Feather white and golden in color White golden bright feather. A bright feather that appears to be white and gold at the same time is a highly ominous symbol to perceive while dreaming. It suggests your limits would soon be tested, by they physical, emotional or financial. You may suddenly find yourself in a high-stress, high-pressure situation that you were not expecting, and you may have no one you can rely on nearby. You would need to gather your wits about you and think carefully in order not to crumble under the pressure.
Getting an owl out of the cage Had a dream that I saw an owl in a cage. I walked up to the cage, reached in, got him out and walked around with him. Then the owl started to sweat and I put him down and he flew away. The caged owl you see in your mind's eye represents being in a cage of your own creation. You are unconsciously limiting yourself, possibly because you are scared of being alone or failing. This may lead you to miss out on opportunities and lead to even further regret and sadness. Releasing the owl, walking with it and letting it fly away, however, can refer to letting yourself be free. You would become mentally unburdened and feel free, much like an owl in flight. The sweat may refer to the hesitation or nervousness you would feel, but you would no longer need to doubt yourself. You have the knowledge, power and ability to do anything you put your mind to.
An owl turning into a man Dreamed of a flock of pigeons flying and an owl was flying in the midst of them. Then the owl was a man, then the man came down from the sky with the pigeon in his hand, then the man was looking at me, then he bit the pigeon in the chest and killed it. The pigeon, according to dream scholar John Paul Jackson, is a creature that alludes to mediocrity, blandness and the center. It represents a complete lack of uniqueness or originality. The owl that flew in the midst of the pigeons, then, reveals that you feel frustration and indignation at being lumped in with a particular group. For instance, you may feel that others judge you unfairly for your political or religious beliefs. The owl becoming a man and killing the pigeon is likely the manifestation of your desire to break out of the rigid confines set by your group and show others that you are a force to be reckoned with in your own right.
A hen and a cock mating I dreamt of a hen and a cock mating. Dreaming about a hen and cock mating represents a desire to procreate. You may desire to have a child or add to your current brood. However, there is a sense in these symbols that your mental state may not be up to the task at the moment. Perhaps you have a lot of other stress or variables in your life that need to be dealt with first before you consider having a baby.
A pregnant bird Good afternoon, in my last night's dream I saw a small bird (pregnant) or at least in my dream I knew she was pregnant but she was falling from a tree. Ultimately the bird looked like a baby bird but she was really small and pregnant. Birds in the dream world are often aspirational. Their ability to fly is a metaphor for your own dream of succeeding and getting what you want in life. Therefore, to see a pregnant bird reveals your overly ambitious nature and a hunger for recognition. This could be your downfall as illustrated by the bird falling from a tree. This allegory is telling you that you may want too many things too soon. The bird looking like a baby also suggests you may need more time, experience, and maturity to be better equipped for the kind of profession or role that you want to take on.
An owl preventing from homicide A owl flying at me to stop me from killing someone. The owl in your dream, given that it is trying to stop you from killing, symbolizes a level-headed person who is keeping you grounded and your emotions in check. Wanting to kill someone is actually a projection of your pent-up frustrations. Oftentimes, when emotions are so overwhelming, it can lead to bad decisions or regrettable actions. You are lucky because you have someone who reins you in whenever you have bouts of temper tantrums or irrational moments. However, you do have to find a remedy for this yourself. Perhaps a moment of introspection and some self-awareness will prevent you from spiralling, especially if your go-to person is unavailable to provide support.
A bird in the shower and having to die I am a female. I have dreamt about me in the shower, and a small bird was in the bathroom chirping and singing to me. Then, I found myself and my family in the living room watching a movie. We all had to die one by one in another room, and we had to hear who went before us and pretend like we hear nothing. Taking a shower often alludes to a fleeting encounter in reality that brings you some pleasure but ultimately adds little value to your life. For instance, you may become casual friends with someone who goes to the same gym or visits your local coffeehouse around the same time you do. The bird that sings to you while you shower may further reveal that you see this person as a puzzle. The air of mystery to their personality may make them seem more appealing when in reality they are not as interesting as you might expect. Thus, you should avoid getting too involved in their life. Watching the movie while your family members die one by one may sound rather morbid, but it is actually a symbol traditionally associated with wealth. Perhaps you will come into a small fortune soon.
Birds on a garden structure A woman's dream: There was a pergola-type structure with a small bird statue at the end of each horizontal wooden beam. Crows came and attached themselves by the beak (with bodies hanging in midair) to the beak of each statue, almost as if they're "keeping them from talking". A large bird (perhaps a vulture?) then perched on the end of the structure and stretched forward to put its beak around the beak of one of the crows, which was already around a statue-bird's beak. This dream is multi-layered and therefore needs to be carefully considered. The bird statues on the pergola represent having to move for either business or personal reasons. While you may have resisted moving in the past, these stone birds literally refer to things being *set in stone,* so to speak. It is perhaps destiny that is calling you away. However, many things can get in the way of fate. The crows that attempt to *silence* the stone bird statues point toward troubles in your closest personal relationships, such as with your family or a romantic partner. These individuals may be opposed to you setting off on your own for their own reasons. The large bird that appeared to be like a vulture symbolically represents the conflict and tension you feel in wake life. You would have to find a way to balance your needs with the wants of those you care about in reality.
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