up to the prettiest girl in my school's driveway named Kassidy. We went on a picnic and then we went for a walk. We rolled down a hill and then tickled each other. Then we kissed. As you might have concluded for yourself, this type of vision contains a positive message concerning your future life, although it may not be exactly as you perceived it in your vision. Rather, being cool and presumably better looking in this dream suggests auspicious circumstances surrounding you and receiving good news about something you were hoping for. Kissing the prettiest girl in school also predicts you would be successful in your endeavors and have good luck with whatever you try to accomplish. While this dream may not exactly represent your future, it could be the manifestation of your heart's desires. With effort and patience, it may be possible to make some aspects of this vision a reality.
Stuck in a box with a bouncing ball I am stuck inside a box with a ball that's bouncing like crazy. I seem to be afraid, so I hide in the corner. There are two things happening within this dream which contain a warning. Being trapped inside a box and not able to get out means some unexpected negative developments arising due to the actions of other people around you, possibly connected to spreading lies or rumors. The ball bouncing and causing you feel uncomfortable and wanting to hide foretells malice directed at you, so be careful of whom you trust and let near. This evil may come in many forms, including a temptation or someone doing you wrong or attempting to lead you down a wrong path.
Alone in a dark room Female, self sitting in a wooden chair in a small four-wall, black room hands folded in lap, legs crossed staring into the darkness alone. It's pitch black, no noise or beings. Strong fear sense. No motion. Same dream if I wake up and fall back asleep. Every night... A dark room in the dream world symbolizes the dreamer's worries and anxieties over uncertain outcomes. You could be stressed out over a responsibility or a relationship which you think is not what it appears to be. The shadowy female figure in the chair may be a representation of your fears towards an individual or a situation that is unfamiliar to you. Perhaps you feel as if certain people, or even your own limited experience, are keeping you from making a clear judgment or opinion about something of great importance and this state of mind makes you feel tense and uncomfortable.
Alone in a childhood town Female. I was in a small town I used to live in and nobody was there. I kept looking around and inside houses, but I couldn't find anybody. A dream that takes place in your childhood or your past reveals nostalgia. Perhaps your current situation has triggered your sentimental side, so you are looking back at memories and past experiences. You could be looking for answers for a present predicament and you think you would find it from locales, personalities and experiences during that chapter in your existence. Unfortunately, you may have come up empty. Your subconscious may be telling you to stop dwelling in the past so you can move forward to a better future.
Masturbating and sperm I dreamt of me masturbating, and ready to drink my sperm. Dreaming that you are masturbating reveals your impatience. Similarly, consuming your own sperm points to a yearning for growth and development. You may be tired of waiting for the fruits of your labor. Perhaps you have been waiting for an increase in your income, a bonus or a promotion owing to the long hours and dedication you have put into your work. On a more personal note, it is also possible that you have been waiting for a relationship to blossom and yet there has been no progress with a romantic prospect.
Becoming a transgender I dreamt I had become a transgender, I am transsexual, born a female and want to become a male. I felt like coming out to my parents one day and my family, but one of them had said something that made me feel really insecure about it. But really, the only thing in my dream was that I was one and everyone was fine with it. Dreaming of becoming a transgender could reveal your desire to find a safe place. Your struggle to come out to your loved ones in reality may be exacerbating your anxieties and fears about not being accepted. As a result, your subconscious could be reassuring you and encouraging you to embrace who you are by creating a safe space in your dream. Perhaps the dream may seem as the opposite of your reality, but it is giving you a glimpse of the kind of freedom and relief you would experience when you finally find the courage to share your plans with other people.
Being watched while in a restroom I was going to the restroom to wash my face. I felt as if I was being watched. I slowly walk up to the window and see this man with a scary appearance. He had no face and wore a tuxedo. His face shape was very oval and incredibly white. Gender - female. When you dream about running into a faceless person it could mean there is someone in your inner social circle who wants to deceive you and probably is envious of your current situation or status. This person could have already managed to gain your trust by putting up a friendly face and hiding their true nature. The notion that in your dream the faceless man had a formal wear on could mean that this individual is attempting to make your life a living hell and create obstacles in your path by interfering with the things you consider to be vital to your future.
Gears being dropped on top of the bed I'm male, 27, and had a dream about being in bed and huge gears were dumped on top of me, but people were taking them off to build something. This vision contains two opposing symbols. The first, being in bed, is representative of idleness or laziness. On the other hand, the gears that were thrown upon you are associated with action and motivation. The final image of the people who removed the gears to build something is symbolic of group effort to a reach a certain goal. Together, it seems you may have a tendency to do the bare minimum in order to scrape by. However, you may feel pressure from others to contribute more to a task or goal that benefits more than just yourself. You may either resent this responsibility or feel inspired by it, leading to this vision.
Holding oneself as a baby and house collapsing I saw myself holding me as a baby in a room where all of a sudden the floor started falling apart and I had to leave the baby in the room. But it was okay and nothing happened to her, only the room I was in fell apart, all the other rooms in the house were okay and everyone acted so normal. Dreaming of seeing yourself as a baby means you may soon experience a state of transition. Perhaps a relationship would end or you would start a new job. Whatever the case, this is a chance for you to improve, at least in some aspects of your existence. Meanwhile, floors represent your foundation or your source of security. In a sense, the floor falling apart under your feet means you could undergo a shake up during this transitional period where you would feel unstable and unsure about your status. Your values and principles may even be tested during this time. The challenge is to keep yourself grounded and find clarity in your priorities.
Being pulled by a force and a blue dome Please translate my dream. I was standing in a room. Very strong energy was pulling me up as if a strong vacuum cleaner on the ceiling was doing it. I was resisting to not go up and get frustrated. I look up to see the source of energy, but suddenly I saw a blue dome of a mosque out of a window. Being pulled up or lifted in the air by an unknown force is usually associated with a positive outlook. Your optimism may be pushing you to reach new heights and become more ambitious with your personal and professional goals. However, the presence of the mosque or part of a mosque reveals your reservations about fully pursuing your dreams and aspirations. Perhaps you are looking for some guidance and signs that the right way forward is to take risks and take a stab at realizing your long-held goals. You want to be sure about your decisions and you could be going to your faith and beliefs to find the answers.
Unable to move and a cat over the face I wake up but cannot move. Start to scream and a cat jumps on me and puts its mouth over mine. Dreaming about being unable to move could mean that there is some sort of mental dichotomy impacting you in your waking life. You could be conflicted about two different ways of thinking related to a certain issue, perhaps while being caught between a more irrational and emotional response and a practical way of reasoning. The cat jumping on you and putting its mouth over yours could mean you feel smothered by those irrational desires associated with an instinctive way of thinking.
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