Untouched by a pack of grey wolves After a loud trumpet sound, came a pack of grey wolves with fiery red eyes, dashed into the room when we are chatting, it went to hunt its prey by smelling the human presence. My stomach was very filled and I heard a voice telling me not to be afraid as these wolves can only smell human whose stomach is not filled. A few wolves walk passed me and really didn't detect my presence. I am safe. Wolves are often a symbol of growing negative energy around you. In the dream world, wolves chasing their prey represent challenges and obstacles which you may face in your endeavors. The fact that these wolves arrived after you heard a loud trumpet suggests this is a warning or an indication of the troubled times to come. Since the wolf did not attack you, it can be presumed that any difficulties which do come your way would not have a great impact. However, these troubles may still affect those in your immediate circle, so you should stay on high alert and watch out for those close to you.
A tiger and puppies inside the house I stabbed a tiger in the head in my house, it didn't die and my 12-year old son came and got the tiger as it was like his pet stopping me from hurting it and let it outside. Then I turn and see he has some great Dane puppies laying beside the couch. The different ways you and your son treated the tiger in your dream reveal your attitude towards power and leadership. For you, stabbing the tiger's head could be an indication of your desire to control your temper. On the other hand, it could also mean that you have given up on your ambitions. Meanwhile, your son is just beginning to cultivate his dreams and his desire to be successful has not yet been affected in any negative way. As such, the dream vision may be reminding you to revisit your goals and be inspired by the idealism of your son. After all, the puppies in the dream may hint towards ideas that have long been brewing in your mind.
Chased by a dog and hiding in a cradle I was running from a dog and I ran to my grandmothers house that was abandoned. I climbed a ladder that leads to the attic and I went into the window and I got in this cradle that was hanging from the ceiling. Dreaming about being chased by a dog or any other animal is an indication of some unfinished business in your waking life. Perhaps it's a sign of things which never culminated, probably a past relationship, the memories of which still come back to haunt you. It may even pertain to your feelings regarding those who may once have been close to you, perhaps someone from your immediate family. The notion that you tried to hide inside a cradle points towards your subconscious desire to escape from all this pain and go back to the simple life you led as a child. The best thing you could do is evaluate your life and try to deal with these uneasy feelings.
Eaten by a shark while swimming When I was little, I used to dream about my family and me swimming in my grandad's pool and then being eaten by a shark, and I would be the only one left. Your dream vision suggests that you could be unaware of things happening around you, which may lead you to pandemonium. It could be working against your peaceful everyday life or anything that may be otherwise considered a source of happiness. Fortunately, swimming is a positive sign which conveys you have reliable and trustworthy friends who always offer help and support whenever you need and ask for it. It would be wise to rely on these friends during difficult times because you seem to be the type of person who is frightened to be left on your own.
A white horse inside the house This was actually dreamt by my grandmother who is nearly 70 years old. A few days back she saw in her dream that a white large horse is roaming around inside her house. She was trying really hard to get it out of her house but she was unable to do so. The horse, however, went away after some time. She also dreamt of her late mother. My grandma was asking for help, but she wasn't even replying. After some time she (her mother) asked her what happened. When she explained, she didn't show much interest to it. Here I would like to mention that my grandma is quite pious. White horses in dreams can be interpreted as symbols of innocence, courtship, wealth, even chastity. In the case of your grandmother's dream, finding the white horse roaming inside her house reveals her possible preoccupation with issues of morality and decency. There may have been temptations or opportunities to misbehave, yet her upbringing and values may be preventing her from doing something questionable. On the other hand, her deeply ingrained values may also be preventing her from accepting or opening her mind to modern beliefs and perspectives. She could be leaning heavily on her mother's teachings and old-fashioned behavior to make sense of the world, yet those are no longer helping her understand the status quo, especially the younger generation.
Someone cutting a horse with a knife I had a dream about a horse. The horse was eating, someone said got cut near the kidney to make the horse feel better. Someone started to cut the horse with a big knife, the horse just continued to eat with no pain and blood was gushing out. After a while the horse laying down and relaxed, not in pain at all. Please let me know what this means. Thank you. Dreaming about a horse eating its food has a mixed symbolism. While horses generally represent good tidings, the image of an injured horse somehow gives off a negative vibe. Seeing someone injuring the horse in the dream should be considered a forewarning of gloom and darkness. Perhaps your endeavors might not be as successful as you expected. Somehow, the horse feeling no pain could mean that these problems might cause you little grief. However being alert and aware of events around you or pertaining to you could help ward off any future unpleasantness.
Watching after a rabbit in a library I went into this huge library. Saw a bunch of old co-workers. One had a few animals with him and he asked me to watch his rabbit for him, while he finished what he was doing. It got loose and I had to chase it around and every time I picked it up, it bit me. So, I ended up wearing winter gloves to help the situation. Finally my friend came back, so I put the bunny in his pet stroller thing. And then I left as well and walked out on to a college campus-like atmosphere, that's been in my dreams. The library speaks of your personal journey and a continuous learning as you grow. It is your mind's repository for all the knowledge gleaned from your collective experience as you continue to face different situations. The rabbit you chase around in this dream, which you eventually catch, is an allusion to potentially trivial and annoying problems or issues that are interfering with the progress and success of your professional as well as personal life. There is also a sense of nostalgia which maybe reflects your own inability to fully accept and let go of the past. Perhaps there are loose ends you have yet to tie up and only when those are dealt with can you fully move on with your life.
