Black rats in the clutter Had people over, but my living room had a lot of clutter and suddenly a guest noticed black rats on the clutter waking up. This vision contains come warnings about your future, and you should exercise caution when moving forward. A messy, cluttered room in the dream world represents upcoming troubles and problems you would need to solve. For example, you may be put in a difficult situation because two friends are fighting, or you might be given a lot of work from your boss that would be almost impossible to complete. The black rats further reveal that this would have serious negative consequences for your day to day life, meaning you would feel stressed and unhappy until everything gets back to normal.
A dying fox A dying fox came up to me. It was taken from me. Then I watched it die in front of me. A dying fox, whether it is passing from natural causes or was hurt by a human, is often thought to be a negative symbol related to unsuccessful ventures or poor choices. If you have been working on a problem at work or have been in the middle of a tough situation in your personal life, it is likely that your efforts to rectify the situation would be in vain. You would be very disappointed, and you would likely have trouble moving on for some time after.
Scared of monkeys I dreamt that there are two young bay monkeys clinging to me. Hanging on, one on my right arm and one on my left shoulder. In the dream I felt dread and disgust and some fear, but somehow I knew that they are young and hoped that they cannot inflict harm. My husband appears and rids me of them. Monkeys generally represent some foolish behavior you may be engaging in or a tendency toward immaturity in reality. Your fear in this situation could predict trouble at work that would be attributed to you even though you had nothing to do with it. However, because of your perceived lack of maturity, you would be blamed nonetheless. At the same time, your attempts to reassure yourself that they are young and would not hurt you means you are at least partly aware of your faults and ready to try and change. Perhaps your husband could be instrumental in this paradigm shift in your life.
Trying to save a pig A man caught a pig and the pig was trying to run away but it could not because of the rope around its head. It came to me also but I couldn't help. At last I saw myself trying to get some water for the pig to drink. Pigs in dreams tend to represent selfish tendencies, gluttony and general ignorance, so watching someone else catch and tie up the pig may reveal others in your life who express such traits. Perhaps this dream is referring to a loved one or a friend you have in reality. Your attempts to release the pig could reflect your efforts to educate this individual on the error of their ways. However, getting water means you are attempting to control the uncontrollable, meaning your efforts, while well meant, are misguided and ultimately useless.
People eaten by wild animals Repeated dreams of people being mauled to death or eaten alive by wild animals. Extremely vivid and realistic and disturbing, causing me dreading going to sleep. My gender is male. This vision seems to indicate a consistently high level of stress in your wake life, possibly to the point of causing you physical harm. Being attacked by a wild animal is often a symbol of imminent danger, such as getting into a car accident on your commute or breaking a bone while practicing sports. Basically, this is related to daily or regular activities that carry risk. The reason that they have become especially dangerous during this time is the stress and anxiety you feel from other areas of your life, which is tied more to the image of watching others being eaten alive by wild animals. In essence, your subconscious focus on other worries is putting you in danger. For example, you may be worrying about work and forget to look both ways before crossing the street. This vision is a warning, then, to pay more attention to what is around you and not get so caught up in your thoughts that you lose focus of where you are.
Being given a monkey I was in a car with my girlfriend going to a family reunion. I parked on the side of a house when I see my dad. My girlfriend gets out and my dad waves his hand. Before I can get out my dad tells me to play with a monkey they got for the occasion. A black or orange monkey comes out and I open my car door and pet it. The monkey's fur becomes chocolate, and I lick some of the chocolate off my hand. Driving in a car together with your girlfriend in this dream reflects on your current state of affairs with her and how others view your relationship. The monkey your family borrowed for the reunion signifies some aspects of your relationships which your family members tend to criticize or even dismiss altogether, possibly because of your inability to prove your independence or stand on your own feet. Licking the chocolate at the end of the dream could be telling you about upcoming episodes of frustration or even confrontations in response to how your family perceives and treats this relationship. Perhaps despite your best efforts to demonstrate that your relationship with the girlfriend is viable, your family is united against you in order to see more maturity and seriousness of your intentions.
