Eagle protecting I had a dream of eagle trying to guide me and protect me and my family members from some sort of negative elements… Dreaming about being protected by an eagle means that you can count on help and support of one of your closest friends when the need for help arises. If you happened to be watching an eagle soar high above your head, this could mean you will experience regrets and moral dilemmas about something you had done in the past in relation to your close relatives. Another source refers to dreaming about an eagle as manifestation of negative feelings toward a mother figure who may be excessively overprotective and controlling, making the relationship between you two difficult if not unbearable.
Feeding pigeons I dreamt that I am feeding pigeons This dream indicates that you are searching for a resolution to a problem or conflict in someone's life that is close to you. If you're trying to remedy a relationship with someone, try being more open to understanding their situation. Once you can see from their perspective you can help make peace with any conflict.
A bird in the nest with eggs I saw a tree full of fruits, nest on the tree with eggs and a mother bird next to the nest. We see this as a new opportunity for you to expand in a financial way. You've been working hard for some time and are finally starting to see the results of your labor. Continue on the path you're walking and remember to stay aware that the eggs have not hatched yet, but with some care you will see tremendous results.
Two women killing a pair of swans Two swans being killed by two women The meaning of a dream about swans being killed by a couple of women could be interpreted depending on your gender, which you have not mentioned in the request. If you are a woman, this vision could be a reflection of aversion you express toward other women, who might be competing with you for the same goal or objective, including romantic matters. Such rivalry could be something that has been happening recently, prompting this dream to occur, or it could be your natural behavioral trait. For men, this dream vision could reveal that they tend to treat their female companions or dates with excessive focus on physical attributes and qualities, rather than relying on emotional aspects of the relationship. The image of women killing swans in this dream is a clear and straightforward statement in this case, showing that women who want more intimate and affectionate relationship can be easily replaced.
Big and small birds walking together on the ground My dream was showing me birds... Not one kind of bird, but several different kinds, big to tiny, all walking around together on the ground, like a family of quail would do. Kind of like they wouldn't fly off because of the little ones. Dreaming about seeing big and small birds walking on the ground which resembled quails could predict starting to face issues and complications inside your household. Additionally, the same imagery experienced in a dream serves as a warning that you have recently acquired new friends who are not quite honest and straightforward with you because they are trying to move forward with their own selfish plans and goals. The birds staying on the ground signify the trust you have put into this relationship and there could be something holding you back so that it is really difficult, if not impossible, for you to free yourself from their influence.
Vultures eating flesh In the dream, two hawks feasted on a dead hawk, while a near by blackbird with a beautiful call ate bits of entrails and meat from my hand. The entrails and meat came from other dead birds in the surrounding area. This dream signifies either recently becoming a willing participant or witnessing some other way (TV or online) a conflict among several people with the central figure possibly being a young woman. Your involvement, if this was a real event or situation, also entailed revealing some compromising facts or information to others which re-ignited the already raging negative emotions. If you happened to just watch this drama unfolding as an observer, it may have left some lasting memories which eventually made their way to your subconscious state.
A crow watching while in the bathroom In my dream I was defecating and a crow on window was watching me. He flew out twice and came back. When I was washing myself, he suddenly fly and try to bite at left side of my neck and saved myself by brushing it aside by my hand. Based on the context of this dream vision, it is possible that the quality of your food has recently declined drastically or that there is a growing imbalance in your nutrition patterns. The image of the crow attacking you could also serve as a warning that some of the food you have been consuming lately is not good for your body or it could be affecting your metabolism and, subsequently, overall health in a very adverse, if not detrimental way.
Birds in a wrong place I looked up and saw a white dove, looked back up and it was a chicken that laid out a black ball. And a big man try to fight me for it, but I wasn't scared of him. My brother also said in the dream that the dove was in the wrong weather which was cold weather. Based on dream symbolism, the image of a white dove transforming into a chicken could mean that you currently could have high hopes or aspirations for something which is important to you or something you want to change in your life. However, you could be just beginning to realize that it is a wrong time for you to make it happen (the notion of cold weather in this dream). Among other reasons preventing you from making your hopes come true could be members of your family or other people in your everyday life who, because of their needs and wants, keep shifting your focus and attention from this goal or dream you may have.
