A female wearing a small dress and piano playing A female walked into view holding a small dress. She shook it and the color fell away. She turned to leave saying oh no its wrong. I could hear a piano softly playing. La la la, fa da da and hear a female voice singing and slowly now, she's waking up to the tune. The scene would replay several times and fracture away. Then I wake up. The symbol of a short, small dress in a dream vision represents not having enough or struggling to make ends meet. This sign being presented by a third party, the woman, means that you are watching someone else go through difficulties, and the fading colors of this dress further reveal the severity of the problem, indicating that the situation is only becoming more dire. While this friend or family member could be experiencing poverty, therefore needing help with basic necessities, this dream vision could also represent emotional or spiritual need, perhaps in the form of companionship or guidance. The last part of this dream you are describing gives some hope. Hearing a piano melody and a soft singing voice shows your willingness to offer assistance to this person, despite their concern about relying on other people's help or revealing their present state of affairs to others, including you. The recurrence of this dream is most likely a subconscious push to spur you to action, as your help cannot come too soon for this person in need.
Buying a flute I was buying a flute. Buying a flute, particularly if you had the intention to play it, indicates becoming the author of your own tale of misfortune. As musical instruments tend to represent difficult periods in general, buying one yourself predicts taking actions which may negatively affect you in the future.
Hearing and remembering a song unfamiliar in waking life I've had the same dream every night for the past two weeks. All I can remember from it is my friend standing there saying "All these girls screaming "Logic", but I wanna hear my real name. Come from the lips of a beautiful woman that's real, man". These are lyrics from the song 'Man of the year' by Logic. I didn't know this song and had to look up the lyrics to find out what it was called. Hearing a song that is unfamiliar to you but being able to put it together later on usually means you have, at some point, heard this song before, though it may have only been on a subliminal level or just as a background noise you have not retained in your consciousness. This sudden, unexpected memory you just had of music, however, has a slightly deeper meaning, pointing toward an exciting opportunity in the near future. This opportunity has likely been brought about by other people noticing your uncanny ability to pick things up quickly.
Listening to music and ending up being kidnapped in a van In my dream, one of my parents came in my room and started yelling at me for some reason. So, after that I put on my CD "Made in the am" to go to sleep, so the CD was playing and I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was in a trunk or a van and "Stockholm syndrome" was playing and then the van stops and I hit the doors so hard and then one direction opened it and I fell out of the van and that when I realized I was tied up. They said "Modest" and then they said "Hope you like the song Stockholm syndrome". Dreaming of music usually represents opportunities that are about to become apparent in your future. You may not be aware of their presence yet, but keeping an eye out for projects, part-time work or workshops which suit your skills and interests could yield an interesting and important learning experience and help you get ahead. Additionally, being kidnapped and not resisting or feeling endangered, however, is a cautionary sign warning you to not get too carried away. Your ambition may lead you to act rashly or immorally, compromising your credibility and status and making it difficult for others to choose you for special assignments down the line.
A talking drum Someone was about to beat a talking drum and as he was about to start, the head of the talking drum was changed to a new one before it was beaten on. Please what does it mean? Envisioning or observing a drum in general in a dream is often considered a positive omen about receiving kindness. This type of dream generally predicts that someone, either an acquaintance or a close friend, would offer you help in your time of need. This aid could take the form of physical help, financial assistance or emotional support. In addition, the head of the talking drum transforming itself reflects self-discovery and purpose. To find your true calling, you need to keep yourself open and alert to opportunities.
Hearing songs played together I was with my mom and heard a violin start playing, only I could hear it. Then I heard a little girl. All of a sudden, 5+ songs all started playing loudly at once, and I started screaming "Make it stop". Violins in dreams are usually associated with luxury and wealth, but they can also trigger nostalgia. In the context of your dream, the violin likely calls to mind more innocent times or your childhood. Either way, you could be longing for a less complicated period because of your increasingly stressful reality. Therefore, the songs playing simultaneously in your dream could represent confusing, maybe even contradictory, pieces of information which you have at your disposal to guide you in making an important decision. Perhaps a number of individuals are pressuring you to heed their words or take their advice and you just want to listen to your own voice and make your own decisions.
