A mermaid at a friend's funeral I dreamt that I was at one of my friend's funeral, this friend died a few years ago, beside the church there is the sea. I saw a black mermaid coming out of the sea. She said I must not be afraid, she is not going to hurt me, she is here to help me. Funerals, despite their sad connotation in waking life, are generally thought to be positive symbols in dream visions. They usually mean that the dreamer is about to get some form of a lucky break or overcome some difficulty which was bothering them for quite some time. However, you should beware of the call coming from a mermaid. Mermaids in dreams signify tricksters who lure the dreamers out on their own and then swindle or deceive them. If you do find yourself in a more favorable situation soon, such as having an excess of money or some addition to your personal possessions, do not be fooled into using it to your disadvantage, no matter how lucrative or compelling the outcomes may seem.
News on TV about a horse eating people A horse at a rodeo was chasing a man, later saw same horse on the news. The horse had consumed two human brothers. My mom turned off the TV and said something that indicated her disgust of the matter and questioned why the TV was on and we were watching it. Then I woke up. A violent, murderous horse is an ominous symbol to perceive in a dream. It represents the possibility of being in a terrible accident while commuting or traveling, especially for work or school. In your case, you first saw the horse chasing a man at a rodeo, but did not learn of its growing appetite until later in the vision. This could mean that you would be able to avoid this grievous misfortune by taking an alternate route than you usually do or were planning to do.
Living underground after apocalypse I dreamed about a post-apocalyptic world where we would be forced to live underground in small communities and relocate from one community to another through tunnels. Dreaming of a post-apocalyptic world often portends going through some catastrophic or cataclysmic event which shakes the very foundations of your life. The period of time that follows is likely to be very challenging for you. However, living in an underground community and traveling through tunnels could point toward finding ways to turn this hardship into a blessing or opportunity. It may require some creativity and hard work, but the results could be surprising.
Being invited to an underwater castle I was in a boat going to an island across deep and stormy water. It was night. I got to the island and suddenly I was in a beautiful castle. It was half-submerged and a blue and green person came up to me and gestured me to a staircase leading down into clearer water with plants in it. I jumped in and kept having to come up for air, then I ate some thin seaweed and suddenly I could breathe easily. Then I remember the staircase disappearing and the surface closing. It got harder to breathe again. The journey you went through in the dream seems to be a search for freedom. This journey would not be easy. You would have to contend with self-doubt, insecurities and a whole gamut of emotions before getting to your destination. The island in your vision represents independence, but also isolation. You would have to face challenges mostly on your own, and when you get there you would find a castle which is a symbol of reward, achievement and a sense of security. This would only happen if you learn to trust your instinct and control your emotions.
Being able to glide above a flight of stairs Many many times I have a dream that I am at the top of a flight of stairs and jump off the top and float, gliding just above each stair, to the bottom. Sometimes there is just a few stairs, sometimes there are many and they are a curved flight and I am able to glide to the landing at the bottom without touching any stairs. Being on top of a flight of stairs oftentimes refers to the apex of enlightenment as well as triumph. In your dream, in which you jump off and float, the stairs could be a representation of your emotional and psychological journey. Whereas majority of individuals prefer not to confront their repressed issues and past experiences, you probably have no trouble delving into your subconscious as a way of understanding your actions and motivations. You are likely highly self-aware and as a result, you have a pretty good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses whenever you are facing new challenges.
Being a poodle and protecting people I dreamed I was a white standard poodle defending a man and woman who were oblivious to a small male lion around the corner of the house. I barked to warn them, but they didn't pay attention. The lion picked up its pace and I was scared, but stood my ground growling and barking. Just as the lion rounded the corner I attacked it, then woke up. Dreaming about turning into a small white poodle has negative connotations as it portends a period of gloom and darkness. These problems are actually the manifestation of your past deeds. The fact that you see yourself trying to warn people of impending problems points towards your own inability to overcome these troubles, especially considering that your efforts were in vain in the vision. A lion in the dream world represents a controlling individual, so perhaps your difficulties stem from the arrival of this man or woman. The best course of action would be to stay on alert and put matters right before you land in any undesirable situations.
Scorpions with human faces I had a dream two days in a row about scorpions. The dreams were the same. I dreamed of a black one and a human face was transformed to be the scorpion. The second part was a regular-colored dessert scorpion, but I watched as the face (could not identify the face on either) also change to be the scorpion, however I was running from this one. It never caught me but, it had sped to chase me. Scorpions are generally negative symbols in the context of dream visions as they often represent the manifestation of evil and cynicism in waking life. The idea that human faces transform into the scorpion's could point toward the presence of a specific individual in your life who is adding this stress and unhappiness, for example, a new boss or a member of your social circle. This is supported by the two other recollections from this dream vision. The black color associated with the first scorpion may point toward big changes being brought by this man or woman, while the chasing scene with the second scorpion could predict facing harsh and unpredictable developments due to the power they hold over you. It would be wise to get away from their influence and establish yourself as independent of their plans and ideas lest some unfortunate situation is going to unfold in the future.
Baking a breast Dreamed of how I was baking breast. Baking in a dream is usually associated with dreams coming true or successfully achieving something you have been striving for. Additionally, the image of the breast suggests this is related to intimacy or the relationship between you an another individual you are interested in or infatuated by. Together, these symbols mean your efforts to start or improve the level of closeness between you and this person are likely to go well, leading to much happiness and satisfaction.
