Deceased wife coming back to life I always dream about my late wife. She passed on in 2014. In the dream it's like she's still alive and was away for a long time. I would ask her where she's been and tell her how much I've missed her. I would be so happy that she's back only to wake up in pain realizing it was just a dream. This dream is a powerful portent, this vivid vision of your deceased wife in the dream could point to the possibility that the choices you have been making so far are questionable at best. Certain decision that you have made as of late are not really beneficial for you and may have consequences and long-term ramifications in your life. This dream, therefore, advises you to be more careful with any important decision you are forced to take. There is no shame in asking for a second opinion before starting something that could end up requiring a lot of your time and effort.
Cooking for deceased parents I had cooked fried vegetables and was giving it to my father to eat. My mother was around, but you could not see her. They were surprised because I don't cook. My parents have passed away. Cooking fried vegetables in your dream reveals your yearning for nourishment. The kind of nourishment you may be looking for is not physical but more on the religious or spiritual side. The passing of your parents may have sparked a need for some guidance in terms of where you are headed in life and your purpose in the world. You are likely exploring or strengthening your belief system, including your faith in a higher power.
Traveling with a deceased friend I had a dream that my deceased friend and I were on our way to a vacation, but my daughter's father was also going with us, my friend and my daughter's dad were in a serious relationship, but broke up just before she died. Because of this, we ended our relationship, but before she died we reconciled. In my dream whilst we were traveling, the dream changed to the day of her funeral where I was crying uncontrollably for her to wake up and be OK. Dreaming of your deceased friend reveals unresolved issues. Even though you managed to settle your differences before she passed, you may still harbor feelings of regret, possibly even guilt, for not patching things up sooner. You may feel as if you let your pride and ego prevail over your friendship with her. It is also possible that despite the reconciliation, you have not fully forgiven her or your daughter's father. As such, the dream is showing you that in order to properly mourn and come to terms with her death, you may also need to let go of the hurt and the anger that have built up over the years. Perhaps it is time to forgive everyone including yourself.
Deceased relatives on a highway I have seen my father (late) in dream wearing orange clothes (like monks) on a wheelchair and my uncle(late) is holding his wheelchair and they are on the highway near to toll. I had a feeling they are in the Middle East. Seeing dead relatives in dreams point to nostalgia. You may be missing your father and uncle due to some thing or event that triggered memories of them in the real world. The orange garb your father wears in the dream symbolizes the wisdom and experience you attribute to him. The wheelchair he is sitting on means you and your family are keeping his memory alive by honoring the lessons you learned from him. The vision ultimately shows you how much value you place on the advice and knowledge you gained from your father.
Digging a grandparent out inside the house I was at my grandpa's house, me and a cousin that I really don't see that often began digging up my grandpa for some reason. He was buried inside the home. He looked normal, we were just dusting the dirt off of him, no shovels or anything like that and he began moving around changing positions, like he was just sleeping, but he was dead and we knew it, we were just crying the whole time. If you were dreaming about your now-deceased grandfather, it is a positive sign in a dream vision. It is meant to be a reminder, either from him, another departed family member or your subconscious, that you always have a safe, loving place to return to. This could be your childhood home or a friend who always made you feel welcome. Furthermore, removing the dirt and old dust from his body can be interpreted as a sign of peace, suggesting that you do not need to wait until things are overwhelming to seek help. Those who love you are happy to help you on your journey, not just when you are in dire need.
Deceased boyfriend living in the woods I found out from my dead boyfriend's mother that he wasn't really dead. He had left to live in the woods. So I went and found him and he said he was so sorry for leaving and if I would let him, he wanted to come home. Unexpected deaths of loved ones can often cause them to manifest in our dreams as a way of reliving their memories. It is a part of coping with their absence and mourning the loss of a life. This dream of seeing your dead boyfriend alive and well reveals your effort to make sense of his passing as a way to accept his death. There are probably unresolved issues between the two of you and your subconscious conjured him in your dream in order for you to get some closure.
Deceased parents working around the house My mother has passed away and in my dream we are at my sister's house. My mother is cutting all the electrical wires. Looked like they were doing an extension. My father was walking around the outside of the house. He has passed away as well. I have never dreamt of him before. My sister whose house it is said why is mum cutting the wires, I can see what you are doing on my phone. She has security cameras in the house. The symbols in this dream seem a bit mixed up and need to be sorted out in order to interpret meaningfully. With this in mind, we should first look at the symbol of your deceased father. This is often thought to represent the presence of unfinished business most likely related to your family or parents. The cut wires in this vision may be the manifestation of anger or frustration in your life, suggesting that if you finish what your parents started or wanted you to do, you may be happier in the end. This is supported by your mother's presence, a symbol often thought to portend a happy future.
