Eagle protecting I had a dream of eagle trying to guide me and protect me and my family members from some sort of negative elements… Dreaming about being protected by an eagle means that you can count on help and support of one of your closest friends when the need for help arises. If you happened to be watching an eagle soar high above your head, this could mean you will experience regrets and moral dilemmas about something you had done in the past in relation to your close relatives. Another source refers to dreaming about an eagle as manifestation of negative feelings toward a mother figure who may be excessively overprotective and controlling, making the relationship between you two difficult if not unbearable.
Feeding pigeons I dreamt that I am feeding pigeons This dream indicates that you are searching for a resolution to a problem or conflict in someone's life that is close to you. If you're trying to remedy a relationship with someone, try being more open to understanding their situation. Once you can see from their perspective you can help make peace with any conflict.
A bird in the nest with eggs I saw a tree full of fruits, nest on the tree with eggs and a mother bird next to the nest. We see this as a new opportunity for you to expand in a financial way. You've been working hard for some time and are finally starting to see the results of your labor. Continue on the path you're walking and remember to stay aware that the eggs have not hatched yet, but with some care you will see tremendous results.
Two women killing a pair of swans Two swans being killed by two women The meaning of a dream about swans being killed by a couple of women could be interpreted depending on your gender, which you have not mentioned in the request. If you are a woman, this vision could be a reflection of aversion you express toward other women, who might be competing with you for the same goal or objective, including romantic matters. Such rivalry could be something that has been happening recently, prompting this dream to occur, or it could be your natural behavioral trait. For men, this dream vision could reveal that they tend to treat their female companions or dates with excessive focus on physical attributes and qualities, rather than relying on emotional aspects of the relationship. The image of women killing swans in this dream is a clear and straightforward statement in this case, showing that women who want more intimate and affectionate relationship can be easily replaced.
Big and small birds walking together on the ground My dream was showing me birds... Not one kind of bird, but several different kinds, big to tiny, all walking around together on the ground, like a family of quail would do. Kind of like they wouldn't fly off because of the little ones. Dreaming about seeing big and small birds walking on the ground which resembled quails could predict starting to face issues and complications inside your household. Additionally, the same imagery experienced in a dream serves as a warning that you have recently acquired new friends who are not quite honest and straightforward with you because they are trying to move forward with their own selfish plans and goals. The birds staying on the ground signify the trust you have put into this relationship and there could be something holding you back so that it is really difficult, if not impossible, for you to free yourself from their influence.
Vultures eating flesh In the dream, two hawks feasted on a dead hawk, while a near by blackbird with a beautiful call ate bits of entrails and meat from my hand. The entrails and meat came from other dead birds in the surrounding area. This dream signifies either recently becoming a willing participant or witnessing some other way (TV or online) a conflict among several people with the central figure possibly being a young woman. Your involvement, if this was a real event or situation, also entailed revealing some compromising facts or information to others which re-ignited the already raging negative emotions. If you happened to just watch this drama unfolding as an observer, it may have left some lasting memories which eventually made their way to your subconscious state.
A crow watching while in the bathroom In my dream I was defecating and a crow on window was watching me. He flew out twice and came back. When I was washing myself, he suddenly fly and try to bite at left side of my neck and saved myself by brushing it aside by my hand. Based on the context of this dream vision, it is possible that the quality of your food has recently declined drastically or that there is a growing imbalance in your nutrition patterns. The image of the crow attacking you could also serve as a warning that some of the food you have been consuming lately is not good for your body or it could be affecting your metabolism and, subsequently, overall health in a very adverse, if not detrimental way.
Birds in a wrong place I looked up and saw a white dove, looked back up and it was a chicken that laid out a black ball. And a big man try to fight me for it, but I wasn't scared of him. My brother also said in the dream that the dove was in the wrong weather which was cold weather. Based on dream symbolism, the image of a white dove transforming into a chicken could mean that you currently could have high hopes or aspirations for something which is important to you or something you want to change in your life. However, you could be just beginning to realize that it is a wrong time for you to make it happen (the notion of cold weather in this dream). Among other reasons preventing you from making your hopes come true could be members of your family or other people in your everyday life who, because of their needs and wants, keep shifting your focus and attention from this goal or dream you may have.
Staying with a witch and a bird bothering In my dream I was trying to escape from someone, I entered an apartment of an older black woman (a witch), she helped me, but I was not trusting her. She allowed me to stay the night and gave me the guest room. I was afraid to go to sleep cause I didn't know if I could truly trust her. But I did go to sleep. In the night a dark bird flew into the room, (came in from where I don't know) I heard it fluttering and it landed on me on top of the blanket. It wanted to go to sleep and I tried to shoo it away. It cried out and squawked, several time it fluttered on me, eventually I got it to fly away. Dreaming about being intimidated by a woman who looked like a witch is a negative sign of not being able to succeed in your current plans or projects, mainly because of some trust issues with the people you have to deal with in order to make progress and move ahead. The image of a black bird landing on top of the blanket is also a indication of some minor issues happening around your household and which you are not fully in control of at the moment. If you felt in this dream that the bird was touching your body, it could also indicate some upcoming minor injuries or insignificant, short-term illness affecting your body.
Bird eggs being dropped on the car Fall day, not egg-laying time, bird egg drops from sky onto the hood of my car and splatters onto the windshield and the hood. The image of bird eggs usually is connected with the idea of money. Whole eggs represent financial gain and savings, possibly a literal nest egg. Seeing the eggs pelting your car from the sky can therefore have two possible interpretations. On one hand, it may represent receiving money from a miraculous or unexpected source, such as a lottery or gift. This is especially true if you were driving as this occurred in your dream. This vision may also suggest that the eggs are a symbol for opportunities. While you should be careful not to spread yourself too thin, taking on some more responsibilities may prove beneficial for your future, particularly in regards to monetary success.
A white owl attacking a pet A white owl snatched my pet budgie and started picking at its head. I managed to save the budgie and thought he was dead but thankfully he was alive. The owl wouldn't let go and wasn't scared when I tried to save the budgie. In this vision, the image of the white owl attacking your pet budgie seems to represent seeing evil in the world but being unable to do anything about it. The owl's white color suggests that this is not a usual or commonly recognized social injustice, but one that nonetheless causes you feelings of guilt and anger. Furthermore, you may also feel some fear because the source of this terrible behavior probably knows you are onto them. The image of your pet being safe at the end of the vision may mean you are able to help this problem some by speaking up, but you should carefully consider your actions so as not to put yourself, or those you care about, in danger.
A brown bird with chicks I had a dream of a little brown bird that her eggs had hatched and we were finding the chicks everywhere. And soon we had found all of them and put them back where they belong. Dreaming about bird eggs hatching near you symbolizes a similar situation of witnessing or finding out about someone giving birth in waking life. If you are pregnant or expecting at the moment or know someone who is, this dream vision is a favorable sign of delivering a healthy baby. The notion of collecting chicks and putting them back together suggests that you would spend considerable amount of your time ensuring safety, well-being and happiness of this newborn, whether your own or someone else's.
Killing a bird flown inside the house I dreamt of a light blue bird flying around in the house. I couldn't catch it, so eventually I picked something up and knocked it to the floor. When it fell a wing came off and it died. Traditional dream interpretation sources refer to visions of a blue bird as hope and anticipation of something important to happen. You my have given up on waiting for the right moment to come and want to try other approaches or ways of accomplishing things. At the same time, the dream could be telling you that you could be just rushing things and being impatient. The notion of the blue bird flying around inside your house suggests that a little more time to wait or little more effort could allow you to get what you want, if you let events and circumstances take their natural course and bestow what is there upon you.
Noisy birds inside the house Being awoken by a flock of noisy birds flying into a closed window. Being awoken by noisy birds flapping about and flying into a window suggests you are about to experience a growing household. This is most commonly associated with children, such as a baby being born or a child being adopted. However, in some cases, it can also symbolize someone coming to stay with you for a period of time, such as a friend or relative. Be on the lookout for this person so you can be ready and at your most hospitable.
An eagle being shot and staked with an arrow There were two men in a river. One man shot a bald eagle with a bow and staked it to the bottom of the river with the arrow. The eagle half stuck out. It felt real. The two men in the river represent road blocks and obstacles in your life which prevent you from making progress on your goals. Just like a flowing river poses some challenge to those who wish to cross, so does this symbol also suggest being overwhelmed by challenges. Shooting a bird with a bow and arrow, especially a creature as magnificent as the bald eagle, predicts a major catastrophe or accident as a result of these troubles. This accident is likely to be caused by some uncertainty over what to do or where to go as symbolized by the eagle being pinned under the river water, meaning you are not focusing on a single task and creating more opportunities to make a fatal mistake. You might want to take a step back from whatever project you are working on and come up with a coherent plan of action to try to avoid such an occurrence.
