Killing a giant bright-colored snake I was dreaming having a close contact with a snake colored in bright colors. I was trying to scare this snake away but nonetheless in just came towards a place where it find something like an alligator which it cuts off it head and ate it. This was a huge snake! Dreaming about having a close contact with a snake, such as looking at it or touching it, is a warning sign. You should pay attention to new opportunities. It is a promising, auspicious vision. You should grab it right away for it may lead you to success. However, if the snake in your dream was bright in color, it could symbolize jealousy and envy. Someone or some people with whom you have a close relationship with might hold these feelings against you. This individual or individuals would do everything in their ability and power to prevent you from succeeding. They could even want to replace you. The snake's size further translates their influence, status and resources. The larger the snake, the greater their power is. You further had a vision of an alligator eating the snake. This suggests that they are most likely going to fail in their attempts to interfere with your objectives. Some external intervention or event might occur and render their efforts ineffective.
A white friendly tiger Hello, I've been having dreams about a white tiger the last couple days. In my dreams the tiger is my friend and sometimes acts as a pet. this night we hugged each other. And last night I saw him in a forest and we walked through the forest together. What do these dreams mean? And does his white color mean anything? Thank you very much! Dream visions which involve seeing or being together with a friendly, non-aggressive tiger could symbolize your tendency to be a people pleaser. It signifies your desire to indulge your superiors. Yet, this would be the kind of attitude usually reserved for people who are either at a rank higher than yours or who happen to be eminent or popular. Alternatively, from a different perspective, this dream could mean that you have made friends with your own wild, unpleasant, fearful or negative side. Since you went alongside each other for a stroll in the forest, this could suggest that you accept this side of your personality but also use it to your benefit. The animal's white color could symbolize some unusual behavior. This attitude would not necessarily be negative or disturbing, and it would be expressed by someone younger than you. Their actions or behavior seem to be directly affecting your interests or your relationship with them. Note that every detail that you remember with such clarity, for example the color, probably has an important underlying symbolic meaning. This could reveal additional nuances.
At a graveyard, looking for mother and being chased by a brown cow I had a dream being in a graveyard and looking for my mother. But there was a brown cow and it was chasing me. Although it is not clear to us from your request whether your mother is presently deceased or alive, looking for her in this dream represents possible hardships or trials you could be going through in wake life at the moment and seeking help with. Traditionally, the symbol of deceased mother appearing in dreams signifies a promise of receiving help and support in difficult situations. The symbolic vision of a brown cow is a positive sign of having reliable old friends in waking life, such as school classmates or childhood buddies, who would always be there to help you when a complicated situation or uncertainty enters your life, and they are the ones who would be able to lend a helping hand in times when you need it.
Fish growing large and getting out of a fish tank and the reaction of family members I dreamt I was at a house and walked in the den and saw a large fish tank with a couple of large fish in it. I said to my living grandmother the fish are getting too big to be in that tank. All of a sudden one grew extremely large and flopped out of the tank. It was wiggling and gasping for breath. She was just standing over it and I screamed to go and get my ex-boyfriend to help put it back. Instead he came, looked and walked away. Angry, because I left him. So we picked it up and put it back. It started to breathe but water was low. It looked at me to help it and said get more water, and I did. A dream about watching fish swimming inside a large aquarium means that your personal position you have adopted to avoid or not to interfere with other people's issues or problems is a good strategy to deal with these particular situations. However, keeping neutrality to avoid getting involved in other people's business and personal issues they try to impose on you could be starting to take a toll on you emotionally (the symbol of the fish growing larger). Things may soon turn worrisome and annoying, but you will be successful by setting your mind straight and not responding to every small request for favors or help coming from these people. The image of a trembling and jumping fish of a large size gasping for air is also an indication of becoming admired and receiving a lot of respect and praise from people in your life for your personal integrity and ability to handle things appropriately to everyone's advantage. When you saw your ex-boyfriend ignoring your calls to put the fish back into the water, this is a sign that the two of you would never get back together again, even though one of you might be making attempts or showing willingness to give the relationship a second chance. Alternatively, the situation with your ex could be revealing that there are some obvious tensions between the two of you which sometimes remain unresolved. This is reinforced by the dream vision you had of water spilling over and the fish being on the floor. There was the need of more water for the tank. Since water partly symbolizes emotions, this could mean that sustaining positive emotions may be beneficial for you and your relationships.
