Food turning into worms Male, 54. I opened up my can of chew and the chew had turned into a few small night crawlers. Dreaming about your food transforming into night crawlers could mean you are having conflicting feelings about your bad habits and perhaps you are afraid you could develop health issues if you continue down this road. The night crawlers could signify the disgust you feel about your addiction or the potential threats you believe could cause you harm in the future. Perhaps, if you are planning on giving up a long-had vice, this is a sign you should do so.
Eating indigenous veggies Eating indigenous vegetables. Dreaming about eating indigenous vegetables could mean that you are finally happy in the place where you are now and you feel like you are creating some roots, finding your balance and not wishing for any other kind of life. Vegetables are a symbol of health, and so you feel mentally and physically well at the moment, while the fact they are indigenous points to a sense of belonging, a feeling of satisfaction with your current surroundings. Your strength and energy stem from this sense of self-fulfillment you gain from your present situation and that is what gives you the hope to continue moving forward.
Cooking stew and authority figures entering Please help me, I saw myself talking to some authority while seeing my boiling stew and showing them also and asking them to excuse me to continue my cooking. Despite the military men with guns there I was still able to talk to the authority to help solve the problem. Seeing my stew seriously boiling while the vegetables are my utmost concern. Thanks, help me. Seeing authority figures in dreams typically reveals the dreamer's need for discipline and order. Perhaps you are about to encounter a period of unrest in which you would need stability and control to help you overcome the hurdles. Meanwhile, the vegetable stew represents a union or coming together of various aspects of yourself. However, you could be missing a crucial element which is preventing you from achieving peace of mind. In trying to reconcile lessons from your past with your present and future circumstances, you may have to incorporate values and spiritual beliefs so you can come up with a more effective way of dealing with your problems.
Cooking plantains Frying plantains with two stoves at the same time and sharing with relatives. Plantains are symbols of good luck and fortune in dreams. As such, frying plantains and sharing the dish with your relatives portends blessings and prosperity which you would be able to share with your loved ones. You could reap the rewards of your hard work by getting a coveted promotion, closing an important deal or getting an incentive. It could also mean the end of problems and difficulties. If you have been experiencing issues or obstacles, then this dream heralds a smooth-sailing and more peaceful period of existence for yourself and your loved ones.
Eating rice with step siblings Dreamt I was eating rice with vegetables with my step siblings I'm not on good terms with in front of my late dad. Consuming rice in a dream bears a positive message. It symbolizes happiness and harmony, especially in connection to your familial relationships. If there have been long-standing conflict and disagreements among you and your step siblings, then the dream means you would soon resolve your differences. In addition, the combination of the the symbols of rice and vegetables means that to achieve peace of mind, you may have to fix your issues with your step siblings. Perhaps the memories or wisdom imparted by your late dad would be instrumental in such reconciliation.
Hot soup poured on the body My grandmother's sister poured hot soup on my body while I was holding a silver kettle, noticed my body was still the same. Please help me interpret the dream. Giving soup to someone often symbolically represents the time and effort somebody sacrifices to help the other party. In this case, seeing your great aunt pour soup on you could imply two things. First, it suggests she has spent some time, money or effort on you. Secondly, the idea that she poured it on you could represent the amount of sacrifice she has made or reveal that she feels her efforts have been underappreciated. The silver kettle you were holding represents parties or gatherings, but in this case may refer to the idea that you are in your own world and unaware of the life and hardships of your great aunt. This is also supported by the fact that your body seemed unchanged by the hot soup. This vision may be a reminder to pay more attention to those who support you and perhaps to show more gratitude to your elders for their past help and guidance.
Selling barbecued food Selling freshly cooked BBQ food that I made to other people. When you dream about freshly cooked or prepared food, it means that you could soon be undergoing some renovations or upgrades on your house or maybe some kind of personal rejuvenation and renewal of your spiritual self. This is most likely something you feel the need to show to other people and that is why you envisioned yourself selling the food instead of eating it by yourself, because whatever happens or whomever you will become is probably closely connected to the perception or opinion people around you have about you.
Taking food to someone My dream was about taking food to someone. Gender: male. Taking food to someone in a dream could reveal that you are currently at a point in your life where there are existing or emerging troubles and issues with your family or friends. It is a warning sign that you must examine your life and improve the grey areas which could jeopardize your business, work, relationships or future career. You should also scrutinize the way you deal with others by thinking about events or circumstances which may have inflicted pain and suffering upon them. You may have shown some disrespect and denigrating attitude causing your relationships with others to be stained by mistrust and anger.
Cooking eggs and having silver hair Dreamed I was cooking eggs, when I cracked the egg, I got 5 yolks out of the one egg. Also, dreamed I had bright silver hair, and I loved it. Cooking eggs in dreams usually means positive changes are afoot in your life. The eggs, whether they are boiled, scrambled or part of the dish you are cooking, symbolize renewed creativity and potential. You could expect a sense of optimism flowing through you which would push you to pursue projects or undertakings you have previously shelved. The fact that there are 5 yolks in a single egg means you would be blessed by a ton of brilliant ideas and amazing opportunities that could become lucrative. Meanwhile, the silver hair represents wisdom and experience. Perhaps all the lessons you have learned up to this point in your life would allow you to finally succeed in your endeavors. It may have taken a while, but all your hard work may soon pay off.
