Playing chess and missing pieces I dreamt I was playing a game of chess, but I could not make out who my opponent was. As I was preparing, I realized that the king, queen and all the pawns were missing, this was the case with all the boxes of chess sets that I opened. Dreaming about playing a game, especially one as strategic as chess, suggests you may be knowingly dabbling in activities which could have a highly negative effect on your life should you be found out. For now, you may feel confident that you have the upper hand. However, the presence of an indescribable stranger indicates that others are hot on your trail and may show up without warning any minute now. You may want to give up your underhanded dealings before it becomes too late to back out.
Scenes from a video game and a duck by the bed So, the other night I had a dream of FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S. I don't play that game. I was in my room, woke up and the duck was siting next to my bed and looking at me while the others wait outside of my room. Please help... Randomly appearing things and images associated with fear and negativity in a dream often get linked to your own feelings of dread and worries in the real world. There is possibility that you are experiencing tension and pressure in your waking life and these anxieties are manifesting in your subconscious as a way for you to release them or confront them, so as to reduce the burden you are carrying. Nightmarish dreams such as the one you have experienced can only stop once you overcome the real-world challenges you may be facing.
Winning a prize at a claw machine I was at a claw machine and for the past tries I didn't win, but I finally won and grabbed two animals at the same time and when I looked up, my crush was behind me saying "Wow, great job". Winning in a dream vision often translates to much the same in wake life. In this case, you are likely to have great success in what you are currently hoping to achieve. This could be related to academic, business or personal affairs, so you should not feel limited. Instead, take advantage of your good luck and reach for the stars.
Drawing a lucky lottery ticket I was dreaming that I was picking a lotto ticket out from a glass clear bowl. I knew it was in the dream that it was the lucky one and saw it was a lotto ticket. What does it mean? It woke me up since I saw myself reaching out to a cell and then taking this lucky ticket? Luck in dreams can mean the opposite in real life. For instance, this dream about picking a lottery ticket from a glass bowl points to possible negative impacts to your business or career because of dishonest partners. Alternatively, this vision could also mean that in your romantic or intimate life you may begin experiencing alternating episodes of joy and sadness.
Not allowed to play and being weighed I was at my youth group and everyone except me and my youth leader went out to play a game, and she kept trying to get me to weigh myself and I finally did and then I woke up. A dream in which you see yourself being disallowed a physical activity, such as playing a game outdoors, may represent some negative aspects of your personality. It is possible that you sometime, perhaps even inadvertently, manipulate people around you into doing things for you. Furthermore, if this happens to be the case, the dream portends the possibility that this characteristic of your personality may cause some friction between you and the person affected, such as a good friend or a family member.
The Jack of Hearts Had a dream that I saw the jack of hearts by itself. Dreaming about the jack of hearts is an auspicious symbol which could be interpreted in two ways. If you perceived it as a person capable of interacting with you, it means that your current or future lover or life partner is or will be the perfect choice for you who would never make you feel bad or disappointed no matter what life may throw at you at any given point. If you observed a depiction or an image of the jack of hearts, it means that you are about to receive some encouraging news about your current partner or some information leading to meeting such a special person and starting a new relationship.
A snowball fight A snowball fight. A dream about a snowball fight presages a warning. It portends a period of negativity which might cause you to make irrational financial decisions. You could end up being surrounded by individuals who might try to deceive you or extort money from you for their own gains. The snowball fight symbolizes the unexpected blows which would be thrown at you preventing you from moving ahead. You should make sure that you maintain your stance, follow your principles and not let anything faze you.
Playing a game to win some money I had this dream where a bunch of girls and I were left in a convenient store, we had NO money. We were broke! I was forced to make a deal with this weird kid in an alley. We played a game Anyway, I won and was about to play round 2 when I saw his face. It was a male friend of mine. Convenience stores or groceries in the dream world allude to choices, opportunities and new ideas. Hence, being broke while inside a convenience store likely reflects your lack of inspiration. You may be feeling stuck on a problem and are looking for some ideas or creative ways to get yourself out of this dilemma. In the dream you decided to make a deal with a stranger by playing a game. This likely reveals your fatalistic nature or your tendency to depend on others to bail you out of trouble. Perhaps it is time for you to become more proactive and take accountability for your actions.
Escaping a dangerous game Female. I dreamt that I am running down a hill. The pathway looks a little dangerous at first, someone is chasing me, it's like I am in a game played by athletes. Sometimes I am the player, sometimes I am watching. Then as if it's a deja vu. I don't know if it's a story or I have dream of it back then. I saw kids, they asked my help to escape from their father who maltreats them. Then I remembered I have no money, so I told them that I will be back tomorrow. I returned, but I don't know if we escaped. Finding yourself running on a downhill path in the world of dreams points to some unfavorable changes in reality. These changes would likely have a significant impact on you, especially in terms of your physical well-being or mental health. The amount of stress generated by these pivotal events could decrease your overall stamina and agility with time. Part of the stress may be due to your innate need to help others. Your generosity and empathy would make a whole world of difference in their lives but could take a lot out of you as a result.
