Serving meat to important people I brought out my laptop and was having a conversation with some people, then I found myself in a gathering offering meat to others from which I also eat from. While in the gathering, I noticed there were high-profile older men. I stood up to take more, then a voice within said "We will be tested to determine our resolve or capacity". Shortly afterwards I heard my name, then I woke up. Please can I get an interpretation of this dream? Thanks. The event you attend filled with high-profile and older gentlemen in this dream is an auspicious sign predicting that success is in your favor when it comes to work, business or academic endeavors. Successful, well-off individuals around you give a glimpse into the success and fortune you can expect to achieve. This is also supported by the image of handing out and partaking in meat, which signifies the speed at which this dream can become a reality. The words you heard, then, are likely a warning from your subconscious that your worthiness for this great fate may be tested soon. Passing the test would require not only smarts and physical endurance, but also quick-thinking and creativity.
A girl asking to throw books away I dream of walking with a fair girl I don't know and she gave me some books to throw into a bush. This unfamiliar girl in your dream alludes to a possibility of falling in love. You could meet someone unexpectedly and sparks would fly immediately. This surprising meeting could turn into a romance if you play your cards right. However, the downside of falling in love is the loss of rationality and logical thinking. You could be swept away by your emotions and make some rash decisions you would eventually come to regret, as signified by the books thrown into a bush in your dream.
A person in black surrounded by fire There was person in all black clothes and fire around them. If you dreamed of seeing someone wearing black clothes and surrounded by a wall of fire, take heed because it is a warning. It means that some time in the near future you could suffer losses which you will not be able to avoid. This can affect your business or be related to your material possessions. It can also happen in your personal life, maybe in your love affairs, therefore it could be emotional in its nature. Whatever the loss you are about to go through, be prepared when you experience this vision in your dream.
Men and women in the locker room In my dream, I was in a locker room with maybe a dozen or so other men. They were all naked, as was I, but I wasn't uncomfortable. Later I noticed I couldn't find my towel, I looked for it, and eventually found it. As I was doing that, the men disappeared, and a dozen or so fully-clothed women took their place. They were talking among themselves, almost ignoring me, except for one woman, she kept staring at me. Then I left, and went swimming with the men. Focusing your attention on other people's nudity in a dream alludes to rising insecurities or worries in waking life as a result of other people (such as your peers) criticizing your current activities, ways of doing things or your ideas your share with them. The notion of the naked men transforming into fully clothed women suggests that you may be very meticulous and tend to pay a great deal of attention to what others have to say about you. You could feel that even a single negative opinion or remark coming from one person can become detrimental to your current efforts and aspirations, as symbolized by the woman staring at you at the end of the dream.
Fat and skinny people staring I have a dream where these people are staring at me in the hallway of my own home, these people are either really skinny or really fat. There is no one in between. Thin people tend to represent others in your life going through difficult or troubling times. You may have friends who are suffering under the weight of debt or dealing with serious medical conditions. While you may want to help, there is very little you can do. This is contrasted with the image of fat people, a sign symbolically linked with the idea of other friends experiencing great joy in their lives either due to marriage, new jobs or other fortuitous circumstances. These people staring at you but not interfering with you at all suggest that, whether you experience happiness or hardship, no one can do more to influence the course of your life than you.
A woman spitting blood in the face I am a fitness instructor. I dreamt about a woman in my class who was new, running up to me and spitting blood out in my face. What does that mean? This dream, though both disturbing and gory, could indicate the presence of some psychic sensitivities on your part. Blood pouring from the face is often associated with the idea of death and tragedy. The fact that this blood was coming from another person suggests that they are the ones who may suffer, though this person from your fitness class could just be a stand-in for someone else you know. In either case, while you may not be directly affected by this loss, you are likely to feel sympathy and sadness for the difficult time this individual must go through.
Visiting an elderly couple Every year I have a dream about me and my parents visiting these two elderly people in a very large old house and I always have it at summertime. The first dream was me and my parents walking up the dirt road towards the house and then having afternoon tea with the elderly woman and man, the next year around about the same time of year we went to visit again, but this time the elderly woman said her husband had died and was talking about how lonely she was, then the next year it was different. The presence of the elderly in your dream vision could point toward an inclination for psychic powers or special sensitivities, as older people who are strangers to you are often associated with the idea of strange events and the other worlds. This could also be connected to something much older, like the forgotten knowledge of times past. Depending on the time and place you were at the time of each dream, you could determine what is pulling these powers out during the summertime. Going back to the vision, the death of the older gentleman could indicate your powers are weakening, either due to lack of use or distance to the source of your energy. If you want to capture and utilize this power, you should analyze the past occurrences and move from there.
Being attacked by transgendered people Transgenders came to my house twice and they tried to steal silver glasses, but I stopped them from doing so, but they attacked me with a knife and my hand got cut and started bleeding. Dreaming of a transgender or a transsexual alludes to repression of certain traits. You may be unable to reconcile the feminine and masculine aspects of your personality. Perhaps you feel as if one or the other should dominate, instead of balancing those traits. When the trans stole your silver glasses, it means you may be losing sight of the bigger picture and that certain situations call for a different take and temperament. You may be becoming too aggressive and your subconscious is showing you the detrimental results.
