Fast approaching flood and finding safe place on the roof Elder sister came and told me that flood is going to come to our area up to our roofs, she looked very calm and told me that it happened once before also with new technology from USA. I got scared for my two boys and myself also coz I can't swim, my sisters said that water won't stay more than 2 minutes. We all were on the top of the roof suddenly one of my gold bangle fell down but I picked it up. One old man from our neighbors said we can stay on the top of the roof of his house where water can't reach, so me n my sons stayed there safe. I saw some fast grey water approaching fast. Water flooding your house in your dream signifies there is a battle going on between good and evil, whether in you internally or around you. Dreaming of seeing a flood with muddy water means you may find yourself in a strange circumstance, or you may end up being surrounded by an unfamiliar or strange environment. A visions of fast approaching flood your experienced is a sign of your inability to quickly adjust to changing circumstances in your life.This may place you in a state of limbo for a while until you learn how to adjust to change. Having this type of dream is an indication that you need to stop wasting time and start doing more productive things in order to succeed in life. If you insist on being hesitant to do things, then you may miss out on a valuable opportunity to change your life for the better.
Surrouned by flood and a house collapsing I keep having dreams about water rising up and overtaking the place that I'm in. In one dream I was in a department store, a big display in the shape of a house began to break down and crumble and water began to come up from the floor and fill the building. I can't swim so I just did my best to stay afloat. Another dream had me in a fast food restaurant and all of a sudden it was filled with water. Dreaming of being completely surrounded by flood water under various circumstances could be a sign that you could be living a somewhat extravagant lifestyle or in a very wealthy environment. This vision could also indicate your tendency to spend money (or contemplating to spend) on things you do not really need to have. Seeing a house being destroyed or collapsing in your dream could indicate the presence of an adversary or competitor who is obsessively striving to make sure your plans and goals are sabotaged which could prevent you from completing them.
Storm destroying the house I dreamt that there was a big storm and things were starting to fall, I saw my house falling. Experiencing a dream vision of being caught in a stormy weather, strong wind and thunder portends frustration, periods of boredom, dissatisfaction with the way things are going. It can also be a sign of big losses for a wealthy person, but can equally symbolize success or unexpected income for less fortunate individuals. Seeing a house being destroyed or collapsing in your dream could indicate the presence of an adversary or competitor who is obsessively striving to make sure your plans and goals are sabotaged which could prevent you from completing them.
Beach not suitable for pleasure I had a dream where me and my family were on a beach, but it was like we were in a cramped room and the day was just really dark, the sand was dull and there wasn't any ocean and there were trucks on the beach driving around. Dreaming about a beach which is anything but a place to relax and enjoy yourself is a sign of having desires or plans which are viewed by others as something irrelevant, inappropriate or not worth pursuing. You might become a subject of ridicule and mockery if you proceed with these plans. Trucks on the beach symbolize that you may be completely preoccupied with these desires or plans to make them come true, maybe it is time to carefully sort through what you are trying to accomplish?
In the ocean with someone when it is evening and about to rain Me along with my elder sister are in the ocean or sea, but we are not afraid. The climate is awesome and its about to rain. Its evening time. We are together. Dreaming about traveling on the ocean in the evening time when it is about to rain can be related to your tendencies to shut yourself down, alienate yourself from other people and make your presence less visible to others. This is usually an indicator of growing presence of depression, introversion, feelings of inferiority and loneliness you may be experiencing. The presence of your sister in this dream can suggest either that she somehow influences these states you experience or might try to help you in dealing with these issues.
Flowing water with rubbish and drowning in this water I see flowing water in my dreams most of the time, sometimes I saw blood evil spirits and rubbish things in my dreams. But I saw water most of the time that I am drowning in water. Can u tell me the reasons why I see these types of dreams? Everyone told me that watching flowing water is not a good sign. Drowning in water is a symbol of refusing to accept everyday issues that you face. Instead of admitting there is a problem, you tend to deny its existence. This may be causing you much stress physically and endanger your emotional stability. Try to look at problems differently when you face them, so their effect is lessened. Seeing rubbish floating on the water surface in your dreams signifies problems and issues with your finances or shortages of money which will be haunting you for quite some time. You will need to apply a lot of effort and spend a lot of time while rectifying these problems. Slow moving water currents you see in your dreams can symbolize a concern you express toward your sexual partner who is very sluggish and cold in bed. Sexual activities with this person may bring you disappointment and desire to find someone else as a replacement.