Poop on the battlefield in a video game Male19 years old. I was in this video game that was like futuristic "Call of Duty". I watched people die and come back to life, and I knew no one was dying or hurt, it was a game. I was out I guess because I was watching the shooting and for some reason the battlefield had poop on it and I decided to get a pooper scooper and clean it up. As I was cleaning it up, this middle-aged man in his late 50s told me I better grow up and be a man, then he reared his leg and kicked me in the balls, then I woke up. Images associated with war and violence from video games in a dream often are linked with your own feelings of dread and worry in reality. There is a possibility that you are experiencing tension and pressure in waking life, and these anxieties are manifesting in your subconscious mind. This experience gives you a chance to confront them to reduce the burdens you are carrying during the day. The feces you tried to clean up could reveal how uncomfortable you feel in this situation as well as your desire to fix it or escape from it. However, your problems while dreaming can only be stopped by overcoming the real-world challenges you are facing at the moment.
Playing a game in the pool and showering afterwards I was playing a game with my sibling in a very big swimming pool. The game was like volleyball with a net in front. I could swim without fear of sinking. However, water was not very clear. After swimming, I went under a big shower where a large amount of water was falling down on me. The dream you describe could be a metaphor for some kind of competition that exists between you and your sibling. You may be unsure of why you should feel competitive in the first place, and that is why the water was not very clear, and the consequences of such competitive relationship between the two of you could be undesirable. This is because your dream ended with a large amount of water falling down on you, as if you needed to clean yourself after doing something nefarious. Perhaps you could examine your relationship with your sibling and come up with new ways to interact that do not necessarily involve rivalry.
Being judged at a singing competition I had a dream where I kept practicing different songs because I was auditioning for the X-Factor. I finally found "the right song " and sung it in front of the judges. One of the judges buzzed me (they didn't like me) but the other ones didn't press their buttons. What does this dream mean? Dreaming of auditioning for something, whether it is a reality show or for a movie, usually means that you may not handle success and fame well in reality. A tendency to become overconfident and arrogant could make you fall for dubious opportunities and tempt you to take part in risky activities. Alternatively, your audition in this dream vision may also reveal your desire to please others or gain their approval. In this context, singing in front of judges is akin to showing off your skills and achievements, hoping that your friends and loved ones would approve of your choices and admire you for your accomplishments. However, no matter how much you try to be perfect and become an achiever, there would always be those who would either not approve or think your efforts are not enough. The reality of not pleasing everyone is embodied by the judges in your vision. It is also possible that the judges are your own strict standards. You may be a perfectionist and putting a lot of pressure on yourself.
Killing others in a game Me and most of my grade were forced into a hunger games type situation. I vividly remember that my main way to kill people was running through the forest gaining momentum and slamming people's heads into the trees hard enough to cause lethal damage to the brain. I continued to do this until I was in the last two with my best friend, we had both remained at the top of the brightly shining leader board and in the end I had to force his knife into my chest to save him. Dreaming that you are fighting for survival in a deadly game could reflect the chaos and violence happening around you. There could be events or situations in which your courage and resolve would be seriously tested. The killing spree, however, is more metaphorical than literal. It means that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get further in life, even if it means doing questionable acts to the detriment of others. Your sacrifice at the end to ensure your friend's victory also reveals your selfless nature. Even though you would readily fight tooth and nail to triumph over your rivals, you are also generous about sharing the fruits of your labors and opening doors for your loved ones. Alternatively, this dream vision also shows that your ultimate weakness is family, including the friends you may treat as family. If you are to fail, it is likely because you would choose to give in to the whims and desires of the people you love.
A deck of cards with a death message I had a dream about a deck of cards, the card on top had "Enjoy your afterlife" written on it. I am male. The image of a deck of cards in your dream represents important milestones or major life decisions you would have to make throughout the course of your life. Overtime each moment would stack up to reveal what you have accomplished in your lifetime. What you did with the deck of cards, as well as the types of cards present, would give you further clues about what your priorities are and whether your journey would be smooth or tumultuous. In that context, the message about your afterlife is probably your subconscious reminding you to make the most of your existence because at the end of it all, that is when you would feel either fulfilled and happy or filled with regret about missed opportunities.
Cats in a murder mystery game I am a woman. I was solving a murder mystery and my two kittens were at the crime scene. They appeared in a crate. They were comfortably cuddled together. One grey and the other ginger. They were silent and happy. I almost solved the crime, but I woke before the dream was finished. My main suspect was also a possible love interest. I didn't trust him and I didn't want to find him attractive until he was cleared of charges. It seemed that he was guilty. Envisioning yourself trying to solve a serious crime within a limited time frame suggests you are currently in a state of great disturbance, confusion or uncertainty, specifically in regard to your skills or abilities in reality. You may be feeling some self-doubt or lack the confidence you want to possess. The crate that contains your kittens in the vision may represent some jealousy you feel towards those with nicer homes or better careers than you. You wish you could provide better for those you love and care about in reality. Furthermore, the suspect who was a possible love interest reflects your uncertainty when it comes to sharing your deepest secrets. You probably want to wait for a sign that everything is perfect, even while holding such telling information from the one whose trust you seek to gain. In essence, these combined symbols point toward wanting to have it all but not wanting to give up anything in return. Until you can move on from coveting what others have and accept everything you possess, including the good and the bad, you would be unable to find the true peace and happiness you desire.
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