Birds attacking while late for music lessons I am a girl and in real life I play piano. So, I had a dream about how I was going to music school but there were birds. They flew everywhere. Then I had my piano lesson and it ended, I needed to wait for my theory of music lesson. But I decided to go out for a walk. Then I saw an old schoolmate (in real life he moved to Germany), so he said hi to me (in real life we weren't friends). Then I looked on my wristwatch and I was late for my lesson. I ran back and a bird attacked me. She was biting my hands. Dreaming about birds flying about has positive connotations. Things would eventually turn in your favor and you would be blessed with continuous success. You would achieve happiness and fame which would lead you towards a better life. You would experience complete satisfaction and peace of mind as well. On the other hand, meeting up with a past acquaintance and them being friendly towards you signifies how people who had once avoided you in the past would want to know you better. This could be because of the fame which you achieve. Being pecked by a bird though negates the positive message of this dream. It portends the arrival of a certain individual who would try to create problems in your path towards triumph. This could be the same person who might be trying to befriend you. Try to avoid letting any such people step into your life, otherwise they would drain you financially and emotionally as well.
A child singing at a gathering I am a female aged 60. I dreamt of being a part of a gathering where young children are being asked to sing. I find this child, a boy, who sings beautifully. I find that he is from my town. I call this colleague and tell him about the child. Hearing or seeing a little boy singing in the dream reveals your desire to revisit your youth or channel your inner child. There could be a lot of dreams or passions you have set aside over the years because of other priorities, but this time your mind is encouraging you to pursue a hobby or activity you have always wanted to try yet you never had the time. It could also be an investment opportunity or a business venture you and a friend are contemplating on setting up.
Listening to music and out of body experience I was walking down a Dutch-cultured street with my youth group from church while listening to music. One of my friends came up to me when "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran came on and he asked me to dance. We started to dance and the world melted away. Towards the end, I was flung from my body and watched myself say thank you (the first words that were spoken in an audible manner). Then I walked away and I woke up. Dancing to music in the dream world is often associated with personal development and growth in reality. In most cases, this symbol predicts learning something new or having a new experience, often in the form of a hobby or relationship with someone more experienced than yourself. This image is supported by your out of body experience, another symbol associated with inner strength. It is possible that either your youth group as a whole or the friend you danced with would aid you in this journey, but it is also possible that they are simply a stand in for another group or individual whom you would meet in the near future.
Traveling with the favorite band I once had a dream about a band, called PRETTYMUCH, what I remember is being somewhere with them due to winning a contest and one of them, I can't remember which one, I had a connection with. I know this is common having dreams about people we like, but twice now I've been told that two of the five members might reveal something about my future. I'm asking about it now because I'm going to see them in November on the 8th, which is a member's birthday if that's of any significance. This symbolic vision of meeting a band could be the subconscious manifestation of your interest in this group. You could be completely absorbed and blown away by their story, appearance or success. Furthermore, this type of vision is often seen as a response to a desire to be famous. For example, you could be trying to accomplish something extraordinary or have a far-reaching and ambitious plan that would take a lot of time and effort to make a reality. However, if you are not careful, you could overestimate your abilities and the resources available to you. This means that you could be exposed to frustrations and disappointments down the road. The dream therefore cautions you to get your feet on the ground and be more realistic about your goals and aspirations.
Music that would not stop playing I'm female. There was an event to which my mom signed me up for. She set out my clothes for the event, but when I was changing, it felt like I wasn't alone. Scared, I paused the music I was listening to but it wouldn't pause and when I took off my headphones the music kept playing. The lock on the door then rapidly locked and unlocked itself. I reached for the door, then I felt possessed. It happened twice, the second time my mom was there, said I looked like I had a seizure (in the dream). Symbolically, both the vision of hearing music and being possessed represent auspicious developments occurring in your life soon. These events are either related to finding new opportunities for happier existence or being assisted by someone if you need help in your current endeavors. In this sense, the lock that was locking and unlocking by itself in your dream signifies some new prospects your subconscious can be pointing you to, which you may already encountered in reality or could soon discover for yourself. It would be very beneficial for your future to take advantage of any offers or chances that come along at this time if you want to succeed professionally or in some aspects of your personal life.
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