Staying with a witch and a bird bothering In my dream I was trying to escape from someone, I entered an apartment of an older black woman (a witch), she helped me, but I was not trusting her. She allowed me to stay the night and gave me the guest room. I was afraid to go to sleep cause I didn't know if I could truly trust her. But I did go to sleep. In the night a dark bird flew into the room, (came in from where I don't know) I heard it fluttering and it landed on me on top of the blanket. It wanted to go to sleep and I tried to shoo it away. It cried out and squawked, several time it fluttered on me, eventually I got it to fly away. Dreaming about being intimidated by a woman who looked like a witch is a negative sign of not being able to succeed in your current plans or projects, mainly because of some trust issues with the people you have to deal with in order to make progress and move ahead. The image of a black bird landing on top of the blanket is also a indication of some minor issues happening around your household and which you are not fully in control of at the moment. If you felt in this dream that the bird was touching your body, it could also indicate some upcoming minor injuries or insignificant, short-term illness affecting your body.
Bird eggs being dropped on the car Fall day, not egg-laying time, bird egg drops from sky onto the hood of my car and splatters onto the windshield and the hood. The image of bird eggs usually is connected with the idea of money. Whole eggs represent financial gain and savings, possibly a literal nest egg. Seeing the eggs pelting your car from the sky can therefore have two possible interpretations. On one hand, it may represent receiving money from a miraculous or unexpected source, such as a lottery or gift. This is especially true if you were driving as this occurred in your dream. This vision may also suggest that the eggs are a symbol for opportunities. While you should be careful not to spread yourself too thin, taking on some more responsibilities may prove beneficial for your future, particularly in regards to monetary success.
A white owl attacking a pet A white owl snatched my pet budgie and started picking at its head. I managed to save the budgie and thought he was dead but thankfully he was alive. The owl wouldn't let go and wasn't scared when I tried to save the budgie. In this vision, the image of the white owl attacking your pet budgie seems to represent seeing evil in the world but being unable to do anything about it. The owl's white color suggests that this is not a usual or commonly recognized social injustice, but one that nonetheless causes you feelings of guilt and anger. Furthermore, you may also feel some fear because the source of this terrible behavior probably knows you are onto them. The image of your pet being safe at the end of the vision may mean you are able to help this problem some by speaking up, but you should carefully consider your actions so as not to put yourself, or those you care about, in danger.
A brown bird with chicks I had a dream of a little brown bird that her eggs had hatched and we were finding the chicks everywhere. And soon we had found all of them and put them back where they belong. Dreaming about bird eggs hatching near you symbolizes a similar situation of witnessing or finding out about someone giving birth in waking life. If you are pregnant or expecting at the moment or know someone who is, this dream vision is a favorable sign of delivering a healthy baby. The notion of collecting chicks and putting them back together suggests that you would spend considerable amount of your time ensuring safety, well-being and happiness of this newborn, whether your own or someone else's.
Killing a bird flown inside the house I dreamt of a light blue bird flying around in the house. I couldn't catch it, so eventually I picked something up and knocked it to the floor. When it fell a wing came off and it died. Traditional dream interpretation sources refer to visions of a blue bird as hope and anticipation of something important to happen. You my have given up on waiting for the right moment to come and want to try other approaches or ways of accomplishing things. At the same time, the dream could be telling you that you could be just rushing things and being impatient. The notion of the blue bird flying around inside your house suggests that a little more time to wait or little more effort could allow you to get what you want, if you let events and circumstances take their natural course and bestow what is there upon you.
Noisy birds inside the house Being awoken by a flock of noisy birds flying into a closed window. Being awoken by noisy birds flapping about and flying into a window suggests you are about to experience a growing household. This is most commonly associated with children, such as a baby being born or a child being adopted. However, in some cases, it can also symbolize someone coming to stay with you for a period of time, such as a friend or relative. Be on the lookout for this person so you can be ready and at your most hospitable.
An eagle being shot and staked with an arrow There were two men in a river. One man shot a bald eagle with a bow and staked it to the bottom of the river with the arrow. The eagle half stuck out. It felt real. The two men in the river represent road blocks and obstacles in your life which prevent you from making progress on your goals. Just like a flowing river poses some challenge to those who wish to cross, so does this symbol also suggest being overwhelmed by challenges. Shooting a bird with a bow and arrow, especially a creature as magnificent as the bald eagle, predicts a major catastrophe or accident as a result of these troubles. This accident is likely to be caused by some uncertainty over what to do or where to go as symbolized by the eagle being pinned under the river water, meaning you are not focusing on a single task and creating more opportunities to make a fatal mistake. You might want to take a step back from whatever project you are working on and come up with a coherent plan of action to try to avoid such an occurrence.
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