Men in monkey suits killing others I felt extreme fear in the dream, 2 men were killing others in my neighborhood while wearing monkey suits. I vaguely remember telling my mom who I live with how scared I was. When I woke up from the dream, I knew I had had this dream before with the 2 men in monkey suits, but I haven't had it for a long time. Living in fear of men who are terrorizing your neighborhood is an ill omen to experience in a dream vision. It often predicts becoming the victim of someone or a group of people who are out to deceive you, possibly by offering you an opportunity that seems too good to be true. This is also supported by the image of the monkey suits, a symbol associated with health problems or a decline in well-being. Should this person or these people succeed in taking what they want, your stress and worry could cause some serious difficulties which may even require medical attention.
Burning people and animals in an oven My friend burnt a homeless man in an oven while smiling at me in a sinister manner. In turn, the man burnt my friend in an oven and somehow my puppy ended up in the oven too. Seeing other people being burned alive in dreams usually mean being consumed by ambition. The homeless man in your dream represents humility. As such, his burning in the oven alludes to a failure in appreciating what you already have due to a need to have more or achieve more. This single-minded focus on your goals could lead to damaging your relationships with friends and family. This dream vision is a warning against losing yourself and all the things that matter in the course of chasing worldly pursuits.
Murdering a baby The person I was with, and I, decided we needed to kill the baby that was with us. I don't remember why, but there was danger in leaving the baby alive. He said he would do it, and I said calmly "No. I will do it". With no anger, or anxiety. I knew it had to be done. I was holding the baby boy on my left arm, and I pushed the knife through his heart with my right hand. He awoke and asked for food. I said I would get some, knowing he would be gone soon. Babies in dreams generally carry positive messages such as new ideas, hope and opportunities. However, within the context of your dream, the baby could represent being young and carefree, which means killing the baby actually points to your decision to be more mature and accepting of adult responsibilities. Killing the baby is not a bad omen, instead it shows your resolve to commit yourself to being a grown-up in order for you and your partner to move forward with your relationship. Instead of placing the burden of attending to adult matters on the shoulders of your partner, you recognize the need for you to start pulling your own weight when it comes to day-to-day decisions.
Killing someone and trying to escape I dremt that I accidentally killed a person (male, can't think of age). Then I tried to run away from my parents with my girlfriend but I don't have a girlfriend and my ex looks nothing like the girl in my dream. Please help ASAP. Killing someone in a dream often alludes to your determination to tackle a problem or obstacle causing you difficulty. However, running away afterwards could predict that your strength alone is not enough to overcome this situation, which also explains the presence of a girlfriend. Your mind is trying to conjure up the image of someone who could support you and give you the strength you need to take care of this issue once and for all.
People being killed on top of a mountain The dream opens up in castle, high upon a mountain with a lot of people chained and shackled, beaten and bloody. Some killed and thrown over the mountainside while chained alive or dead on sort of a conveyor that pulled chain in progressive manner. Alive people screaming while going down a mountain rockbed gorge-like, what water would run through, only full of blood and bodies guards overlooking activity of each body dead and alive to being stacked in tomb, a rock room on top of each other to the ceiling. I was only one alive. These visions contain two main symbolic connotations which could be pointing out your desensitizing perception of human suffering and pain you could be exposed to through media or even happening in the area where you live. Being in a castle high up on the mountain can be attributed to your psychological state of being overwhelmed and bewildered by the avalanche of tragedies involving deaths you could recently be witnessing or learning about. The bodies being transported down the mountain and stacked in a cave could also signify that you are slowly accumulating a lot of negativity and frustration and subconsciously want to lock them away, at least for the time being before they fade out and disappear from your memory.
Killing own family members In my dream it was a quiet night and I alone was awake. I don't know why, but I went downstairs and brutally murdered each of my family members and those close to me. The easiest death was shooting my mom, but everyone else I killed in different ways. It scared me so much and I am not easy to scare but it was like I saw me killing them in flashes, like clips of a movie. Then I stood idly in the living room and it was over. A dream characterized by violent behavior usually reveals rage and similar negative emotions piling up inside of you. Committing mass murder, in this case your family, is a cathartic way for your subconscious to purge the aggression and anger you may be suppressing in the waking world. These feelings are manifesting themselves as part of your dream because of stress and unhappiness. Perhaps you want to become independent and break away from the suffocating presence of your family. Maybe your parents have become too controlling and you just want to forge you own path in the world.
Believing father's death was a murder My father was recently murdered and the police have deemed it an accident, but my heart isn't settling with that. I keep having dreams of my father dying over and over and over, and my stepmom just sitting there watching. Then I had another dream that my step mom and my uncle had been sleeping together for years and plotted to kill my father. I'm not sure what these dreams mean, but they have to be a clue toward something. You may still be reeling from the tragic circumstances in the waking world and your subconscious is trying to make sense of all the information you absorbed while awake. Both dreams reveal your lack of trust and negative attitude toward your stepmom and your uncle. The first dream of your father dying over and over, while your stepmom just stood by without helping, speaks of your impression that your stepmom did not care too much about your father. Meanwhile, the second dream about the murder plotted by your stepmom and uncle is basically your subconscious mind creating a full narrative of what you may have been assuming all the while, maybe in a growing progression. The scenarios do not necessarily mean that these suspicions are true. Those are your own hypotheses and biases coming into play. Whether or not your doubts are based on solid evidence depends on pieces of factual information you may have come across in the real world.