People directing to a lion which attacks A dream about a boy and a lady standing and I asked where to pass and the lady said "pass here" which I did and a lion just jumped on my neck and bit me. This dream could be a subconscious manifestation of your distrust towards some people you had to deal with recently in your waking life. You could be anticipating a threat or possible malicious intent coming from these people because of their actions, behavior or attitude towards you. Being attacked and bitten by a lion in this dream signifies your fear of losing your personal freedom or being controlled by someone present in your life. This could equally apply to your material possessions or property, when somebody or some people are plotting against your financial well-being and trying to take over your independence. Your subconscious mind is sending a signal to be careful and thoroughly examine whom you can trust and which people should be steered clear of at all costs.
Playing with a friendly lion I am a female and I had a dream where I was play wrestling with a full grown lion. I was caressing and enjoying touching all the fur etc. The lion and I were conversing not sure about what. Towards the end of the dream the lion bites onto my right hand to where only my four fingers were in his mouth. He smiles, releases my hand with no harm done, and again says something to me. A loving sort of creature. This dream could be a subconscious reflection of your recent encounter with a man who presented himself to you as an intellectual, honorable and sociable person, or you could have just perceived him this way. The notions of being bitten by and talking with the lion could be indicative of your desire and eagerness to continue associating with this person in order to learn more about his character or get to know him in an intimate way. This could be the result of your fascination with this individual, however first impressions could be deceiving. If you intend to continue with your pursuits, make sure you do not get hurt along the way.
A crocodile egg hatching and feeling amazed by the creature A crocodile egg hatching. There was two of them but only one hatched. And, I saw a baby crocodile emerge from it. It looked straight at me. It was colored green with a bit of yellow stripes in between its back. But, while I was staring back at it, I realized that I didn't feel terrified even if it was a crocodile. On the contrary, I felt at ease looking at it. This dream vision of a crocodile hatching from an egg symbolizes the emergence of a new person in your waking life. You could have just gone through a situation when you had to separate, either temporarily or forever, from a person who was important to you. Based on your description of being comfortable looking at the crocodile egg hatching in this dream means that you are open and ready to welcome a new friend or acquaintance into your life. The notion of two eggs in front of you and only one successfully hatching could also mean that you already making conscious attempts to make friends or get to know someone more closely among those available. Visions of observing birth in dream interpretation usually mean the dreamer's desire to replace recently broken, failed or ended relationships (including those which involved someone passing away) with new friends, so be open and accepting of these changes.
A black dog killing father and friend I was at the store with my family and there was this black, scary looking dog. It followed us around the store and killed my dad and friend. It also lunged at me. The dream visions you had about a hostile dog following both you and the other two other people who were with you in this dream could mean that there are actions and plans in place which are being conceived by those whom you consider your enemies or someone you do not particularly like. The black color of the dog symbolizes your upcoming disappointment following the betrayal of your best friends or trusted acquaintances you thought you could rely on when you are in need of help. These individuals may assist your enemies to make them succeed in their harmful intentions against you. The notion of the black dog killing your father and friend is also not a very promising sign. In traditional dream interpretation, it could be related to one or both of these people succumbing to illness or disease, or even departing this world soon. Being attacked by the dog in the context of the above-mentioned possible meanings serves as a warning that you could also be impacted by these unfortunate developments.
Frogs everywhere I walked into my room and saw a small frog, so I went to get my dad so he would get rid of it but he refused to help. Eventually the frog started showing up everywhere I looked. In my room I was jumping around from my bed to a chair moving away from all the frogs. There were toads and frogs and then small frogs green and brown. They would either just stay there or move around, others would come at me. I had this dream twice the same night and every time the dream ended the same. I would look down at my chest and there be a dozen little frogs on me I started screaming and shake them off. Apart from the possibility that you could have the phobia of amphibians and this fear follows you even into your dreams, there is also a chance that you have been lately overwhelmed with a series of news or developments in your personal life. Some connections you have recently established or friends you become acquainted with could be showering you with information or getting you involved in things you do not particularly like knowing or doing. If you are trying to break free from such involvement, your attempts may have been unsuccessful because you either feel (or being persuaded) you owe it to these individuals, or they could be exerting a lot of pressure on you. Sometimes, dream visions about frogs on your body could be pointing to your unhappiness about certain features of your appearance, which could be completely subjective and groundless.
