A dog clawing a new dress Hi, I was walking and came across four stray dogs that were indifferent but one were happy to see me. It jumped up at me for pats but it was clawing my new dress, so I was trying to make it stop by saying "No, sit". I remember pointing at the other dogs and they would snarl at me and want to bite my finger. When I woke, my initial feeling or thought was that my new sundress was ruined. Dogs in dreams are commonly associated with the people we know and communicate with on a daily basis. Therefore, the image of one dog that was happy to see you while the rest of the group seemed indifferent suggests you have some good friends in reality but a number of enemies or rivals as well. Your efforts to control the dog that liked you may reveal your desire to impose your will on others, possibly explaining why there is only one friendly dog. Your ruined sundress at the end of the vision may predict conflict, most likely with someone you consider a friend. Even though they like you and treat you well, their lack of malleability is frustrating for you, making this the cause of your troubles. Until you learn to stop pushing your agenda on others, you may have trouble developing strong, meaningful relationships.
Tiny kittens and a red spider I had three very tiny kittens in a box. They fell out of the box. They were so tiny I couldn't find them. Then I found one, but a tiny red spider was taking it away. I was gonna kill the spider and get kitten but I didn't. When my brother came to me I told him I lost the kittens and he said "Don't worry about it". Kittens in dreams can represent tiny obstacles, but they can also symbolize childlike curiosity and innocence. In your case, the presence of the red spider may make both interpretations applicable. The red spider could be an overbearing individual or a cunning and manipulative loved one trying to control your actions and decision-making. This individual who clearly has a significant influence on you may try to undermine your free will and independent spirit. Perhaps he or she thinks that a little discipline would allow you to grow into the best version of yourself. This could just be an obstacle in your relation with this person because although you may disagree on certain things, you do share the goal of self-improvement.
A turtle losing its shell A tortoise or turtle losing his shell because I hadn't boxed him up properly. I kept feeling fear by letting him be free that I was gonna lose him or he would get hurt. I'd ask angels before sleeping to come in my dreams with advice I needed. But I really don't understand. Thank you. Turtles are normally thought to represent happiness and positive energy in your life. Your fears about him losing his shell or getting lost are understandable, as this represents your concern over how to maintain your present situation. Your efforts to ask the angels for help suggest the happiness is slipping from your grasp faster than you can create it. There could be someone in your life who has become or is about to get ill, possibly with a life-threatening disease or sickness. You may need to find ways to look for the good in life rather than focusing on the bad.
A white dog that looked like a lion I dreamed about a very hyper white big dog, but inoffensive. The dog looked little like a lion and was attacking anybody that said something about him but didn't hurt them. White dogs are symbols associated with promising relationships, so seeing one in a dream vision may predict establishing a new romantic connection or point toward improvements in your current relationship with someone. The dog's behavior may allude to the excitement you would feel or the amount of attention you would receive from the other party. Given other people's reaction to this dog in the vision, it is more likely that the personality of the individual you connect with would be energetic and outgoing.
Walking with rabbits and a dog A spiritualist said he could see me walking through a field, white rabbits and black rabbits running around me and a white little dog walking beside me. The dog would be my pet that passed away. A white rabbit in the dream world suggests devotion. Those white rabbits represent loyal friends and family looking out for your well-being and rooting for your success. Meanwhile, the black rabbits symbolize your cynicism and pessimistic attitude. This is the dark side of your personality which could potentially alienate your loved ones if you do not learn to control it. Finally, a white dog usually points to a romantic partner who would bring out the best in you. Your partnership would be mutually beneficial so long as you take good care of each other.
Saving a cat from panthers Saving a cat from a full-size and a baby panther. Cats generally represent creativity, curiosity and independence. So trying to save a cat from panthers represents your efforts at preserving your freedom and independent spirit. Panthers are symbols of danger, which means you may have to keep an eye out for lurking threats and possible enemies. Alternatively, a panther when combined with another cat species can be a metaphor for a similar power dynamic in reality. This means that the panthers may be supervisors, bosses or anyone who wields more power and influence than you do.
A mouse in the car while driving I grab a mouse that is bothering my wife in our car and throw it out the window while we're driving only to have an owl bring it back to me. Dream visions involving an owl carrying a mouse symbolize a breach of confidence. It could be related to the relationship with your wife when she has started to suspect you could be hiding something important from her. Given the notion of you throwing the mouse out the car window, you may be avoiding openly discussing these matters or that these episodic signs of her distrust are becoming more pronounced. Since driving in a car with someone in dreams represents our journey through life with that person, the vision could be urging you to properly address these issues before they escalate to something regrettable down the line.
Shooting animals while building a house I'm male, rebuilding a house with my father by the sea, people are looking at the house have seen wolves, I have a 2 handguns and a crossbow, crossbow never loaded. Wolf attacks a worker, but I hand my father a gun and we shoot the wolf dead, but right after an amphibious bear-type creature attacks my father and bites his leg, I shoot it in the head but it isn't stopping the bear, but I manage to kill it and my father has minimum injury. I tell people viewing the house, who ignore me. Later I shoot the bear creature with a crossbow from afar. The crossbow in your dream is an allusion to your goals as well as the progress of your efforts towards achieving those goals. This concept is also illustrated in the rebuilding of your house. You may have faced failures or disappointments in the past and you want to start chasing after your dreams again. However, you may have to face further obstacles along the way as represented by the wolves and the bear. These difficulties may slow down your progress and may even make you question whether your dreams are worth pursuing. Fortunately, killing the bear means you would be able to defeat your rivals and successfully resolve the problems that could derail you from your path. Likewise, the wolf refers to partners or coworkers who may sabotage your efforts because of their recklessness. So it may be in your best interest to be on guard for possible betrayals and deception.
