Encountering various birds My little sister and I are wandering in a blizzard, when the snow suddenly stops and we find ourselves surrounded by 8-9 ft. tall ice sculptures. We approach one that looks like an owl wearing a suit with a cape, textbook and monocle. The owl comes to life and spreads his cape like Dracula and whispers, "Come with me." Snow swirls around, and my sister and I find ourselves in my bedroom with a giant rooster, who claims to have kidnapped us. We can't leave my room, or else he will eat us. These two grandma chickens who he says are his sisters come and rescue us, and then decide to eat him... Dream visions of snow and ice (as in sculptures you have come across in this dream) are symbolic of new discoveries, learning experiences and getting rewarded for something you have recently accomplished. Birds of various types in this same dream seem to point to an upcoming period of rest and relaxation, most likely in the circle of your family and friends. You would soon take a break from the daily grind and immerse yourself in activities or events aimed to please and treat you in a special way, even for a short period of time. Based on the ending of this dream, a big dinner with family and relatives around dinner table is one of the options you should look forward to.
Watching geese swim and a swan appearing I had a dream of a huge flock of geese swimming in a pond or a stream, and they started flying away and all of a sudden a bright white swan appeared and it looked so pretty. Then I woke up or something. This dream contains many auspicious signs! Geese symbolize wealth and financial security, and seeing them swim in a small pond indicates your recent decisions may turn out to be profitable ones. Given the presence of geese, this is likely related to investments or other money management tools you have been utilizing. Seeing a bright, white swan additionally predicts meeting with someone you have not seen for a long time. This may be connected to your monetary acquisitions or happen as a separate event.
Birds flapping their wings in dreams For the past few nights I have been sleeping and I have dreamed of flapping of birds' wings, then I wake up. Dreaming about birds flapping and fluttering about is a negative sign associated with the loss of wealth and material possessions. This is likely the result of your own bad behavior in regard to your finances, like not sticking to a budget or going on an ill-advised shopping spree. You may want to keep a close eye on your expenses and, as a precautionary measure, consider saving more or trying to find better deals on your necessities.
Being scared of a brown owl I was dreaming that a brown owl came walking in my nice backyard and climbed on my fence. I was on my balcony with someone and I saw that there is like a some sort of a cement hole. And then I looked at it and thought that it looked nice, and then she opened its mouth, which scared me. Dreaming about a brown owl on your property is an ill omen predicting disaster and misfortune for you and everyone else in your household. The situation you find yourself in is likely to go from bad to worse to even worse, slowly spiraling downward. Beautiful women are usually a positive sign, but, in this case, likely represent an illusion. This means you or someone in your family may find a small glimmer of hope, but it is more likely that this is all smoke and mirrors. Pursuing this dream-like solution can only lead to further problems.
Witnessing crows pecking at flesh on the ground I have a recurring dream lately that crows are pecking at something. I go over to investigate and it is usually a little baby or young animal. There are entrails spilling out of the stomach. Never blood though. I am female. This dream has an overarching theme of health with a focus on your mental well-being. Having your attention drawn to crows that are pecking at something on the ground represents a large social gathering or a series of events which require you to meet and interact with others. This may have been organized by you or someone else, but, in either case, somehow requires your participation. This vision suggests through the repetitive imagery, however, that you have recently been under a lot or stress or are in the beginning stages of experiencing some psychological issue which may need attention. Your full involvement in social activities is probably unwise or may cause you to feel worse than you already do. The young, dead animal you see at the end further supports this idea, indicating a need to focus on your personal health and well-being before doing anything else.
Being fed by a black and white bird A bird with white and black feathers landed on my shoulder and when I turned my head to look at it, it fed me from its beak like it would a young bird. This dream has an overwhelmingly positive interpretation regarding your work situation. Being fed by a bird predicts being invited to a party or gala where you can network and meet many interesting people. The white and black color suggests receiving good news either at this event or sometime soon after. The cause for your celebration, however, can be seen in the bird's willingness to perch on your shoulder, which portends an improved work situation, more favorable conditions for personal growth and development, possibly as a result of promotion or transfer, which would surely make you a much happier person.
A nest in the mud with chicks A chick nest under the mud, more alive and few dead chicks. Mud is often symbolic of time filled with uncertainty and despair. If you wallowed through the mud at all in this vision, it may suggest you are about to go through some trying times with an unclear resolution. However, finding a nest in the mud represents a pleasant surprise or a lucky turn of events, so you should never lose hope in a happy outcome.
