Father fighting with a bear My daughter had a dream she was to her parent's home and a bear came and we ran in the house and tried to lock the door and the door just wouldn't lock. So her father fought the bear and they fought all the way into the woods. When her father came out of the woods he fell on the floor and her brother wanted to go get that bear, but her father told them to have patience, because everything would be alright. Being threatened by a bear and subsequently pursuing this bear in the dream world alludes to a toxic relationship in reality. Your daughter could be dealing with a domineering presence in her life, controlling her every move and suppressing her natural instincts. Perhaps the advice of her father means that she needs to bide her time before she can gain the freedom she desires. While she could be feeling trapped and limited at the moment, she can use this time to grow and mature in order to have a fighting chance at victory when she decides to fight back or at least assert herself.
A donkey in the backyard I dreamt that I was a young child and I looked outside my house and on my property was a donkey standing there. I asked my brother to come to the window to look at the donkey. Seeing yourself as a child suggests that some of your words or behavior in waking life may be inappropriate or ill-advised. You could be annoying the people around you or making them feel uncomfortable. However, looking at a donkey through a window may reveal that you do not think your shortcomings come close to other people's in your life. The donkey could be the manifestation of people you consider to be vile, headstrong or unpleasant to deal with. Together, these symbols show how you favor pointing out other people's problems rather than being accountable for your own. If you want to improve your relationships with those around you, you may need to start considering the effects of your words and actions more.
Traveling by riding on a horse I was riding a horse, then stopped at this lady's house to stay the night. I was traveling somewhere. I made sure I securely tied my horse to the tree pretty close to the other horse that was outside her house. I then went to get on my horse the next day, and made it all the way to my house, and my mom had told me that it wasn't my horse. I had a vision of the horse I had now "stolen", eating my horse. Later another dog was eating my dog at some lady's house. I watched the video of it in my dream. Horses are strong and powerful animals often associated with wildness and independent spirit. Perhaps losing your horse as a result of it being eaten by another horse in your dream depicts your upcoming personal transformation. You could be on the verge of becoming less dependent on others and feeling more comfortable in your own skin. The part of the dream with the vision of a dog consuming your own dog may be a reference to a dog-eat-dog world. This means that you would have to undergo a lot of difficulties which would probably disillusion you and this would trigger the transformation you would inevitably go through.
Protecting family from lions In my dream, suddenly the world is filled with strange things and it is dark and then animals like lions and lionesses are on the lose and are attacking everyone and I am trying to protect my family from them while wondering what is happening in the world. I just about shut the door in time to keep them out. But I am feeling like they might find another way and I am worried. Dreaming about encountering unfamiliar things in the darkness has negative connotations. It portends a period of worsening health. The lions and lionesses that you saw may represent the difficulties associated with this period. The notion of you trying to shield your family from them is a reflection of your desire to keep your loved ones away from these troubles and your ability to shut the door at the right time signifies your success in defying all those odds against you. It would be helpful to keep tabs on any emerging health issues and visit a physician for a complete check-up to rule out any health problems.
Bears falling out of the sky Momma bear and cub falling out of the sky. Dreaming of a bear with its cubs usually alludes to wealth and prosperity. There could be lucrative investments in the future or material possessions you stand to gain. The image of the bears falling from the sky means that these blessings and opportunities are about to come you way. This could be the positive turn of events you have been looking for after experiencing consecutive disappointments in the waking world.
A cat chasing a lizard I am a male and I had a dream that a cat chased down and killed a green lizard. Dreaming that a cat kills a lizard alludes to your triumph over an adversary. Cats are often associated with independence and cunning behavior, while lizards are viewed as cold and calculating. Hence, the death of the lizard symbolizes your determination and ability to assert yourself during trying times. Perhaps you would soon undergo some trials that test your strength of character. Alternatively, these animals may represent two sides of your personality. Maybe you are more inclined to follow a path of creativity rather than a traditional or stable one.
Dogs chasing after a moose A big group of Dobermans chasing a mother and a calf moose wrapped in a barb wire in my yard, then fighting with me and my 2 Shepherds. We win, then I'm about to fight with the woman owner. I'm male. Dream ends. The group of dogs chasing the moose and her offspring could represent a scandalous event getting blown wildly out of proportion. As a third party observing this affair, you may recognize that the instigators are causing much pain and embarrassment to their target. You are likely upset on behalf of the victim and rightly so. However, should you choose to insert yourself into this situation, the image of those vicious dogs fighting yours could mean you would become the new target.
Worrying about cows in a field I had a dream about me and my son were in this room, some lady was asking us questions and all I seemed to be worried about was the cows lying down in the field because there was a lightning. Seeing a herd of cows lying down in a field reveals your yearning to be a member of a community. You may be thinking about bringing your son into a group where he would thrive. The symbol of lightning alludes to quick and significant events, which means you may be planning on making some major changes in your current situation. Perhaps you are thinking about moving to a new home, getting a new job or introducing your son to a better social environment. Whichever is the case, your decisions would have lasting effects on your family's life.