Cutting piglet's legs off, kittens and someone watching My husband brought home 2 piglets and I began to cut off his feet. I felt so badly I didn't do it to the other one. Then there were 2 kittens running on the fence and my neighbor, a soccer coach, was watching me while hanging out of the window. In real life I don't care for this person. Pigs or piglets being slaughtered in a dream symbolically mean going after a favorable situation and taking advantage of it. In the context of this dream, you could have recently been offered several opportunities to choose from, one of which really interests you. This dream indicates that you could be considering applying some efforts or gathering resources you may have to pursue this opportunity and turn it around to your benefit. However, you could be sensing that you have some kind of competition taking place when you see other people wanting the same thing and interfering with your intentions. The vision of the kittens running on top of the fence symbolizes your anticipation of potential issues standing in the way of reaching the outcomes you desire.
Shooting a fox which came back and turned into a wolf I was being followed by a fox and after shooing it away a couple of times it came back to me with no fear and turned into a big grey wolf that I welcomed into my home. This dream about being followed by a fox and shooting it contains a prediction of getting involved in some fraudulent activities or questionable romantic affairs which could be associated with a high risk of being slandered or your reputation affected in a negative way. The image of a fox turning into a wolf and entering your house is a sign of upcoming confrontation or conflict with people expressing hostile attitude towards you. The grey color of the wolf you have befriended and welcomed to your dwelling could also mean having to meet with a person or people holding an important official position, such as a government representative or social worker for reasons known to you.
A white rabbit in a cupboard which keeps coming back I dreamed that my sister told me that we have rabbits so I went to see and there was a cupboard, I opened it. It was full of sleeping rabbits, but there was one big white rabbit that was awake and it seemed special, he sat there looking at me, and then I let him out of the cupboard and I was petting him. He then went off jumping and playing, I let the cupboard door open and told my sister he will be back. And yeah after a little while he just came running and jumped to his place in the cupboard. P.S. this is the second time I dream of my sister and petting a rabbit. A white rabbit in this particular dream can be interpreted as your growing belief that at this point in life you are settled with what you have or do, this could be the case for your relationship with someone or things you occupy yourself with on a daily basis. The vision of your sister showing you where the rabbits were kept means that people could be making you feel that you cannot achieve more or try new things in order to bring novelty and excitement to your life. The return of the white rabbit back to where it was in the beginning of the dream indicates that your attempts to diversify your daily routine have mostly been unsuccessful. Overall, this dream vision could be reaffirmation of your timid and shy nature or complacency which prevent you from living your life to the fullest.
Visting deceased aunt, seeing snakes and lizards and being chased by larger animals I was in my relatives house where I was alone able to see my aunty who died 3 yrs back. She was talking to me. When planning to start out from house with my aunt's son to get things for her yearly rituals I saw few black snakes, lizards, few other reptiles there near our slippers so I thought of running from there. I ran to a temple where I saw a tiger chasing, I was running to hide and people were running and coming seeing the chasing by lion and tiger. Dreams centering around or taking place in a home are usually about past relationships. Because the prominent figure in this dream was your deceased aunt, who you alone were able to talk to and interact with, it may indicate fear or apprehension at some aspect of your former relationship with her or her relationship with others, particularly with other members of your family. Being that you were then on a quest to prepare things for her rituals, this might be connected to some unresolved issues or information she had been meaning to share but had not had the chance. The imagery of reptiles, especially black ones, seems to point toward this unfinished task being negative or detrimental in some way, therefore it may be better to leave this alone and not dig up the past. On the other hand, given the ritualistic theme, this could also be related to an unexpected development regarding her religion or spiritual beliefs. As there were other people included in the dream who were following or acting as spectators, this predicts that others may have realized you are sensing her presence, although what their intentions are regarding the matter are unclear.
Six ferrets helping to make the bed I had a dream about six ferrets helping my boyfriend make his bed. Dreams associated with visions of ferrets could represent being in a compromising position or situation related to love affairs. The notion of ferrets helping your friend to make the bed signifies that this unpleasant situation could be related to private love affairs or personal relationship your friend has with someone. The number six, which you describe as the number of ferrets, in a dream represents lies and deceit which could serve as a source of these unhealthy trends within the relationship. They could originate either from a couple itself or some other people trying to interfere with and jeopardize the stability and strength of the relationship.
A white wolf in a cage A white wolf was caught in a cage by two men from the country side. One of them was waving at me to see what was in the cage, I approached the cage and a white wolf was snarling at me with its sharp teeth. This dream about seeing a caged wolf of a white color could indicate that currently you have stability and peace in your family life, work environment or pursuit of your goals. However, the image of a white wolf tells you that you could be led into accepting misinformed opinions and influence on behalf of others which could greatly interfere with the way things are going for you right now. If you want to continue living a peaceful and worry-free life you must protect yourself from people whom you don't not completely trust and prevent their attempts to sway you in the direction which contradicts the views and ideas you have established for yourself.
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