Interacting with a frog and killing it Being in a construction site and saving a frog. Then making that frog sentient with a liquid I created in an egg carton. Once the frog could talk, he defied me and would no longer soak in the liquid that would keep him alive. In a rage, I hit him in the back with the carton, accidentally killing him. I felt horribly ashamed. The dream ended with me staring down at my hands and seeing the strange reddish orange liquid dripping off of them since I had used the carton to hit the frog, the liquid was also gone. Construction sites in dreams usually represent work in progress in reality. This means that there is likely something you have been working on in the background while you deal with your daily life. The frog that you tried to save which later talked may represent the changes you see taking place in your life, most likely those you assume are for the better. However, the frog's defiance and lack of respect could predict these changes taking on a life of their own and becoming strange and foreign to you. Killing the frog and scrutinizing your hands afterwards reveals your conscientious nature. You are a born problem-solver and probably searching for a way to get your situation back on track. The reddish orange color on your hands could reveal that your passion sometimes gets the best of you, leading to instances where you lose your cool instead of relying on your intellect to get what you want.
Big lizards eating small ones Good morning, I am a woman in my mid 30s with a husband and kids. So, I had a dream that I saw plenty of lizards crawling out of our bags and things, and they were marching out all at once, I looked dazed wondering how we could have harbored such great number of lizards. But then all coming together they marched out of the house. When those lizards got out, bigger lizards came and ate them up. The bigger lizards were like the size of a dinosaur. They attacked the smaller lizards and ate them up. Lizards in the dream world allude to enemies in reality. These are usually cold-blooded personalities with no conscience which make them formidable rivals. Meanwhile, bags typically represent your health, wealth and general well-being. In the context of your dream vision, the lizards crawling or marching out of your bags and possessions likely mean you have probably been supporting or coddling people who are taking advantage of your generosity. Perhaps they are not just leeching off your finances but also damaging your emotional well-being. In addition, the part at the end when bigger lizards preyed on the smaller ones indicates the adverse effects of them being too dependent on you. Sometimes it may be better to show some tough love to prepare those around you for the challenges they may face in the real world.
Killing a sheep with a knife Killing a sheep using a knife. I am a female. Slaughtering a sheep in the dream world alludes to health issues. You may be working too much and neglecting your health in the process. In addition, the knife you used to kill the sheep symbolizes cutthroat rivals and competitors trying to find your weakness so they can use it to take you down. Perhaps this pressure to excel in your waking reality is causing your physical and psychological well-being to deteriorate. You may need to reassess your priorities and learn how to manage the delicate work-life balance.
Being bitten by a small dog A small white Jack Russell. Brown patch on his eye. Biting my right hand. My hand is in his mouth with his teeth closing on my hand but do not break the skin. I'm screaming trying to pull my hand out and there's a person telling me to stop, he won't bite but I'm not really listening. Dreaming about being bitten by a dog has negative connotations. It signifies that you would face trying circumstances which could lead to difficulties and problems with your significant other. These conflicts could also be related to your workplace. Since dogs generally represent friendship and love, an aggressive canine indicates certain hostilities which are developing behind your back. Consider it a forewarning and beware of malicious individuals who are out to create obstacles in your path.
Multi-headed and normal calves I dreamt of four calves, of which three had multiple heads and one was normal. All healthy, the normal and multiple-head one were sucking milk from the mother cow hoisted up on a high table. The other two multi-head calves were standing down and playing. More commonly, a calf symbolizes wealth and prosperity in the dream world. However, a calf with multiple heads may be indicative of petty problems which could potentially become a major headache. Perhaps those multi-headed calves are the problems you must overcome in order to attain your goals. They may be slackers at your place of work or seemingly negligible concerns which could snowball into a crisis. While those individuals or issues may initially appear harmless, leaving them unchecked could eventually hurt your future success. Watch out for warning signs, whether they be at home or in the workplace, so you will not have to deal with a major problem down the line.
Puppies licking feet Two friendly dogs were licking my feet. I wanted them to stop after awhile, but they were playful and would not stop. They were licking and wagging their tails. I believe they were puppies. Being licked on the feet means you are in a position of power. Meanwhile, dogs oftentimes symbolize family members and close friends. So, in the context of your dream, there is a likelihood that your loved ones or friends would seek your advice regarding a problem or an important decision they are currently or soon would be facing. These personalities are fiercely loyal to you and value your opinions. Your subconscious may be reminding you to be responsible with whatever advice you give because of these people who depend on you.
A scary dog licking the face Dreamt that a big scary dog came around to my childhood home and was licking my face. Dreaming about being scared of a dog portends victories and overcoming obstacles. It's an indication that you would muster the courage to face your adversaries. Despite feeling anxious and unsure about your next move in the beginning, you would be successful in defeating your enemies. The notion of the dog being friendly and licking your face has positive connotations. It symbolizes the presence of individuals who are loyal to you and would be happy for your triumphs. Be confident and take things in your stride because eventually you would rise above your weaknesses.