Encountering various birds My little sister and I are wandering in a blizzard, when the snow suddenly stops and we find ourselves surrounded by 8-9 ft. tall ice sculptures. We approach one that looks like an owl wearing a suit with a cape, textbook and monocle. The owl comes to life and spreads his cape like Dracula and whispers, "Come with me." Snow swirls around, and my sister and I find ourselves in my bedroom with a giant rooster, who claims to have kidnapped us. We can't leave my room, or else he will eat us. These two grandma chickens who he says are his sisters come and rescue us, and then decide to eat him... Dream visions of snow and ice (as in sculptures you have come across in this dream) are symbolic of new discoveries, learning experiences and getting rewarded for something you have recently accomplished. Birds of various types in this same dream seem to point to an upcoming period of rest and relaxation, most likely in the circle of your family and friends. You would soon take a break from the daily grind and immerse yourself in activities or events aimed to please and treat you in a special way, even for a short period of time. Based on the ending of this dream, a big dinner with family and relatives around dinner table is one of the options you should look forward to.
Watching geese swim and a swan appearing I had a dream of a huge flock of geese swimming in a pond or a stream, and they started flying away and all of a sudden a bright white swan appeared and it looked so pretty. Then I woke up or something. This dream contains many auspicious signs! Geese symbolize wealth and financial security, and seeing them swim in a small pond indicates your recent decisions may turn out to be profitable ones. Given the presence of geese, this is likely related to investments or other money management tools you have been utilizing. Seeing a bright, white swan additionally predicts meeting with someone you have not seen for a long time. This may be connected to your monetary acquisitions or happen as a separate event.
Birds flapping their wings in dreams For the past few nights I have been sleeping and I have dreamed of flapping of birds' wings, then I wake up. Dreaming about birds flapping and fluttering about is a negative sign associated with the loss of wealth and material possessions. This is likely the result of your own bad behavior in regard to your finances, like not sticking to a budget or going on an ill-advised shopping spree. You may want to keep a close eye on your expenses and, as a precautionary measure, consider saving more or trying to find better deals on your necessities.
Being scared of a brown owl I was dreaming that a brown owl came walking in my nice backyard and climbed on my fence. I was on my balcony with someone and I saw that there is like a some sort of a cement hole. And then I looked at it and thought that it looked nice, and then she opened its mouth, which scared me. Dreaming about a brown owl on your property is an ill omen predicting disaster and misfortune for you and everyone else in your household. The situation you find yourself in is likely to go from bad to worse to even worse, slowly spiraling downward. Beautiful women are usually a positive sign, but, in this case, likely represent an illusion. This means you or someone in your family may find a small glimmer of hope, but it is more likely that this is all smoke and mirrors. Pursuing this dream-like solution can only lead to further problems.
Witnessing crows pecking at flesh on the ground I have a recurring dream lately that crows are pecking at something. I go over to investigate and it is usually a little baby or young animal. There are entrails spilling out of the stomach. Never blood though. I am female. This dream has an overarching theme of health with a focus on your mental well-being. Having your attention drawn to crows that are pecking at something on the ground represents a large social gathering or a series of events which require you to meet and interact with others. This may have been organized by you or someone else, but, in either case, somehow requires your participation. This vision suggests through the repetitive imagery, however, that you have recently been under a lot or stress or are in the beginning stages of experiencing some psychological issue which may need attention. Your full involvement in social activities is probably unwise or may cause you to feel worse than you already do. The young, dead animal you see at the end further supports this idea, indicating a need to focus on your personal health and well-being before doing anything else.
Being fed by a black and white bird A bird with white and black feathers landed on my shoulder and when I turned my head to look at it, it fed me from its beak like it would a young bird. This dream has an overwhelmingly positive interpretation regarding your work situation. Being fed by a bird predicts being invited to a party or gala where you can network and meet many interesting people. The white and black color suggests receiving good news either at this event or sometime soon after. The cause for your celebration, however, can be seen in the bird's willingness to perch on your shoulder, which portends an improved work situation, more favorable conditions for personal growth and development, possibly as a result of promotion or transfer, which would surely make you a much happier person.
A nest in the mud with chicks A chick nest under the mud, more alive and few dead chicks. Mud is often symbolic of time filled with uncertainty and despair. If you wallowed through the mud at all in this vision, it may suggest you are about to go through some trying times with an unclear resolution. However, finding a nest in the mud represents a pleasant surprise or a lucky turn of events, so you should never lose hope in a happy outcome.
Assisting a chicken giving birth to chicks I saw a hen delivering live chicks in my dream yesterday night, and the hen belongs to my uncle's wife, thus my father's junior brother's wife. She and the husband were all there but the 7th chick, my uncle inserted his hand into the anus of the hen and removed it. Dream visions about looking at or being near a chicken with its chicks, are a reflection of your existing concerns related to your immediate family members. Most likely, these are health issues related to the wife of your uncle, or to both of them as a couple. Since the act of giving birth to chicks needed assistance from you uncle, it could be related to their fertility problems, inability to have more or any children, or it could be a reflection of their concerns expressed and shared with you regarding someone else in your immediate or extended family, which left a lasting imprint in your subconscious mind.
A family member attacked by millions of crows It's hard to recall events leading up to this part of the dream, but I remember standing a short distance from my home and had somehow willed millions of crows (enough to black out the sky) to attack a member of my family. I also don't remember what happened after that. Male. With the missing details it is difficult to come to a concise meaning for this vision. Envisioning thousands upon thousands of birds filling the sky and blocking the light is suggestive of a sudden change or outbreak that causes chaos around you. This is also supported by the birds attacking someone you know well, which indicates that getting involved with certain people may prove disastrous. Because you are the one who orchestrates this event, it seems your actions may be responsible for other people's suffering and instability. However, whether this was done consciously or accidentally, is unclear from this vision.
Birds flying and one of them landing on the head I saw many birds flying in the air and one the birds perched on my head. Birds that fly and perch above you are often associated with rising above the challenges and difficulties you have been facing recently. Either through your own efforts or divine intervention, you are likely to find yourself free of the problems that have plagued your past, leaving you with a light, happy feeling and a chance to explore your options without being bogged down by other worries.
An owl giving birth to a human-like creature I and my husband were walking in the woods, when we came to two snow owls on a branch. Where the female owl was looking like she was ready to birth, and when the female did deliver, it looked almost human-like. Thanks, looking forward to hearing back from you. White owls are usually associated with relationships, and the presence of two white owls along with you and your husband strongly suggests this vision is connected to your relationship with him. Normally, white owls point toward complementary features or a balance of temperaments, aspects that make a strong relationship and which you and your husband have shown. However, seeing these owls perched on a branch indicates there may be something amiss, and it likely has to do with a piece of advice that you did not believe and, as a result, neglected to follow. The birth represents a change occurring in the near future, though whether it is for better or for worse or includes your change in heart over this advice or not is not clear. Using your best judgement and communicating openly with your spouse is the best way to smooth out any wrinkles that may be forming.
Helping an injured stork I am seeing a stork injured. I am helping the stork to live. Coming across an injured stork in a dream is a sign that somebody close to you is trying to stop you from fulfilling your dreams and hopes. You may want to re-think what you are trying to achieve, and what your goals and objectives are at the moment. You should also consider the possibility that someone around you is working against your best wishes. As the notion of helping the stork to survive in this dream implies, you may have already realized that someone is standing in your way and you may just be starting to counteract this person's attempts to interfere with what is so important to you.
A bird in the room perching on people's shoulders Hi, I dreamt I was in a room. I think there was one other person there. A large bird appeared (pretty sure it was an eagle). It progressively perched on each of our shoulders hugging us with its wings. Then my father came into the room, I was concerned he would harm the bird who was being gentle and kind towards us. The bird then perched on his shoulders and also hugged him with his wings. This dream vision of seeing a large bird perching on your friends' and father's shoulders could have two possible meanings. If you remembered that the bird was an eagle, it could be a sign of having to soon part with your friends or your father because of some externals circumstances, such as relocating, moving with the purpose of study or work or dramatically changing your lifestyle. Another, more negative interpretation of a big bird on top of someone's head or shoulders could portend this person's passing away, in this case it is unclear whose exactly.
An owl nearby Had a dream of a brown owl flying at me, landing at my feet and walking beside me, but never touching me. What does that mean? Owls represent wisdom. Dreaming of an owl flying towards you and landing at your feet suggests that you may soon gain some valuable insight which could help you resolve some problems that you may be facing. The owl is walking beside you in your dream to remind you that you need your wits in order to avoid any unpleasant incidents in your business or professional dealings. Always be on the lookout for potential problems and risks. Likewise, it is important to stay grounded and humble if you are to face challenges in the future.
An empty bird nest I have had this dream twice. I walk out of my house and I see a bird's nest on the ground, but it's empty. Feathers on the ground and one in the nest. I feel sad and start to look for the babies, but can't find them. Dreaming of an empty bird's nest indicates new houses or homes. Your vision suggests you may soon purchase or come into possession of a new residence. The emptiness of the nest means that the residence is ready to be occupied, hence the possibility of moving into a new home. As with any transfer or change of address, there will always be a bittersweet feeling associated with it. The sadness you felt in your dream mirrors the melancholy of relocating and leaving behind the connections you have established in your current place. Nonetheless, the feathers imply new associations and new friends to look forward to.
Owls transforming into human beings Two owls suddenly stopped me in my tracks, then they both suddenly turned into human form and spoke to me saying they are my guardians. Seeing multiple owls can represent an aspect of your personality which is happy to help others in need. This generosity may be one of your best attributes or a trait which has, until now, been under-utilized. In either case, watching the owls transform and their identification as your guardians could point to making powerful friends because of your good deeds. Those whom you once helped may now be the ones who come to your aid.
