Sick mother being assaulted and taken away My mother with dementia was lying outside, I could not pick her up alone as she did not recognize me. I went for help but looked back and saw people heading towards her. I went back and managed to get her to the street, but a large red pick up appeared with 3 guys in it. They said what nasty things they wanted to do to her and one produced a large billhook. I asked a passerby for help but the guy with the billhook slit his throat and dragged mum into the pick up before speeding off. I could not read the number plate and was left standing in the middle of the road helpless and distraught. Dreaming about your mother is usually considered to have positive symbolism. However, dreaming about a mother who is sick and suffering from dementia negates the optimism of this sign. It portends a period of gloom and unhappiness which is about to enter your waking life. The notion of you running around and looking for help indicates that you would try your best to alleviate the problems which surround you but your efforts would remain unsuccessful. It would be helpful if you try to overcome your fears and apprehensions. Instead of focusing on your shortcomings, make sure you concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. This would help you stay strong and not be swayed by any calamities appearing in your path.
Unable to visit mother in hospital In my dream my mum was in hospital with hours to live, she was completely unresponsive. When visiting her I could not go in her room. I had to watch from a computer screen, like a web cam. I was pleading to tell her I love her and she had done a great job but was not allowed in the room. My mum is alive and well in real life. I see her everyday. I am a 26 year old female. Dreaming about a close relative dying in a hospital bed is not a literal warning of what could happen, however, it could signal that some future events could take place regarding this specific person. Your mother, in this case, could become the source of some surprising news which could change your opinion about her and perhaps cause you to feel disappointed or embarrassed. But your willingness to let go of the older version of your mother and accept the new one is the key to learning how to deal with the issue. Your mother dying in the dream could be a metaphor for your own perception of who she is used to be up to this moment.
Discovering who the real father is First, I was asleep in my dream in a restaurant and then my friend's crush was there and my mother and my father were also there. When I was sleeping they were talking how my friend's crush was my father. My friend's crush was sold to one of my mother's brothers then something happened so that is how I was born in my dream. The notion of an alternative narrative about how you were born could mean you are feeling unhappy with your current situation and you wish for things to be different. Since you envisioned your friend's crush as your parent, it could mean you perhaps desire the kind of social life or prestige this person has and that is why you were replacing him with your real father. Perhaps your own family relations are imperfect according to you, making you dissatisfied with your domestic circle.
Father purposefully crashing a plane with family My dad takes me and my entire family on a plane and stars flying really really low across this crystal clear blue water. He then purposely crashes the plane into massive crocodile-invested waters with me and my family on the plane as well as my animals. When I wake up my family are gone and I'm still underwater trying to save the animals. When I get out I find my mum and the rest of my family besides my dad I later in the dream find out he's a murderer and was purposely trying to kill us. Dreaming that you are flying low may allude to carefully reviewing some aspects of your life. Likely, you are obsessing over past events that embarrassed or upset you, especially because the flight resulted in a crash. Plane crashes in the universe of dreams often appear as the manifestation of dark, suicidal thoughts on the part of the dreamer. While you may not actually be contemplating taking your life, it would be wise to consult others outside of the affairs you are worried about in order to get another perspective. Things are probably not as dire as they seem. Finally, the crocodile infested waters may mean that someone has put these bad thoughts into your head for their personal gain. If you are caught up worrying about minor transgressions in the past, they may be able to get ahead or use your distraction to further their own goals.
Stepmother and father getting back together My stepmom and dad got back together and my stepmom was worse that when they were together in real life. Dreaming of your stepmom or stepmother means you are looking for a nurturing presence in your life. However, since she is portrayed as being difficult in the dream, then you could be trying to justify her absence. In fact, while their separation in reality may have been a relief for you, a part of you could be feeling guilty or at least curious about what would have happened if you all got along.
Parents getting re-married I am female, I dreamt my parents getting married, my mom was in a white dress with sparkling embroidery while my dad wore black. My sis wore a floral dress with a black leather jacket. I can't remember what I or my other sister and brother was wearing. Dreaming that your parents are getting married signifies harmonious relationships. If things have been rocky at home, then you would pleased to know that everything would settle down soon. The conflicts could even bring you and your family closer than ever. In addition, the contrast between the floral dress and the leather jacket means a sibling or loved one may be the source of misunderstanding or arguments in your household because of being too stubborn. Fortunately, a calm and diplomatic approach can soothe hurt feelings and bring peace in your family once more.
Dying and unable to say goodbye to parents I am a 16 year old girl on an exchange year away from home. My dream was about me dying and I never got to say goodbye to my parents. I could still see them but they couldn’t see me and all I wanted was to tell them that I love them, but I couldn’t. Dreaming that you are dying indicates an upcoming health problem. Your immune system is weak, so there is a high chance that you would contract an illness after being exposed to viruses in your environment. You would need to take some time off from your regular activities in order to fully recover. During times when the physical body is fragile or vulnerable, the mind often drifts to places of comfort and familiar faces. This is why your subconscious conjured the images of your parents not only to reassure you, but also to remind you of what you truly value in this life.