Blood from a slaughtered cow I dream someone asking me to slaughter a cow, then when I cut three times, the blood came heavily like rain and it spilled all over me. Slaughtering a cow could signify your desire to express your ambitions. It is possible there is an opportunity you wish to take advantage of, and other people noticing your efforts would make you happy. This symbol can also be a sign of anger and dissatisfaction with social taboos society is placing on you. The idea that someone asked you to do this could reveal the presence of peer pressure, suggesting either your ambition or anger is not entirely your own. The blood that spills over you at the end of the vision could predict receiving important and unexpected news, although whether this would be the trigger to your actions or a response to them is unclear.
A cat suckling its kittens I dreamed one (tabby) female cat with kitties while suckling her kitties. They were in behind of my house and I saw them and I wanted to shoot this scene with a camera. Dreaming of kittens is usually a reference to a period of transition. The tabby cat likely represents a mother figure or your guardian in reality who provides you with the support you need, whether financial or emotional. While you may be dependent on this individual at the moment, the time when you have to be more on your own may be closer than you think. Perhaps this is the reason why you wanted to capture the scene in a photograph, as a last attempt to preserve your memories of this carefree existence. Soon enough, you would have to find your own way in the world.
Attacked by a lion in the jungle Running through a jungle and chased by a lion, but each time it got close to me it was kicked aside by someone or something. I couldn't see until I reached at the end of the jungle without it touching me. Running through the jungle in a dream is a highly ominous symbol that suggests negative energy is surrounding you. In some cases, this refers to your body itself, meaning you could be facing health issues or negative effects on your physical welfare. It can, however, refer more broadly to enemies or competitors wishing evil upon you. The lion that chases you supports this interpretation, further revealing that you could expect to go through some difficult, trying times that would need immediate attention from you in order to be resolved.
White wolves chasing down the road I was walking down a road with huge fenced-in woods on both sides. I noticed two white bears yawning by a tree and a white dog, then I tried to take a picture and realized on both sides of the fence they were white wolves and started to come at me trying to get over the fence. So I kept running down the road to get away, then I woke up. Walking down a road in a dream is usually a positive sign, it could reveal forthcoming success. An activity which involves a great deal of dedication, time and effort would create outcomes that will evoke feelings of fulfillment and happiness. However, being attacked by wolves is a negative sign and shows that there may be situations which will hinder your ability to stand up for yourself or be open and sincere with others around you. Some people in your waking life may think that you do not care or that you are too good for them when they observe the way you act. You may need to begin expressing your intentions more clearly and engage others to see the good behind your reasoning.
Horses by a fence and bitten by one I climbed over a fence and saw a group of beautiful palomino horses tied to a fence. Then I saw a young one which became aggressive and wouldn't let me pass through. Then a really small horse started to bite my hand and wouldn't stop. I would like to know what this represents please? Fences in dreams convey both positive and negative messages. Fences are often associated with protection from harm and privacy. They can also be seen as barriers, obstacles or confinement. In the context of your dream, the former interpretation may be more applicable because of the presence of an aggressive horse. Jumping or climbing over a fence denotes risky behavior, while an aggressive horse typically points to possible accidents during travels. Hence, your subconscious may be telling you to take extra care and control your impulsive tendencies, especially outside of your home, in order to avoid harmful incidents.
Being attacked by ferrets Attacked by ferrets. Being attacked by ferrets is often interpreted as a sign that the dreamer is about to be hurt and attacked on all sides. First, this vision suggests the presence of a chronic illness or some developing health problem as a result of poor habits. These issues would cause both physical pain and also eat away at your confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, this symbol suggests others would criticize you for this condition or spread rumors about the source and cause of your issues. Seeing friends become enemies would likely further dampen your spirits, making the road to recovery even more difficult and challenging.
A vicious black dog attacking everyone around I had a dream about a black Rottweiler attacking me. It bit me several times, but I finally called it and it killed the guy who kept sticking it on me. The dog hurt several of my friends and the people who had the dog are people I used to know. Seeing yourself or someone you know being attacked and wounded by a vicious dog is a sign of tragedy. It means you may soon face a serious disease or lingering illness, and it can also mean a close friend or relative passing away. As for the dog bites, witnessing yourself or someone you know experience a dog bite is a sign of confusion. It could predict soon being involved in conflicts and unable to maintain an open communication with your significant other or business partners.
Chased by a bear into a house I'm a woman and I dreamt that I was with a girl and I think I was leading her because she never said anything, but did everything I did. We were on motorcycles on a trail in the woods being chased by a bear. We got to a building and started going down many flights of stairs until we got to the bottom and the exit door was locked and the bear was behind us. The motorcycles in your dream reveal your desire to be a little more adventurous and spontaneous. This thrill-seeking tendency could put you in situations you have not experienced before. In particular, running away or escaping a bear suggests the likelihood of finding romantic prospects under very unusual or uncharacteristic circumstances. On the positive side, this could give you a lot of pleasure and satisfaction, but there could also be some regret involved depending on your priorities. Alternatively, your vision may be an allusion to avoiding or escaping confrontations in reality. There may be personal issues or problems which you are trying to ignore.
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