Sea, ocean or lake Dreams of lots of water in form of rivers, seas, lakes etc. Dreaming about sea or ocean water is a symbol of new and unique experiences ahead. You might have an interesting encounter in the near future or be involved in a pleasant situation or experience. Looking at an enormous body of water that stretches along the horizon, tells of being offered great opportunities or ventures in the near future. From these, you will be able to choose the opportunity that is most suitable for you. Looking at sea water blue or dark blue in color foretells a possibility of meeting with someone you have known for a long time, which will bring joy and happiness as a result of the time spent together.
Two clouds touching each other Sir, last night I had a dream about two separate clouds in the sky. Sometimes they met very slowly each other. What is the meaning of this dream, plz, Sir I request? This vision of clouds touching each other in a dream is an indication of possible trip or travel you are about to take on or find out about. If the clouds in this dream were white and fluffy, this could mean a very pleasant and delightful trip, if the clouds looked dark and heavy, you could be disappointed by the news about this trip or unwilling to go.
Stormy sea and hiding in a house from it I dreamt while I was swimming with other men in the sea, when we finished, there was a huge thunderstorm and scary dark clouds approaching fast, with a lot of lightning. We got into the house to hide from the approaching storm. Dreaming that you are in the middle of a stormy sea during bad weather could symbolize an upcoming separation and relationships filled with conflicts. Such breakup or disagreements, conflicts and mistrust could be related to sharing a particular asset or a task. It would be temporary and of a short duration. You would not necessarily be parted from or argue with the people that were included in the dream. Rather, the conflict or detachment would be between you and one or more of your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, family members or lover. You further indicated that you would all hide inside the house, seeking shelter from the weather. This could symbolize forthcoming success. You would be able to properly deal with the existing difficulties, warding off any situations or circumstances that could potentially be harmful. For example, you would be able to resolve the conflicts symbolized by the stormy ocean part of the dream. Overall, the dream suggests that you may be about to experience a disruptive and difficult situation. Nevertheless, you would be able to come out of it victorious and capable of adequately solving these issues.
Heavy storm and dancing in the rain Sir, last night I had a dream about a storm. In my dream I had a very high storm and rain is following at very high speed and I am dancing in the rain and I feel I am enjoying this rain. What is the meaning of this dream? Seeing yourself dancing in the rain in your dream predicts joy and happiness you have been waiting for for a long time, it can also mean that you will be able to help a person you know very well to advance his or her professional career. First part of this dream also suggests that the person in question could be experiencing some turbulent and unsettling times before you step in to offer your help.
Colorless dream, tree roots, being lifted off the ground by tree limbs In my dream, there was no color. It seemed like sun down and it was raining with some winds. I saw myself struggling under ground with these tree roots. I pushed them off me to get to surface and finally as I got closer, the limbs seemed to lift me off the ground and I saw myself crawling and then stood up and walked off. Colorless dreams usually are a symbol of rapid physical changes or aging. Tree roots protruding from the ground signify losing your freedom, independence and individuality. Such loss would be consequent of the influence and pressure exerted upon you by more powerful or capable individuals. Alternatively, you could be losing your autonomy due to forces that you consider too strong, uncontrollable and unknown. For example, aging. You then had a vision that you were being lifted up from the ground by the tree branches. This suggests that you could feel detached and uncomfortable in the presence of people outside your regular social circle. Overall, this is a dream with negative connotations that speaks of feeling displaced and disconnected. You were never with your feet on the ground. You were always below or above the ground. Moreover, the symbols were all impersonal and cold. Thus, you could be going through a difficult period and you could be feeling depressed and alone.
A man with a flowing robe and fall scenery A tall, dark-haired man in a flowing robe. Walking with me in a house with fall leaves on a brick floor...light wind blowing. I am not afraid. We walk outside. He is reaching up in a tree. I am watching. I see a forest....big dark old trees. It must be fall. They are beautiful. It is calm and peaceful. Dreaming about a tall, dark-haired man represents a negative symbol. Namely, it could relate to possible unexpected problems. These could ruin your current plans. However, you were not frightened in the dream. Therefore, you would not become overly upset with such unexpected changes. Rather, you would remain collected and in control of the situation, responding properly to the unforeseen events. Alternatively, the calmness and beauty of the forest could also be an indication of how you would feel after having successfully resolved that situation. You would have peace of mind and stability, either on your own or with someone's help. Moreover, you experienced seeing images of the fall. This often is a moderately positive sign. It could reveal that you would be able to come into the possession of some material property or object. Nevertheless, to gain it, you would have to compete with others and invest considerable time and effort into the pursuit of this goal. Dark and old trees appearing during the fall season could also be a reflection of your current concerns with the possibility of becoming lonely or sick as a result of aging. Finally, there is some overall sense of the natural cycle of life and your strong affinity to nature in general.