Assisting a chicken giving birth to chicks I saw a hen delivering live chicks in my dream yesterday night, and the hen belongs to my uncle's wife, thus my father's junior brother's wife. She and the husband were all there but the 7th chick, my uncle inserted his hand into the anus of the hen and removed it. Dream visions about looking at or being near a chicken with its chicks, are a reflection of your existing concerns related to your immediate family members. Most likely, these are health issues related to the wife of your uncle, or to both of them as a couple. Since the act of giving birth to chicks needed assistance from you uncle, it could be related to their fertility problems, inability to have more or any children, or it could be a reflection of their concerns expressed and shared with you regarding someone else in your immediate or extended family, which left a lasting imprint in your subconscious mind.
A family member attacked by millions of crows It's hard to recall events leading up to this part of the dream, but I remember standing a short distance from my home and had somehow willed millions of crows (enough to black out the sky) to attack a member of my family. I also don't remember what happened after that. Male. With the missing details it is difficult to come to a concise meaning for this vision. Envisioning thousands upon thousands of birds filling the sky and blocking the light is suggestive of a sudden change or outbreak that causes chaos around you. This is also supported by the birds attacking someone you know well, which indicates that getting involved with certain people may prove disastrous. Because you are the one who orchestrates this event, it seems your actions may be responsible for other people's suffering and instability. However, whether this was done consciously or accidentally, is unclear from this vision.
Birds flying and one of them landing on the head I saw many birds flying in the air and one the birds perched on my head. Birds that fly and perch above you are often associated with rising above the challenges and difficulties you have been facing recently. Either through your own efforts or divine intervention, you are likely to find yourself free of the problems that have plagued your past, leaving you with a light, happy feeling and a chance to explore your options without being bogged down by other worries.
An owl giving birth to a human-like creature I and my husband were walking in the woods, when we came to two snow owls on a branch. Where the female owl was looking like she was ready to birth, and when the female did deliver, it looked almost human-like. Thanks, looking forward to hearing back from you. White owls are usually associated with relationships, and the presence of two white owls along with you and your husband strongly suggests this vision is connected to your relationship with him. Normally, white owls point toward complementary features or a balance of temperaments, aspects that make a strong relationship and which you and your husband have shown. However, seeing these owls perched on a branch indicates there may be something amiss, and it likely has to do with a piece of advice that you did not believe and, as a result, neglected to follow. The birth represents a change occurring in the near future, though whether it is for better or for worse or includes your change in heart over this advice or not is not clear. Using your best judgement and communicating openly with your spouse is the best way to smooth out any wrinkles that may be forming.
Helping an injured stork I am seeing a stork injured. I am helping the stork to live. Coming across an injured stork in a dream is a sign that somebody close to you is trying to stop you from fulfilling your dreams and hopes. You may want to re-think what you are trying to achieve, and what your goals and objectives are at the moment. You should also consider the possibility that someone around you is working against your best wishes. As the notion of helping the stork to survive in this dream implies, you may have already realized that someone is standing in your way and you may just be starting to counteract this person's attempts to interfere with what is so important to you.
A bird in the room perching on people's shoulders Hi, I dreamt I was in a room. I think there was one other person there. A large bird appeared (pretty sure it was an eagle). It progressively perched on each of our shoulders hugging us with its wings. Then my father came into the room, I was concerned he would harm the bird who was being gentle and kind towards us. The bird then perched on his shoulders and also hugged him with his wings. This dream vision of seeing a large bird perching on your friends' and father's shoulders could have two possible meanings. If you remembered that the bird was an eagle, it could be a sign of having to soon part with your friends or your father because of some externals circumstances, such as relocating, moving with the purpose of study or work or dramatically changing your lifestyle. Another, more negative interpretation of a big bird on top of someone's head or shoulders could portend this person's passing away, in this case it is unclear whose exactly.
An owl nearby Had a dream of a brown owl flying at me, landing at my feet and walking beside me, but never touching me. What does that mean? Owls represent wisdom. Dreaming of an owl flying towards you and landing at your feet suggests that you may soon gain some valuable insight which could help you resolve some problems that you may be facing. The owl is walking beside you in your dream to remind you that you need your wits in order to avoid any unpleasant incidents in your business or professional dealings. Always be on the lookout for potential problems and risks. Likewise, it is important to stay grounded and humble if you are to face challenges in the future.
An empty bird nest I have had this dream twice. I walk out of my house and I see a bird's nest on the ground, but it's empty. Feathers on the ground and one in the nest. I feel sad and start to look for the babies, but can't find them. Dreaming of an empty bird's nest indicates new houses or homes. Your vision suggests you may soon purchase or come into possession of a new residence. The emptiness of the nest means that the residence is ready to be occupied, hence the possibility of moving into a new home. As with any transfer or change of address, there will always be a bittersweet feeling associated with it. The sadness you felt in your dream mirrors the melancholy of relocating and leaving behind the connections you have established in your current place. Nonetheless, the feathers imply new associations and new friends to look forward to.
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