Brother's killer inside the house My brother was murdered by his best friend 3 years ago. Recently I have had dreams about his killer. He is in my house and everyone is telling me that it's okay. I keep fighting him to get out. Then I re-live the day I found out my brother was dead all over again. I have had this dream about 4 times now. What does this mean? These images in your dream speak of the betrayal and turmoil you felt and still feel about your brother's death. Being killed by his best friend is the ultimate level of betrayal there is and you dreaming about it repeatedly suggest that your anger towards the perpetrator is not diminishing with time. Your subconscious mind can be compared to your house, where you feel safe and protected, but seeing the killer inside signifies that you cannot escape the thoughts about the murderer. In your dream everyone reminded you that it is alright and yet you keep fighting it, which is equivalent to your constant attempts to find closure.
Killing people while inspired by a TV show Male. I invited my cousin over my house to talk and I was watching "Game of Thrones", but I've never seen the show yet, so I was making up my own plot and everything to the show and we were talking about it like I was 2 seasons in. The next thing I know I am running around the halls of my own high school breaking into each classroom and there I found everyone I have ever met in my life and I went around the rooms stabbing everyone in the head with a mechanical pencil as they sat motionless and I was glad. Dreaming about a TV series likely means that certain qualities of the show resonate with you. Even without seeing it, you must have heard about the power plays and violent content enough for your subconscious to absorb them. As such, the scenario of breaking into classrooms to find individuals you have encountered throughout your life probably means that you are about to learn an important lesson which is connected to your past experiences. Perhaps you feel like no one listens to you or trusts in your abilities to succeed. As such, the act of stabbing them in the head with a pencil alludes to an opportunity for you to take action and prove them wrong.
Killing people using superpowers Am female, I had a dream where I am mass-murdering people I know using super natural powers, please help interpret this. Thanks. Having supernatural abilities in the dream world often suggests being rewarded for your efforts in waking life. You may have worked hard at a particular skill or in a certain area of your life and are finally seeing the fruits of your labor. Killing innocent people with these powers, however, suggests you may let your ego get too inflated after all this recognition. In a sense, your good work ethic could be replaced by pride and vanity, leading you to hurt or criticize others unfairly.
Killing someone because of love I killed someone because my guy friend did not like them. Once I did it, he told me he never even cared about me and laughed it off. I was eventually investigated and found guilty. This guy is my friend in real life. I'm a girl. Murdering someone in a dream has negative connotations. It suggests that you would get involved in untoward activities which may bring shame and destruction upon you. Committing murder because of someone else indicates that these mishaps are likely the result of blindly following someone or allowing them to take over your life. You should try to avoid such malicious individuals and instead focus on the people who want the very best for you.
Family members being murdered I am a female who had dreams of my loved ones being murdered in front of me. Witnessing the murder of your family in the dream world could mean the possibility of experiencing problems in your household. Perhaps you are partly the reason for any conflict or tension brewing within your family. The act of murder is likely a projection of dissatisfaction or displeasure regarding your family's values or behavior. You could have differences of opinion which could cause a rift among the family members, hence be careful in defending your beliefs at the risk of antagonizing others. Conversely, your loved ones may need to practice prudence and respect about differing perspectives.
Being killed after a fight with the husband I dreamed my husband and I got into an argument about him being unfaithful. He wanted to leave me, so I started punching him and then attempted to murder him, but couldn't do it, so a lady that kidnapped me killed him and then killed me as well. I have seen an unknown man running and then I woke up. Dreaming about fighting with your husband because you think he is unfaithful symbolizes that you are unsatisfied with the way things are in your waking life. The notion of both of you being killed by someone is an indication that the problems which you have in your marital life might pose a threat to your well-being as well as that of your husband. It would be helpful to resolve any issues which you are facing to avoid further difficulties in your marriage.
Becoming an axe murderer I have a recurring dream that I'm an axe murderer killing everyone in my path, sometimes friends, family or complete random people. There's a lot of blood and I often get it all over myself, I am female. Dreaming about murdering unsuspecting friends or relatives has negative connotations. It signifies that you may face trying circumstances in your wake life. These could be associated with quarrels and miscommunication with your loved ones. Since this is a recurring dream, it can also be connected with what you feel subconsciously. Perhaps you think that you are being misunderstood and people are not making an effort to get to know you better. In turn, this angers you a great deal and you feel strongly about eliminating all those who misinterpret you and your true intentions.
A man torturing and killing sister There is a man standing a few steps from me. The room is dark with just one light over my sister strapped to a chair, she is sobbing with a gag in her mouth, a few cuts and scrapes. The man, who I feel like I know but cannot work out who he is, said "Either you kill her or I will". I start running towards my sister, but she just gets further away. Then the man says "I see you've made your choice". As I scream my sister's name I hear a gunshot and wake up. I am female and very close to my sister. Dreaming about your sister crying in the dark signifies the empathy that you feel for her in waking life. She could be going through difficult times and this has manifested in your dream. The unknown stranger symbolizes the presence of a malicious individual in your lives who is trying to create problems for both you and your sister. This person would try to malign your sister's name and spread false rumors about her. The gun shot that you heard could represent the slander which would eventually become the reason of your sister's ruin. The best thing would be to remain wary of people who are out to betray you and your loved ones. Focus on keeping yourself safe and eventually this hard time would pass.
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