Dead birds falling from the sky Hundreds of burnt, dead birds falling or flipping from the sky, they were very stiff. After I pointed it out the lady next to me she screamed and hundreds of people ran. I ran with my sister to hide and when I looked back it was raining. A dream scenario involving dead birds is often a bad omen. Instead of flying free, birds get burnt and come crashing into the pavement akin to disappointments and crushed aspirations in reality. A pivotal event may be imminent which would cause widespread problems and uncertainties in your community. As a result, there would be a lot of anger and resentment going around, including misery, a breakdown of ties and possible confrontations. During this troubling period, you would have to lean on your trusted friends and family to avoid getting swept into the emotional current and lose your perspective in the process.
Catching flying birds I dreamed about catching birds flying towards me in a dream. Catching birds in a dream bears a very auspicious message. The birds symbolize success and favorable circumstances in your personal or professional journey. In addition, the birds could mean that it is a lucky period to play lottery or gamble because the odds are in your favor. The fact that the birds are flying towards you is an indication of the relative ease with which you would find success. Hence, it is also the perfect opportunity for you to take some risks and grab the chance to pursue your passion.
The presence of evil and doves I woke up with a feeling of a presence in the room, looked around and went back to sleep. It happened again and I went to sleep again. This time as I drifted off I looked up and saw about 7 beautiful white doves flying. I woke up smiling. Doves in dreams represent innocence and serenity. The notion that you seemed to feel their presence but went back to sleep suggests that you are at peace with your current existence but could be overlooking certain aspects of it which are working against you. The flight of the doves can be interpreted as an auspicious sign. It signifies that you would eventually find tranquility and harmony which have been missing. You would find happiness with the help of family and close friends paving the way to a period in your life free of any disagreements or confrontations.
Parrots being let out of the cage Had a number of birds, including my tame African Grey parrot and my daughter's yellow ringneck in a cage. A strange man who seemed to be my mother's partner opened the cage and let the birds fly away. I panicked about the two pet birds who were gone too. The dream is quite unsettling and has been on my mind all day. Please help! Dreaming about your birds in a cage represents your constant striving for perfection. You may have a tendency to micromanage and control the work of those around you in order to fulfill your goals. While you may think your ideas are superior, your insistence on doing things your way may cause problems between you and those you are dealing with. The image of someone coming in and setting these birds free could point to a singular event where you are not in control, either because there is no way to force the situation or because someone has wrestled control from you. For either of these possibilities, it would be a learning experience that could help you ease off and allow others to express themselves the way the want to.
A bird hatching on a hand I'm male and 51 years old. I dreamed that a beautifully-colored bird hatched in my hands and I got to baby it. Birds in dreams often denote goals and aspirations. As such, the colorful bird that hatched in your hands likely refers to the fulfillment of a wish. Perhaps this hatchling is a business venture that you have been cooking up for a while and taking care of the baby bird points to the efforts you would need to put into developing and implementing your idea. Alternatively, the colorful bird can be a representation of a blossoming romance. You may meet someone special soon with whom you would feel an immediate personal connection.
A bird of prey attacking A large bird of prey kept dive bombing me in a garden but the last time I punched him as he swooped down to hit me again and I knocked him out. I thought he might be dead and I ran inside the house. Short time later I saw him walking around outside but I couldn't go out in case he attacked me again. Dreams involving birds of prey or predatory birds allude to opportunistic individuals. There could be unscrupulous personalities circling you in the waking world, trying to either take credit for your hard work or benefit from your success. Someone may be ingratiating himself or herself into your good graces in hopes that you would take him or her under your wing. If you tolerate such maneuverings, you could end up being bled dry and on the losing end. It may be best to practice vigilance and caution when it comes to letting people into your circle of trust.
Catching a white owl by its feet I dreamed I caught a huge white owl by its two feet as it was taking flight. White owls are often thought to represent the coming together of two lovers or a current relationship, so this vision can have two possible meanings. On one hand, catching a white owl before it can fly away suggests you are clipping your own wings in a relationship. You could be sabotaging your current or a potential relationship by not letting things progress naturally. On the other hand, if the owl was flying away, it may indicate you are an impediment to someone else's future happiness. You may be preventing two people from getting together either by inserting yourself into the equation or not helping someone who has asked for your support.