An owl with fledglings An adult owl appears white in color and with it are two babies All I remember thinking how majestic they were. 1 baby I kept having to put it back in the nest. To see a white owl in your dream is a sign of meeting a potential romantic partner. You may have set your sights on someone you admire and this vision shows that a relationship with this person would be complementary and beneficial for the both of you. Given enough time to blossom and develop, it could lead to a committed partnership. Alternatively, owls also represent intelligence and surveillance, such that their appearance in dreams suggests a revelation of secrets or the discovery of unsavory information. The owlets or owl fledglings are the pieces of advice you may receive in relation to the potential partner or the acquired information. A trusted friend or mentor can help you decide on your next course of action.
Owls killing each other 2 smaller owls flew into a house to set up a nest. About several hours later 2 barn owls moved into the same space. Shortly later you could hear and sense a struggle. Barn owls killed the smaller ones. A male barn then flew across the street. Meanwhile, someone had the bodies of the smaller owls and we're going to take them home to possibly stuff. Owls are wise creatures, so seeing them attack and kill fledglings or smaller-sized owls in your dream suggests intellectual discourse. You may be embracing questioning recent viewpoints or perspectives in life in favor of long-held beliefs. The death of the owls is symbolic of a transformation occurring within you and letting go of undesirable personal traits and attitudes. Alternatively, this vision could also point to your power of observation and presence of mind in identifying and resolving a budding problem, such as early detection of a potential health issue or resolving a kink that could have messed up you entire your project.
A white owl dying on the floor I dreamed I walked into a room and a white owl swooped down from a mantel and ended up on the floor wrapped in a blanket. I unwrapped it and it was dying and it was pleading for help to survive. I had no idea what to do, but I wanted to save it. White owls usually represent the other party in an intimate relationship, especially in cases where your current or potential partner is someone you truly admire and respect beyond your feelings of love. However, watching the owl swoop down and then seeing it dying suggest something interfering with the relationship. It could be something completely outside of your control, like a job far away, or something connected to the relationship itself, like a difference in beliefs. In either case, your desire to save the owl suggests much the same as it may be in the wake life situation, namely that you are willing to do whatever it takes to save your relationship and even make it stronger.
Owl fledglings without a nest Two baby owls not in their nest. The baby owls in your dream that are not in their nest represent misplaced judgment or unwarranted advice. A friend or family member could be concerned about you and may give you an advice or two even if you never asked for it. It may be about a situation concerning your relationship, career or current project. Take their piece of information with a grain of salt because in the end you know more about the situation than anyone else.
Marching pelicans and someone with a pigeon head The first dream was about marching pelicans that tried to attack me, and the second dream was in a classroom where somebody had a pigeon head instead of a human head. Being attacked by pelicans in a dream vision is a negative sign associated with confrontation and bad blood between you and a group of females. This is likely a group you have had some negative contact with in the past, and the cause of this particular incident is probably some action you made against them recently. This is coupled with the image of the pigeon-headed person, which represents the sadness of your current situation and the stress you are currently under. You may need to reevaluate how you interact with others in the future or lay low while the situation sorts itself out.
A dead bird splitting in half I had a dream about a dried bird splitting in half, what does that mean? Dreaming of a dead or dried bird symbolizes the triumph achieved from acting on and overcoming major challenges and hardships. You would successfully win over these complications in a relatively short period of time, quicker than you ever imagined. The bird splitting in half may allude to the two sides of your brain, the creative and the logical, which you need to tap in order to triumph over obstacles.
Running away from and interacting with doves I had a dream I saw a white dove and horse mixed together. Me and my sister were scared, so we started running. Then I saw two white doves, my sister kept running and I stopped, then one dove landed on my shoulder and I started speaking in tongues. Doves represent peace and innocence, while horses are associated with vitality and sexuality. These seemingly opposing symbols point to your struggles with the complexity of your emotions. Perhaps you are battling your personal desires and urges in order to remain in control, this is why you and your sister are running away from the animal hybrid in the dream. The end of the dream wherein a dove lands on your shoulder suggests that you may be able to allow peace and harmony to finally prevail and let that side of you rein in your impulses.
Trying to prepare a dead crow to be cooked My ex husband gave me a dead crow, then my mother makes the crow feather less, like we make chicken ready to cook. Then I saw I throw a flesh of heart of crow from my mouth down. Dreaming about a dead crow symbolizes your ability to overcome hardship and be victorious over the difficulties you face. Given that your ex-husband was the one who presented you with the crow, it may represent moving on past some aspect of that relationship or finding peace with him. Preparing to cook the bird and eating some of it predicts that your newfound tranquility could have positive impacts beyond your social connections, possibly increasing the happiness you feel day-to-day or allowing you to focus on tasks which make you feel productive and efficient.
Bird eggs containing fish I dreamt about a lady who was hungry. I found her two bird eggs on the ground. We checked them with a flashlight to see if they had baby birds in them. She checked one and it did not and the other one I checked had two fish in it. Dreaming about a hungry stranger is the manifestation of your inner sympathetic side which sees "the lack" in the lives of those around you. You may be particularly acute to the needs of the homeless who have little food or no shelter during harsh weather, or you may be sensitive to the youth who lack consistent authority figures to teach them right from wrong. The plain egg that the woman saw represents how this cycle perpetuates due to the way laws and society treat these people, and the fish in your egg show the fear or apprehension that accompanies a new endeavor. Getting involved in such a cause may be rewarding, but it is not without its risks. You should consider those points carefully before committing yourself.
A bus with exotic birds inside driving by I dreamt of a passing bus filled with all kinds of exotic birds. Thank you for your interpretation. A bus passing by in a dream suggests going against the grain. Maybe there are friends or colleagues whom you disagree with. The disagreement could be making you feel out of place. The exotic birds signify high-flying figures, ambitious individuals, and you cannot seem to relate to them. Perhaps this group rubs you the wrong way, unfortunately, you may need to find a common ground with them if you wish to further your career.
Being attacked by an eagle while swimming I was attacked by a black eagle. Before I was going to keep avoiding that eagle. I was taking a bath at that time. I don't know if it was a pond, lake, river or what else. But I only remember that I am taking bath through swimming with a big rock... A black eagle is a highly ominous sign which predicts a new enemy emerging from the shadows, someone who seeks to ruin you and destroy all you love. This is opposed, however, by the image of you bathing in open water, which is a positive symbol associated with the idea of triumph in the face of poor odds. You may find this situation daunting, but you already possess the skills and power to get out of it safely.
A black crow landing on the arm The only thing I remember in the dream is a black crow landing on my left arm. Black birds, and crows in particular, represent the rise of a powerful rival or enemy in your life. This man (or woman) may at first disguise himself as a friend, attempting to be your right-hand man or someone posing to be irreplaceable. However, you should not trust this individual under any circumstances because this relationship is doomed from the very beginning.
Saving a baby bird which falls out of its nest I dreamed a small baby bird fell out of its nest. It was black with a red circle on its cheeks and yellow on its head. The nest was right above where it had fallen, though it looked dead. However, when I picked it up, it was alive and I returned it to its mother and siblings. And this all happened in the backyard of my old house. Dreaming about being in the familiar environment of your old backyard is the result of your subconscious trying to draw strength and comfort, possibly because of a current or upcoming situation which causes you mental stress or anxiety. The bird that fell from the nest further emphasizes this point, adding aspects of sorrow or deep depression. However, not all hope should be lost, as the miraculous recovery of the bird and its reunion with the rest of the family both portend everything working out in the end.
Being scratched by a snowy owl I dreamed of my right hand being scratched by a snowy owl. The owl scratched me with its long dark nails and the wound on my hand was deep. The number of nails was four. Then the owl was kept in a freezer and it shrunk slowly, became featherless at the end. A white owl in a dream usually refers to a healthy romantic bond, however in the context of your dream, the other symbolic meaning of the snowy owl seems to fit this vision better. In your dream, the white owl could represent enlightenment or a discovery of a secret. The aggressive actions of the owl point to the destructive nature of this secret. Knowing about it may cause fear and agitation in you. However, as the dream suggests, the owl meets its demise. In reality, this death means transformation. Once you overcome the negative repercussions of the secret, you could experience a change in your perspective. Whether or not it is for the better, depends on your chosen point of view.
A brown bird laying an egg I had a dream about a brown bird with white spots on its back. I was at my old house and the bird came in my room through the window. It flies away a little bit and laid an egg. The egg cracked. Brown birds are usually associated with motherhood and caregivers, and this sign seems especially strong in this vision with the addition of the egg. This suggests you may soon be witness to a birth, possibly the birth of a child into the family of a friend or relative. However, the fact that the egg cracked in the same dream vision could predict some minor complications, such as premature labor or the mother feeling unwell afterwards.
Almost hitting owls on the road I was in a car, but I was not driving, going down a dark road and the car nearly hit an owl with its baby owl that was on the road. Dreaming that you are a passenger in a car that nearly runs over a pair of owls points to the possibility of avoiding a nasty confrontation in the near future. Someone that you know may be scheming against you and could even try to engage with you in a violent, unpredictable manner. Luckily, it is quite likely that you would be able to avoid having to deal with this person altogether.