Sharks in a tank Two hammerhead sharks sleeping, facing same direction, in an observation tank of some kind. There were two other people in the room that worked at this place. I was impressed by the beauty and strength of these creatures. I opened the door to the tank but the water didn't come out. One of the sharks woke up. Tried to come out of the tank where I was. I closed the door to prevent that. The second shark woke up and now the two of them were pushing against the door to get out. Seeing sharks in your dream means you are going to meet powerful enemies in the real world. They could be your bosses, well-connected rivals or persons of authority. The fact that they are contained in a tank suggests you have not yet caught their attention. Unfortunately, opening the door reveals your rebellious nature. A tempting situation will push you to commit a risky action which will ruffle the feathers of powerful personalities. Perhaps you disagree with their policies, so you voice out your concerns in open defiance. It is also possible that you manage to challenge them without being thoroughly prepared. This dream vision serves as a warning that your actions have serious consequences. This also gives you time to evaluate your decisions and think of smarter ways to tackle your problems. There could be a diplomatic way of asserting your position without earning their ire. Alternatively, sharks can also represent your own volatile nature. Your short temper and fiery personality could threaten your relationships in reality. Your personal demons and inability to control your emotions could send you down a dark path and endanger the people closest to you.
Gorillas fighting I dreamt that I was sitting up on a tree watching a group of gorillas fighting below me. They did not know I was there. It was in a forest or jungle type setting. Being in a jungle means you are exploring your subconscious and the other elements you find in this jungle represent various layers or aspects of your mind. Since you were sitting up on the tree in your vision, it means you are feeling detached and unable to relate to the workings of your own mind. Specifically, your detachment is related to the gorillas which represent sexual instinct and desires. For females, these gorillas represent males fighting for your attention yet you do not seem remotely interested in their posturing. You would rather spend time alone than deal with their toxic masculinity.
Cubs of predator animals I dreamed that I was living somewhere where all sorts of animals lived in our backyard. There were 3 lion cubs and one ended up in my house and as I was putting the cub with the others the mother saw me and attacked me. I grabbed her by the throat and pushed her outside and locked the door. The next day there were 3 tiger cubs with mother and same with the lioness and 3 cubs and 3 leopard or cheetah cubs and the mother outside my back door watching me. I'm a 26 year old female. The animals in your backyard refer to memories and experiences about your childhood friends and social connections. It seems there is some conflict or disturbance involving your friends and family which could be rooted in the past. Specifically, the lion cubs are the blessings and harmonious relationships you currently enjoy, but will soon become toxic because of people with malicious intent. Being attacked by the lioness means your enemies will successfully exploit your weakness to their advantage. They could even stoop low by involving or spreading lies about your loved ones to discredit you. Among the enemies you should watch out for is the leopard symbolizing a strong-willed individual and the cheetah who is an ambitious and driven person willing to destroy your reputation just to advance their social status.
Daughter being buried in the hole My daughter had a dream that she was outside with her dog digging a hole and her dog was helping her, then something pulled her by her ankles and pulled her down into the hole. Then her dog just looked at her turned around and began kicking dirt on her to bury her, then a tree was placed on top of her. Digging around in the yard or garden may reflect your daughter's growth as an individual. As she becomes older, she meets new people and has various experiences that shape her into the individual she will become. The presence of her pet dog can be interpreted as a sign that, throughout these periods of growth and change, she would have trusted men and women by her side, like you. Being buried at the end of the dream and the tree that is planted upon her predict great wealth and prosperity in her future. This can refer both to material wealth and to the happiness and richness that comes from a fulfilling family life.
