Interacting with boyfriend and husband at the same time I am home doing laundry, my boyfriend is keeping me company and we chat while I work. My ex-husband, who I have a great relationship with, and he played for my bf's pharmacy-sponsored soccer team (i.e. we all get along) is in the living room with my 3 kids. My bf starts acting silly, dancing, etc. won't stop. I try to leave and I can't because bf's grabbing my ankles, I'm getting frustrated, my ex says "It's ok, he's just being silly, but I'm here and I'll pull you away if you need me to..."??? Dreaming about the ex-husband while currently being in a relationship can often bring up feelings of guilt or uncertainty, especially when the ex is painted in a good light in your vision. However, this does not automatically mean that you want to get back together with him or that you are harboring residual romantic feelings for him. In your case, doing the laundry symbolizes the process of cleansing or purification. There could be aspects of your life or relationships that need to be sorted out or cleaned up in one way or another. Perhaps your ex-husband manifested in your dream to remind you of a period of time when you were still together and the lessons that relationship has taught you. Your past experiences may be called upon to help you with a current predicament. Also, while you may or may not have feelings for your ex, it is possible that you are fixating on certain desirable characteristics your ex possesses that are lacking in your current boyfriend. The hold on your ankle implies your desire to pursue something important to you and perhaps you are not getting enough support that you need and you are looking elsewhere for some assurance. This could likely be one of the sources of internal conflicts that is driving this dream.
Upset with sister after finding hidden condoms I was dreaming about my sister and she had hidden condoms under the bed. When I asked her about them she denied. I found them, then started crying. I woke up. Condoms in dreams could either mean frustration or self-preservation. In this case, the hidden condoms underneath your sister's bed may allude to your unwillingness to listen. This dream vision could be symbolic of your tendency to jump into conclusions without hearing out other people's side of the story. Perhaps there are unspoken issues within the family that are kept under wraps and instead of openly communicating this issue, you have chosen to come to your own conclusions. Alternatively, this dream could point to the possibility that someone close to you is in an intimate relationship and you are feeling protective to ensure your own life remains unperturbed because of it.
A family member on the floor and shaking Seeing my son-in-law on the floor wet, cold and shivering... And I went to make him hot tea, he was under a blanket when I returned. Seeing a family member in a poor state is an ominous sign indicative of being the receiver of bad, unfortunate news. Your desire to help him in this vision suggests that someone in your life needs your help and, though they might not be able to say it themselves, you are the one they need. You may need to go through some trials on behalf of this person, but they are likely to greatly appreciate your assistance and return the favor in the future.
Eating on the roof My dream was about eating food with some relatives while on the roof. A dream in which you are eating food with relatives on the roof of a building is a symbol of unexpected fortune. It is not entirely clear, but something good may happen to you in the nearest future. You could make a new best friend, start a new romance, find a new job or get a promotion. Whatever it could end up being, this circumstance would bring happiness and a sense of fulfillment to your existence.
Leaky ceiling because of relatives Clear rain falling through my ceiling in kitchen and bedroom of my 1bhk, but not in the hall. Also, the hall had no rain and no ceiling. My husband's mother in the hall, dry and had no ceiling, asking me to remember what was removed from the house. The areas where the ceiling was raining had almost knee-deep water. Also, a few days ago, my in-laws (husband's mother, father and brother) visited us and stayed in the hall, while we stayed in the bedroom. The interpretation of this vision depends to a great extent on your relationship with your in-laws and your mother-in-law in particular. Dreaming about rain that causes flooding in the house represents growing sorrow in your household, most likely related to your interactions with extended family. If your relationship with your husband's mother is good, it could suggest a fear of hurting or worrying her about issues that are on your mind. However, if your meetings with her are difficult or leave you feeling agitated, this vision could represent your apprehension to tell your husband what is wrong for fear he would take her side over yours.
Finding out truth about family and leaving them I was moving out and I found out that when I was born I had four other twins and my mom had only wanted one. So she had my dad throw them into a giant fire, for some reason, it was only me who survived. I left as soon as I heard and many people tried to stop me, including my boyfriend. But he eventually decided to stay with me and leave with me. We took a train to the college I was going to and when we looked out everything was on fire. The whole town was bright-red and hot. Being unharmed by the flames that consumed your imaginary siblings represents your ability to remain unscathed as your enemies pass along lies and vicious rumors about you. While others you are close to and consider your family may be hurt or even ruined by such gossip (as depicted by your twins perishing in the flames), you seem to rise even higher despite the attempts made against you. In fact, the end of the vision continues along this same theme, as watching a fire burn bright before you is a highly auspicious symbol associated with success and prosperity. Every evil act made against you seems to only bring you closer to achieving your goals.
An imaginary family I have a husband and a high school freshman child, but in reality I'm not even married. I am a female. Dreaming that you have your own family despite being unmarried in real life connotes impending commitments or projects. Something may occur in which you would be required to give your best and stick it out for the long-term. Alternatively, the vision of being married portends negative vibes about to enter your life. It is possible that you could face disillusionment and frustration in certain matters, either at work or at home.
Family persecuted by the government I had a dream where me and my entire family moved to a different state and were living there. One day out of nowhere the government comes and begins getting ready to trap us (boarding up windows, etc.), but left the door, so we could go in and out. They were planning on killing everyone. Then I called my mom to say my last words and she told me she thought she was being followed and then she screamed and the line went dead, so I ran to her apartment complex to check on her and she wasn't there. Dreaming about moving to a new area is often considered a sign that you are about to receive important news or suddenly travel somewhere during wake life. You may even be aware that such changes could take place, as envisioning the government watching and preparing to attack you could be the manifestation of stress slowly making its way into your dreams. This is followed by the image of going to see your mother but finding out she is not there. Mothers tend to represent happiness and good tidings, so the absence of your mother in this dream vision could suggest things going awry for you in the future.