A black wolf attacking other wolves There is a black wolf in the background, the wolf never harms me nor is it friendly, we always make eye contact and acknowledge each other. It is always in the background. In one dream there is a pack of wolves and then the black wolf comes and the pack fears the black wolf, the black wolf ends up biting the neck off of one of the regular-colored wolves and it is so vivid in my dream. I can see and hear every detail of the neck being bitten off. The black wolf represents some force in your life that is helping you overcome challenges and avoid the traps set by your competitors. This can be seen in both the wolf's aloofness and in its obvious power. You likely do not know who or what is helping you gain superiority over your peers. While you may be aware of the presence because of the outcomes, the reason and method are a mystery. However, it may not be as important to know as you think. Your curiosity may be strong, but whoever or whatever is helping you probably has an agenda that only you can fulfill. It would be unwise to force them to reveal their identity unless they want to.
A mountain lion on the back A mountain lion climbed on my back while I was walking my dog. It dug its claws into my shoulders very lightly but did not attack. I took it inside the house and it got off my back and roamed around the house without attacking. Mountain lions represent real-world threats and aggression, but they can also symbolize pride. In your dream scenario, both interpretations could be applicable. The mountain lion on your back means your are probably prone to emotional outbursts and have a lot of pride. Carrying the animal around and even bringing it home means you value your principles and ability to assert your dominance. Too much pride, however, can isolate and perhaps even distance you from your loved ones.
Animals while being in a park I am female. I dreamed I was in a park somewhere with a pet guinea pig that I was holding like a baby. I had the choice to walk a dog or a bear on a hike, for some reason I picked the bear, I put the guinea pig down then the bear and I started walking, then we were running together. I felt a little scared at first but then not so much. After running for awhile the leash broke and the bear ran off. Then I woke up. Dreaming about walking in a park while carrying a guinea pig suggests a period of transition in which you would have to make important decisions to determine where your path is headed. The guinea pig represents the duties and responsibilities you would need to consider in making those decisions. The choice between a dog or a bear, meanwhile, reflects your conflicted feelings over choosing between domesticity and independence. On one hand, there is an opportunity for you to settle down and grow some roots. However, there is likely a part of you that is not yet ready to let go of your freedom. In choosing the bear, you could be allowing yourself to go astray and derail important plans or goals.
A mouse on a white wall I was looking up at a white wall and a mouse just appears, then it just starts walking across the wall. My gender is female. The white wall you envisioned could represent a boost in social status you are about to receive. You may have been recommended for an award or promotion or applied for such recognition yourself. You are likely to get this incentive and the admiration and support that come with it. However, the mouse walking across the wall is a warning that someone may double-cross you because of your achievements. You may have a secret enemy who is jealous of your sudden rise and wants to sabotage your future efforts.
Killing frogs which are giving birth I'm waking up and I went into my living room, and some of my furniture wasn't there. There was a small frog, and when it inhaled, It grew bigger, like twice its size. Then it started to leap, and when it leaped it left behind a baby frog, then it leaped again and left behind another baby frog from it. I ran in my room to grab the Raid and sprayed the last baby frog (I was scared), but it died right away. The big frog bit me, I sprayed the last two frogs, then they died, so I swept them out of the house. Frogs in dreams generally suggest existing issues in romantic affairs. As such, you may experience heartaches, even a heartbreak, due to unrequited love or a hurtful encounter with the object of your affection. Furthermore, the smaller frogs point to the negative effects or lingering pain that you would feel long after the unsavory incident. Perhaps getting hurt would lead to your inability to commit yourself to someone for fear of getting disappointed once again. Meanwhile, the missing furniture in your living room represents more focus due to fewer obstacles in your way. At the same time, gaining focus could come at the price of isolating yourself from your loved ones and becoming too absorbed in trying to solve your personal issues or concerns.
A cat eating a bird A cat eating a bird and leaving the head on the bed. Dream imagery of a cat killing and eating a bird could point to missing an important opportunity or chance to succeed. The symbol of bed in the context of this dream could also mean that these losses or failures could be related to your private life, such as romantic affairs or things you usually try to keep to yourself. The bird's head on the bed is symbolic of lingering regrets and frustration you would be left with following this unfortunate experience.
Men killing a brown horse I was riding a brown horse. I tied it in a place. Two men with their dogs came and attacked me and killed the horse. The brown horse in your dream vision alludes to your willpower and determination. It could be a symbol for your resolve to become accomplished and successful in your chosen path or current endeavors. However, the men with their dogs may refer to an influential enemy who would strive to bring you down. The dogs, symbolizing loyalty and protection, represent your enemy's allies in the plot to discredit or demotivate you. Perhaps you need to be more careful in dealing with suspicious characters.
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