Panthers following while driving I dreamt that I was in a truck driving down a rocky trail. 2 black panthers appeared and came toward me. I was in the truck but when they walked toward me I felt I was outside of the truck. They just walked beside the truck the whole time. Then I came across 2 dead animals which I assumed the panthers killed. One was a Great Dane and there was a newborn puppy next to it. I walked out and picked up the puppy and brought with me inside the truck where it started whimpering and I just held it tight. Driving in a truck down a rocky, bumpy trail may reveal the current trajectory of your life in reality. Maybe things are not working out as smoothly as you would normally hope, and little challenges or roadblocks keep making you change your plans at the last minute. The two panthers which follow you during the vision represent danger and risk. The bumpy road you are currently on may make you feel desperate and scared, and sometimes you might want to take a risk in the hopes of reaping a big reward. The puppy that you saved, however, is the manifestation of your careful, nurturing side. Others may rely on you to make safe, rational choices, or perhaps you even expect this behavior of yourself. In either case, this vision should be considered a reminder not to let dark, difficult times dictate your actions.
An elephant and a dog with a tick I dreamed of a large female gray elephant. She had a small baby elephant with her. Also, I dreamed next night my dog had a tick, just one tick, regular size. Thanks. Dreaming about seeing a gray elephant together with its baby could be a cautionary advice. Namely, you should not forget, neglect or abandon your close friends and relatives. You would benefit from spending quality time with them and nurturing your friendship. Relationships, and especially close relations, require constant love, care, attention and dedication. The subsequent vision or your dog having a tick may reveal that abandoning the relationship altogether could have negative affect on your mental health and well-being.
Pigs being tortured It was a sunny day and I was on a walk. I came upon pigs screaming and ran towards a fenced-in yard to find a man carving up pigs' bellies and stuffing things inside them. The pigs were still alive and in a lot of pain. I ran to help the pigs and the man ran off. As I fell to my knees to help the pigs, I could feel all their pain as if I was them. Every time I touched them to try to help stop the bleeding, I felt what they felt. My hands on them. They were screaming in pain and I was crying. Witnessing pigs being butchered or cut up in your dream suggests enlightenment which is consistent with the sunny day when this happened. A sunny day symbolizes clarity and happiness, so this vision actually conveys positive interpretation, especially when it comes to self-improvement. Specifically, the clarity will be about your own transgressions or mistakes. If you have committed wrongful actions against friends or colleagues, then this dream vision points to the realization of the consequences of your bad behavior and a desire to make amends. Those stuffings being placed inside the pigs are evidence of your inappropriate attitude. It may be hard for you to accept and take responsibility for your personal conduct, but in the end this will make you feel better about yourself and learn how to treat others better.
An elephant getting inside the house A calm elephant becomes aggressive suddenly and tries to enter and destroy things in the house near by my house, he also opened my door and entered into my hall but went back without hurting me or anything in my house. This symbol of the calm, friendly elephant becoming enraged is a warning about encounters you would have in the near future. The initial calm, serene state of the elephant represents meeting someone new in reality. This individual may become an important part of your life, giving you advice or acting as a shoulder to cry on when times are tough. However, envisioning that the elephant has become enraged may reveal that this individual is only getting close to you in order to find out your weaknesses and hinder your progress. You should be wary of those who suddenly want to become your friend until you know their true intentions.
Hugging with a dog I am a woman. Dreamt about a large dog or wolf that jumped up and put front paws on my shoulders. It was friendly, like a hug and I was intrigued, not scared. In the dream realm, signs or friendliness or affection from a large dog or wolf is often interpreted positively, as it carries a special message about the quality of your close relationships. Just as dogs have loved and served humans faithfully over the years, so does this dream symbol suggest that your closest allies and companions are loyal to you in reality. More than just loyal, these friends are extremely compatible with your world vision, and they would do anything to help and support you. If you have recently felt some doubts about the closeness of some of your relationships, you can rest assured that those individuals think well of you. Perhaps all they need is a little show of attention and affection from you to remind them of the special connection you share with them.
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