Unusual body transformations I coughed blood and out of it came my heart, still pumping. A scorpion bursts out from it and chopped off my head with its claws, and later a lion's head grew back to replace mine and my heart was replaced by fire. Scorpions represent vengeance and betrayal. Thus, dreaming about a scorpion bursting out of the heart you coughed out likely predicts betrayal from a loved one, possibly a romantic partner. After this two-faced individual gains your trust and affection, he or she would leave you in a state of devastation. Fortunately, you are a resilient individual with the courage of a lion and a fiery heart. You would emerge stronger and wiser after such a traumatic experience.
A gold dust raining down Dreaming about gold dust falling or raining down on me. Dreaming about being showered with gold dust portends a situation when you could become a focus of other people's attention and criticism due to some questionable behavior either on your part or committed by your lover, partner or spouse. In most cases, these circumstance would involve cheating, committing adultery or becoming entangled in a romantic affair outside your existing relationship, such as marriage.
Urinating strange objects out I dreamt that I urinated a white ball that then grew into a huge white ribbon. Once the ball turned into a ribbon, it did not remain in the toilet, it was to big. The ribbon ended up on the floor. In the dream I remember looking at the ball, thinking what is this. When looking at the ribbon on the floor, I remember thinking what happened, what is going on. Dreams about urinating are usually symbolic of fortune and success. You may have a bright period of life ahead of you, and your dreams of hitting it big could eventually come true. Discovering unusual objects in your pee could be indicative of the fact that you have already set your sights on your dreams and nothing can stop you from achieving them. You are subconsciously anticipating a lucky turn of events to take place in your life so you can use it to your advantage.
Prince Charming and a blue squirrel Prince Charming appears and says "I am here to make all of your wishes come true". I dismiss him for a blue squirrel. The appearance of Prince Charming in your dream can represent either love or honor. In your case, the statement about making your dreams come true probably has to do with your work and being recognized for your contributions. And yet even with your diligence, you may feel like you are working for nothing noteworthy, hence trading him for a blue squirrel. Maybe you need to give yourself more credit for your hard work and dedication.
A snail with a mirror in its shell I reach home and was going to buy mineral water for my niece when I touch my pocket I find a big snail in its shell that had little mucus. I hold it and remove it from its shell and throw it down in fear, then my baby niece about 9 months old tells me not to fear it. She picks it and returns it to me, but in its shell then I see inside its shell it had a very clear mirror. Dreaming about coming across a snail, especially if you found it in your pocket, is a warning to be careful and postpone any major financial decisions or purchases requiring large amounts of money. Even if you are going to share the expenses with someone else, like a member of your household or your spouse, the dream suggests evaluating all pros and cons and taking into account factors you may have left out of consideration. The mirror in the end of the dream is another hint for you to take a closer look at your current financial standing and assess your needs in a careful and thoughtful way.
Opening a silver box and dying Walking down the street holding a small silver box with 3 holes, slid top forward - explosion. Now in heaven. The small silver box you held in this vision can be interpreted as a literal "Pandora's box." In this case, the holes and silver shade suggest a misfortune is about to befall you, particularly in regards to your money or financial situation. Your presence in heaven at the end of the vision could represent your desire to break free of this complicated situation, but whether or not you are actually able to do so is up to you and your efforts.
Ember rain igniting someone's heart Ember rains from the sky. Landing on her. Burning her clothes. Flame ignites in her bosom, but does not burn her skin or white night gown. The angry, red sky alight with flame could predict some major disaster befalling this woman (if she is not someone you know personally, she may be a stand-in for someone you are close to, such as a friend or family member). Fire in the sky is often associated with great misfortune and terrible news. However, in your vision the flames do not actually damage her, so it seems your subconscious does not know the extent to which she could suffer. This vision can be interpreted as a warning, then, to prepare yourself for what is to come and to be there for her when she needs to be supported.
A round pit with a spinning head emerging A round pit or hole in the ground with bleachers which I was sitting on was around the outside of the pit. Out of the pit or round hole came spinning human kinda head spinning end over end and aloud humming sound. I knew I shouldn't be there, so I wake myself up. Envisioning a hole in the ground could predict something unexpected which is about to take place. Sitting in bleachers around the outside of this hole could signify your tendency to wait for things to happen rather than taking action yourself. Your feeling that you should not be there could suggest that your subconscious is urging you to act in one way or another in order to take control over whatever is to come.