Parents on the ground at night It was a clear dark blue night, and I was walking down a street in the hills with trees, grass and flowers. I went to the neighborhood's security gate and the security guard pointed to a lit-up workshop underground, where men and women were moving large cardboard boxes to conveyor belts. I walked back out onto the main road, and I saw my mom and dad in sleeping bags in the center of the road. They were arguing about buying a luxury car, I walked away and it turned into a loud electronic noise. Taking a stroll on a clear night denotes contentment. Together with the verdant hill, it seems like you are happy with whatever accomplishments you have achieved so far. However, other people in your life could be expecting more from you. The neighbor, therefore, refers to more accomplished and more successful peers who are constantly being compared to you. Their wealth and prosperity are illustrated by the security detail and bustling activity at the workshop. Your parents arguing about buying a luxury car reveals their aspirations of running a bigger business or climbing up the social ladder. They could be pressuring you to be more enterprising and ambitious, but your transformation at the end suggests defiance. You would rather follow your instincts rather than accede to the demands of others.
Mother being hostile towards a crush My mom was yelling at the guy I liked about me and then punched him. I started crying and she said that I'm just trash and he could be with anyone else. I'm not worth anything. She left. I ran to him and his entire face was swollen and bloody. I took him to the hospital and sat with him. A parent's disapproval in a dream of a significant other or someone you are interested in usually reveals conflicting interests. In your case, you and your mom are engaged in a tug-of-war, especially when it comes to your choices. The guy, in this case, represents your interests and passions which your mom disapproves of. Punching him actually refers to her tendency to force her views and opinions on you, so you end up arguing over your differences. At the moment, you are not ready to capitulate, this is why you decided to run to the guy and took him to the hospital. You know what you want and you are willing to stand up to your mom for it.
Mother with a penis Seeing a penis on my mother and touching it. Envisioning your mother with a penis means you view her as someone powerful and authoritative. This could also be a reflection of your inferiority complex due to your mother's strict parenting and controlling nature. On the other hand, touching a penis suggests intimacy issues. You could meet someone who would urge you to perform certain sexual fantasies which you are not willing to do. Your poor self-esteem could also affect your ability to find pleasure in the bedroom.
Running away from parents I ran away with a boy and he tells me I will never see my parents again. Then he kills someone and we get chased by the cops. After that he ditched me and I get caught. The way I get caught is that I came out of my hiding spot. The cops thought I was kidnapped but I told them I was not. Then a female cop gives me a huge bag of candy and takes me back to my parents. Running away with a boy means you do not feel accepted or do not have a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, someone will take advantage of your weakness and insecurity. In fact, witnessing someone commit a murder means a person you love and trust will hurt you out of spite because they want to take something away from you. While you are wallowing in self-pity, someone out there is actually envious of you and wishes to live in your shoes. Fortunately, your elders and authority figures, represented by the cops, would talk some sense into you. They would help you improve your self-esteem and recognize your strengths. Once you get to that stage, the huge bag or box of candy means you are going to achieve the happiness you deserve.
Carrying father into a room I was sitting under a tree in the dream, when I suddenly saw my father going to pray at the mosque, unfortunately he stopped and was looking at one place so I ran to help carry him to his room by lifting him up. When I approached his room I saw my sister. I asked her to open my father's room because I was carrying him and I could not open the door by myself. She was on something so I yelled at her that it's the time she opens the door. Sitting under a tree means you are going to receive some unexpected but very positive news. You could be thriving in your workplace and be recognized for your performance. Unfortunately, while you are excelling at your job, seeing your father going to a mosque suggests your father is going to experience a personal crisis. This would test his beliefs and faith which would limit his ability to support your family. So, carrying your father symbolizes your need to step up and take care of your family while he is going through a lot of issues. The end of the dream where you asked your sister to open the door means you are going to need your family's support and for them to pitch in because you cannot handle all the responsibilities on your own.
Driving with sick mother Dream about driving a car with my mother being sick. Seeing your mother sick in a dream means you are struggling with a difficult problem or a stressful issue. This problem has probably been passed down to you by your relatives. You are the one carrying this burden and that is why you are the one driving in the dream. You need to push through and show a brave front because there are people depending on you to keep things together. No matter how much you are suffering, you cannot afford to buckle.
Mother in a room My mom was sitting at a conference table in a strange room and I asked her if something was wrong, she said "No", got up and left the room. I found a paper on the table with some numbers and the word "will" circled in red. This vision hints at some present or future trouble with your relationship with your mother. While mothers are normally considered favorable symbols to perceive during a dream vision, the strange room coupled with the image of numbers and a word circled in red could reveal trouble brewing. In particular, the image of numbers represents mental fatigue and stress. You are likely having difficulty getting your points across or achieving what you set out to do. The word circled in red may predict a period of separation or growing distance between you and your mother, possibly due to this stressful, tiring situation. If you wish to prevent damage to your relationship with her and others you are close to, you may need to step back and reevaluate your current position and future ambitions.
Stepdad getting arrested I have a stepdad that I have known for more then 10 years and love him very much and the other night I had a dream about my stepdad getting arrested and when he was getting arrested the cops took a man out of the car, patted him down and put him back in the police car. Then put my stepdad in the car. That night I woke up scared. Dreaming about the arrest of a relative or loved one means you are undergoing a stressful period and some part of you is crying out for help. The person who gets arrested in your dream is the person you need the most during this trying period. You may need his advice about a topic of his expertise or you could require financial assistance which he can give you. This can also be a sign of neglect on your part. Since you are preoccupied by other concerns and distractions, you are probably spending less quality time with your family and you are feeling detached from them. In this case, your subconscious is reminding you about rethinking your priorities and not forgetting to acknowledge your loved ones. They may need you more than you think, so keep communication lines open.
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