Being held hostage with large birds I was being held hostage, was tied up on a table and there were people there asking me questions to answers I didn't know. Several large birds were also tied up like dogs. As I lied on a table tied up, the large birds were forced to attack me. They attacked me by running through me over and over again. Then I woke up. Please help! Dreaming that you are being held hostage symbolizes your sense of helplessness in reality. Perhaps you are feeling powerless or overwhelmed by your superiors or other authority figures. The large birds could be representations of your contemporaries or colleagues who are forced to compete with you to secure their place at the office or scrambling to get the promotion you have always wanted. Your tendency to be submissive or passive could cost you a well-deserved recognition or promotion. Alternatively, the birds attacking you may refer to the amount of work you juggle on a daily basis. You may have too much on your plate and this makes you feel stressed out and unable to manage everything in an efficient manner. It may be time for you to take a step back and rethink your priorities.
Attacked by parrots I had a dream I was in a house and the person had parrots, but they weren't in a cage, they were loose and they were mean to me. They attacked one of my arms, they were all on one of my arms and they were picking bugs out there, like 5 to 8 parrots on my arm at once picking bugs out my arm. I fought them off of me and went and hid till I found them asleep under the table. The floor was hardwood and they were asleep with their beaks down in the cracks of the floor in a straight line, so I escaped. The parrots let free in this house could denote a lack of control over possible damaging gossip about you. The parrots represent malicious individuals who could be spreading unsavory information which could destroy your reputation. The bugs the parrots picked out from your arm are your insecurities and weakness. The gossip-mongers would feed on your self-doubt and shortcomings to push their agenda forward. The only way to escape the attack is to find support and encouragement from your loved ones. They would give you the strength you need to overcome this rough patch. Their unwavering belief in your capabilities would boost your confidence enough to fight back your detractors.
Wounding a bird and caring for it I shot and harmed a bird, shot a wing off. Then proceeded to care for the bird. Feeding and watering it. Holding it and keeping it in a cage. I'm am a female. A wounded or injured bird in a dream is commonly associated with deep sadness, depression and guilt. The idea that you were the one who aimed at and shot the bird could mean that you brought this situation upon yourself, either by acting thoughtlessly in a time of great importance or being stubborn when you should have listened to the advice and experience of others. In either case, your efforts to care for the bird after the fact may reveal your attempts to get things right and make up for your behavior. Only time would tell if you are successful or not.
Saving one eagle from another I dreamed a large eagle was trying to catch a small bird (white eagle). I was able to rescue the small white eagle before the big eagle got it. I put him in a box to take him to a bird sanctuary, he got out of the box, and a small white puppy kept chasing the baby eagle. Dreaming about trying to rescue a weak or wounded bird could mean you are trying to hold on to a relationship with someone who you think might be in a fragile state of mind or who could be going through some kind of emotional problems. You want them to feel secure and protected by you, but the dream also acts as a reminder that, even though you may try your best, they will eventually have to face and solve their problems by themselves, symbolized in your dream by the small white puppy chasing the eagle you were trying to save.
An owl landing between legs I dreamed of an owl landing between my legs. An owl is usually a symbol of wisdom, so your dream could mean that you are having some kind of conflicting choice to make or other kind of issue and you long for advice. The owl landing between your legs could mean that you harbor in yourself the ability to make the right choice, therefore you should not worry so much or question your decisions all the time. In the end, the wisdom is within you and the owl only serves to remind you of this power you possess.
A bald eagle saving from attackers I rescued and nursed a male adult bald eagle. Days passed and the eagle was ready to be released into the wild but it didn't want to go, he remained by my side. After the eagle decided to leave, for once in awhile it kept coming back to visit. Days passed and one day two guys broke into my home and tried to attack me. Before they could even touch me that same eagle came back and attacked the two men and protected me until the attackers decided to flee. This vision seems to be about your relationship with someone close to you, perhaps a family member or a good friend. Taking care of an eagle that became hurt or injured symbolically represents the love and support that you could expect to receive from one of your friends when the need arises. Therefore, being protected by the eagle in turn could mean that you are willing to do the same for him or her. In this sense, the mutual love and respect between you is represented by the eagle. You probably consider yourself very fortunate to have such a compassionate and devoted friend.
Birds separating from the mother I was with my mum at the side of the house. She was on one side of a gate and me on the inside. Two small brown or grey birds came down near her, then came towards me. One flew through the gate and on to my shoulder. It was a nice feeling they weren't scared. Brown birds in dreams are usually associated with motherhood and care-giving, so seeing them in the same vision as your mother makes a lot of sense. The gate between the two of you may represent some barrier present in reality which prevents you and your mother from being on the same page. Maybe your mother does not agree with a choice you made or maybe you are upset with her about some aspect of your childhood. In either case, envisioning the bird crossing over to your side could mean that you are becoming closer to your mother little by little.