Offers to eat a dead owl Last night I saw 3 dead frozen white owls and one man was there who told me that he will roast them to eat. My one friend took one cut piece of that white dead owl and started to eat and offered me, but I refused to eat that. White owls represent potential romantic partners or even soul mates in some cases, so seeing a frozen owl could suggest those potential connections are being hindered or blocked from coming to fruition for some reason. The image of your friend trying to cut and eat the owl could predict their involvement, perhaps showing that they are jealous of your attention being elsewhere or indicating their interest in your desired partner.
A brown owl held by mother In my dream I was asleep when I heard an owl outside my bedroom window. I woke up, got off the bed and peeked out the window and there it was, a brown owl sitting on my tree branch. For some reason, my mother was outside and when I told her about my dream, the bids came flying straight into her hands. (Still dreaming) we both sat down as she was holding the brown owl in her arms and that's when the owl smiled at me. I freaked out and that's when I woke up. What could this dream mean? Brown owls in dreams usually represent something happening to your body. This could range from good things, such as losing weight or recovering from injury, to bad things, like becoming ill or losing a limb. In this case, however, you should not fear. Seeing your mother in your dream is a very auspicious sign which signifies good things happening to you. More specifically, the owl's placement in her hands could predict your or another family member's upcoming pregnancy which would bring great joy and happiness both to you and your family.
A blue and a red birds together Hi, so I had a dream of a red bird and a blue bird and they were sitting together cuddling up. And my boyfriend likes the color blue and me pink and red and seeing those birds made me think of him. So what does it mean to see two birds leaning next to each other? Visions of birds highlight the dreamer's hopes and aspirations. They can also be interpreted as symbols of freedom. The red and blue birds in your dream allude to different ideals. The blue bird carries messages of reconciliation and conflict resolution, while the red one is a symbol of fiery tempers and aggression. Perhaps the point of the dream is to illustrate your and your boyfriend's complementary characteristics. You balance each other's energies in order to achieve harmony and bring out the best in each other.
A white eagle attacking I dreamt of a white eagle flying down from a bright narrow path towards me and it grabbed my neck. It happened twice, once after another in one night. Eagles are often symbolically linked with the idea of enemies emerging from the woodwork, so seeing an eagle swoop down to grab you by the neck suggests you should be very concerned about your upcoming endeavors as someone may be waiting to make their move against you. Additionally, the particular color (white) in this case could signify some misdirection. For example, this person may offer to help you when, in fact, they are really trying to sabotage your progress.
An eagle dying in the snow I was lying down in the snow asleep at first. I open my eyes and there is a black eagle next to me in the snow, looking into my eyes, and I watched it die. Both of the central symbols in this vision, the snow and the dying eagle, point toward great hardship and difficulty affecting those around you. The snow paints a more general picture, representing your role as an observer in the tragedy that is about to unfold in the life of someone close to you. The eagle dying beside you shows your helplessness in this situation. While you may not be able to make the pain go away, you can be there for this individual or people as a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen.
An owl trying to get inside the house An owl was trying to get into my house, but I wouldn't let it. Dreaming that an owl is trying to get into your house alludes to the threat of financial instability. You could be worried about losing your job or accumulating debt. You could even face the threat of poverty. As such, this dream strongly advises you to check for any signs of these problems, so you can take immediate action and avoid becoming a financial train wreck.
Pink birds in a calm setting I had a dream of two pale-pink birds outside near my house. I just put seed out, so they were waiting to feed. Neither made a noise. It was calm and peaceful. It's been 13 years since my mom passed away, and my ex mother-in-law just passed away 2 days after that day. I recently found a picture of both of them together. Pink, in the context of dream visions, often represents feelings of love and affection. In many cases, people see these colors being worn by those they care deeply for. In your vision, it was birds that were pink in color. Birds that are unusually beautiful or colorful often have ties to the past. It seems, then, that you may have just received a visit from both of your departed mothers. Given the peaceful and tranquil scene, it is likely they are in a better place and wish you well as you continue on your journey.
Scared of an owl's stare My husband has been having reoccurring dreams about owls. In the first, it was just perched on a branch staring at him. The other is just a silhouette of an owl. He said he could feel it breathing then stopped, so he opened his eyes and the owl's eyes turned fiery. He says that in both dreams, he felt very uneasy and almost fearful. What could this possibly mean, so I can help him understand and overcome what it might represent? Thank you in advance. This vision centered around the image of owls contains a highly negative message that should not be ignored. Owls are often thought to be the harbingers of negative energy, so seeing them in multiple visions could be interpreted as a sign that your husband is about to hit a rough patch with you involved. The breathing that he was able to sense could represent the elusive nature of the danger that lurks around the corner, while the fiery eyes could indicate that this is related to something he has already experienced in the past, either a fear he still retains or a negative event he has gone through. Unfortunately, until the darkness takes over, it is impossible for either of you to really prepare. The best you can do is be there for each other and be watchful for what is to come.
An owl and falcon fighting in the air In the dream, I was on the edge of a road and a cut-down wheat field, or it might have been an abandoned wheat field turned into a grassland. The snowy owl flew in and caught in midair a bit smaller bird, which I perceived could be a young falcon. Owl carried it up, but falcon escaped for a moment, I gasped and the owl looked at me once again, I felt that the owl should not give up. 5 seconds later owl caught the falcon again and they flapped their wings in flight, swirled with nails in each other. End. Envisioning a seemingly abandoned wheat field is highly symbolic and represents the point you are at in wake life. The lack of life and "work" happening at this particular field suggests your own growth has been stunted for some reason. This could be due to others keeping you down or a general sense of disappointment and disillusionment. Your own emotional state often hinders the progress you can make, especially with self-improvement. The snowy owl in this vision is most likely you projecting yourself onto the magnificent creature. The smaller falcon, then, could represent your fears and self-doubt or a particular person who acts bigger than they actually are. Seeing the owl prey on the falcon shows how you can overcome the obstacles preventing your growth with perseverance and patience. Even if you do not succeed the first time, your effort is likely to be rewarded the more opportunities you accept to rise to the challenge.
A mockingbird landing on the arm In my dreams I saw a mockingbird landing on my left arm, then it later flew away but I was also quick to push it away. I caused it to fly. This vision seems to suggest that you have been feeling anti-social lately. In fact, there may even be a specific person or event you have been trying to avoid, meaning you have been searching for excuses not to go or ways to let the other person down gently. If you are absolutely sure the signals you are sending out would not hurt others, it may be better to express your lack of interest, whether it is permanent or just temporary, in a more direct way, rather than waffling and wasting both your and their time.
Waiting for a white owl to wake up I dreamt a white owl landed near me, then walked onto my shoulder and curled itself about my neck and went to sleep. I sat there until it was ready to go, a few hours later it woke up and flew away. Then I just carried on working. This dream about a white owl landing and resting on your shoulder alludes to a current or possible romance with someone special. This relationship with the person you admire and find interesting would be reciprocal and complementary, and based on complete trust. You would feel at ease with each new encounter and increasingly enjoy their company. However, this affair could be fleeting and would end amicably. Perhaps you both would come to a mutual decision to end your brief but memorable romantic experience. Alternatively, this dream could mean that you may soon meet a mentor who would impart valuable lessons enabling you to be better at your job.
Receiving an owl as a gift Dreamt that my boyfriend gave me an owl as a gift and then the owl was kissing me. Want to know the meaning of the dream. Dreaming about being gifted an owl has negative connotations. The fact that it was your boyfriend who gave you the owl signifies a loss of trust and understanding inside your relationship. You may find yourself in an abusive partnership or your boyfriend may turn hostile towards you. Ultimately, these things might set you back in your relationship goals, so you should not let them affect you adversely.
Birds carrying a big tree branch First I saw one bird flying on top of me, then another one... After that I saw three birds flying, coming in front of me carrying a branch of a tree. I'm so amazed that they can fly while carrying a big branch of a tree. They put down the branch of a tree in front of me. I was talking with my husband when the birds came. A tree branch by itself in a dream is often thought to be a symbol of sadness and heartbreak, suggesting you may have felt down recently or experienced something rather tragic. However, the birds that lay the branch at your feet and fly around you represent this burden being lifted from your shoulders, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to find happiness once again. Your husband is likely to play an important part in your emotional recovery.
A parrot and a baby penguin My friend with benefits and I had a home together. Her dog and my dog were there and there was also a parrot flying around. A man knocked on the door and gave her a newly hatched baby penguin. The parrot tried to eat the penguin and I woke up. Envisioning yourself living with a lover in a dream often represents your desire to receive more attention or affection from this particular individual. This could mean she is withholding love, but more likely it suggests you wish, at least subconsciously, that your connection would grow and deepen. The hatched baby penguin may be interpreted as the manifestation of your desire to have a baby and start a family. If you wish to pursue this goal, it may take some time, patience and effort.
