A dog and a crocodile I am female. I dreamed of my deceased dog (I put her down in 2014). There were two dreams, in one she had fallen through the slats on a deck and was hanging by her neck , I think she was still alive. In the other dream she was lying on the ground, not sure if she was alive or not. A crocodile had her by the paw and she had a dead mouse either in her other paw or in her mouth. I don't recall taking any action in either dream, just being horrified at the sight of both and then waking up. Dogs in dreams generally represent friends and family because they are seen as loving and loyal companions. In your case, this recurring dream of your deceased dog could reveal your concerns about the loyalty of your current group of friends or even family members. Your dog's injuries may symbolize weakening bonds or brewing problems between you and a close friend or sibling. In the first dream, the nature of your dog's suffering could mean that you are worried about someone's well-being. Someone close to you may be conflicted and needs your help to get back on track. Meanwhile, the crocodile points to a bad influence or a manipulative individual who may be trying to ruin your relationship with your loved ones by pushing them into making bad decisions. Perhaps this devious person would cause all your problems and you are feeling helpless about the situation. It is possible that your subconscious is encouraging you to take action, otherwise you could lose someone you love.
Forgetting to bring the dog for the night Waking up thinking I haven't brought my dog in for the night. Forgetting to bring your dog in for the night is often thought to be the reflection of your lack of responsibility about current matters in reality. You may be putting off important tasks or avoiding certain chores, which could make your life more difficult in the long run or make other people annoyed or uncomfortable. While it may take a little time to get back in the habit of doing things in a timely and detailed manner, it would surely be to your advantage. A tidy space and a completed to-do list would be sure to lift your spirits as well as assure others that you are more than capable of handling whatever is on your plate.
Losing a dog I lost a dog and couldn't find it. I kept looking but it was nowhere. My brother begun helping me look. We rode around looking in his car. Losing your dog during the course of a dream vision may reveal that you have recently been lax in your responsibilities or less attentive than you should be towards certain areas of your life. Slacking off on homework or avoiding troublesome chores is fine once in awhile, but making such choices a habit is sure to have negative effects both for your quality of life and in how people perceive you. If you have been putting off tasks you do not like, it might be better to just suit up and do it. You would surely feel better once it is done and out of the way, and others would admire your responsible, can-do attitude.
Turtle as a pet I dreamed I found a very small turtle, size of a quarter. I had it in my hand. I decided to keep it, and feed it. I put it in a spare bedroom and went off to find some food for it. My son didn't know it was there and opened the door. A big gust of wind came in and blew the little turtle against the wall. When I came in, I searched for the turtle. I found him. I picked him up. The top of his shell was broken to pieces, like an eggshell. He was still alive. I wanted to fix his shell. In dreams, turtles often represent loyalty and steadfastness. Finding a small turtle, then, likely symbolizes a trusted friend or family member who has remained close to you over the years, perhaps even your son from the vision or someone connected with your son, like the parent of one of his friends. While your connection with this individual probably flourished in the past, a turning point in your relationship may be happening soon. Specifically, the crack on the turtle's shell suggests upcoming conflict. This confidante may feel neglected and unimportant, leading them to distance themselves from you. It is possible that this vision is a reminder from your subconscious to not take your friendships for granted and to invest a little more time into the relationships that have started to lose their closeness.
Puppies all around I dreamed of seeing a lot of puppies, they were near or under a car. They were being saved from getting hurt. Puppies are often considered a metaphor for young people, either children, teenagers or young adults, in wake life. Therefore, this vision is probably related to either your relationship with someone younger than you or a message about how you could find meaning in your day to day existence, particularly because cars generally refer to events and situations closely related to our own life paths. For example, perhaps you have experienced a calling to become a teacher or volunteer with youths in your area. It is also possible that there is one particular young person whom you could act as a mentor to. In either case, spending your time and energy improving the lives of those less experienced than yourself may prove to be extremely fulfilling for you, bringing you great satisfaction and happiness.
Carrying a white dog 1 white dog circling around me begging to be carried and looked hurt. But before I can carry him, I have to hold another white dog lying on its back. I am hesitant to carry the dog because I am afraid of dogs. The white dog in this dream represents a loyal and trustworthy friend. Because the dog was begging to be carried, you are being told by your subconscious that a loved one needs your help in reality. This is probably someone you can count on, and it is time for you to return the favor during their time of need. However, your hesitation to hold the white dog reveals your tendency to avoid responsibility. The other white dog you have to carry means you are already helping another person with their problem, so perhaps this makes it harder to take on the issue of another friend. Helping someone carry a burden is never easy, but you owe it to a loyal friend or family member to be supportive and reliable in order for you to continue a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.
Pets being taken away I'm a female, I had a dream a stranger was trying to take my pets away from me. In my waking life it was all my current pets including one I adopted out years ago (who is still alive and healthy). In my dream I was crying and trying to protect my animals, I was mainly focused on my cats, both of which were black in the dream, whereas in the waking world only one is black. The people took two of my dogs and chained them up, my animals were acting confused. I was making plans to rescue them. Dreaming about pets, especially if you have pets in reality, indicates strong and reliable social connections. So, to witness a stranger taking your pets away reveals your anxieties about losing the people you love whether through disagreements or clashing values. The stranger, which actually symbolizes an aspect of your personality, means you are not afraid to express your views and you can even get aggressive when you disagree with someone over a topic you are passionate about. Unfortunately, your passion could be mistaken for condescension which could seriously hurt the feelings of certain loved ones. Perhaps you need to decide whether your values and beliefs are more important than maintaining your relationships. The black cats in particular are metaphors for your shadow self which can cause you to project your personal issues and lash out on other people. Meanwhile, the chained dogs means you like to be in control. However, forcing your opinions on others may not be the most effective way to come to an understanding. Your subconscious may be urging you to learn to listen more and empathize to broaden your perspective. You can then use this knowledge to find a more effective way to come together and build relationships instead of cutting them off completely.
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