Waves of honey Was riding a large wave of honey with friends and family. I was out front calling family to come closer. Felt like I was flying but it was just that the wave was so high and big, it looked as if we were just below the clouds. Honey is a symbol with two distinct connotations, and both seem to be present in this vision. The first meaning is that it is a reflection of your personality and general mental state, namely that you are a positive, sweet and kind individual. This is also supported by the sensation of flight felt a bit later in the vision. The second meaning behind the symbol of honey is that it predicts an increase in wealth and prosperity, particularly in regards to work or business matters. You may soon find yourself in a better position financially and probably wish to share that with the ones who matter most to you. However, this is where the first interpretation of honey comes back into play. While you may desire to share your newfound wealth with your relatives, your naturally generous nature may allow others to walk all over you. Be careful to share only what you intend to give and do not be bullied by more assertive, selfish members of your inner circle.
Receiving fresh meat from a teacher Got a plastic bag full of fresh pieces of meat from my lady teacher. Raw meat or a fresh piece of meat symbolizes difficulty and failure. You are likely struggling with your lessons, tests or homework which is why the fresh pieces of meat came from your teacher. An upcoming exam would be too difficult for you and your failed marks would call the attention of your teacher, advising you on how you can improve your grade. Misconduct or unruly behavior could be another reason for getting into trouble with your teacher. As punishment, she would require additional tasks and challenges for you to learn your lesson.
Losing pieces of meat I was coming from market holding nylon bag with raw meat and grand pepper in a bowl, one piece of meat dropped from the bag, I picked it, but when I almost got to my house I realized that there was only 3-4 meat pieces in the bag, so I went back to look for the meat, I saw one piece of it and continued to search for the rest. I saw my stepson and his friend, they helped me search for it and we found 3, but I saw one chic taking one I ran after it, I mistakenly stepped on the chic and killed it but I still picked the meat. Female. For female dreamers, raw meat is an unlucky dream symbol. It means you would experience failure and hardships, especially when it comes to work. Meanwhile, killing a chicken, whether accidentally or not, implies cowardice. In the face of difficulties, you may be tempted to escape your problem or give up. Fortunately, your persistence in finding the raw meat is an indication of your courage and grit. Despite the bad luck you would soon face in reality, you would choose to face your problems head on. You would even have supportive loved ones who would help you out during your time of need, as illustrated by the willingness of your stepson and his friend to help you in recovering the lost meat.
Spilling the seeds of Soursop on the floor I'm male, I dreamt about receiving an unripe Soursop from a friend who was driving away. While eating it, the seeds fell on the floor. I left and came back to sweep the compound floor where I left the seeds and the Soursop on the floor. While cleaning I noticed kids were in the compound like a school, and I rushed to clean, so they don't see the mess and I woke up while doing it. Meanwhile this friend in this dream who gave me Soursop to eat had an accident with my Uber car and the car got burnt last week. In most cases, fruits represent financial gains or success. The Soursop in your case symbolizes your trade or source of income. So when the seeds fell while you were eating the fruit, it means that you need to find other ways to earn. Each seed represents a new venture, idea or opportunity to take on in order to meet your day-to-day needs. Meanwhile, the children point to your apprehensions and uncertainties about the near future. You could be picking up the seeds and cleaning the mess because you do not want to involve or inconvenience anybody else from the negative repercussions of an incident that may have happened in the recent past.
Apples turning into dust I was in this real small room with lots of people, don't know if they were alive or dead. Me and my sister who is dead were serving them. I was trying to give them apples but when I picked them up they turned to dust. A small and cramped room means you are feeling anxious and trapped by your negative thoughts. The people inside this room symbolize all your worries that are making you feel apprehensive and restless. These could be nagging thoughts about your sister's death which is why she was present in this vision. You think there could be foul play involved in her death or there are still unanswered questions about her passing. Unfortunately, the answers remain elusive as illustrated by the apples turning into dust. No matter how much you ask around or fish for information, you would have a hard time getting to the truth.
Buying juice while on vacation I am a girl and I was out on a vacation with my relatives. All of us drank some juice, we paid and forgot to take the change. Later that day my relatives are buying something at a stall near the temple and I'm waiting outside.Then the juice vendor came to me and gave me one dry date and said he forgot to give it earlier when I drank the juice and asked me whether I would like to have juice again as I forgot to take the change. I asked my relatives to go and bring me some juice back. I didn't go. Dreaming that you are on a vacation means you are feeling drained and exhausted in reality, so your subconscious is dropping you hints about taking a break so your mind and body can recover. Some of your friends and family likely also need to take a break from the daily grind. As such, drinking juice symbolizes renewed vitality and zest for life after all of you take a well-deserved vacation. The presence of a temple also means that you would be able to take this personal time off to re-evaluate your priorities and remind yourself about the more important things in life. Finally, the date represents your worldly desires. Even in your leisurely time, something would always pop up which would keep you from enjoying the moment. It is up to you whether you would choose contentment or succumb to distress because of other matters you need to attend to.
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