A parakeet flying free In my dream I was introduced to a light blue parakeet with white pied wings and head, sitting on a perch. I kept trying to play with and engage the parakeet and became aware I wasn't supposed to. After I stopped trying, the parakeet immediately somersaulted toward me and was traveling with me. I looked up and saw the parakeet flying free with a full wingspan upward toward the top of a utility green pole. I woke and slept several times and the dream continued where it left off. A parakeet sitting on a perch could signify an upcoming period filled with great disappointment or sadness. While a very generic symbol, the later imagery points to more specific and sinister forces at work. Seeing a parakeet flying free may allude to facing immediate danger to either your physical safety or personal finances, likely as a result of overlooking obviously sketchy surroundings or being too trusting of shady individuals. In another interpretation, it may also be a sign of crossing paths with a convicted felon or a stranger with criminal past, mainly because of bad timing or circumstantial factors outside your control.
Saving a baby owl I am trying to reunite a baby owl with its mother. I am cupping this little furry ball, the baby owl, in my hands. I am making owl hoots, to attract the mother but there is an enormous cat and disgusting big black bird which makes me uncertain what to do with the baby owl. It ends up with me opening this big book and what looks like a kind of shell falling out of the book. The multiple symbols in your dream share the theme of learning. Trying to reunite a baby owl with its mother alludes to your desire to focus and stay true to the path of enlightenment and learning. However, the presence of the cat and the black bird represents the obstacles to your quest for knowledge. The cat symbolizes independence and being a free spirit. Perhaps you are struggling to reconcile theoretical and classical learning with experiential and practical knowledge. Furthermore, the black bird alludes to dark moods and a lack of motivation, representing the times when you probably lose sight of your goals. Finally, the book symbolizes your ultimate goal for learning. The overall vision seems to point to your determination that in the end you would know which path to follow.
A fight between an owl and an eagle An owl and an eagle fighting. Seeing an owl and an eagle fighting is the manifestation of your struggle with injustice in the world. Specifically, this symbol represents your attempts to fight back against bullies and other who are intolerant by standing up to them and defending those who are weaker. Your efforts are likely to earn you the respect and appreciation of those you help, but you may face hardship from broken relationships with those who are not as morally inclined to act as you.
Crows inside the house I dreamt that inside my house there were two crows flying and then one of them stands in front of me and keeps looking at me eye to eye. What does this means? Will I strike lottery? A dream wherein you see crows inside your home has negative connotations. In the dream world, crows symbolize dire warnings. It seems that there are some evil forces at work which could put you in great danger. Make sure you keep yourself alert for any mishaps and focus on keeping yourself safe. Since you found the crows inside your home, it could very well point that any problems which you may face are due to an individual you are pretty close to, someone familiar to you, but who may be acting to cause havoc in your life.
An owl landing on the shoulder I was sitting in a car late at night when I saw an owl flying around outside. All of a sudden it swooped down and landed on my shoulder, but was still flapping its wings. Envisioning an owl landing on your shoulder in a dream represents regaining wisdom. There may have been a flop in your current projects or the ways you do things, which you have managed to get valuable insights from and successfully resolve the problem you were facing. Your good wits may have saved you from unpleasant consequences and allowed to move on with your plans and goals.
Crows trying to communicate with father Two crows came to my father, sat on my father's hand and were trying to say something. We all thought it was my father's parents and they were trying to say something to my father. Seeing your father and crows together in a dream generally represents a warning, suggesting that you may find yourself in an extremely complicated situation or dilemma when you would need good advice from the people closest to you. It could also be indicative of the fact that there are evil forces at work which could ultimately put you in grave danger. After experiencing this vision, try to be more alert and focus on keeping yourself safe.
Catching and releasing a pigeon I caught a pigeon, then after a while I saw my grandparents at work, then I found myself letting the pigeon go. Your dream of catching a pigeon probably points to your tendency to either believe in rumors or spread gossip. You may secretly find joy in hearing juicy information about others even when you know participating in gossip can have negative consequences, especially for those involved. As such, seeing your grandparents in the same dream calls your rational side because your grandparents represent wisdom. Hence, your subconscious is reminding you to exercise prudence in those situations.
Black owls landing on bed My niece keeps dreaming of black owls landing on her bed and walking around staring at her, then they fly away. I asked her how many, she keeps saying 4,8,9,10, 11. Same every time I ask. We have "gifts" in our family, through generations. I know this is a major symbol, but usually means death or something bad coming. I could use more specifics on this dream please. The images of black owls can be harbingers of death and darkness in the dream world. However, they can also symbolize negative thoughts and self-destructive behavior. As such, the owls landing on the bed in your niece's dream may be referring to her emotional distress or growing anger. Something or someone may be making her question her beliefs and causing her to slowly lose her self-confidence. Without proper guidance, she may continue into a downward spiral of depression marked by moments of rage. The increasing number of owls landing on her bed therefore means that she may be getting closer to her limit, which could push her over the edge soon. It is therefore crucial to coax her to open up about her personal issues to get to the root of the problem.
Trying to help an injured crow An abandoned building with barrels strewn outside, they blew up as a man was showing or guiding me around the area. Two crows flew into air and headed for me, one injured being guided by the other. The injured crow landed in my arms. I am always happy to see crows, so I was very distressed that it was hurt and trying to get it medical help, but the man with me wouldn't or couldn't drive me to a vet. I felt sad and panicky. I turned and asked another person to help, but my alarm woke me up. The overall message of your dream seems to be a severance of ties. Specifically, the abandoned building suggests an encounter which would lead to a lot of dissatisfaction with the actions of a close friend or a trusted individual. You could lose the support of this confidante after a series of emotional outbursts and confrontations. The aftermath of those incidents likely makes reconciliation next to impossible. Furthermore, black birds, and crows in particular, allude to powerful rivals. Not only would you be forced to sever ties with a close friend, but this ally could become an adversary. The ultimate betrayal is the fact that this man (or woman) has gained your trust to the point of being almost irreplaceable and yet in the end you have to part ways on bad terms.
An eagle making feel comfortable I walked into a room, there were many animals, different species, felt worried like I have to help them out. As I was looking around to see where should I start, one bird (a young eagle?) picked me rather. Sat on my shoulder giving nice, warm, soft feeling on my neck, I might have giggled, it was so nice. The bird was white and large size. Seemed very pleased like it waited to find me and I felt I should make the bird feel safe, comfortable. It wouldn't go when I tried setting it free. Seeing a room full of animals in your dream symbolizes human nature, gut instincts and primitive needs. Meanwhile, the young eagle that landed on your shoulders represents your ambitions and desire to succeed. As such, this dream likely means that in order for you to attain success or move a little closer to you dreams, you may need to transcend your primal instincts, or at least be able to control your urges. Discipline and focus are two attributes that are also associated with eagles, so perhaps having the eagle on your shoulder is the burden you must bear if you wish to get to the next level.
Flocks of birds in a stormy weather I was dreaming of seeing lots of birds, one flock is settling on the ground and lots also in other flock are flying in a hurry as if scared them. And when I looked up I saw the sky with waves and in a stormy condition and became frightened of the situation. I was running to look for or be with my children. Seeing a flock of birds in your dream is an allusion to irrational decisions and biased views. There could be a lot of changes or events happening around you with negative ramifications for you and your family. Likewise, the stormy sky portends troubling times ahead. This possible paradigm shift in the waking world is making you anxious and apprehensive about the future. Perhaps this dream vision is preparing you for the worst-case scenario.
An eagle attacking while shopping I had a dream I was going to the store for some milk, but they didn't have the milk I wanted on the shelf, so the worker had to get it for me. But I was outside the store and an eagle was carrying a stork trying to peck me on my had. The common themes of your dream seem to play around the concepts of motherhood and birth. Milk refers to your nurturing nature and maternal instincts. Specifically, buying milk in your dream scenario portends unfortunate circumstances that could cause serious financial constraints for you and your family. Perhaps another baby is on the way, as depicted by the stork, and you may not have the means to adequately provide for the needs of your children. On the brighter side, seeing an eagle carrying a stork could also be an allusion to the birth of an idea or finding inspiration to fulfill your aspirations. This would allow you to augment your income and keep supporting your loved ones.
An eagle with a broken wing I dreamed about an eagle. Had one broken wing. Kept falling down to the ground. The eagle in your dream is a symbol of an upcoming period of grief caused by misfortune. You could face difficult circumstances brought about by those who are close to you or arising from your own carelessness while dealing with certain situations. Seeing the eagle having a broken wing and falling down to the ground in your dream vision connotes hopelessness regarding people or things that you value. Moreover, it is an indication of great suffering, so you may need to prepare yourself in order to handle what awaits you.
A bird of paradise in a swimming pool A beautiful bird of paradise sat on a big tree in between two branches. I went and touched its beak or nose and then it flies down to a swimming pool which it normally swims in. It dived in the pool and came out on the other side of the pool and shook off the water and stayed there. Seeing a bird of paradise in the dream world alludes to your soul. Thus, the bird's action of diving into the swimming pool is a metaphor for cleansing. You could be in the process of getting rid of clutter, both externally and internally, to free up space which you can allocate to more productive and positive pursuits. Alternatively, the pool may point to a passionate, yet short-lived love affair. It would consume you whole and once it ends, you would be forever changed as a person.