Doves landing on trees I was seeing a bunch of doves flying over my head, it was beautiful. Then I saw them land on two trees standing by one another and filling up the branches. They were just watching. Doves in dreams typically symbolize peace and harmony. In your case, perhaps the doves represent your desire to find peace and serenity. Have you been having problems recently? If so, this vision may be the signal of a turning point. You may finally find the clarity and resolution you need to move forward. In addition, the doves may be diplomatic friends and wise colleagues who are looking out for you as indicated by the branches and the trees. They may provide the guidance and support you need to deal with your interpersonal or professional matters.
Wild ducks in a nest I had a dream about wild ducks in a nest up in a tree on a branch extended out over a red barn. The nest was full of hatchlings. I'm female. Barns are often associated with abundance and contentment in the dream universe and, coupled with the image of the ducks and their hatchlings, is a very positive symbol to behold. These two images suggest great wealth and prosperity are on the horizon for you and your family. Perhaps the branch extending over the barn reveals your need to work hard to reach and achieve such blessings. Whether you need to work toward them or they are presented to you, you should take advantage of the opportunities and be thankful for all you receive.
Capturing an eagle I caught an eagle in my dream and people were coming to prize it. Dreaming about capturing an eagle and having other people coming to prize it could mean that you will soon be noticed and appreciated by someone with a higher social status than yours, probably leading you to become involved with powerful and influential people who can help you further your goals. You could eventually start living a wealthier life because of these connections. This can either come as a surprise for you or as the result of your hard work.
Red birds on a bird feeder Female. We have bird feeders in our front yard near our living room window. In the dream, my mom and I were sitting watching the bird feeders when about 20-25 red birds landed on and around the feeders. They were different sizes and types and we were amazed and joyful to see them. Dreaming about a flock of various birds coming to your yard and which you find fascinating to watch could actually prove to be a very promising sign that something exciting is about to happen in your waking life, such as a new romantic encounter, friendship or even a marriage. You could be entering into a new relationship with someone that will have the harmony, mutual understanding and compatibility necessary for it to thrive and give your life a whole new purpose and a renewed sense of happiness.
A colorful bird landing on a finger I had a dream that I saw a small green bird with a bright orange beak, I put my hand out and the bird came and landed on my finger. I was very happy and took the bird home with me. I am a 20 y.o. female Dreaming that a bird is on your hands, whether it is perching on your palms or on your fingers, is a very auspicious symbol of upcoming achievements. If you have been working on a project or looking to close a deal, this dream vision means you would soon successfully complete your task. Ultimately, this accomplishment in the waking world would bring you satisfaction and fulfillment. Alternatively, colorful birds can allude to meeting your soulmate. Perhaps you would cross paths with someone who would eventually become a significant part of your personal journey. This could either be a romantic partnership or a close friendship that would make you very content.
A large bird trying to land on the shoulder There was a large red bird that made a noise like a hawk that flew towards me and tried to land on my shoulder. I jumped and woke up after that. A red bird in dreams can be a positive or negative symbol depending on your reaction to it. Since you seemed cautious and perhaps a bit frightened when it swooped in to land on your shoulder, the message may represent a warning. Although red birds are associated with freedom and independence, the means to achieve this state can vary. In the context of your dream, the bird may point to a struggle and the possibility of bloodshed in order to gain the freedom you and your counterparts crave. Your unease may reveal your reservations about resorting to undiplomatic and violent ways to resolve an issue.
A friendly eagle I had a dream that a golden eagle flew to me and rubbed his head against my leg. Eagles in dreams already represent power, success and high aspirations, so seeing a golden eagle in your dream vision alludes to an even loftier destiny for you. You could reach new heights in your chosen field using your razor sharp insights and unparalleled expertise. In combination with the symbol of the leg, this opportunity may suggest travels in your future. This could be work-related or purely for pleasure as a way of decompressing from all the stresses and pressures from your profession. Either way, you would thoroughly enjoy the experience of seeing new places and learning about new cultures. This would allow you to broaden your worldview even more.
A wooden seagull that dies A wooden seagull that died. Failure to bring him back and his funeral? Seagulls in dreams are sometimes associated with the dreamer's tendency to obsess over small problems and challenges that exist in reality. As such, envisioning this seagull as a wooden figure may reveal your current state of being, meaning you acknowledge there is a problem and you probably look at it in a more rational way from the perspective of a third party. The funeral, then, can be interpreted as a positive symbol both of good luck for the future and of laying these past troubles to rest.
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