Caught in a storm in a grocery store I was in a grocery store, and there was a big storm coming and you would get sucked away and die if you didn't get in this cramped tube case. I was being chased around the grocery store by something, and was anxious to get into a tube. My mum was getting into one, but my brother was having a lot of trouble. I ended up reaching a top level one, getting in and then the storm starts. But my brother wasn't in yet. And then I woke up. Your presence in a grocery store during this vision is very telling. It suggests you are about to become the victim of some terrible rumor or malicious gossip, likely at the hands of someone you thought of as a friend. The approaching storm could predict falling into poor health as a result of the strain this situation places on you. Your mother, in this vision, represents the people who are on your side and would stay with you throughout the whole ordeal, but your brother, in this case, represents the individual or individuals you must cut from your life in order to make a clean escape.
A storm on horizon and objects falling from the sky I had a dream that a storm was on the horizon and boats and cattle and other large objects begin to fall from the sky and I was attempting to save my granddaughter and other family in a hurry. Finding yourself dreaming about witnessing an approaching storm could foretell that you could become involved in some serious issues at work or with friends. Since you dream of attempting to save your granddaughter, these issues may involve family members and loved ones. You may or may not be affected by them, but if you are, these circumstances could have severe consequences on your current situation. The boats and cattle falling from the sky reflect your increasing anxiety about the severity of what is to come and your fear for your loved one's future in the process.
Saving people during apocalypse It was like the last days on earth. There was a cloud of black heavy smoke in one part of the sky, the rest seemed to be clear. Fireballs were raining out of the sky and exploding. I lead the people through the chaos. A dream in which you witness a horrific and devastating scene that could fit a description of the apocalypse is a powerful ill-omen. You may soon go through certain events that could bring a great amount of despair and hopelessness. This could include the passing of someone close to you, the loss of something you hold dear or something completely unexpected and negative in its nature. As long as you remain steadfast and persevere despite these unfortunate circumstances, you would come out stronger on the other side having gained the kind of wisdom that can only be earned through hardships.
Bricks falling from the sky after an explosion I dreamed about a massive explosion, then suddenly objects are falling from the sky. Specifically, large bricks falling from the sky and I keep myself looking up to get away from where those bricks are falling and got hit, but alive. But my uncle died. The massive explosion in your dream foretells worsening health condition. You could get sick in the near future and this visions serves as a warning to be proactive about your health. Alternatively, the appearance of falling bricks could point to an impending emotional breakdown. You may lose your temper and in the process hurt your loved ones with your scathing words and insensitive behavior. The bricks are metaphors of your wall or penchant for self-preservation. In an attempt to avoid getting hurt, you may end up hurting others.
Escaping a flooding river in a car Swift opposite-direction currents in a river. Watching the river from roof top and realizing it's about to flood. Escaping in a car in high speed over a bridge on the river itself. Threatening waves lashing on the sides. Town has already evacuated in anticipation. Just crossed the bridge and speeding over when finally the river started overflowing causing flood. I was awestruck with the mighty river. We are ahead of the flood speeding to safety. Somehow I was assured in dream about being safe. Dreaming about a flood wherein you can witness the fast currents of the river has negative connotations. It presages the arrival of some negativity in your life. The waves lashing out further reinforce this symbolism of gloom and destruction. Things may take a turn for the worse and would be beyond your control to fix. However, the constant feeling of being safe from the flood shows that you may not be impacted as deeply as those around you. It would be wise to remain alert to any mishaps so that you are better prepared to face any calamity which befalls you.
Escaping a volcano in a minivan A volcano on a island close to Venice Beach erupted, it was so enormous, went through the ocean water, traveled about 15 miles my way. I got scared and looked for coverage. I jumped on the minivan and saw the lava passing me and popped the tires on the minivan and started to sink it, and as it did that I woke up. A volcano that erupts in the dream world is a highly ominous message often predicting major negative changes taking place in your existence. Specifically, this vision could be the harbinger of news about the loss of a job or a cut in salary. These events or actions would not only adversely affect your working situation, but your motivation and self-esteem as well. Meanwhile, the popped tires of the minivan reveal the consequences of the looming setbacks, such as subsequent stagnation in either your personal or professional journey, perhaps both.
A bus with people inside exploding A bus caught fire at the back and about 6 people are against the window. I am outside the bus. I decide to call an ambulance, a fire man was already there. The doors won't open, the bus explodes, but the explosion is just inside the bus. The bus stays intact, no windows break, but the people are dead. The fireman turns to me and says "It's your fault, you never broke the windows". Being outside of the bus while a fire ignited within likely reflects your independence. You tend to go against the grain, questioning the position and opinions of the majority. The bus and the passengers could also symbolize a project or an endeavor you have been tasked to lead or supervise. Consequently, being outside of the bus probably indicates your frustrations about others' lack of ability or effort, causing you to take on more than you should. Unfortunately, if you decide to wash your hands of the situation and leave it up to the management to deal with, then things could potentially blow up in your face. Perhaps you also need to hear your teammates' side and perspectives in order to find a common ground and be able to achieve better cooperation.