Running on a colorful bridge I really don't know how it started, but it was this long colorful bridge and nothing but water surrounding it and the sky and I kept running down the bridge and it seemed like heaven. Really, I was with a friend and I drifted away from her by running down the bridge and it was beautiful but weird. What was it? The image of a bridge in a dream, whether it serves as a means for you to travel or just as a piece of architectural interest, is a symbol for hope, commitment and promises. Hence, your dream of running down the bridge alludes to a looming personal transformation. You may soon find yourself at a crossroad wherein you would need to make a decision that would have a significant and positive impact on your existence. The water surrounding the bridge means that it would be an emotional decision, which could create some distance between you and your loved ones.
A baby made of wax and melting away I was holding a possibly month-old baby, maybe a boy? He never opened his eyes but it seemed he was made of wax, he was almost melting because he was so hot. I removed a white robe and he was still really warm, so I removed a blue-striped button down shirt, but he still had khaki shorts on. I was blowing on him to try and cool him down and was either on my way to pick up some ice or someone was going to bring me some ice for him. I was to put the ice in a paper towel, so cold water dripped on him. Holding a baby during the course of a dream vision is often symbolically linked with the idea of searching for a solution to a big problem. This dream, however, does not provide enough context to determine whether this is related to your personal life or career. No matter the situation, the hotness you felt radiating from the baby could indicate things are about to get out of hand because you did not find an answer fast enough. Trying to cool the child, then, represents your efforts to calm the situation down and get things back to normal. If you felt like you succeeded by the end of the vision or were on the way to doing so, it may signify much the same in wake life. However, if you felt like you were fighting a losing battle, it may be better to let things burn and try again later.
Two person-size frogs having sex I dreamt about 2 person-size frogs and the female was facing away from us, so I could see her hoo-ha and the male mounted her and they had major sex on top of a car, it was very vivid and that was the main point of my dream. What did that mean??? The idea that the frogs in your vision were the size of humans suggests that you or someone close to you is currently going through puberty or a sexual awakening. The vivid image of the female frog's private parts supports this idea and further suggest that the individual in question is female. Watching the two frogs have sex on top of a car could represent the depth of your sexual fantasies and a desire to connect this way with someone, either by initiating intimate relations or by exploring your sexual drives in more detail.
Lava instead of grass on the street Only sidewalks where the grass is lava, have to stay on sidewalk, cannot fall. Dreaming about lava all around you could symbolically represent negative changes taking place in you life. You may be about to go through a period filled with extreme discomfort and agitation, likely from an outside source. The sidewalk, then, represents your need and ability to walk the thin line between stability and chaos, suggesting there is a way to get through this trying time. You would have to rely on all your previous knowledge and experience to find the solutions you need.
Raining with heavy salt I have had many different dreams. As I can remember, I was walking home when suddenly it started raining salt, then I fell and the salt fell so heavily, it began burying me! I tried getting up, but it was so hard and I tried as hard as I got up and ran blindly down a road and then it stopped raining and I got home, but before I could open the door I woke up. I want an explanation please. Salt is, unfortunately, often a sign of rejection. The cause of this is likely a difference in opinions or morals. For example, you may believe you acted correctly in a situation where others blame and condemn your behavior. Or you may have created some art that held great meaning to you while others dismiss it as junk. The amount of salt raining down upon you could mean that either you would face a major rejection from one place or seem to be turned around at every door you knock on. This period is likely to be very difficult for you, so you should be patient and stay true to your heart until others can see the truth.
Becoming a dog and chasing the deceased My boyfriend dreamed he was a dog and was chasing his mom and son who are both deceased around in a circle. Your boyfriend's dream wherein he appears as a dog shows his protective instincts. Dogs are symbols of duty, loyalty and protection. As such, his act of circling his deceased loved ones reveals his need to protect their memories and pay tribute to their significance to him in life as well as in death. There may also be an element of guilt. Perhaps he feels as if he could have saved them or taken better care of them while they were still alive. He may still be coping and mourning their passing.
In a car with dogs and one smoking a cigar Driving in car, dogs sitting in backseat, one smoking a cigar. Dreaming of driving a car reflects the journey you are taking in your waking life. The dogs as passengers could be friends and loved ones with whom you share or shared important moments and experiences. The dog smoking a cigar symbolizes challenges and bumps on the road. There could be opinions and perspectives that go against your personal beliefs, but which serve to broaden your understanding of the world.
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