Being attacked by a frog It was a negative feeling dream. I had huge bites and welts on my right elbow that continued to swell larger and larger. Then a green, wet frog jumped in my right palm and bit me. It hurt and I grabbed it and pulled until it tore away and threw it. I looked down to see an open wound in my palm that was deep and bleeding. I thought I would need stitches, but decided to run it under cold water and shower. When I ran it under water there was no pain. I am female. I would consider it a nightmare. A wounded elbow refers to your inability to perform adequately during certain situations. It can be a symbol for intimacy issues or social anxiety in general. Either way, the green frog that jumped on to your palm alludes to a passing encounter or a minor incident that could happen sometime in your future. Because it is merely a fleeting moment, you may not think much about it. However, the wound it left on your palm means that the encounter would have a lasting impression or mark. An individual who figures in that fateful moment could turn into a significant or influential personality in your life. Good or bad, this chance encounter would ultimately trigger a significant transformation in you.
Licked by a dog while in a rickshaw I dreamed that when I was sitting in a rickshaw, suddenly a black huge dog came and started to lick me. I was trying to avoid it, but it kept licking me and I felt he wanted to lick my upper body by undressing me. Being pulled in a rickshaw can be interpreted positively, as it often refers to gaining the admiration and respect of those around you. In some cases, this can refer to prestige earned in a particular field, such as what you are currently studying or your career, however, it can also mean you would become famous or popular in the wider community. In either case, the black dog is an ominous symbol which represents losing your respect for someone you were once close to, like a long-time friend or companion. You may learn that someone you thought cared for you is actually using you. Perhaps this would become more apparent with your rise in prestige, as this person may try to take advantage of your popularity for their own gains.
Chased by a gorilla while by ruins I'm in China. There are ancient ruins around. I'm running in circles around a courtyard. There is a big gorilla chasing me. And then it grabs me. I'm male. Finding yourself running about the ancient ruins of China may reveal that you are about to go through a period of self-discovery. You may finally have time to learn about your personality and mindset. In a sense, the ruins represent parts of you that are integral to your tendencies, habits and beliefs but have not yet been fully explored or even recognized. This is followed by the image of the gorilla chasing you, a symbol closely associated with primal instincts, particularly those that are sexual in nature. By learning more about yourself you could become more aware and conscious of your desires, leading to a more defined and fulfilling sexual identity in the future.
A flea on a dog I have a friendly white dog sitting on my lap and one black flea is jumping all over him. I try to catch the flea but can't, the dog isn't concerned about the flea, the dog is happy. Dreaming about a friendly dog sitting on your lap signifies the presence of faithful and loving individuals in your life. These are the people who care for you deeply and are concerned about your well-being. However, the flea represents an individual who might be trying their best to bring shame upon you. The notion of the dog not being bothered by the flea symbolizes that the love of those close to you would remain unflinching despite whatever they may hear about you. This unwavering trust in your abilities would help you overcome any kinds of problems.
A dog stuck between two doors I live in a Georgian-style farmhouse and in the window over the front door there is a dog in the window. The front half of the dog is outside and the rear half is inside. There is a sliver of meat that looks like sliced ham that you get in a deli, in between the two panes of glass. I can move the rear part of the dog, which results in the other two parts moving in totally opposite random directions. The dog is alive, seems happy there is no blood or gore. It's a recurring nightmare. Windows in dreams generally refer to new opportunities as well as the dreamer's outlook, while dogs symbolize loyalty and protection. Perhaps the dog in the window of your house in the dream refers to a family member who is conflicted about grabbing an opportunity or settling down. The opportunity presents a promising picture for the future, but it would take him or her away from the family and home in general. In addition, the meat in between the window panes represents obstacles. No matter which choice this individual makes, there would be downsides as well as upsides to it. Maybe this vision also shows your apprehensions about being away from your loved ones. Perhaps you are likewise conflicted about supporting the dreams of others over your preference of having them around.
Bonding with a dog from an abandoned house I look at an old abandoned house. Junk in the garden, windows dark and black. Dark atmosphere. I feel evil lurks inside, preparing for some malevolent thing to emerge. Not lucid, but feel desire to face the dark window. A dog appears at the window, bounds towards me. I stand my ground. The dog jumps up, hugs me. I feel its fur and feel love. We communicate telepathically about something. I feel a great bond. I notice a small flea from the dog. I want to help it get rid of the fleas. Dreaming about an abandoned house has negative connotations because it predicts coming across an individual who would break your trust. It may be someone very close to you as well, such as a longtime friend or family member. On the other hand, being visited by a friendly dog that shows love towards you signifies the presence of a faithful and loving person in your life. This is someone who cares about you deeply. The flea on the dog's fur could represent the very person who broke your trust in the first place. Despite their evil presence, you can rest assured that the ones who love and care for you would always be there to offer you their full support whenever you might require it.
Chasing a mouse with a broom I'm a female, 56 years old. My dream was about a mouse and gray in color, he climbed on a broom handle. I remember the dark beady eyes, chasing it with a broom to obstacles. I believe it to be my daughter's apartment, it went into the fireplace and I remember moving a screen that folded in three sections. I remember poking the broom trying to get the mouse. A gray mouse in the dream world typically symbolizes stability, but could also be interpreted as stagnation. If the latter interpretation is more appropriate for your current concerns, then chasing the mouse may be an indication of discontent. Since this mouse was seen at your daughter's apartment, it may be a representation of her current mindset. Perhaps in a bid to squash her boredom or being misunderstood, she may be engaging in inappropriate or risky behavior. She could be playing with fire which could tarnish her reputation. However, if she is able to channel her passion into something more productive, perhaps her restlessness could lead to progress in both her personal and professional spheres.
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