Exotic animals around the house Standing in a large field behind a home I think I used to live in. I look to the left and off in the distance is a tiger walking. I'm not sure it has seen me, as it is dusk. As I begin to walk to my house I notice a cheetah running right at me. As it intersects me, it does nothing and disappears. As I walk up on the the back deck of the house I notice a leopard walking from high to left about 70 feet away. I go inside and warn young children to stay away from the door. A dream in which you find yourself in a large field suggests clearness and openness of mind. It suggests that you accept people and circumstances at face value, and you refrain from making harsh judgement immediately. Encountering ferocious animals such as tigers, cheetahs and leopards in a dream shows that you would soon be put in a situation wherein you know that showing fear and alarm would only bring about more problems. In order to get through this challenging period you would have to maintain your open and clear mind to figure things out. Warning the children to stay away from the door represents your ability to solve this problem by yourself with these qualities you possess.
A white rat and baby spiders I was at home headed to the back yard because for some reason there was a white rat that my mother didn't seem to be frightened of. I was taking it out still alive, once I took it out while trying to close the back door the rat was trying to come back in. There were baby spiders flying around and a bunch landed on me right before I closed the door. That's all I remember, thanks. In a dream, seeing a white rat represents duplicity in those around you. It suggests that someone you associate with is not who they appear to be. They may be lying about their true lifestyle, character or intentions, preventing you from seeing the whole picture. This symbol is further reinforced by the image of baby spiders because spiders are good at spinning webs of lies. You should be careful how much information you share with those you do not know well. If left undetected for too long, these individuals would continue to manipulate you and cause issues in your life.
Elephants with and without trunks In my dream I saw 5 elephants waking in the yard, two of them were walking in front without elephant trunks, while the three at the back had the trunk. I chased them away and they walked away nicely outside the yard. Outside the yard there was a big elephant crying by a tree. Encountering a group of elephants in a dream conveys a very positive message. Elephants are often associated with wisdom, well-being and balance. Thus, the dream could foretell a period of wealth and prosperity in regards to your current interests, activities or business goals. Furthermore, the elephant's trunk, usually taken as a phallic symbol, refers to power and masculinity. Seeing some elephants with trunks and some without means that your good fortune may reveal some unsavory characteristics, like pride and greed. While the vision suggests you could expect many great things, it also cautions you about abusing your authority.
Animals inside a paper bag Well, I was in a familiar setting, but I don't really remember where, anyway - this lady gave me a brown paper bag, was telling me that I needed to transfer the things in it to a new paper bag everyday. I looked in the bag and there was a yellow snake, a rat and a cat in it. I closed the bag immediately, and was scared to move them. I was putting it off, and was carrying that bag around with me in my purse. I remember thinking that it was weird because they are all each other's predators. The brown paper bag you carry around represents your personal baggage. Inside it are burdensome concerns and negative emotions. Specifically, the yellow snake symbolizes feelings of jealousy and fear that society is trying to take away all that you deem important. Furthermore, the rat represents your greed and guilt, while the cat refers to deceit and betrayal. All these issues may stem from your insecurities. Hence, transferring these animals to a new paper bag every day alludes to the necessity of self-awareness and regular self-reflection in order to keep negative thoughts in check and self-destructive ideas at bay.
Saving a drowning calf I saw a calf standing on a platform across from me with other calves. It started to fall asleep and fell off of the platform. I immediately dove into the dark water and grabbed onto the calf. We sank immediately. Falling faster and faster. I had to choose to hold onto the calf and accept death which I was not afraid of, it was strangely comforting. I remembered my family and immediately saw tons of large beings standing in the waters reaching for me. I let go of the calf and began to swim up own. Dreaming about calves signifies the arrival of good tidings in your life. It is a clear indication that things are going to turn in your favor. You would be in a position to help people and would provide that help willingly. This is further reinforced by the image of you rushing ahead to save the drowning calf. Saving anything or anyone from drowning is a sign of you being obliging towards those who may be in need of assistance. You would provide the necessary expertise to someone whose fortune might be dwindling. The fact that you were not afraid of drowning implies that you have full confidence in your abilities. The large beings are actually your own capabilities which help you overcome any fears and allow you to regain your confidence in yourself once again.
Saving a calf stuck in a pit I am a Hindu girl. We consider cow as divine mother. I was walking and saw a calf stuck in a pit struggling to come out. I saw the calf's parents trying to help the calf out. As I was looking at them, I felt that my feet have touched the ox. I backed off feeling bad about that. But the ox stood up and was asking for my help to get the calf out of the pit. I was approaching the pit to help out. This dream vision seems to reflect your religion and personal character rather than predict any future events. Seeing a calf is generally an auspicious symbol associated with good fortune and happiness. Noticing that the calf was stuck represents your commitment to maintaining good behavior both when times are plentiful and when you are experiencing hardships. Approaching the calf to help it at the end of the dream further shows your kind and generous nature. Even as your own circumstances improve, you never forget about those who could still be suffering.
A green lizard by the riverside I dreamed there was a light-skinned man taking me to a riverside. When we alighted from the vehicle, l looked up and saw a very big green lizard high in the tree above my head. Funny how the man was looking at it but was pretending not to see it. I didn't bother to go with him... I ran away instead. Being taken to a riverside is likely an allusion to other people's expectations. There may be instances in the real world when you are forced to comply with rules, such as at your workplace. The man may be a representation of an authority figure, perhaps a mentor type, with whom others typically seek out for advice or guidance. Meanwhile, the green lizard alludes to your motivations and unique perspectives. Perhaps you are being underestimated by a superior or such individual may be refusing to acknowledge your capabilities and the value of your contributions.
