Father having more children than in waking life My aunt had a dream that her brother (my father) was introducing her to his three sons. The dream is particularly weird because my father only has two children, my sister and myself (his only son). Envisioning unfamiliar male children is a negative sign associated with someone that you know and love acting in an unusual and disturbing manner. Because the focus of your aunt's dream is your father, it is likely related to him. She may subconsciously be picking up some small changes in his personality that are growing day by day. This could be related to a mid-life crisis or some other major event that is taking place in his life and may uproot his usual routines. You should be on the lookout for more serious differences in his behavior and, if things start getting worse, try to help him get through this difficult time.
Daughter having health issues and being helped I dreamed that my daughter had an abscess, but it is operated and is cleaned by the doctors. Imagining that your daughter has become ill enough to require hospitalization and surgery in a dream vision actually suggests the opposite in wake life. This symbol's interpretation means your daughter is likely to be and remain in good health for some time to come. This includes normal illness, such as colds or influenza, and also accidents. However, there may be some special points of interest in her life, such as friends, relationships, or hobbies, which may need your guidance for her to continue her life in a safe, well-balanced manner.
Grandfather lighting a candle I dream that my grandfather was lighting a candle that look like a light post. While you give no indication whether your grandfather is still living or not, seeing him, in general, symbolically represents always having a safe, warm environment to return to after dealing with the stress of everyday life. This is likely related to a relationship you have with a significant other, whom you may recently have been having issues with. Both candles and light posts point toward needing to clearly communicate your needs to your partner in order to get what you need out of the relationship. If you can do this, you may find more satisfaction and contentment while spending time with this person.
Being warned about a sickness and given money I have dreams of my uncle's wife on my father side. She warns me that there is sickness spreading around and then she gave me money. Then i just woke up because I am surprised. I am a female. To understand this dream, we should look at the symbols in reverse. Receiving money represents having a kind, generous nature. This means you are very happy to help others whenever you can, even at the expense of your own well-being at times. However, imaging the spread of some sickness through the warning of your aunt, a family member whom you love and trust, is a warning of being overwhelmed or facing difficulties, likely because you put others before yourself. You may need to create a safety net to protect yourself before spending time, effort, and resources on others, lest you find yourself reliant on the generosity of others when times are hard.
Giving birth to twins and interacting with people present at that moment I dream that I gave birth to two brown baby boys, they were large. One after the other. One born before midnight, then the other right after midnight. My mother who was the midwife said she is going to record them for the same time so that they can have the same birthday. Then the baby father came in and said to me he's ready for us to get married and live together. I told him to talk to my mother and to also pay her the delivery fees. This is a complicated dream with a number of interesting symbols. The first symbol, giving birth to twins, indicates a gathering of family and friends. While this may sound like a happy occasion, the next sign has a slightly darker connotation. Seeing your mother as a midwife suggests falling ill. Given the previous image's interpretation, it is likely genetic or a condition your bloodline is susceptible to. However, this unlucky situation is not likely to have a significant impact on your overall well-being, as being proposed to in the context of a dream predicts balance and changes which would influence your life in a positive way.
A new partner offering a pig My daughter dreamt about my new man in my life whom she does not like. She said he was giving me a shiny pig and when he gave it to me I kissed him ? Both the pig itself and its apparent shininess are positive symbols to behold in a dream vision. As pigs tend to represent happiness and prosperity, seeing your current lover present you with one suggests he is making you happy or providing for you. This is also supported by your reciprocation of the gift with a kiss. While your daughter may not like or get along with him, this vision indicates that at least on some level she sees and accepts the fact that he makes you happy.
Bathing together with a close relative I dreamt I bathed myself along with my sister's daughter who is her last born. What is the meaning? Taking a bath with your sister's daughter in a dream vision suggests either one or both of you may fall victim to vicious rumors or gossip. For example, others may suspect an unnatural interest between the two of you or there may be confusion over who the true parent is. It may be wise to be on guard against such ideas and squash the rumors before they have a chance to spread.
A living aunt perceived deceased and resurrecting I have an aunt who is living. In my dream she dies. Family is attending her funeral, all of a sudden she starts to move in her coffin. Then she comes back to life. In life this aunt has caused me a lot of grief as a result of her being extremely jealous of me. But in this dream she will not stay dead and keeps getting out of her coffin. What does this mean? Envisioning your relatives, in this case, your aunt, deceased or dying, means that you relationship with this person is gradually going downhill because of either your or her inability to reconcile the differences or reach an agreement on certain things. The second part of this dream, namely, her return to life and getting out of the coffin, is most likely a reflection of your irritation in regards to frequently crossing paths with her, despite your protests, and, based on this dream vision, this unwelcome presence is unlikely to go away, no matter how much you try to eliminate it from your life.
