A pet dinosaur devouring people and horses I had a dream I had a pet dinosaur which I forgot to feed and it ate a lot of people that I didn't know. Then it lured two horses, then it froze, then played. This dream vision is a manifestation of your existing negative attitude and temper you might be nurturing inside toward someone or something. You are about to face some significant life changes which would be originating from your desire to calm these forces down or eliminate them completely. The magnitude of these changes will depend on your ability to manage and resolve your inner contradictions and move in the direction that is right for you. However, if you keep on harboring these feelings or ignoring them, they might snowball and backfire causing a lot of damage both to you and those who might be potentially affected.
Clowns on the plane and killing them My mom was fleeing the country and my whole family was on a plane and there was a guy putting clown makeup on everyone. But the clowns didn't like to be seen and my cousin saw them, so they attacked us and we were slicing them with swords and they would fall apart. This dream vision contains two distinct elements which could be important in trying to interpret its meaning. First, your whole family being on the airplane and seeing someone masquerading passengers as clowns means that you could currently be experiencing some minor issues, problems or disagreements which you think are drawing a wedge into your family's cohesiveness and integrity. You are anticipating that something which otherwise preserves family ties and values is jeopardized and threatened. This could be related to family members getting divorced, married or leaving the family circle for some external reason (for example someone going to college or relocating to another town). The airplane (enclosed space) signifies that these are internal family issues. The second vision of killing passengers who were transformed into evil clowns, and more importantly, seeing them fall apart upon killing them, could be indicative of the fact that you and other family members are working on solving these issues separately and without much communication, which could be counterproductive to the efforts to find a reasonable compromise if this is the case.
A dead boy resurrecting and scarying mourners away Dreams about I was at a funeral of a boy and while they were praying on him, a lady pulls the corpse beside her and removes the cover cloth on his face,saying she wants him to have his last breath before the bury him. Suddenly, he wakes up and kicks me instead. We were happy he resurrected, but those praying for him all ran away. The analysis of the dream story you have experienced reveals some positive developments or circumstances you are about to become a part of soon. Seeing a deceased boy coming alive in this dream points to some happy occurrence or news you are about to hear in a short period of time after having this dream. The fact that the boy came back to life and kicked you signifies receiving an invitation to a happy social event or celebration, this could be related to someone's wedding, anniversary or party to celebrate an important milestone in their life. It is also possible that this news would take you by surprise and you would have to spend some time preparing for the event and trying to figure out how to contribute to it in order to make the people who will invite you to celebrate their cause even more joyful and memorable.
An angel taking to a place to meet with family Dreams about an angel who took me to a real hot place. My family was there, and so was my family that had pass away. The angel told me to get my family and repent. Dreaming about an angel guiding you could translate your need to be forgiven by someone you might have offended recently or in the past. This offense could have been committed as a result of ignorance or unawareness about the sensitivity of the other person's feelings. That is, it was not necessarily an ill-intended action. This interpretation is reinforced by the image of the hot place and the need for you to repent, all pointing towards the symbol of hell or of the doomed. Alternatively, if you felt that the angel had a benign attitude toward you, it could mean that you will be consoled, comforted and eventually forgiven by others for your deeds. If you did not feel intimidated by the presence of the angel, you may be about to receive some good news or end up better off in financial terms. Dreaming about your deceased family could translate your grief and sadness about their absence. Yet, given the simultaneous image of the angel by your side, this dream signifies the slow process of emotional healing and coming to terms with the loss you had experienced.
Having a fish tail and love-making under water Having a fish tail and making love under water. Having a dream vision about going through a transformation or metamorphosis when you notice you have grown a fish tail is an auspicious sign of your body getting a lot of energy, which could be a result of committing yourself to exercise routine, having excellent nutrition sources and preventing or avoiding stressful situations in your waking life. Visions of having sex or making love under water reflects your tendency to sway toward seeking a more deep and meaningful connection with the person whom you are romantically involved with. You want the relationship with them to be more fulfilling and gratifying for both of you.