Wife and mother fighting I dreamed of a physical fight between my mother and wife while I was just standing there. Seeing your wife and mother fighting while you simply stand there could represent an actual improvement in their relationship. This means that while their altercation in the dream may have seemed violent, the way they get along with each other in reality may soon take a turn for the better. It may be wise on your part to let them work it out themselves in this case and try not to meddle and possibly get in their way.
Family members doing laundry and cleaning I had a dream that I was in an open place inside a tent washing my son's white shirts and hanging them on the line inside the tent. The tent was meant for my younger sister's wedding and she was sleeping somewhere and her boyfriend was washing all black clothes soon after me. My brother and my younger sister's boyfriends were cleaning this huge carpet and it looked like I was inside a kid's water pool and I poured powdered soap on it and I saw my baby sister waving from far to someone I know. The overarching theme of your dream seems to be purification. The idiom "airing your dirty laundry" may be connected to this dream vision. Washing the white shirt and the black clothes alludes to possible conflicts within the family that need resolution. Meanwhile, the carpet and the tent serve to contrast each other. The carpet alludes to luxury and the tent represents simplicity. As such, clashing priorities may be at the root of misunderstandings and conflicts between and among your loved ones. Perhaps you all need to revisit your priorities and go back to the core of what it means to be a family. The dream vision may be urging you not to lose sight of close kinship despite possible misunderstandings.
Beating up own cousin Beating up my aunty's son (cousin) in my dream with the boy shaking his head while beating him in the sense that I'm mistreating him. Today is the sixth times I will dream about this dream in the same way. Note the boy is a second born to my aunty and my aunty is a sister to my mom, the last born of their mother. Thanks. Violent dreams oftentimes reveal the dreamer's temperament or anger management issues. Perhaps you are known to be short-tempered and prone to emotional outbursts. In this recurring dream, beating up your cousin alludes to your penchant for forcing your views and opinions on others in order to establish dominance. Maybe you think you are helping him by insisting your values and principles upon his impressionable mind. On the other hand, it could be an indication of your own need for control and validation.
A rich and famous cousin My cousin, a very popular, respected and the head of the family, gave me a glistening glittering white stone but on the other side it was a seal stamp to keep. Then she bought a part of my former school building and put a casino and gave it to her son, the table in the casino had playing cards scattered on it, then she was called to get money from the government and I asked her to register me as well to get the money which she said was hard. Then she addressed a family gathering and called me. The white stone in your dream represents wealth and prestige. It is your key to ascending into a higher social status in the waking world. You may be aspiring to become rich and successful in the same way that your cousin is in a position of power and respect. In that sense, the casino becomes this symbol of gambling or risk-taking needed to become successful. Education, therefore, is not enough to reach your goals. Similarly, you may need to learn how to strike out on your own instead of piggybacking on successful peers or relatives. Alternatively, this could be a friendly reminder by your subconscious about the perils of being blinded by money. Perhaps you need to think long and hard about your motivations behind your dream of getting ahead. You may need to weigh your options, temper risks with rationality, and become fully informed about a venture before jumping head first into it with a fatalistic attitude.
Mother disappearing after a car accident My mother was driving her car and I was in the back seat. She was angry about something and decided to drive off the cliff ahead. I jumped out and survived. However she was nowhere to be found nor was the car. I assumed she died and waited for her return. While I waited, the guy that I love was there at my home taking care of me. He never left my side. I finally met up with my mom at a small restaurant but she was a ghost. Witnessing your mother drive the car off the cliff in this dream means she is about to reach her limits culminating in a possible emotional breakdown. You may have noticed her increasingly erratic behavior in the waking world likely due to the piling up of stress from her daily duties and responsibilities, at work or at home. She may end up projecting her frustrations onto you and other members of the family, causing disagreements and possible discord. To cope with the stressful environment, you may turn to your peers for some solace. However, the ghost of your mother manifesting at the end on this vision refers to persisting unresolved issues which you cannot escape. Some issues need to be confronted and properly resolved for you to have a more peaceful existence.
Family falling into holes with water I was in a dark atrium with many waterfalls with narrow walkways leading to each one over deep holes filled with water. I called my family in to see. My 1-yr old came first running immediately over a narrow walkway and slipped. I called my husband to get her. He slipped and fell in. I made my way across to the baby and saved her. I woke up just as I was frantically trying to help my husband. The dark atrium with narrow hallways represents the different paths you desire to take in life. Maybe you want to improve your social standing, increase your wealth or fame, or gain the admiration of those around you. No matter your desires, the water that surrounds you is the manifestation of the many pitfalls that could occur on your path to success. Seeing both your child and husband fall into these holes, however, suggests you would not suffer so greatly on the path to achieve your dreams. Rather, it would be your friends and loved ones who would feel the lack of your presence as you aim to achieve greatness.
Saving family in a ship accident A large ship was docking too fast. Many of my family members were on the dock including my mom, daughter and husband. The ship crashed into the dock. I grabbed my daughter out of the water where she was almost under the ship. The other family members ran or swam away. After crew members moved the ship and tied it up, I found my mom under the water. I pulled her out and got her breathing again. The sinking ship or the crash in your dream alludes to troubling times in your household. The water of the sea means that this period of difficulty would cause a lot of of emotional tension among the members of your family, probably resulting in confrontations or major disagreements. Perhaps the stress of different problems you need to attend to would add to the general atmosphere of hostility. Fortunately, the dock symbolizes the end of this tumultuous time for everyone, that is if you are able to keep your emotions in check and become an arbitrator of sorts to balance out any emotional outbursts.
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