Fleeing in a car and looking for money I dreamed I was trying to get away, to flee, in my car, driving. Going to get my money where I hid it, money from working, that I saved. My brother was in the dream. He never has much money, so I gave him some of my money as I usually do. He knew I was going to leave, didn't want me to, was afraid I was in some kind of trouble, that's why I was fleeing. I wasn't in trouble, just wanted to get away. The desire to run away or flee usually manifests in dreams when you are experiencing difficulties in reality. For example, you may be reluctant to face responsibilities or you are not satisfied with your current existence so you seek to escape the status quo. However, this could also mean that you are contemplating on taking a new path. This could be a new project you are planning, a new career path or even a whole new environment in which you can thrive. These untested waters require both financial and psychological commitment if you want to succeed. These are symbolized by the money you have saved and hidden away. As for your brother, it is likely a reflection of guilt on your part. Taking a risk can mean you can no longer support him like before because you need your resources for your new venture or adventure you are about to embark on.
Taking money from a ghost I had dreamed a similar dream way back about my ex telling me if I ever dream of seeing a man coming out of a train track tunnel that that would mean I would find his hidden money on that track. Well last night I dreamed I saw that man and searched for the money as my ex had told me. I found the money after the ghost disappeared. But he wouldn't let me take it yet, I found a way to take it but went running around in search of my ex who has told me in a past dream for answers on what to do next. Dreams that continue the narrative of a previous dream mean your subconscious is trying to help you find answers to your current problems or issues. Usually this happens when something has been bothering or nagging you, so your visions try to solve the puzzle in your reality. Your ex symbolizes your past experiences alongside all the lessons you have learned from him, which means your past mistakes or regrets could be coming back to haunt you. You are dwelling too much on your past, trying to search for guidance and motivation which you likely already possess. As such, the money represents the answers to your problems and finding the money means you will be able to find the resolution you have been looking for. You just need to enter the tunnel, so to speak, or search inside yourself for the strength and wisdom you need at the moment.
A spinning quarter Spinning clockwise quarter. I was curious I had a vision of a quarter spinning mid air clockwise. I think its a positive sign with it spinning forward and monetary possibly being a coin. I just wanted someone else's opinion. Thanks. A clockwise movement in dreams represents an orderly and disciplined way of life. You are likely making consistent progress when it comes to your goals. On the other hand, a quarter alludes to something that is lacking in your life. So in combination with the clockwise motion, it means you are working steadily to fill the gaps or holes which you identified when it comes to your financial status and even in terms of personal relationships. You have a clear plan for your future and you are very much on the right track to success.
Finding money behind a restaurant I dreamed I was outside behind a restaurant with my oldest sister. I was finding money that was on the ground. I picked up several dollars and counted them. There was five one-dollar bills, and a $5 dollar bill. I gave my sister all the one-dollar bills, and kept the $5 for me. We went into the restaurant to eat. Two girls I know but don't like much, offered me extra food, like a plate of bacon to put on the sandwiches I was having made, and a cup of banana pudding which I wanted. Being in the back of a restaurant in your vision means you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed about making an important decision, but finding money is your subconscious telling you that you have nothing to worry about. Whatever decision you make in the end would lead to a better and happier life. Furthermore, splitting the money with your sister means you get to share your blessings with your family because of an unexpected circumstance or some lucrative opportunity or offer from someone. Even the food offered to you by the girls you dislike in reality represents good tidings. Bacon often symbolizes shortage of money inside the dreamer's household, so being offered some more of it could mean starting to spend more money on yourself or members of your family because of these auspicious developments. Just make sure you spend wisely and not frivolously.
An actor giving a big check I dreamt a popular international gospel movie actor gave me a big check. But I was wondering why I gave him my foreign account number to write the payment details and not my local account number after he left. Meanwhile, I do not have a foreign account now, not in Beverly Hills. Receiving a big check predicts a huge opportunity about to fall on your lap. The famous actor is a symbol of personalities you admire or respect in reality, so receiving a check from him means you are close to achieving your aspirations. Meanwhile, the foreign account refers to your financial issues or money problems. This is the obstacle you need to overcome. While you have the brilliant idea and the drive to succeed, you are missing the funding needed to implement your plans. You therefore need to find an investor or backer to help you raise the funds needed to turn your dreams into reality.
Money inside a wardrobe Here's is my dream. I dreamed of where I was sleeping and I woke up and went to the wardrobe where I usually hang my clothes. I opened the wardrobe and to my surprise I saw currency of different countries packed in the wardrobe. I immediately went to call our in-law living with us to see what was in my wardrobe but he refused to follow me. And he kept on going his way and then I woke up from my sleep. A wardrobe or closet in dreams symbolizes secrets, repressed emotions and even unrealized potential. The last dream interpretation is the most appropriate in the case of your vision since money in different currencies suggests hidden wealth. Rather than pointing to actual material assets, your subconscious is telling you that you have so much more to offer to the world. If you only learn to harness your maximum potential, you can become wealthy, self-efficient and fulfilled. In turn, you can use those blessings to share with your loved ones or help the less fortunate.
Husband with coins I dreamed that husband had a lot of coins or change in his pockets. He emptied both pockets out and gave me all his change. There was handfuls of quarters, dimes, nickles, pennies. Dreaming about coins as change could reveal some internal discontentment you have with your current situation. Given that the change came from your husband, it seems likely that your unhappiness may stem from some aspect of your marriage. For example, your husband may not be giving you the attention you desire or perhaps you have been absent too much to spend time with him, leading to a lack of physical and emotional intimacy. This vision should be considered a message to look at your relationship objectively and take steps to address the issues you find.
Husband hiding gold coins I dreamed of gold coins, lots of gold coins, but my husband was burying them under our home. I don't know if he was hiding them or found them, but I feel as if he was hiding them, as if they were stolen. Gold coins are often considered an auspicious symbol in the dream world as they tend to predict a bright, promising future ahead of the dreamer. In this case, however, it seems like your subconscious believes your happiness is being compromised by your family, possibly even your husband, considering his role in the vision. In essence, you think that some members of your family are holding you back. For instance, perhaps you cannot advance in your own career because your husband expects you to take care of more and more chores around the house or stay home to comfort sick children. Your responsibilities at home, then, hurt your performance at work, which in turn hampers your career or personal growth. Perhaps you need to speak to your spouse about a redistribution of the workload or about your personal goals for the future.
Someone watching while counting money I dreamed I went out to my car to get some money I had in the car to give to someone. I counted out some and noticed a man outside was watching what I was doing. He knew I had money in the car. I locked the doors when I got out. Counting your money suggests financial troubles. You are having difficulty making ends meet, so you are very aware of how much you have left in your bank. In addition, the suspicious looking fellow in your dream denotes brewing problems between you and your significant other. Your money problems may be causing conflict and fights which will lead to possible cheating or deceit. This is a warning to be proactive when it comes to issues developing in your life before either of you find solace in someone else's arms.
Counting pennies I dreamed of 15 cents. My granddaughter was counting pennies, and I told her to do 3 stacks with 5 in each stack for 15 pennies (cents). Watching your granddaughter count coins refers to your desire to pass on frugal habits to the younger generation. You are from a time when people spent more time cooking at home and saving rather than constantly buying the newest gadget. The three stacks of five coins have a related meaning according to traditional dream analysis. The three stacks point toward upcoming possibilities for your granddaughter, but the five coins in each stack suggest that these options may upset the family in some way. For instance, she may have the chance to move to a new state or country for school or work, but it would place strain on the family because it would be expensive to sustain those costs or travel to visit her.
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