Smoking cigarrettes I was smoking cigarettes in my dream. You do not mention if you are a smoker in real life or not. If you do smoke, this dream may point to concerns with your health and to struggles with addiction. However, if you are not a smoker, this dream may indicate becoming the victim of gossip and ridicule, especially from people near you. You should consider evaluating who your friends are before sharing any information that could be turned against you.
Having to take pills and swallowing an egg I dreamed I was sick and had to be taking much pills. Along with those pills I had to swallow a whole egg. While repeating that process another day I couldn't, because I started vomiting. Having dream visions about taking pills, especially when perceived as on a regular basis, means that your body is becoming deficient in some important nutrients or vitamins. A recent decline in or a complete absence of one this elements in your intake could have magnified this need by projecting the image of a whole egg. You may want to analyze the reason or motivation for stopping nourishing your body the way you used to and find ways to rectify and improve this situation.
Being kidnapped by disabled people I have a reoccurring nightmare that people who are disabled or mentally incapacitated (have either down-syndrome or severe autism), and they have giant-ism, because they are taller than 6ft, are kidnapping me. It most commonly happens in grocery stores. I can't communicate with them successfully. What can this obscure dream possibly mean? Dreaming about a group of menacing giants coming after you predicts having a number of menial tasks that need to be completed. This busywork may include filling out forms, doing chores, or generally running around in a flurry of activity. While this image by itself has no negative connotations, being kidnapped suggests that putting off these tasks or not completing them in a timely manner could quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed, causing extra stress and anxiety in your life. The supermarket by itself points to upcoming changes, but does not give any indication whether such changes would positively or negatively affect you.
Performing CPR on a person I dreamt of having to perform CPR on a person. I don't remember if I did it successfully. Thank you :) Dreaming about trying to save someone's life through physical means, in this case CPR, is indicative of going through a tragic event or a series of trials. While this sounds bad in theory, the result of your journey is likely to help you grow more as a person and learn things about yourself you did not realize before. This could lead to the inner balance and peace you have been searching for some time now.
A pastor asking about vitamins My dream was about my Pastor asking me about B12 Vitamins and I was at the pharmacy. Dreaming that someone you know is asking you for a particular kind of medicine while you are inside a pharmacy represents an ill-omen. It portends complications or outright disruptions for a project or activity you are personally involved with. A deal may go wrong, you may end up spending more than necessary or maybe an important trip could end up being cancelled. Try to remain calm and make the best out of any developing situation.
Unable to see clearly I dreamt of having trouble seeing a small black cat walk beside a toilet, and then seeing was as though I would be looking through a hazy magnifying glass. A black cat has often been associated with bad luck. However, a black cat can also represent the presence of a very powerful and formidable enemy entering your life. Hence, the hazy appearance of the cat in your dream could mean this adversary's presence is not apparent to you yet. Perhaps this person is already part of your life and you have not yet caught on to his or her deceptive and cunning ways. So keep your guards up because somebody could be taking advantage of you right at this moment.
Being too sick to do anything Female. I dream very often that I am sick and can't go to school or work. Being sick in your dream is a reflection of your real-world disposition. Hence, you could be feeling down and tired in your waking life. It could also be an allusion to your actual situation, such as factors that are stressing you out or causing some anxiety. Finally, being sick may be your passive reaction to the situations that are giving you problems. Instead of fighting, you may be giving in and giving up. Perhaps the only way to recover is to face your problems by prioritizing them.
Being told of having AIDS I had a dream that I was told that I have HIV. Dreaming about having a serious disease like HIV is a highly ominous symbol associated with being involved in a toxic relationship or with a dangerous individual in wake life. Just as HIV can eventually destroy your body from within, so does finding out you have such a disease in a dream vision suggest that this situation or person can only lead to ruin. You may want to figure out who this is and remove yourself from associating with them before it is too late.
Family members affected by cancer together Great grandfather who died of cancer playing with great grandson in his room who also has cancer. Dreaming of a dead relative is typically a sign of coping with loss. These kinds of dreams usually appear during significant events that remind you of that person, in this case, the similar presence of cancer. Seeing the great grandfather and great grandson play together could be your mind's attempt to console your heart, perhaps by showing that, should things take a turn for the worst, the great grandson would not be alone. In order to alleviate some of your concerns or anxiety about this situation, it would be wise to talk with a trusted friend or family member.
