Dead parent My dad died suddenly 5 yrs back possibly by heart attack. When we were on vacations in a resort with family that was my most horrible experience of life we took him to hospital but by that time it was very late last night. I saw his dead body on bed covered with white cloth but his face was not covered but I saw him lying on bed other things I don't remember in my dream then I got up. Dreams involving your deceased parents (for instance in a casket or covered with cloth) is an indication of being haunted by a tragic event or situation in the past and not being able to reconcile the feelings or hurt and sudden loss associated with this event.
Dead grandfather luring to follow him HI, last night I saw a dream that my mother and brother were fighting with me and they were shouting at me very badly than I packed my bags and leave the home suddenly I saw my maternal grandfather is sitting on bed in another room who was passed away 2 year back he told me to come with him and i was ready to go with him we both leave the home as soon I left I heard somebody was calling m, I looked back and I saw my boyfriend was standing there and told me not to go with my maternal grandfather. Than I was not going with my grandfather. To dream about seeing yourself being lured by a dead person (grandfather) to follow him somewhere and agreeing to follow the person is a sign of imminent danger you are about to be faced with, a sign of a serious sickness approaching, or a sign of possible tragic events which may lead to death. The vision of of your boyfriend urging you not to follow the deceased grandfather can mean he will be helping and supporting you to prevent these circumstances or events from happening or lending a helping hand after something bad happens.
Dead mother Dreams about I was waiting for a take out order at a restaurant with my dead mother who in my dream was sleepy and thin. I was watching her curl up in a chair falling asleep. I tried to stand her up to keep her awake or more her somewhere more comfortable but she kept falling to the ground. Seeing your mother in your dream is very powerful. This dream is representing a trial in your life, one which you are seeking help with. Traditionally a deceased mother coming to you in a dream is a positive outcome, a promise of receiving aid in your circumstance. However in this context with your mother requiring your assistance this shows that you will need to be self-reliant right now and not be dependent on the help of others to make it through this current hardship. Specifically right now do not rely on family for help. Persevere and have faith in yourself, you are creative and caring as seen in your relentless pursuit to provide comfort for your mother. Be mindful of your situation and who you allow to help you right now, you may need to use your experience-based wisdom and some creativity to be victorious here.
House collapsing with a fat boy inside Some house collapsed. A very fat boy was there. A dream which involved seeing house walls collapsing right in front of you means that an inhabitant of the house you saw in this dream is getting ready to meet an untimely death and pass away. The vision of a fat boy symbolizes bodily harm as a possible cause of this death event (expressed in the form of a hyperbolic subconscious representation of excessive body weight).
Mother and baby (now dead) at a funeral My neighbors daughter passed away years ago, she was pregnant and aborted the baby before being sick and passed on. I had a dream in my dream there was a funeral for my cousin who is still alive, as we prepare for the funeral she was walking amongst us I could still talk to her, but amongst the people that were helping was my neighbor's late daughter and my late grand ma and there was a baby that was belong to my neighbor's late daughter and I was holding the baby while talking to both my granny and my neighbor's daughter. Seeing dead friends or people you once knew in your dream can be an indication of being disrespected or ridiculed by people around you, and their behavior will produce negative effects on your self-esteem and cause you to have a poor perception of yourself. A baby who once belonged to the person you are describing and who is now dead can also be a warning about some serious disappointments, bothersome people or unwelcoming circumstances which might invade your life.
Attending a funeral I have had several dreams in the last few weeks. Not several, 2. They involve the same person. And I am at their funeral or memorial service. What does this mean? A dream in which you see yourself at a funeral of someone has positive connotations, and the presence of good vibes in your life somewhere in the near future. It signifies that there is a whole lot of good fortune and affluence in store for you. You might also be a recipient of a few material gifts. If it's a recurrent dream that you seem to perceive attending the funeral of a same person each time, this could signify that all your good fortune and prosperity could be coming from the help of a certain person who is close to you.
Deceased father inviting to follow into a house In my dream I saw my father who had died eight years ago inviting me to his house. Seeing one of your deceased parents trying to communicate with you, especially if it's a recurring dream, means that you are about to receive a news or announcement you will be bewildered by. To dream about being lured by a dead person somewhere and if you agreed to follow this person in the dream, it is a sign of imminent danger occurring, a sign of a serious sickness approaching, or it can even be a sign of your own demise according to some dream interpretation sources.
Dead mother in a coffin in a photograph I was looking at a photo of my dead mother as she was in the coffin before she was buried. Seeing a photo of your deceased mother in your dream is a very powerful vision. This dream is representing a trial in your life, one which you are seeking help with. Traditionally a deceased mother appearing in a dream has a positive message, a promise of receiving aid in your circumstance. Be mindful of your situation and who you allow to help you. You may also need to use your experience-based wisdom and some creativity to handle this situation. Additionally, dreaming about a coffin with a person who has passed away is symbolic of the demise of a person whom you might know closely or witnessing death of someone you are not acquainted with.