Giving birth to a gun My wife gave birth to a gun and we were treating it like a real baby. I just want to know what it means. She is currently pregnant and I'm curious. The meaning of this dream about your wife giving birth to a weapon would depend on your attitude and personal opinion toward guns in waking life. If you approve of having guns around as a way to protect yourself and your family, it could mean that presently you have heightened urge to protect and safeguard the well-being of the mother and the child to be born. If you, for some reason, oppose the idea of having guns around, you could be subconsciously projecting fears and concerns about the safety of you and your family in the light of gun-related tragedies witnessed either personally or in the media. Treating the gun as a real baby, however, is somewhat concerning because it could indicate your excessive focus on and preoccupation with the whole gun issue, regardless which side you belong to.
Swapping bodies with another person and fighting aliens I was a soldier in the future with a female teammate. We both entered this machine that allowed us to have an out of body experience and fight an unknown alien force (never saw what they looked like)in that form somehow. When we were done we returned back to the bodies, but I was stuck in her body and she was stuck in mine. I then had 2 seizures before recovering. Then the alien force we were fighting came back and was burning the city down while I was running around in her body fighting the enemy off. I then woke up screaming thinking I still had a weapon. Dreaming about being among or one of military people like soldiers or troops could symbolize upcoming news. In the dream, you had a teammate and were fighting an alien - an unknown, strange enemy. This could suggest that the news is about an upcoming struggle with some unfamiliar force, problem or influence. The out-of-the-body experience could reveal the need for extraordinary strength to overcome these difficulties you could be facing. Yet, you may be supported during your battle, given the presence of your friend in the dream. The return of the alien force and the seizures you had are the signs of exhaustion when first attempting to deal with the problems, but your friend or friends would encourage and support you to continue your pursuit. The symbol of fire is often very positive, speaking of transformation, renewal and new beginnings. Overall, this suggests that there exists some impeding or current difficult issue to overcome, which will leave you emotionally drained. The outcome will probably be some significant and favorable change or transformation, one which may be related to yourself, your present life or issues you could be facing at the moment or are about to experience.
Fish turning into a crow Touching a fish from the refrigerator, and it changed to a crow. Having a dream when you see yourself touching a dead fish is an indication of some type of disease or ailment you could be developing in your body. The symbolic vision of a fish transforming into a crow is also not a good sign in dream interpretation literature. It portends receiving bad news or being negatively surprised by something you are about to hear or discover in a short period of time. Taking both of these symbolic visions together, it could be revealing that either this condition could be progressing quickly or making other people aware of its presence and becoming concerned about your welfare.
Turning into a white beautiful tree I dreamed I was turned into a beautiful white tree. In dream interpretation, turning into a tree in a dream reveals a possibility of transmitting a disease or becoming affected by some illness. However, because you felt as if the tree was beautiful, it could be that the condition could be mild or not impact you in any serious or adverse way. Therefore the dream advises to carefully monitor your physical well-being and take precautionary measures to avoid possible complications or undesirable consequences involving your health.
Pirates chasing someone, breaking into a fight as people watch Two pirate crews chasing the prince and his mother on some sort of abandoned parking lot / construction site. Mom and son disappear into a kind of worm hole. The pirate crews start attacking each other. The colors are drab brown everywhere during the fight, which is short. There is a large crowd on the side walk watching the pirates fight, standing in line, more colors. The military and police at the end of the line is looking for the prince. Suddenly a blue worm hole appears above a bus and the prince falls out, leaving a huge dent on the roof of the bus. Dreaming about pirates chasing after someone could be a reflection of you recently becoming a witness or participant in plans or intentions by someone you know to leave their home or family. The reasons for this person to move away can be dictated by some significant upcoming changes in this person's life, which could be related to job opportunities, the need to go to school or because they have recently met someone new. You could be strongly opposing such a decision, but the person has already set his or her mind on the idea and your persuasions don't seem to be working. There could be other people disapproving these idea of relocation because they have their own stakes in not letting the person go because if it happens, it could negatively affect their happiness and stability as well.