Being examined and treated by an unfamiliar doctor Female. I was playing with my siblings and suddenly a handsome guy came in our home who is a doctor. He had a stethoscope and he was staying in my home. In the next moment I saw my one breast was hanging, the same guy removed his coat, took the stethoscope and reached me. I was scared to show him my breast, he covered my breast and did little examination. Then I saw my breast start growing and some drops of milk were coming out. He asked about it and I remained quiet, then he treated the nipple, cleaned it. I smiled back and then my breast was fine. This vision contains two highly powerful yet opposing images which speak of some internal struggles you may be going through. The image of your breast swelling and leaking breast milk is symbolic of health and vitality, suggesting you naturally have a lot of energy or have a strong personality. On the other hand, being cared for or treated by the doctor represents feelings of despair or hopelessness. It seems that you are finding it difficult to be content with your life even though there is nothing particularly wrong with it. Furthermore, it may point toward developing an ungracious demeanor or attitude problem. Life is what you make of it, and in order to be truly happy and satisfied with it, you have to challenge yourself and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.
Caught in the midst of an epidemic I saw an epidemic. Everyone is running here and there and crying for help. Something is growing on everyone's body, especially on hands. I was unable to help but scared and I locked myself in a room. Dreaming about a mass epidemic which afflicts numerous people around you may portend some terrible disaster which is about to take place in your local community. It oftentimes represents physical catastrophes, like floods and earthquakes, but it can occasionally point toward social unrest as well. Running away and saving only yourself could signify your desire not to involve yourself in the conflict in the latter case, meaning you do not want to choose a side or ruffle anyone's feathers. However, you may find that sitting in the middle is impossible as time passes.
Having to carry sick mother My mother is sick and I have to carry her everywhere we go. If you see a sick parent in a dream, whether it is your mother or your father, then it could be indicative of stressful problems or unresolved issues which you could be currently facing. This burden may have been passed down to you by your relatives and is causing you a lot of worry and anxiety so overwhelming that even in a subconscious state of mind it still weights heavily on you.
Interacting with patients of a mental asylum My schoolmates and I were transported to an asylum to interact with the patients. The others got creeped out, but I however like the idea. I made friends with two kids who were mental patients. Some weird psycho was yelling at me so I punched him and yelled right back. According to the doctor, since I am the only student willing enough to interact with them, they sent me to an isolation box where there was a quiet patient. We eventually became friends. My schoolmates got scared of me. A dream wherein you see yourself and your schoolmates enter a mental asylum to interact with the patients in an indication of the arrival of difficult times in your waking life. Perhaps each of you as individuals are going through a particularly trying period which tests your faith and patience time and again. The notion that you saw yourself interacting with mentally challenged kids shows your willingness to tackle these problems head on. The presence of a psychotic person symbolizes the existence of certain obstacles. Since you successfully overpowered this person, it portends that things would eventually turn for the better. You would gain the respect of your classmates because you would emerge stronger despite all the problems which you may soon face.
Having a colonoscopy I had a dream the other night that I had to get a colonoscopy and I had no anesthesiology and was totally awake for it. I do have stomach issues and have had a colonoscopy before btw. Dreaming of medical exams or procedures typically reflects the dreamer's real-world anxieties about their well-being. Perhaps your fears and concerns about your digestive issues are bleeding into your subconscious and exacerbating your apprehensions. Sometimes, too, it can be your mind's way of allowing you to confront your fears in a safe environment to give you the courage to face it in the real world. Maybe you have been ignoring or neglecting your health lately and your subconscious is reminding you to take preventive action to avoid further complications.
Fainting under a table I dreamt I fainted in slow motion and landed under a table and then my daughter brought me a cup of coffee in a strange cup and gave me a tablet. Dreaming about fainting must be considered a forewarning. It could be an indication that you may face some health issues in the near future. This notion is further strengthened by the image of your daughter giving you a tablet and coffee. It signifies that your daughter would be the most helpful in providing you with the necessary care if you ever become ill. Make sure you give utmost importance to your well-being and carry out the necessary checkups to rule out any illness.
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