Trying to follow now-deceased grandfather My grandad who as passed away keeps calling me I'm about 7/8 I run to him and call him and he moves further away I run faster and he moves further he is calling my name but I can never get to him. To dream of seeing yourself being lured by your grandfather who is deceased now to follow him somewhere and if you agree to follow the person could be interpreted as a sign of imminent danger occurring, a sign of a serious sickness approaching, or even a sign of a tragic event which could lead to your demise. If you were not able to follow this person in a dream, this could also represent a warning to be cautious and watchful in order to prevent these events or circumstances from occurring or to avoid them.
Dead boyfriend in a boat with bloody eyes My boyfriend was dead in a row boat half full with water in canal lock, his eyes were bleeding. Seeing your dead boyfriend in a dream could be an indication of being disrespected or cheated by him, and his actions or behavior might leave a negative imprint on your self-esteem and cause you to re-evaluate this relationship. A boat half-filled with water could mean a possibility of him having a secret romantic affair or interest in another person. The vision of his eyes bleeding can be interpreted as an indication of something unexpected and unpleasant revealed or communicated to you by this person at some point.
Dead brother asking for help I keep dreaming my dead brother dying again and he asks for help. Dreaming that your dead brother dies again and asks for you help could suggest that you feel guilty about his death. Alternatively, your dream could represent the possibility of upcoming conflicts or disagreements with the people you surround yourself with. Moreover, the deceased person was your bother, and he was asking for your help. This would indicate that the relationship issues would probably involve people that are close to you, and in particular other members of your family. Overall, what this interpretations have in common is that the dream would indicate the existence of problem involving people that are significant to you, and that these would most probably be family-based and quarrel-like problems. For example, someone would unjustifiably feel in debt or obliged to provide help while you are trying to solve these issues.
Dead grandmother and apocalypse Dreams about I saw my grandmother who passed away when I visited her home in province then I saw fire balls thrown up from heaven like its the end of the world. Dreaming about observing the apocalypse could translate a catastrophic event or experience. You might soon experience despair and hopelessness. These feelings would be brought about by the passing away of a loved one, a difficult divorce or a separation from someone who is close to you. These could also be brought about by a major life change, such as a visible physical change. However, you also had a vision of seeing your deceased grandmother. This could suggest that, amidst the experienced chaos, you would always have a a safe place to return to. This safe haven would be your shelter against the experiences filled with hardships and iniquities of this world.
Relatives in church and strange women being present I walk into my church and see my deceased brother sitting beside my cousin in the last pew. I can see him but she can't. I keep calling he can't hear me. He is talking to her but she can't hear him. I walk around to the pew in front of them and there are six old women in brown hoods looking at them. When I come around they look at me it is then my brother sees me. I don't recognize the women. This dream could speak of your religious or spiritual and affectionate side. By reaching out to your brother, you seem to be revealing how you cherish your family ties. However, you seem to be experiencing communication problems. Alternatively, you could have some unresolved issues with someone who is or was close to you. Under the protection of the church, you attempt to address them as far as family ties and affection is concerned. During the dream, you were solely trying to reach out to your deceased brother (not your cousin or the strange women). This could suggest that you may have difficulties meeting new people because of your focus on the past. Finally, you had a crowd of unfamiliar observers during your attempts to be heard and seen by those you value. This could suggest that you might have come in contact with people whom you do not really trust. These individuals might be forcing you to make decisions which are not aligned with your own goals and aspirations. Such negative and external influence might be hindering your attempts to find your place in life and to establish new and healthy relationships.
Adopting a girl who dies I dreamt that me and my family have adopted a girl child, but the day after I dreamt that the adopted child expired and we are performing her last rites. Dreaming about adopting a child usually means getting support from people who are very close to you, so when you saw the child passing away, it could be a sign of not receiving help and support when you need it the most from someone you count on.
Dead parents, drowning in water and falling from great heights I dream of parents who are no more... Standing somewhere and water flow rising and try myself to survive... Always see myself at my old home with old days... Falling from heights... Dreams involving images of your deceased parents standing in front of you is an indication of being haunted by a tragic event or situation in the past and not being able to reconcile the feelings or hurt and sudden loss associated with this event. Being afraid of water is a symbol of being regretful. You may soon realize that something you have done in the past may have undesirable outcomes that can affect your future. Falling from great altitude in a dream means you might face a chain of inopportune events which might have nonconstructive negative impacts on your life.
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