Two eagles fighting Hi, I am a female. Last night I had a dream vision of 2 eagles fighting. This was a crystal clear dream, so I say it was more of a vision. It was a beautiful blue clear sky and out of nowhere 2 eagles began to fight right before my eyes. I was on some sort of rooftop watching everything. One eagle was right side up and the other eagle was upside down. They were fighting with their talons clawing at each other. The size and beauty of the birds took my breath away. I was in awe of their beauty. The vision of clear, blue skies symbolizes your good fortune. Your positive outlook and generous nature likely attract blessings, such as getting the appropriate support and assistance whenever you are in need. In that sense, you have the potential and resources to pursue your dreams, yet it could be your own mindset that is holding you back. Specifically, the two eagles fighting in your vision mean you may be torn between two paths or desires. While you are ambitious and driven, you may need to be more focused and decisive when it comes to your aspirations. After all, those talons are symbols of your capability to succeed. Alternatively, the eagles could also be metaphors for two powerful individuals who are fighting over you. Their relationship with you could either be personal or professional in nature.
A black crow and a white dove I dreamed of a black crow perched on a dead white dove on the ground, about to eat the dove. I tried to shoo the crow away but it wouldn't let go of the dove and just stared at me. Black crows represent death and darkness, while white doves stand for peace, unity and love. As such, your dream suggests some kind of disturbance in your subconscious. You could be tempted to indulge in some questionable behavior or habits which would undermine your values and principles. Perhaps you are having trouble controlling your temper because there are plenty of hatred and generally negative views circulating in your surroundings. It may be easier to be selfish, join the fray and not think about the consequences, yet ultimately doing so would tug at your conscience for the rest of your existence.
A crow dying in the hair There were two crows or blackbirds. One was sniffing around in my hair then died on my head. I slowly pulled it off but felt the limp heaviness of it. Black crows in the dream world are sometimes associated with bad habits and self-destructive behavior. As such, crows perching on your head likely reveal the darker aspects of your thoughts and personality gnawing at your consciousness. The death of one of them shows your firm resolve to control unpleasant urges and actively suppress insensitive remarks. It can be hard, especially during emotional times, to do the right thing, hence the heaviness you felt when removing the dead crow from your head.
A white dove leaving a baby A white dove fluttered down and left a baby. I am a man. The symbolism of a dove fluttering down in a dream often refers to the onset of sorrow and depression. In that context, the human baby which the bird left in your dream vision portends a deeper understanding of the cause of your stress and anxiety. Finding out and discerning the origin of your emotional turmoil may come as a surprise, yet this newfound awareness may be exactly what you need to resolve your issues. Armed with the knowledge of your flaws and weaknesses, you can begin to embrace a happier and more fulfilling future.
Birds waiting on the couch I dreamed that I was sleeping on a couch and raw fish was in a box next to me while birds were waiting for fish on the couch's hand under my feet. Suddenly, I couldn't see myself anymore on the couch, just the birds. The couch in this dream represents rest and relaxation, while raw fish alludes to losses. In that sense, some difficulty could obstruct your restful days and peaceful existence. Perhaps this vision also points to your conflicted feelings about following your dreams and being content with what you have. Disappearing from the couch means leaving your state of stagnation and getting ready to pursue your passions. This would entail exerting more effort and facing considerable stress all with the aim of realizing your goals and being successful.
A chicken coop A vision of a chicken coop with multiple chickens sleeping peacefully. The image of a chicken coop represents your current situation in reality. While your career and talents are not necessarily bringing in a large amount of money, you are probably fairly content with your current lifestyle. The multiple chickens within the coop may reveal the presence of different skills you have or opportunities that are available which could make you a tidy sum of money if utilized. However, the idea that they were sleeping could suggest they are not fully ready or developed yet.
A finch bird letting to pet it I dreamed of a little red bird (finch) eating seeds from a feeder. It allowed me to pick it up and I pet it. I love finches! I am a female. Birds in dreams tend to represent hopes and aspirations being realized in the waking world. In that sense, being able to pick the bird up and pet it may predict making progress on goals you have in reality, such as financial independence, a new relationship or an improved skill. However, the red color is often associated with passion and aggression. It is possible that you are very determined in getting what you want. While not a bad thing in and of itself, it could cause more setbacks than benefits for you if you are not careful where that energy is channeled.
A duck swimming nearby I am female. I dreamed of a mallard duck with a very bright green head swimming. That was all of the dream, I saw the image and it was gone. While a neutral symbol by itself, the symbol of the duck in water could take on slightly different meanings depending on the direction it was moving. If the duck seemed to be swimming toward you, the interpretation has a slightly negative connotation and predicts receiving unpleasant news or a disappointing answer to a question. On the other hand, if the duck was swimming away from you, it could allude to traveling somewhere in the near future, either for work or for pleasure.
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