Dead birds falling from the sky Hundreds of burnt, dead birds falling or flipping from the sky, they were very stiff. After I pointed it out the lady next to me she screamed and hundreds of people ran. I ran with my sister to hide and when I looked back it was raining. A dream scenario involving dead birds is often a bad omen. Instead of flying free, birds get burnt and come crashing into the pavement akin to disappointments and crushed aspirations in reality. A pivotal event may be imminent which would cause widespread problems and uncertainties in your community. As a result, there would be a lot of anger and resentment going around, including misery, a breakdown of ties and possible confrontations. During this troubling period, you would have to lean on your trusted friends and family to avoid getting swept into the emotional current and lose your perspective in the process.
Catching flying birds I dreamed about catching birds flying towards me in a dream. Catching birds in a dream bears a very auspicious message. The birds symbolize success and favorable circumstances in your personal or professional journey. In addition, the birds could mean that it is a lucky period to play lottery or gamble because the odds are in your favor. The fact that the birds are flying towards you is an indication of the relative ease with which you would find success. Hence, it is also the perfect opportunity for you to take some risks and grab the chance to pursue your passion.
The presence of evil and doves I woke up with a feeling of a presence in the room, looked around and went back to sleep. It happened again and I went to sleep again. This time as I drifted off I looked up and saw about 7 beautiful white doves flying. I woke up smiling. Doves in dreams represent innocence and serenity. The notion that you seemed to feel their presence but went back to sleep suggests that you are at peace with your current existence but could be overlooking certain aspects of it which are working against you. The flight of the doves can be interpreted as an auspicious sign. It signifies that you would eventually find tranquility and harmony which have been missing. You would find happiness with the help of family and close friends paving the way to a period in your life free of any disagreements or confrontations.
Parrots being let out of the cage Had a number of birds, including my tame African Grey parrot and my daughter's yellow ringneck in a cage. A strange man who seemed to be my mother's partner opened the cage and let the birds fly away. I panicked about the two pet birds who were gone too. The dream is quite unsettling and has been on my mind all day. Please help! Dreaming about your birds in a cage represents your constant striving for perfection. You may have a tendency to micromanage and control the work of those around you in order to fulfill your goals. While you may think your ideas are superior, your insistence on doing things your way may cause problems between you and those you are dealing with. The image of someone coming in and setting these birds free could point to a singular event where you are not in control, either because there is no way to force the situation or because someone has wrestled control from you. For either of these possibilities, it would be a learning experience that could help you ease off and allow others to express themselves the way the want to.
A bird hatching on a hand I'm male and 51 years old. I dreamed that a beautifully-colored bird hatched in my hands and I got to baby it. Birds in dreams often denote goals and aspirations. As such, the colorful bird that hatched in your hands likely refers to the fulfillment of a wish. Perhaps this hatchling is a business venture that you have been cooking up for a while and taking care of the baby bird points to the efforts you would need to put into developing and implementing your idea. Alternatively, the colorful bird can be a representation of a blossoming romance. You may meet someone special soon with whom you would feel an immediate personal connection.
A bird of prey attacking A large bird of prey kept dive bombing me in a garden but the last time I punched him as he swooped down to hit me again and I knocked him out. I thought he might be dead and I ran inside the house. Short time later I saw him walking around outside but I couldn't go out in case he attacked me again. Dreams involving birds of prey or predatory birds allude to opportunistic individuals. There could be unscrupulous personalities circling you in the waking world, trying to either take credit for your hard work or benefit from your success. Someone may be ingratiating himself or herself into your good graces in hopes that you would take him or her under your wing. If you tolerate such maneuverings, you could end up being bled dry and on the losing end. It may be best to practice vigilance and caution when it comes to letting people into your circle of trust.
Catching a white owl by its feet I dreamed I caught a huge white owl by its two feet as it was taking flight. White owls are often thought to represent the coming together of two lovers or a current relationship, so this vision can have two possible meanings. On one hand, catching a white owl before it can fly away suggests you are clipping your own wings in a relationship. You could be sabotaging your current or a potential relationship by not letting things progress naturally. On the other hand, if the owl was flying away, it may indicate you are an impediment to someone else's future happiness. You may be preventing two people from getting together either by inserting yourself into the equation or not helping someone who has asked for your support.
Two eagles fighting Hi, I am a female. Last night I had a dream vision of 2 eagles fighting. This was a crystal clear dream, so I say it was more of a vision. It was a beautiful blue clear sky and out of nowhere 2 eagles began to fight right before my eyes. I was on some sort of rooftop watching everything. One eagle was right side up and the other eagle was upside down. They were fighting with their talons clawing at each other. The size and beauty of the birds took my breath away. I was in awe of their beauty. The vision of clear, blue skies symbolizes your good fortune. Your positive outlook and generous nature likely attract blessings, such as getting the appropriate support and assistance whenever you are in need. In that sense, you have the potential and resources to pursue your dreams, yet it could be your own mindset that is holding you back. Specifically, the two eagles fighting in your vision mean you may be torn between two paths or desires. While you are ambitious and driven, you may need to be more focused and decisive when it comes to your aspirations. After all, those talons are symbols of your capability to succeed. Alternatively, the eagles could also be metaphors for two powerful individuals who are fighting over you. Their relationship with you could either be personal or professional in nature.
A black crow and a white dove I dreamed of a black crow perched on a dead white dove on the ground, about to eat the dove. I tried to shoo the crow away but it wouldn't let go of the dove and just stared at me. Black crows represent death and darkness, while white doves stand for peace, unity and love. As such, your dream suggests some kind of disturbance in your subconscious. You could be tempted to indulge in some questionable behavior or habits which would undermine your values and principles. Perhaps you are having trouble controlling your temper because there are plenty of hatred and generally negative views circulating in your surroundings. It may be easier to be selfish, join the fray and not think about the consequences, yet ultimately doing so would tug at your conscience for the rest of your existence.
A crow dying in the hair There were two crows or blackbirds. One was sniffing around in my hair then died on my head. I slowly pulled it off but felt the limp heaviness of it. Black crows in the dream world are sometimes associated with bad habits and self-destructive behavior. As such, crows perching on your head likely reveal the darker aspects of your thoughts and personality gnawing at your consciousness. The death of one of them shows your firm resolve to control unpleasant urges and actively suppress insensitive remarks. It can be hard, especially during emotional times, to do the right thing, hence the heaviness you felt when removing the dead crow from your head.
A white dove leaving a baby A white dove fluttered down and left a baby. I am a man. The symbolism of a dove fluttering down in a dream often refers to the onset of sorrow and depression. In that context, the human baby which the bird left in your dream vision portends a deeper understanding of the cause of your stress and anxiety. Finding out and discerning the origin of your emotional turmoil may come as a surprise, yet this newfound awareness may be exactly what you need to resolve your issues. Armed with the knowledge of your flaws and weaknesses, you can begin to embrace a happier and more fulfilling future.
Birds waiting on the couch I dreamed that I was sleeping on a couch and raw fish was in a box next to me while birds were waiting for fish on the couch's hand under my feet. Suddenly, I couldn't see myself anymore on the couch, just the birds. The couch in this dream represents rest and relaxation, while raw fish alludes to losses. In that sense, some difficulty could obstruct your restful days and peaceful existence. Perhaps this vision also points to your conflicted feelings about following your dreams and being content with what you have. Disappearing from the couch means leaving your state of stagnation and getting ready to pursue your passions. This would entail exerting more effort and facing considerable stress all with the aim of realizing your goals and being successful.
A chicken coop A vision of a chicken coop with multiple chickens sleeping peacefully. The image of a chicken coop represents your current situation in reality. While your career and talents are not necessarily bringing in a large amount of money, you are probably fairly content with your current lifestyle. The multiple chickens within the coop may reveal the presence of different skills you have or opportunities that are available which could make you a tidy sum of money if utilized. However, the idea that they were sleeping could suggest they are not fully ready or developed yet.
A finch bird letting to pet it I dreamed of a little red bird (finch) eating seeds from a feeder. It allowed me to pick it up and I pet it. I love finches! I am a female. Birds in dreams tend to represent hopes and aspirations being realized in the waking world. In that sense, being able to pick the bird up and pet it may predict making progress on goals you have in reality, such as financial independence, a new relationship or an improved skill. However, the red color is often associated with passion and aggression. It is possible that you are very determined in getting what you want. While not a bad thing in and of itself, it could cause more setbacks than benefits for you if you are not careful where that energy is channeled.
A duck swimming nearby I am female. I dreamed of a mallard duck with a very bright green head swimming. That was all of the dream, I saw the image and it was gone. While a neutral symbol by itself, the symbol of the duck in water could take on slightly different meanings depending on the direction it was moving. If the duck seemed to be swimming toward you, the interpretation has a slightly negative connotation and predicts receiving unpleasant news or a disappointing answer to a question. On the other hand, if the duck was swimming away from you, it could allude to traveling somewhere in the near future, either for work or for pleasure.
Being held hostage with large birds I was being held hostage, was tied up on a table and there were people there asking me questions to answers I didn't know. Several large birds were also tied up like dogs. As I lied on a table tied up, the large birds were forced to attack me. They attacked me by running through me over and over again. Then I woke up. Please help! Dreaming that you are being held hostage symbolizes your sense of helplessness in reality. Perhaps you are feeling powerless or overwhelmed by your superiors or other authority figures. The large birds could be representations of your contemporaries or colleagues who are forced to compete with you to secure their place at the office or scrambling to get the promotion you have always wanted. Your tendency to be submissive or passive could cost you a well-deserved recognition or promotion. Alternatively, the birds attacking you may refer to the amount of work you juggle on a daily basis. You may have too much on your plate and this makes you feel stressed out and unable to manage everything in an efficient manner. It may be time for you to take a step back and rethink your priorities.