A famous politician and a fictional character In my dream I was in an English class with Hillary Clinton and she made a unique comparison between Native American oppression and the abortion issue in the US, I don't remember the details. Then I was convinced by Hillary to go on a ski trip with my friend and Hermione Granger to campaign for women's rights in isolated communities in the Alps. The skiing was great. What does this mean? The presence of easily recognizable individuals in your dream vision often suggests you have had recent interactions with them or expressed a great deal of interest in their pursuits. In this case, the fact the Hillary Clinton was giving a politically charged speech may point toward her being a stand in for other people in your life who are trying to persuade or control you. Her ability to convince you to go on a ski trip, then, represents the lengths these individuals would go to in order to get your support. However, the presence of Emma Watson as her character in Harry Potter and the act of skiing both point toward a desire to be free of these pressures, so that you can relax and have peace of mind.
Waiting for a fictional character to be visited by A book character named Fred Weasley was my brother. He was coming home from working at a joke shop and I was super excited to see him again. I was waiting a day for him to come. He didn't come before the dream ended. Dreaming of a fictional character generally reveals your tendency to create an alternate reality in your mind as a way of escaping your problems. It could also mean that you recognize certain attributes in the character that you want to emulate. In your case, perhaps you wish to gain Fred Weasley's humor and bravery thinking that those characteristics would help you overcome challenges in your personal journey. However, the fact that he did not arrive likely reflects your low self-esteem. Perhaps you need to recognize your own strengths and unique qualities in order to gain confidence and conquer your fears.
A wolf that becomes too tame Me and my black dog walked to greet my mother who was accompanied by a black wolf. I ran in fear, then my mother said "It's OK, we raised it. He's just like your dog". Then my mother told the wolf to round up the sheep and it did, then she said he can do other things and at her command the wolf stood up on two legs like us and spoke like us and put on both clothes and shoes. At the end of the dream my sister walks in and compliments the wolf's shoes. The black dog and the black wolf in your dream represent the two sides of a dilemma. On the one hand, the dog you implicitly trust could end up betraying you. The black dog symbolizes deceit and disappointment. There is a likelihood that you would soon be let down by someone you once thought was your best friend. This is likely the person who always tries to avoid you during tough times. On the other hand, the black wolf actually symbolizes your cynical side. You could say it is the pessimistic and dark side of yourself which you try to suppress. However, once you recognize the useful aspects of your suspicious nature, then you can use it to help you gauge the sincerity and intentions of the personalities that surround you.
A woman sitting in the middle of a river Dreamed about a woman sitting in the center of a river under water but not drowning. She was staring at me and was surrounded by burnt bones with eels swimming through them. The woman had straight red hair, green eyes, ornate bronze bracelets and she was void of emotion. Couldn't reach her or the riverbanks. Was surreal but peaceful, yet surrounded by charred animal and human bones. This ethereal woman seems to be a projection of your subconscious mind, which suggests that she may represent some ideal you wish to personify, such as grace or elegance. With this in mind, seeing the woman sitting calmly in the middle of a flowing river could be the manifestation of your desire to be focused, calm, and collected in the midst of the difficulties life throws your way. In order to achieve this better version of yourself, however, you may have to give up waiting for others to assist you and take matters into your own hands, as signified by the human remains the woman was surrounded by.
On a bike with a decapitated friend With my friend, who definitely likes me. He has helped me through very tough times recently. He's male. I'm female. We are riding a bike and I was on his handlebars. We started jumping these huge gaps and when I looked back he was decapitated. It was horrifying. Riding a bicycle with someone in the dream world represents the kind of bond you share with this person. It is likely characterized by spontaneity, fun with a bit of risk involved. Perhaps you also like being with your friend precisely because you share an adventurous and lively side. You may still have a childlike sense of wonder or are persistently optimistic. The outcome of the scenario in your dream, however, reveals your cautious side. Decapitation represents poor judgment. Maybe you feel like being with him could get you into serious trouble and vice versa. You could be enabling each other's bad habits and this does not bode well for the both of you in the long run.
A cat walking a dog I had a dream I was sitting outside on the porch of my house, and a cat was walking a dog, it was really weird. Then the cat dropped the leash and ran Into my house, when I tried to remove the cat from my house it scratched my face then ran out and proceeded to walk the dog. Cats are cunning creatures usually associated with independence and feisty personality. Meanwhile, dogs are considered man's best friend and usually symbolize loyalty as well as security. Hence, seeing a cat walking a dog in your dream likely means that a manipulative individual may be turning your peers and allies against you. It could be someone who may harbor some jealousy over your achievements. The cat could also be someone trying to jeopardize a romantic prospect, hence the catty behavior.
Giving birth to an angel I dreamt I was giving birth to a pure white angel. A dream wherein you find yourself giving birth signifies major changes and upheavals that are about to take place in your life. Perhaps you may have been contemplating getting rid of certain bad habits or picking up good ones. This symbolism is further reinforced by the fact that you gave birth to a pure, white angel. An angel represents events which would have a deep impact on your existence, meaning these proceedings are likely to improve your quality of life and your outlook on the future.
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