Deceased father appearing while walls collapse Last night I had a dream that the walls and stairs inside my large home were crumbling, leaving my daughter and granddaughter stranded on the top floor. My daughter jumped and was going to have her daughter jump into her arms, and as that happened my deceased father appeared. He told me that he is OK and that he misses me as much as I miss him, and that he is not gone forever, he is watching over me and my loved ones. I am still in tears, I would love to know what this means. The appearance of your deceased father in this dream points to your possible contemplative state. You may have been reflecting on your personal journey, thus far. Being on different floors as your daughter and granddaughter suggests a certain gap that exists among the three of you. As you got older, you may have found it harder to connect with them. This familial concern may be the reason why you are also thinking about your bond with your parents, particularly your father. You want your children and grandchildren to treasure your words of wisdom and guidance even when they can already stand on their own two feet.
A deceased friend who has no time to reunite A very close friend who died 16 years ago comes back and he spends short time with each friend. But every time he comes to me, something happens and he has to leave me again. This dream happens frequently and gets more intense each time. He puts his arm around me to talk, then something interrupts us and he leaves with no word. This recurring dream about your deceased friend alludes to the strength of your attachment to this individual. The notion that your friend keeps trying to connect with you, but keeps failing for some reason, indicates a lack of closure between the two of you. Perhaps he died so suddenly that you still had unresolved issues with him. There could be some guilt or unanswered questions on your part and this is preventing you from accepting what had happened.
Deceased brother asking to dig deep I had I dream of my dead brother telling me to dig by a tree. He kept saying that I was going to find something there! He kept saying to dig deeper and I would be happy with what I was going to find! Dreaming about uprooting a tree means you have some doubts or uncertainties in regards to your brother's departure. In you mind, you keep admitting to yourself he perished because of ill-will or schemes purveyed by other people. Even if it was the result of negligence or omissions of other people's part, your subconsciousness is still haunting you. If your brother is older than you, you are to find salvation and relief soon, if he was younger - you are going to suffer emotional pain for some time before you find peace of mind and serenity.
Deceased father not showing up for wedding My deceased father did not turn up to bring me into the church on my wedding day. The groom was there and all the guests. Dreaming about your own wedding ceremony predicts you may soon encounter a situation which would require you to make an important choice, likely between two close options. Once this decision is made, it could significantly influence the course of future events. Your deceased father's absence during this special day in the dream may suggest that he wants you to choose the path which would fulfill something you had both looked forward to, for example visiting some special place, taking on a big project or even getting married. Fulfilling this unfinished business for him could bring you great happiness and peace of mind.
Deceased mother with a car full of apples My dead adopted mother drove into a garage I assumed to be mine, though I didn't recognize, in which she had entire car full of apples everywhere to give me. I told her why was she giving them to me then said they wouldn't jeep, so I felt it was close to Halloween. Dreaming about deceased members of your family, even if they are not biologically related to you, giving or offering something to you could point to some existing unresolved issues or matters that they have not had a chance to complete before they departed. The atmosphere of this dream, especially the notion of Halloween approaching, further contributes to this interpretation and could mean that you have been spending a lot of time lately thinking about the deceased (your relatives or in general) and how you could obtain peace of mind and internal balance by fulfilling their wishes or following through with their advice and legacy.
Deceased father being apologetic My father has passed. I dreamed him saying sorry to me over and over and over again. He just kept saying sorry. He had a woman next to him with an apologetic face rubbing my shoulder, she was wearing yellow and he was wearing a black cap and black bow tie. Dreaming about your deceased father being sorry could convey a warning message about things you are presently unaware about, but soon may discover as far as his passing is concerned. If you felt sympathetic and understanding in this situation unfolding in the dream, you can expect some information or facts revealed to you which will make you cope with this loss and feel better. If, however, you were frightened or felt uneasy in this vision, you may soon learn about things which could cast some shadows on your everyday existence. The combination of the black and yellow colors remembered from this dream may also contribute to rather negative outcomes of your discoveries.
Dead grandma fat and smelly Had a dream about my grandmother that is deceased and she was really fat, obese, but she smelled really bad and was sweating a lot. What does this mean? Seeing your deceased grandmother in your dream is an assuring sign. It tells you that in the midst of all the many troubles you face in life, you will always have a safe place to go to. This is opposed, however, with the bad smell and sweat you perceived in the dream. These symbols suggest you may be reticent to rely on those who could provide you with support. By not making yourself open and available, you may be subjecting yourself to more suffering than necessary.
Dead grandmother feeding with lizards My late granny gave me a dish of cooked meat only to find that it was lizards when I was eating one. Did not finish and threw that one lizard to the dog to eat. This dream seems to be a warning that not all that glitters is gold. The image of your dearly departed grandmother providing you with a dish of cooked meats symbolically represents being invited to an event or party which looks fun on the surface. You may expect to reminisce with old friends or do some potentially beneficial networking. However, realizing that the meat is actually lizards could be a sign that your enemies are present at this get-together, suggesting this could be a set-up to catch you off your guard and embarrass you in front of others. Take heed and do not fall victim to this trap.
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