Swallowing a snail I dreamt my friend and I were cleaning out the slime from a bowl of snails with alum (what we use to clean snails in Nigeria). I then tried to chew off something from the snail, before I knew it I swallowed the snail whole with the alum in it. I immediately woke up with a feeling in my throat. Cleaning up the slime from the snails represents your concerted efforts in keeping an untrustworthy individual at bay. Someone could be exhibiting suspicious or objectionable behavior around you and you are trying to push away any unwanted advances. On the other hand, snails can represent your slow and steady progress towards your dreams. In that case, getting rid of the slime may reflect your desire to speed up your progress. However, the haste and urgency could set you up for failure, possibly even putting your health at risk. Some things take time and consistent effort to be achieved.
Dogs running free in traffic I was driving down the road with a friend. Two happy house dogs running on the road with oncoming traffic, as we went down the road we saw many dogs along the road that were injured from being hit. Driving in the dream world is usually associated with movement or progress in your waking life, either professional or personal growth. The dogs, being loyal companions, likely represent family and close friends. Given those symbols, your dream vision may be telling you that on your way to achieving your goals, you may end up losing sight of your loved ones. Focusing on your own needs and ambitions could lead you to neglect their well-being, hence putting a significant strain on your relationships.
Running from wolves with a baby Wolves were chasing me and I had a baby in my hands. I tried to hand the baby to someone but they wouldn't take it. Then a voice appeared and said "Sometimes you have to forgive yourself", and right after it said that the wolf died, and I stopped running. Being chased by a pack of wolves in the dream world alludes to the possible emergence of an influential enemy who could cause a lot of damage to your career. Alternatively, wolves can symbolize self-destructive habits, addictions or unhealthy obsessions. Your dangerous fixations could be threatening your well-being, as symbolized by the baby you were carrying in the dream. Shielding the baby from harm reveals your attempts to find a solution to a difficult situation you are embroiled in. It is also indicative of your fears that others would find out about your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
Multi-colored dogs trying to attack At an unknown house get together and there were three dogs, one black, one white and one that was black and brown. All three were trying to attack and owner was trying to hold them back. My special one was with me and they didn't bother him, and he went on through but the dogs were jumping and trying to bite me. Then I felt something on my back and thought it was a dog that was biting, but it was a little boy. I woke up then. Dreaming of aggressive or angry dogs means that you could be betrayed by a trusted friend or colleague in the real world. The black, white and brown colors of the dogs represent the various faces of the traitor. White may be a facade of loyalty and kindness so he or she would gain your trust. Black represents the dark sides and aspects of your fake friend or ally scheming against you. Meanwhile, the brown dog could be a metaphor for ambition, perhaps this is the reason for you being betrayed soon. Finally, the little boy represents your stronger sides of character you possess to counteract any moves to discredit you when you need to be more assertive and strong-willed.
A cat and a cobra killing each other I was living in an apartment with my cat, and my friend lived downstairs. We would go and visit, but my friend's neighbor had a 20-foot cobra living outside his door. It was always very aggressive and my cat, a Norwegian Forest Cat, was always protectively aggressive back. One day the cat was bitten by the cobra, but the vet managed to save its life. However, the cat and cobra fought a second time and they killed each other. I was sobbing over my cat's death and livid at the cobra. Living with a cat in the dream world likely reflects your independence and self-reliance. Perhaps you tend to be spontaneous and enjoy living in the moment. Meanwhile, the gigantic cobra guarding your friend's door could imply a huge rift between you two in reality. You may have a misunderstanding that leads to a confrontation that could hurt both of your feelings. Alternatively, the cat and the cobra may represent opposing sexes, as the cat may signify femininity in opposition to the masculine attributes associated with the cobra. If you are in fact male and female, then the conflict may stem from gender issues or sexually-related concerns, especially if one or both of you harbor feelings for the other.
An elephant giving birth to more elephants I dream of an elephant giving birth to multiple elephants in a pool of water. Elephants in water are often associated with negativity surrounding you in wake life. As difficulties arise throughout the day, you may become more irritable and ungracious. While this by itself is not uncommon, you may take it to an extreme, as seeing the elephant give birth in the water multiple times could point toward strained relations between you and those you must interact with on a daily basis. It seems that you could be taking your frustration out on others instead of positively channeling it into productive endeavors. This vision may be a warning to watch your words and actions with others, and to work on fixing problems versus just complaining about them.
A herd of sheep A herd of sheep dream meaning? Dreaming about a herd of sheep has positive connotations. It symbolizes the arrival of good tidings leading to prosperity in your personal as well as professional life. A herd of sheep also represents abundance of things, it is an indication that every venture which you undertake would turn out successful and rewarding in many ways. The bounties which would be bestowed upon you, however, is majorly the result of your hard work, determination and effort you are willing to devote to your projects.
Healing a sick dog In my dream I saw a sick dog being healed by us. What does it mean? Dreaming of a sick or dying dog usually refers to interpersonal conflicts and disagreements. Since dogs are associated with ideals such as loyalty and protection, they are typically symbols of family and trusted individuals in your social circle. The sickness afflicting the dog in the dream points to ideological differences or misunderstandings that are threatening to sever your bond with a friend or loved one. However, perhaps due to the experiences you both shared and the history you have together, you are motivated to patch things up with this individual or people as indicated by your efforts to heal the dog.
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