A brown bird laying an egg I had a dream about a brown bird with white spots on its back. I was at my old house and the bird came in my room through the window. It flies away a little bit and laid an egg. The egg cracked. Brown birds are usually associated with motherhood and caregivers, and this sign seems especially strong in this vision with the addition of the egg. This suggests you may soon be witness to a birth, possibly the birth of a child into the family of a friend or relative. However, the fact that the egg cracked in the same dream vision could predict some minor complications, such as premature labor or the mother feeling unwell afterwards.
Almost hitting owls on the road I was in a car, but I was not driving, going down a dark road and the car nearly hit an owl with its baby owl that was on the road. Dreaming that you are a passenger in a car that nearly runs over a pair of owls points to the possibility of avoiding a nasty confrontation in the near future. Someone that you know may be scheming against you and could even try to engage with you in a violent, unpredictable manner. Luckily, it is quite likely that you would be able to avoid having to deal with this person altogether.
Offers to eat a dead owl Last night I saw 3 dead frozen white owls and one man was there who told me that he will roast them to eat. My one friend took one cut piece of that white dead owl and started to eat and offered me, but I refused to eat that. White owls represent potential romantic partners or even soul mates in some cases, so seeing a frozen owl could suggest those potential connections are being hindered or blocked from coming to fruition for some reason. The image of your friend trying to cut and eat the owl could predict their involvement, perhaps showing that they are jealous of your attention being elsewhere or indicating their interest in your desired partner.
A brown owl held by mother In my dream I was asleep when I heard an owl outside my bedroom window. I woke up, got off the bed and peeked out the window and there it was, a brown owl sitting on my tree branch. For some reason, my mother was outside and when I told her about my dream, the bids came flying straight into her hands. (Still dreaming) we both sat down as she was holding the brown owl in her arms and that's when the owl smiled at me. I freaked out and that's when I woke up. What could this dream mean? Brown owls in dreams usually represent something happening to your body. This could range from good things, such as losing weight or recovering from injury, to bad things, like becoming ill or losing a limb. In this case, however, you should not fear. Seeing your mother in your dream is a very auspicious sign which signifies good things happening to you. More specifically, the owl's placement in her hands could predict your or another family member's upcoming pregnancy which would bring great joy and happiness both to you and your family.
A blue and a red birds together Hi, so I had a dream of a red bird and a blue bird and they were sitting together cuddling up. And my boyfriend likes the color blue and me pink and red and seeing those birds made me think of him. So what does it mean to see two birds leaning next to each other? Visions of birds highlight the dreamer's hopes and aspirations. They can also be interpreted as symbols of freedom. The red and blue birds in your dream allude to different ideals. The blue bird carries messages of reconciliation and conflict resolution, while the red one is a symbol of fiery tempers and aggression. Perhaps the point of the dream is to illustrate your and your boyfriend's complementary characteristics. You balance each other's energies in order to achieve harmony and bring out the best in each other.
A white eagle attacking I dreamt of a white eagle flying down from a bright narrow path towards me and it grabbed my neck. It happened twice, once after another in one night. Eagles are often symbolically linked with the idea of enemies emerging from the woodwork, so seeing an eagle swoop down to grab you by the neck suggests you should be very concerned about your upcoming endeavors as someone may be waiting to make their move against you. Additionally, the particular color (white) in this case could signify some misdirection. For example, this person may offer to help you when, in fact, they are really trying to sabotage your progress.
An eagle dying in the snow I was lying down in the snow asleep at first. I open my eyes and there is a black eagle next to me in the snow, looking into my eyes, and I watched it die. Both of the central symbols in this vision, the snow and the dying eagle, point toward great hardship and difficulty affecting those around you. The snow paints a more general picture, representing your role as an observer in the tragedy that is about to unfold in the life of someone close to you. The eagle dying beside you shows your helplessness in this situation. While you may not be able to make the pain go away, you can be there for this individual or people as a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen.
An owl trying to get inside the house An owl was trying to get into my house, but I wouldn't let it. Dreaming that an owl is trying to get into your house alludes to the threat of financial instability. You could be worried about losing your job or accumulating debt. You could even face the threat of poverty. As such, this dream strongly advises you to check for any signs of these problems, so you can take immediate action and avoid becoming a financial train wreck.
Pink birds in a calm setting I had a dream of two pale-pink birds outside near my house. I just put seed out, so they were waiting to feed. Neither made a noise. It was calm and peaceful. It's been 13 years since my mom passed away, and my ex mother-in-law just passed away 2 days after that day. I recently found a picture of both of them together. Pink, in the context of dream visions, often represents feelings of love and affection. In many cases, people see these colors being worn by those they care deeply for. In your vision, it was birds that were pink in color. Birds that are unusually beautiful or colorful often have ties to the past. It seems, then, that you may have just received a visit from both of your departed mothers. Given the peaceful and tranquil scene, it is likely they are in a better place and wish you well as you continue on your journey.