Family pictures as flashbacks I've been dreaming that pictures of my family coming at my face, it was like past memories. To see images resembling old family pictures in a dream is an indication that you might need to invest more time in your family matters. This is perhaps because there are negative energies present inside your family circle that demand you to shift your priorities to tend more to the people who are closest to you than anyone else and whose needs require much more attention at the moment than anything else that is going on in your life.
Girlfriend being forced to marry other family members I had a dream that my girlfriend's sister has died and her parents ask my girlfriend to marry sister's husband. My girlfriend also has a small son, so her parents asked her to marry him and settle down as sister's husband is a wealthy man and she marries him and leaves me. Dreaming about an unusual situation in which people close to you get married involuntarily or against their will is usually seen as a sign that someone has been digging their nose into your business. This may be with your permission, such as after meeting a new friend who is getting to know you, but it can also indicate the presence of a stalker or friend who is incredibly nosy. While they could be looking into your life for their own enjoyment, they could put your reputation in jeopardy if they learn sensitive information about you and spread it around.
Attacked by a dog and family around I dreamt of opening our front door and a brown dog jumped on me and i ended up on my back, I could not move screaming and crying for help. The dog was just lying on top of me, no barking, no licking. My late grandma was in the dream, my mom and aunt. I woke up crying. What does that mean? Since the dog didn't seem to actually attack you, this scene could be interpreted as a sign of a pleasant surprise you might experience in the near future. Your deceased grandmother in the dream symbolizes a safe place or an emotional shelter from problems you may be experiencing in your day to day life. The surprise is quite likely related to something pleasantly unexpected which could help you take your mind off the things presently bothering you or making your life hectic.
Letting someone in to get from pouring rain I had a dream that the father of my son was standing outside in the pouring rain trying to come inside. I didn't let him, he left, came back again and stood outside in the pouring rain. I felt bad and let him in, then I woke up. Can you please tell me what this dream means? He is in jail now. Having a disagreement with a former lover is usually a good sign, one that symbolizes a new, romantic experience in your life. The rain, on the other hand, is most often associated with negative feelings that are plaguing your waking life, such as depression and feelings of inadequacy. The fact that you eventually let your son's father inside the house to escape the rain indicates that you might come to a crossroads point in your life. Unless you overcome the negative emotions that could be holding you back, you will prevent yourself from starting a new, passionate relationship that could greatly enrich your life.
Sister swimming in a canal I dreamed of being outside, beside water canal, and my older sister was swimming toward me with her head barely above water. The canal is known to have quicksand-like mud, but she was swimming, and seemed to be almost to the end. Dreaming of quicksand indicates existing feelings of helplessness. Since quicksand tends to suck you in the more you struggle, your subconscious may be telling you that you, or someone close to you, may be caught in a situation with no clear resolution and that any action could lead to more complications. Your sister is a possible representation of spiritual issues forcing their way into your consciousness amidst the dilemma you are confronting. Belief and faith are strong motivators that can get you out of the predicament you are in, even as your personal issues continue to drown them out.
A loved one turning into cardboard and looking for answers I snuck to where my man was living and found that he was in a small boat attached to his parents' house, laying in it on the dark floor surrounded by mess. When I went to lay with him, I found that he was made of cardboard, not his head or hands, but all of his body. I was very upset, so I ran to his parents asking why he has changed so much. His dad said he knew it all along and he was crying and sorry. A bus full of people in my past took me away. My man has been in prison for 3 years, he's out soon. This vision in which your love is made out of cardboard is a highly ominous sign in regards to his impending release from prison. It firstly reflects a subconscious fear that his time away from you has changed him in some unknown, frightening way. This is supported by the physical distance between him and his parents at the beginning of the vision. His change in appearance also suggests your subconscious mind is preparing for the worst, meaning you may have already received some indications (physical or supernatural) that something bad is about to happen. You should prepare yourself as best you can and be on the lookout for any more signs of trouble.
Having fun with the family Me and my family was going down this road with trees all around and then we come into this beautiful water park with people and children around, then over the waterfall there was this beautiful city. What does this mean? A water park is a positive sign indicating your positive disposition and optimism. Your dream shows that you are in a good place right now and the beautiful city that you see further validates your satisfaction. The city is indicative of the networks you have built and your social circle. However, your vision also bears a word of warning because beautiful landscapes can also be a symbol of the unraveling of secrets. All your hard work could be undone and your relationships tested if some confidential information gets in the wrong hands and becomes public knowledge. The beautiful is just that, a facade, should you become careless and complacent.
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