Naked strangers in the bathroom Me and this other guy were standing in this bathroom naked and this girl was sitting in the bathtub naked also. We were trying to lift her out, but I was holding a platter of food. After we kept trying a couple more times, I threw the food on the ground. I told my friend to make sure the path was clear, so we could carry her to a bed. After he left, I picked her up and put her in my lap. Then my penis tried to push up in between her legs. Your presence in the bathroom during this vision is very telling, suggesting that some terrible luck is about to befall you. Both your nakedness and the nakedness of your companions allows for a more specific reason to emerge. These symbols predict that not only are you to find yourself in a compromising situation, but that those around you are also likely to be privy to your embarrassment, possibly leading to an influx of gossip and unflattering rumors about you. Throwing food on the ground could signify trying to rectify this situation, but actually making it worse by continuing to remind others that it occurred. It may be better to withdraw for awhile and let the situation boil over rather than continuing to stir the pot.
A girl in a blue dress on a sunny day I'm a male that has been talking to a girl. I had a dream that I saw her, she was walking, I was watching her from a moving car. She was wearing a blue dress and it was sunny. Seeing a girl in a blue dress reveals your yearning to achieve some semblance of success and achievement. She represents your dreams and ambitions, hence the sunny weather reflects your idea of what your life would be if you reached your aspirations. Perhaps your situation in reality does not meet your expectations and you are wondering about taking a different path in life.
Someone disrespectful towards the homeless I dreamed I asked for help in getting food to a homeless person. The guy I asked looked me in the eye as he put out a cigarette in the plate of food as he handed it to me. Dreams containing the image of someone who is homeless predict the possibility of soon experiencing great disappointment and frustration. This is likely due to unfair treatment, disrespect, or some other form of discrimination that is being directed towards you. Because your subconscious is weaving this warning into your vision, it also must contend with your ego, which is where your desire to help the homeless individual comes into play. This imagery signifies your current state of being, showing that you are in a good position right now and that you feel happy and content with what you have achieved in life. In a sense, your mind refuses to believe that something is or could go wrong. However, the man who puts out a cigarette into the food suggests you should listen to the warnings and prepare for the worst.
Strangers ending war and chaos I was in a chaotic war, then coming over the hill I saw two men in what looked like red riding hoods coat. As soon as I seen them, they spoke to me, but I can't remember what was said, just that they were friendly and as they went In different directions, the chaos ended and I knew it was they who stopped it. Dreaming of war or living near a war zone is usually a negative sign. It means you are about to experience periods of sadness and hardships, especially if you are a young person. This chaos in your dream probably reflects your views on the state of the world today or, more specifically, your worries about your future. You may be looking for someone to bail you out, sort of like a savior figure. Yet in order for real change to occur, you may need to start by being more proactive even if your sphere of influence is small. Ripples can cause waves given the right conditions.
Greeting and hugging with a beggar I was walking past some few people with my friends and there was a burnt and badly hurt lady trying to shake our hands! She looked scruffy and like a beggar! All my friends ignored her. But I felt so much pity and I shook her hand. After which she hugged me. And my friends were disgusted about it. Meaning please. A dream in which you stumble upon a beggar or homeless individual has negative connotations. It is indicative of some disturbing events which may eventually lead to you squandering away your assets and property. It could even symbolize the loss of your residence or perhaps breaking ties with a person who at one time may have been your best friend. The severity of your situation can be seen in the poor state of the woman. However, giving this woman a sympathetic hug is symbolically linked with the idea of having an upcoming reunion. Either you could avoid this situation entirely by being kind to those even outside your normal circle or, after a period of separation, everything could return to its previous state.
An older man and a frail girl in a house In my dream I saw an old person with a long beard and long hair and he was muscular, but old. He was inside a well-lit house and there was a happy feeling all around. I go in, greet him like I know him, and he gives me food which I then eat and I think to myself that it's super yummy. I thank him after I am done with the food and then I go to the left side of the house where I notice a little frail girl lying down on a table. I pick her up in my arms and hug her. I couldn't see her face. The old man inside a well-lit house in your dream represents your mature and wise side. This scenario provides a positive interpretation of a happy, fruitful and fulfilling future if you listen to your rational side and use the lessons learned from experiences to make choices in both your personal and professional journey. On the other hand, the frail-looking little girl you found lying on the table depicts the downside of growing up. Sometimes in becoming more mature, we tend to suppress the innocent and child-like side of ourselves. Perhaps the dream is reminding you to maintain a healthy curiosity despite the pressures of adulthood.
Talking with a mad man I saw a mad man discussing something with me. Conversing with a mad man or an insane individual in a dream suggests your own spiral into madness or eccentricity. Madness, in this sense, does not refer to clinical psychosis, rather a more artistic or unconventional mindset. You may be entertaining offbeat ideas to help give your career a boost. Alternatively, you may be losing touch with reality as a means of escaping your existing problems.
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