Attacked by parrots I had a dream I was in a house and the person had parrots, but they weren't in a cage, they were loose and they were mean to me. They attacked one of my arms, they were all on one of my arms and they were picking bugs out there, like 5 to 8 parrots on my arm at once picking bugs out my arm. I fought them off of me and went and hid till I found them asleep under the table. The floor was hardwood and they were asleep with their beaks down in the cracks of the floor in a straight line, so I escaped. The parrots let free in this house could denote a lack of control over possible damaging gossip about you. The parrots represent malicious individuals who could be spreading unsavory information which could destroy your reputation. The bugs the parrots picked out from your arm are your insecurities and weakness. The gossip-mongers would feed on your self-doubt and shortcomings to push their agenda forward. The only way to escape the attack is to find support and encouragement from your loved ones. They would give you the strength you need to overcome this rough patch. Their unwavering belief in your capabilities would boost your confidence enough to fight back your detractors.
Wounding a bird and caring for it I shot and harmed a bird, shot a wing off. Then proceeded to care for the bird. Feeding and watering it. Holding it and keeping it in a cage. I'm am a female. A wounded or injured bird in a dream is commonly associated with deep sadness, depression and guilt. The idea that you were the one who aimed at and shot the bird could mean that you brought this situation upon yourself, either by acting thoughtlessly in a time of great importance or being stubborn when you should have listened to the advice and experience of others. In either case, your efforts to care for the bird after the fact may reveal your attempts to get things right and make up for your behavior. Only time would tell if you are successful or not.
Saving one eagle from another I dreamed a large eagle was trying to catch a small bird (white eagle). I was able to rescue the small white eagle before the big eagle got it. I put him in a box to take him to a bird sanctuary, he got out of the box, and a small white puppy kept chasing the baby eagle. Dreaming about trying to rescue a weak or wounded bird could mean you are trying to hold on to a relationship with someone who you think might be in a fragile state of mind or who could be going through some kind of emotional problems. You want them to feel secure and protected by you, but the dream also acts as a reminder that, even though you may try your best, they will eventually have to face and solve their problems by themselves, symbolized in your dream by the small white puppy chasing the eagle you were trying to save.
An owl landing between legs I dreamed of an owl landing between my legs. An owl is usually a symbol of wisdom, so your dream could mean that you are having some kind of conflicting choice to make or other kind of issue and you long for advice. The owl landing between your legs could mean that you harbor in yourself the ability to make the right choice, therefore you should not worry so much or question your decisions all the time. In the end, the wisdom is within you and the owl only serves to remind you of this power you possess.
A bald eagle saving from attackers I rescued and nursed a male adult bald eagle. Days passed and the eagle was ready to be released into the wild but it didn't want to go, he remained by my side. After the eagle decided to leave, for once in awhile it kept coming back to visit. Days passed and one day two guys broke into my home and tried to attack me. Before they could even touch me that same eagle came back and attacked the two men and protected me until the attackers decided to flee. This vision seems to be about your relationship with someone close to you, perhaps a family member or a good friend. Taking care of an eagle that became hurt or injured symbolically represents the love and support that you could expect to receive from one of your friends when the need arises. Therefore, being protected by the eagle in turn could mean that you are willing to do the same for him or her. In this sense, the mutual love and respect between you is represented by the eagle. You probably consider yourself very fortunate to have such a compassionate and devoted friend.
Birds separating from the mother I was with my mum at the side of the house. She was on one side of a gate and me on the inside. Two small brown or grey birds came down near her, then came towards me. One flew through the gate and on to my shoulder. It was a nice feeling they weren't scared. Brown birds in dreams are usually associated with motherhood and care-giving, so seeing them in the same vision as your mother makes a lot of sense. The gate between the two of you may represent some barrier present in reality which prevents you and your mother from being on the same page. Maybe your mother does not agree with a choice you made or maybe you are upset with her about some aspect of your childhood. In either case, envisioning the bird crossing over to your side could mean that you are becoming closer to your mother little by little.
Doves landing on trees I was seeing a bunch of doves flying over my head, it was beautiful. Then I saw them land on two trees standing by one another and filling up the branches. They were just watching. Doves in dreams typically symbolize peace and harmony. In your case, perhaps the doves represent your desire to find peace and serenity. Have you been having problems recently? If so, this vision may be the signal of a turning point. You may finally find the clarity and resolution you need to move forward. In addition, the doves may be diplomatic friends and wise colleagues who are looking out for you as indicated by the branches and the trees. They may provide the guidance and support you need to deal with your interpersonal or professional matters.
Wild ducks in a nest I had a dream about wild ducks in a nest up in a tree on a branch extended out over a red barn. The nest was full of hatchlings. I'm female. Barns are often associated with abundance and contentment in the dream universe and, coupled with the image of the ducks and their hatchlings, is a very positive symbol to behold. These two images suggest great wealth and prosperity are on the horizon for you and your family. Perhaps the branch extending over the barn reveals your need to work hard to reach and achieve such blessings. Whether you need to work toward them or they are presented to you, you should take advantage of the opportunities and be thankful for all you receive.
Capturing an eagle I caught an eagle in my dream and people were coming to prize it. Dreaming about capturing an eagle and having other people coming to prize it could mean that you will soon be noticed and appreciated by someone with a higher social status than yours, probably leading you to become involved with powerful and influential people who can help you further your goals. You could eventually start living a wealthier life because of these connections. This can either come as a surprise for you or as the result of your hard work.
Red birds on a bird feeder Female. We have bird feeders in our front yard near our living room window. In the dream, my mom and I were sitting watching the bird feeders when about 20-25 red birds landed on and around the feeders. They were different sizes and types and we were amazed and joyful to see them. Dreaming about a flock of various birds coming to your yard and which you find fascinating to watch could actually prove to be a very promising sign that something exciting is about to happen in your waking life, such as a new romantic encounter, friendship or even a marriage. You could be entering into a new relationship with someone that will have the harmony, mutual understanding and compatibility necessary for it to thrive and give your life a whole new purpose and a renewed sense of happiness.
A colorful bird landing on a finger I had a dream that I saw a small green bird with a bright orange beak, I put my hand out and the bird came and landed on my finger. I was very happy and took the bird home with me. I am a 20 y.o. female Dreaming that a bird is on your hands, whether it is perching on your palms or on your fingers, is a very auspicious symbol of upcoming achievements. If you have been working on a project or looking to close a deal, this dream vision means you would soon successfully complete your task. Ultimately, this accomplishment in the waking world would bring you satisfaction and fulfillment. Alternatively, colorful birds can allude to meeting your soulmate. Perhaps you would cross paths with someone who would eventually become a significant part of your personal journey. This could either be a romantic partnership or a close friendship that would make you very content.
A large bird trying to land on the shoulder There was a large red bird that made a noise like a hawk that flew towards me and tried to land on my shoulder. I jumped and woke up after that. A red bird in dreams can be a positive or negative symbol depending on your reaction to it. Since you seemed cautious and perhaps a bit frightened when it swooped in to land on your shoulder, the message may represent a warning. Although red birds are associated with freedom and independence, the means to achieve this state can vary. In the context of your dream, the bird may point to a struggle and the possibility of bloodshed in order to gain the freedom you and your counterparts crave. Your unease may reveal your reservations about resorting to undiplomatic and violent ways to resolve an issue.
A friendly eagle I had a dream that a golden eagle flew to me and rubbed his head against my leg. Eagles in dreams already represent power, success and high aspirations, so seeing a golden eagle in your dream vision alludes to an even loftier destiny for you. You could reach new heights in your chosen field using your razor sharp insights and unparalleled expertise. In combination with the symbol of the leg, this opportunity may suggest travels in your future. This could be work-related or purely for pleasure as a way of decompressing from all the stresses and pressures from your profession. Either way, you would thoroughly enjoy the experience of seeing new places and learning about new cultures. This would allow you to broaden your worldview even more.
A wooden seagull that dies A wooden seagull that died. Failure to bring him back and his funeral? Seagulls in dreams are sometimes associated with the dreamer's tendency to obsess over small problems and challenges that exist in reality. As such, envisioning this seagull as a wooden figure may reveal your current state of being, meaning you acknowledge there is a problem and you probably look at it in a more rational way from the perspective of a third party. The funeral, then, can be interpreted as a positive symbol both of good luck for the future and of laying these past troubles to rest.