Seeing a beast wolf creature wanting to be let in Lying in bed, look over and saw a beast wolf outside. It had green glowing eyes. It tells me to let it in. I won't. It tells me again, I still won't. He says he won't hurt me, but I know he's evil. Having a close encounter with a creature or beast resembling a wolf in a dream serves as a prediction of soon being served with some disheartening news. If you are in a relationship with someone special, this news could be coming from that person. The repeated attempts of the beast to be let in and your refusal to do so could also indicate that you may have already been exposed to something negative developing inside the relationship, but were able to prevent it from worsening. If you feel that your trust in someone is greatly diminishing, perhaps it is time to have a frank talk with them.
Wolf-like creatures attacking friends, a woman pregnant with kittens which were eaten by them later It starts out as a pack of man-eating wolves fighting with my friends in the dream, the wolves kill and eat my dream friends.Then later one of the wolves is almost cartoon-like and is holding a pregnant woman hostage at knife point. The pregnant lady gives birth to kittens, then later the wolf eats the kittens? It was a weird dream. Dreaming about creatures resembling wolves attacking your friends could mean that you are about to receive some unpleasant or disheartening news, which may originate from your relationship with these people. The cartoon images of these creatures could predict that you will receive this message or information by printed media or the Internet. However, the images of a pregnant woman giving birth to kittens which were later killed by the wolf creatures points to the involvement of a female figure trying to interfere with your plans or intentions, but she most likely would not be able to succeed because of your ability to either anticipate bad things coming to you or the lack of preparedness and good planning on her part.
A giant appearing and excited to see him A giant woke up from the sea after he got up over giants smaller than him in a variety of heights came out. The skies seemed dark and cloudy with some light peeking thru. I was there with my mom and brother. I was extremely exited and felt like a kid on the inside, although I appeared my age. My mom gave me a sense of security so I wasn't scared. Giants, when seen in a dream vision, symbolize people older or more powerful than yourself, and the dark skies overshadowing this scene can indicate that you could be facing a difficult situation with these higher-ranking people or may face such a predicament in the near future. This conflict could be either in a work or social setting. Although there is the possibility for trouble, both the small light seen in your dream and the vision of your mother indicate hope and protection, possibly against those who seek to discredit you or those who dislike your ideas or ways of doing things. This is also reflected in your youthful feelings of excitement despite your normal appearance, meaning you have a lot to bring to the table that may not be well-accepted by those who are already established.
Giving birth to baby who dies I gave birth to a bloody baby, I held it in my arms as it died and turned to ash. Seeing yourself giving birth to a baby covered in blood could predict an upcoming illness or minor disease compromising the health of a family member or a close relative. However, the notion of the baby dying and turning to ashes afterwards is also a sign of more prosperous and secure life ahead. Whether these two events are interconnected, is unknown.
A cyborg creature attacking There is this bin filled with gray sludge I put my hand over it my hand strata glowing and I resurrect a cyborg very buff and strong Jesus. He tries attacking me, I run away and hide under a diving board in a pool. He scans for me. I get out and end up in this room with this box that starts shooting out everything I can possibly imagine at me like creatures and giant people that are different colors. I noticed I was dreaming half way though and tried to lucid dream, but I couldn't control anything. Then I wake up nervous and confused. What is wrong with me? Dreams involving giants represent people who you look up to, such as parents or teachers. The multiple creatures and variety of activity in this dream seem to point to memories or recollections, possibly about school, making the sign for teachers more likely. If you are in school now, this vision might be the result of your subconscious mind trying to process the sudden flurry of activity and social interactions you are now experiencing. If you are not currently enrolled in classes, it may be that this time of year is bringing about those thoughts and feelings. Finally, seeing the image of Jesus is symbolic of wrestling with moral issues. You may want to think about how you have acted recently and the possible consequences of your actions.
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