Scared of an owl's stare My husband has been having reoccurring dreams about owls. In the first, it was just perched on a branch staring at him. The other is just a silhouette of an owl. He said he could feel it breathing then stopped, so he opened his eyes and the owl's eyes turned fiery. He says that in both dreams, he felt very uneasy and almost fearful. What could this possibly mean, so I can help him understand and overcome what it might represent? Thank you in advance. This vision centered around the image of owls contains a highly negative message that should not be ignored. Owls are often thought to be the harbingers of negative energy, so seeing them in multiple visions could be interpreted as a sign that your husband is about to hit a rough patch with you involved. The breathing that he was able to sense could represent the elusive nature of the danger that lurks around the corner, while the fiery eyes could indicate that this is related to something he has already experienced in the past, either a fear he still retains or a negative event he has gone through. Unfortunately, until the darkness takes over, it is impossible for either of you to really prepare. The best you can do is be there for each other and be watchful for what is to come.
An owl and falcon fighting in the air In the dream, I was on the edge of a road and a cut-down wheat field, or it might have been an abandoned wheat field turned into a grassland. The snowy owl flew in and caught in midair a bit smaller bird, which I perceived could be a young falcon. Owl carried it up, but falcon escaped for a moment, I gasped and the owl looked at me once again, I felt that the owl should not give up. 5 seconds later owl caught the falcon again and they flapped their wings in flight, swirled with nails in each other. End. Envisioning a seemingly abandoned wheat field is highly symbolic and represents the point you are at in wake life. The lack of life and "work" happening at this particular field suggests your own growth has been stunted for some reason. This could be due to others keeping you down or a general sense of disappointment and disillusionment. Your own emotional state often hinders the progress you can make, especially with self-improvement. The snowy owl in this vision is most likely you projecting yourself onto the magnificent creature. The smaller falcon, then, could represent your fears and self-doubt or a particular person who acts bigger than they actually are. Seeing the owl prey on the falcon shows how you can overcome the obstacles preventing your growth with perseverance and patience. Even if you do not succeed the first time, your effort is likely to be rewarded the more opportunities you accept to rise to the challenge.
A mockingbird landing on the arm In my dreams I saw a mockingbird landing on my left arm, then it later flew away but I was also quick to push it away. I caused it to fly. This vision seems to suggest that you have been feeling anti-social lately. In fact, there may even be a specific person or event you have been trying to avoid, meaning you have been searching for excuses not to go or ways to let the other person down gently. If you are absolutely sure the signals you are sending out would not hurt others, it may be better to express your lack of interest, whether it is permanent or just temporary, in a more direct way, rather than waffling and wasting both your and their time.
Waiting for a white owl to wake up I dreamt a white owl landed near me, then walked onto my shoulder and curled itself about my neck and went to sleep. I sat there until it was ready to go, a few hours later it woke up and flew away. Then I just carried on working. This dream about a white owl landing and resting on your shoulder alludes to a current or possible romance with someone special. This relationship with the person you admire and find interesting would be reciprocal and complementary, and based on complete trust. You would feel at ease with each new encounter and increasingly enjoy their company. However, this affair could be fleeting and would end amicably. Perhaps you both would come to a mutual decision to end your brief but memorable romantic experience. Alternatively, this dream could mean that you may soon meet a mentor who would impart valuable lessons enabling you to be better at your job.
Receiving an owl as a gift Dreamt that my boyfriend gave me an owl as a gift and then the owl was kissing me. Want to know the meaning of the dream. Dreaming about being gifted an owl has negative connotations. The fact that it was your boyfriend who gave you the owl signifies a loss of trust and understanding inside your relationship. You may find yourself in an abusive partnership or your boyfriend may turn hostile towards you. Ultimately, these things might set you back in your relationship goals, so you should not let them affect you adversely.
Birds carrying a big tree branch First I saw one bird flying on top of me, then another one... After that I saw three birds flying, coming in front of me carrying a branch of a tree. I'm so amazed that they can fly while carrying a big branch of a tree. They put down the branch of a tree in front of me. I was talking with my husband when the birds came. A tree branch by itself in a dream is often thought to be a symbol of sadness and heartbreak, suggesting you may have felt down recently or experienced something rather tragic. However, the birds that lay the branch at your feet and fly around you represent this burden being lifted from your shoulders, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to find happiness once again. Your husband is likely to play an important part in your emotional recovery.
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