Owls and chicken I had a dream where my husband, son (a lot younger) and me in our backyard watching a bunch of young chickens. My son screams the name of one of the chickens and runs to it crying. He picks it up and it is missing its head. I tell my husband it's the owls. I see movement of flapping wings in a tree and tell him to get a gun. Then it looks around the tree and looks right at me. I notice two big owls and then two small owls. The big one screeched. We never did shoot them because I woke up. Headless chickens in dreams symbolize irrationality and chaotic thoughts. Meanwhile, owls are usually associated with intellect which, when communicated the wrong way, can sometimes come off as condescending. When combined, these symbols can suggest upcoming conflict with another family or group who may be trying to undermine, according to your way of thinking, your or your loved ones' well-being. Alternatively, the chickens could be alluding to past issues and unresolved problems which are affecting your current mindset. Your deep-seated irrational fears may be clouding your judgment when dealing with your current situation at home. Perhaps the rational and level-headed part of you is urging you to stop dwelling in past mistakes and instead use the lessons learned to avoid making the same errors.
Birds landing to be fed I was looking up into the sky to watch a flock of birds, several white dove-like birds, one large swan (long neck), a black bird and a medium orange bird. I called them to me as there was a pond of water nearby, they all landed, I proceeded to get near to them a feed them. Then the dream was over. The big black bird seemed showy, flapping its wings, the orange was shy, white hungry, but scared. In general, feeding birds in dreams means you would be hosting a party or event in the near future. This big social gathering is likely a get-together party or a reunion of sorts. In that context, the different types of birds you saw in your dream vision represents the various friends and acquaintances who would attend your event. Specifically, the doves refer to peaceful and diplomatic personalities. Meanwhile, the black swan symbolizes a mysterious individual who appears charming yet has the potential to be dangerous. Finally, the orange bird is usually the generous and kindhearted friend in your social circle.
A pigeon on the head I dreamt I was lying down and a pigeon tried to touch my head with its claw and I grabbed it and bit its head off. Birds seen near the head in a dream are often thought to predict death, particularly the passing of the one who was touched by the bird. In this case, however, the act of biting off the head of the bird could be interpreted as a sign that either you would survive whatever was supposed to threaten your life or that your success and personality would ward off any evil spirits with ill intentions. As such, you should continue to live your life to the fullest and not worry so much about your mortality.
With bald eagles on top of a mountain Hi, I am a female who had a dream that I was on a rooftop with a beautiful view of a mountain top that was luscious and had a climbing trail for hikers and bikers. When I turned to get the whole panoramic view, there was a large nest with a family of bald eagles. The baby eagle flew but fell on top of me which made me fall. The mom came and retrieved the baby. Then both parents flew and stood on either side of me. Both were intimidating and tall, yet gently bowed and touched me and flew back. The mountain top you saw in your dream vision represents your current goal. The fact that you were looking at the summit from a rooftop means you are already well-prepared to take on the challenges of achieving your dream. Adding a little bit of luck to your admirable work ethic, razor-sharp focus and commendable social skills, you would rise to the top of your contemporaries in your chosen field. Perhaps you would become the boss of your company, the owner of a successful business venture or a well-respected innovator. Whatever the case may be, your future is rife with possibilities and potential as you hold positions of power. In that sense, the bald eagles represent powerful rivals who would try to prevent your progress or ascent. The baby eagle could be your main competitor for a position or promotion you have been eyeing. This baby eagle may be deemed qualified not by merit, but by pedigree. If you manage to thwart and outperform this contender, that is when you would earn the respect of those around you.
A deer with ravens on its antlers I dreamed of a deer with golden antlers, and on both antlers was a raven with white eyes. The deer looked at me in the eyes but I saw then myself through the eyes of the deer shining with a bright light. A deer in dreams generally predicts stability for married dreamers and strong social connections for unmarried dreamers. Meanwhile, a raven portends tragedies or accidents in reality. Having those two symbols in your dream may be an indication of an upcoming upheaval in your life. Perhaps your quiet and peaceful existence would be shattered by a surprising turn of events. Seeing yourself through the eyes of the deer, bathed or shining with bright light, could mean that you would have to journey within yourself during this period of uncertainty. Perhaps years of living comfortably and free of conflict made you soft and incapable of withstanding too much stress and pain. As such, you would have to dig deep in order to find the courage needed to get you through those trying times.
Colorful birds and wine bottles in a nest A vibrant bird sitting on a nest, very brilliant yellow feathers, size of a pheasant, the nest was on a shelf to the right of my bed. Then, a small brown bird sitting on the nest, the yellow bird had gone to the back of the shelf. Next, 2 bottles of wine sticking out of the nest, then a yellow-feathered bird flies into the room breaking a wing, woke up with the yellow bird staring intently at me, creepy. The yellow bird in your dream represents optimism and ambition. You likely have a lot of goals and aspirations. Unfortunately, a broken wing can mean obstacles that may either slow you down from pursuing your passions or make it more difficult for you to go after your dreams. For example, there may be an incident which would obligate you to take care of others and put your dreams in the backseat for a while. In that context, the small, brown bird symbolizes domestication and practicality. In relation to the first symbol, you may have no choice but to set aside your own wants and needs for the moment in order to attend to more urgent matters. Perhaps you are getting married soon or a family member would need care and support from you. Finally, the wine bottles allude to either hedonism or refusing to settle. While your responsibilities are clear to you, you cannot help but feel like your freedom is being smothered and you are not able to realize your full potential because of your present circumstances.
Cuddling with a tropical bird A colorful, tropical-looking bird about the size of a parrot swooped down to cuddle with me the way a playful kitten would. A colorful or multi-colored tropical bird in dreams often alludes to a blossoming romance. You could meet someone new in reality and instantly hit it off. The way the bird nuzzled you in the dream vision could mean that this person would slowly tear down your defenses and bring out your softer and more caring side. This could take you by surprise as the encounter may happen when you least expect it or it may occur in an unexpected place. In addition, exotic birds also signify letting go of the past and focusing on your present so you can enjoy what opportunities life would bring. Perhaps this is your subconscious telling you to be open to new experiences and meeting new people.
Four cardinal birds Seeing 4 red cardinals (birds). Birds are often associated with hopes and dreams, possibly shedding light on some goal you have for yourself or an ideal you wish to achieve. The four birds may each represent a certain hope or they may be facets of one single goal, different benchmarks you would have to meet before completing the whole. The red color of the birds and the fact that they were cardinals may represent your passion and energy in your pursuit. You would not be satisfied until everything is accomplished just as you imagined. On one hand, this means you are driven and willing to do what it takes to succeed. On the other hand, however, it could suggest you are stubborn and may become frustrated if not everything goes exactly according to plan. While you should try to hold onto the energy that pushes you forward, it would be wise to make sure that you allow yourself some extra room for minor deviations or mistakes. No one is perfect, and pretending otherwise may hurt you more that it helps in the long run.
A soft baby owl I was being handed a soft baby owl and was woken up just before I touched it, I was ridiculously upset for weeks after. A baby owl represents a burgeoning idea, insight or awareness. This means that you are holding on to something that is not yet fully developed. It could be the seed of a business idea or a plan that could get you closer to your desired career path. The soft baby owl is also associated with focus and perseverance. In order to take this germinating idea into a fully-realized business plan, actionable goal or a clear path of enlightenment and learning, you have to cultivate it by developing your own skills, asking for help from qualified people and ultimately to give this sprout the proper time and effort it deserves.
Fighting with a peacock On a lawn of a church that is on an intersection near my childhood home. Wearing a white dress, innocent, nostalgic. Heard a screech of a peacock, it lands, looks me in the eye. I was excited, then cautious, suddenly it attacked me, we fought, it walked away. I tried to coax it into opening its feathers even lifting the longest one. We fought again, it never opened its tail. A white dress denotes a momentous event with the possibility of changing the course of your life. This is also why there is an intersection in your vision, meaning you have a big decision to make. Each choice entails various positive and negative repercussions. The presence of the peacock means this choice has something to do with your aspirations. You would soon start chasing your dreams in earnest and you would have to struggle along the way. The peacock's reluctance to open its feathers means your dream would not come easy, you need to find a more strategic way or be more creative with your methods if you want to have a chance at succeeding.
Owls landing on the roof Hi, my dream was about heaps of owls landing on roof tops. Looked European-style roofs. I was in an open area court yard. I lied down in a garden bed, pulled a sheet over me so I can watch them without disturbing them. One then flew down and landed on me and touched with its beak gently. They were white, grey and other colors. Watching a group of owls or a parliament of owls on the roof means you are seeking advice from people wiser and more experienced than you are. This is also an indication of your admiration for intelligent and accomplished individuals whom you aspire to emulate and hope to achieve the kind of success they attained. However, lying down on the garden suggests comfort and contentment. Rather than taking a risk in order to accomplish your goals, you prefer staying in your comfort zone and quietly supporting your idols. So when one of the owls actually went down to touch you with its beak, it implies a fortuitous moment in which fate would allow you to cross paths with one of your heroes who would possibly become your mentor. Whether or not you grab or waste this opportunity is up to you to decide.
A small bird turning into a wasp I picked up an injured tiny little bird and it turned into a huge wasp and it laid an egg in my hand. An injured or wounded bird in dreams represents a tumultuous period ahead of you. Its transformation into a huge wasp refers to a damaging gossip. Combined, these two dream symbols paint a negative turn of events that would stem from your innate kindness. You would be generous enough to help out a friend, unfortunately this would be taken the wrong way and used against you to make you seem like the villain. So when the wasp laid an egg in your hand, it means you would be overcome by fury because of the betrayal of your trusted friend.
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