Trying to save children when rocks hit Earth Rocks are hitting the ground all around me while on fire, catching everything on fire. All along I'm trying to get to reach and get to my children, but can never get to them each and every time I have this dream! This dream happens maybe 3 times a month. Fire in dreams often represents destruction and transformation. The rocks raining on your surroundings in this dream may be metaphors for criticism or accusations being hurled at you by your adversaries and detractors. Rocks can also symbolize instability and destructive forces surrounding you in reality. Perhaps this recurring dream scenario is triggered by stressful situations and financial difficulties you could be experiencing. Your helplessness and sense of ineptitude may be feeding your fears about not being able to provide for your children.
A plane crashing but undamaged Hi. I dreamed a big and white plane crashed into a calm sea but was standing slightly below the sea and didn't sink to the end of it. Also it looked undamaged. Witnessing or seeing an airplane crash without scenes of horrible catastrophic consequences in a dream conveys a favorable message. It means that you would be able to adequately execute your tasks or implement your plans without relying too much on the help of others. Convincing peers and colleagues to support your endeavors may just take up precious time and effort that you could otherwise use to polish your strategies. Even if the result is not altogether satisfactory, the calm sea suggests you would still land on you feet. The whole experience would in fact make you better and wiser.
Trying to find mother after an airplane crash I was on holiday with my mum to which we were in a hotel when airplanes started spiraling out of control in all sorts of directions. I'm a going off left, right and center. I unfortunately lost my mum. Was running around mad trying to find her or somewhere safe. Found a lovely lady near a churchyard who took me in and let me stay. The son was a weed smoker. I then ventured off to find mum to find my best friend. I kept returning to the hotel but no luck finding my mum. Witnessing planes go awry whilst vacationing in a hotel likely reveals the negative repercussions of lofty dreams and ideals. You could be reaching too high with impractical and unattainable aspirations leaving a lot of room for errors and miscalculations. Losing your mum in the midst of the chaos portends a period of isolation and distress. You would likely be left alone to fend for yourself and tend to your bruised ego. The churchyard is your salvation in the dream which is a metaphor for your core values and beliefs. In going back to your stripped-down self through introspection, you would likely find your balance once more.
A meteor shower A meteor shower hits the Earth and everyone is freaking out. I have had similar dreams like this a few times but happening more and more, just wondering what the dream means? Thank you very much. Dreaming consistently about meteors hitting the earth has negative connotations. It symbolizes the destruction and devastation which you may have to face in your waking life. The imagery of people caught in the midst of this disaster refers to the chaos in your own life. It could possibly allude to you receiving some unpleasant news which would have a depressing effect on you. You could soon receive information about the passing of a loved one or someone you know closely. It is important for you to stay strong and keep yourself resilient if these troubled times do arrive.
With people after a disaster near a river Feels like after a disaster happened. I am with a group of people under a bridge by a river. The people are asleep. Feels like early morning. I'm walking towards the river by it. Next I'm walking away from the bridge. The people are behind me. From a distance I see an old building with a lot of stairs going down the side of the building. I remember switching my eyes. Then I look again. I see weird people coming down, creeping. I turn around and I feel like I yelled at the people to alarm them. Bridges in dreams represent periods of adjustment. Perhaps you are in the phase of transitioning to a new chapter in your existence, a new job or a big change. It may seem grim due to the relatively gloomy atmosphere which could reflect your pessimism and doubts in reality. This could be due to the novelty of the situation and uncharted waters you could be entering. Furthermore, the old building with people coming down similarly illustrates your negative view of the future as well as a general suspicion and distrust in regards to the personalities surrounding you in this new phase of your existence.
Cars on fire and collapsed ceiling Multiple cars on fire in the driveway of my childhood home. Jumped to inside my childhood home to find the plaster ceiling collapsed throughout entire house. All in the same dream. The idea that your childhood home is in a state of disrepair could point to some terrible or unfortunate circumstances coming about in the near future. You may find your situation rather dire, making it impossible to be comfortable or feel happy. The idea that there were multiple cars on fire just outside your house may indicate that your friends or associates are the cause of your problems. Being involved with them may get you in trouble or on the wrong side of the law if you are not careful.
Husband and daughter perishing in a tsunami A tsunami came and took my daughter who is 3, but she was baby in the dream. Husband tried to dive in and save her and then the hugest wave came and sucked him deep into the ocean and then I woke up heart pounding. Dreaming about a tsunami event symbolizes the arrival of a period of unrest and difficulties in your waking life. Menacing tidal waves usually represent turbulence and inner turmoil, and could signify your inability to deal with your emotions. Failure to take charge of your feelings could negatively impact those you love as well. Seeing your daughter being taken away by the wave portends that these problems that you may face would have a bearing on her as well. The notion of watching your husband disappearing shows that despite his best efforts to deal with this situation he too may have to suffer the consequences. Consider this dream as a warning and remain on alert, try to anticipate threatening circumstances or individuals affecting you and your loved ones in a negative way. Staying strong and determined would help you overcome any obstacles which life places in your path.
Being chased during an apocalypse I was being chased in an apocalyptic world. The weapons being used were elements, fire water, etc. That we could just project from our bodies. Being chased in an apocalyptic world may allude to some great misfortune or negative event that is about to befall you. Just like an actual apocalypse, this occurrence would flip your world upside down in the worst way possible. This is likely related to your friends or peers, as projecting things out of your body could point toward being ridiculed or rejected by those near you. It is possible that others would see your troubles as your fault and so deign not to help or have pity on you. The elements may suggest you are not serious enough and could be putting yourself in a bad situation unknowingly, perhaps leading to some terrible event predicted at the beginning of the vision.
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