Someone trying to get inside the house, grapes and a relative swimming in the river water I saw someone trying to open the window to get inside our house but he stops when he saw me. Then I went outside found out a tree of grapes that fell down and we were playing with the fruit of it by throwing. I was collecting the grape's fruit after in a basin and washing it. Again I went to get more but the fallen branch of grapes was already down the river shore. I saw some of my relatives swimming in the river then water suddenly becomes high and we tried to go out of the water as fast as we can. Dreaming of witnessing someone trying to enter your house portends potential problems. These issues could be related to the lack of respect for boundaries or privacy. These might affect your household, your close family or you personally. You subconsciously see yourself as a protector and you would immediately react to such invasion. However, you would soon dismiss the situation as harming. Hence, you might find yourself confronting the intruder on less private grounds, outside the household. The symbol of grapes has multiple meanings. Nevertheless, collecting or washing this fruit usually indicates the existence of a growing set of issues which need to be dealt with in a timely fashion. Moreover, dreaming about someone swimming or trying to swim in fast water currents or bad weather often is a sign of upcoming dangerous developments. You could soon find yourself in a seriously threatening situation or experience health-related issues. The dream alerts you to be careful. It is possible that something that you dismissed as a non-threatening situation can subsequently develop into a set serious difficulties. You should not get discouraged. The dream also suggests that, most likely, you would be able to successfully overcome those issues. This success would be consequent of your diligence and ability to anticipate things. Your instincts and reactions ensure the safety of your close family and personal belongings.
Guava tree and a butterfly My dream was about guava and a butterfly. I climb on a guava tree and I was picking all the ripe and big guava. Then I saw one of a guava fruit was only half. Then I saw on it their is something inside and its moving. Then I was so curious what is inside and I started to open it. And I was so amazed of what I saw. I can't believe, it was a butterfly and larva too. The butterfly was soon flying and the larva is started to be a butterfly too. The color of the butterfly was blue and gray... Kindly help me, what is the meaning of my dream? Overall, the dream speaks of revelations and transformations. Picking up fruits from a tree could be a positive sign. Namely, your plans or relationships could start to be rewarding. However, you will have some unexpected surprises. These surprises could be related to making some discoveries in the relationship with other people. Seeing a blue and gray butterfly could reveal that someone will demand something from you which you are not ready or willing to give at that moment. Such request may cause some tension or conflict with that person. Alternatively, you might be exposed to receiving some attention or affection from someone. You would have a genuine curiosity and interest in learning more about this person. You feel amazed by your discovery perhaps because there were some pleasant moments while interacting with this individual. Simultaneously, you subconsciously feel unprepared to deepen your relationship, not being ready to trust them or reluctant to reciprocate. Hence, you let the butterfly fly away. A vision of larva turning into a butterfly could also indicate that there are two people with whom you might meet.
In the river with a kayak Family and friends got on kayak with a guide. I missed the boat. I got in my own large kayak and ran the very large powerful river myself, not knowing what I was doing...very successful. I did great! Everyone was amazed! Me too... Felt good and proud. Dreaming about a large powerful river could symbolize major upcoming events or pivotal life circumstances. These would currently exist or would soon develop. It is possible that these could affect you and other family members. The vision of your family being separated from you while in the river could be a reflection of some recently experienced or upcoming kin disagreements or conflicts. You could but only recently become aware of these problems. Despite such separation, you managed to find your own boat, deal with your lack of skill and successfully ride it. This suggests that you seem confident and reassured about your independence and ability to counteract. No matter what happens you believe you will triumph. Thus, the dream suggests that you would benefit from being prepared for possible upcoming problems – and, in particular, any family-related problems. You could use your abilities and self-confidence to try to help and support those in need. Some of your relatives might struggle more than you. An alternative interpretation goes along the lines of your desire for independence. You might be at the realization that becoming more independent from your family is a huge challenge. The challenge would be represented in the dream by the visions of the mighty river. However, you hoped or believed in yourself and your ability to succeed. This is represented by your one-person boat journey. Finally, the dream, as described by you, does not reveal the nature or emotional aspects of possible family problems or the outcomes of your quest to personal independence.
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