Playing with different types of animals I was dreaming of running and playing with 3 whites ponies and two bay or chestnut horses. I stopped and saw a male African lion sitting in the tree line. Then the lion started walking and pounced on something. Then I was sitting on the ground playing and petting a cougar. The ponies in your dream represent your playful nature, while the horses could be referring to your sensuality. This dream vision may have something to do with personal transformation and a need for maturity. In that respect, the African lion depicts an individual in the waking world who is carefully watching your actions and behavior, perhaps with the intent of straightening your ways. Maybe the lion is telling you to curb your self-indulgent habits and move towards more productive pursuits. Lastly, the cougar could be a woman. It could allude to a female figure in your life, like an older sibling or family member, who would be responsible for helping you during this personal transformation.
Running from a shootout and abandoned cows I had a dream that I was in a shootout, I don't remember where, but me and this old guy ran away from it to go find help and we came upon an old cow farm, where everything had been abandoned even the cows. But as we leave to see no one was there, the cows started to run through the course like they know what to do on there own. And me and the old guy are standing on the game while they run through, then I wake up. I had this dream twice, why though? Envisioning yourself caught in a shootout is indicative of soon going through a predicament in real life. It suggests an event wherein you may find yourself under fire over certain actions or decisions. The old cow farm and cows running around further support this notion, suggesting possible major changes in your life which are not for the better. While cows normally represent fortune and luck, cows running away from you could point to the lack of control over this upcoming situation or being powerless to do much about it, which is further magnified by the imagery of you just standing there at the end of this dream.
Attacked by a pack of lions I was hanging out with the girl I like at a house party and she left me alone so I left. When I left, I was attacked by a pack of lions in the middle of a city and I died. Envisioning yourself at a party reflects your desire to have more fun and be more at ease. However, it seems you are concentrating too much on personal responsibilities which, as a result, prevents you from fully enjoying yourself even on the rare occasions that you do go out and celebrate. Dying in this dream suggests a future decline in health that could prevent you from following your usual routine. Perhaps these health issues are rooted in your stress from the duties you have and your notion that having fun and a carefree lifestyle has no purpose. It would be wise to remember that it is possible to have fun without losing sight of your goals and obligations.
Hiding in a building from a bear attack I had a dream about a bear trying to get us, we hid in our cars, then three of us went into a building, on my way out of the building I noticed stacks of newspapers, so I grabbed about two or three of the different local newspapers, but I heard a man scream like "Hey!" So I put them down because I knew I had to pass this man on the way out of the building, when I did get out the building the man from the window started talking about the bear, and I was telling him where we seen the bear at. Trying to escape or hide from a bear in a dream is a reflection of your tendency to avoid confrontation. Whenever you run into trouble or have a conflict with someone, you would probably rather feign ignorance or refuse to acknowledge the situation. In connection to that, the newspaper refers to insight and solutions to problems. As such, perhaps this dream is telling you that you have the capability to resolve issues by owning up to your mistakes and listening to the other party's arguments or feelings. In doing so, the act of telling the man in your vision a crucial piece of information about the bear is akin to growing in self-awareness and realizing you have the capability to be the bigger person during combative circumstances.
A rat on the blanket I dreamed of a rat that was in my bed while I was asleep. When I opened my eyes, the rat was right in front of me. I was hoping to see my BF, but no he wasn't there. I cover my face with a blanket and the rat was biting the blanket. Trying to bite me. Dreaming about a rat in your bedroom could be symbolic of upcoming brawls and arguments which you may have with your co-workers or people in your everyday life. This is further reinforced by the image of the rat trying to attack you. It could mean that you may soon be surrounded by certain individuals who will make things difficult for you in waking life. The fact that you thought of your boyfriend when it happened denotes the trust you have in him to get you out of sticky situations. However, you can avoid any sort of unpleasantness by keeping a cool head and let bygones be bygones. Indulging in petty fights would only prove to make things more difficult for you.
Hiding from a bear in neighbors' house I was picking from a berry patch across from my house (it's really just a sand dune), and a brown bear appeared, so I went inside and it started attacking my neighbors' dogs, so I yelled to them, but they couldn't hear me or see the bear. I grabbed their dogs and took them into my neighbors' house. That's when the bear broke down the door, so I ran upstairs into a loft that doesn't actually exist in real life. Up in the loft I found a package with my name on it. It was the GoPro I had ordered. When you dream about being chased by a bear, it usually portends falling ill or becoming injured. Given that the bear followed you and attacked your neighbor's dogs as well, it can be surmised that this sickness or accident would affect those around you in addition to yourself. Successfully escaping this attack can allude to being able to overcome this inconvenient health problem in a short period of time. However, finding a package with your name on it at the end of the vision suggests that not only may you be to blame for these troubles, but that others may shun you for bringing misfortune to them even after everyone has healed or recovered. It would be wise to avoid getting near others if you have caught some disease or, in the case of an accident, to not involve others in any risky activities.
A pig being roasted but alive A pig being roasted on an open fire but was alive and very indifferent to what was going on. Then it was standing and very much alive, the pig was fat and healthy-looking. Pigs in dreams are generally associated with filth and greed. As such, seeing a pig being roasted alive in your dream may symbolize your personal transformation. You are likely working on your flaws and shortcomings in your desire to become the best version of yourself. Of course, if in fact your associations with pigs are positive, then the fat and healthy-looking swine may be a representation of your misconception about someone. First impressions are usually not accurate and the vision may be urging you to look beyond the surface before formulating erroneous judgments.
A dog on the roof and a cat running through the house A black and white dog sitting near a chimney on my house roof. I am playing an oboe. A cat runs through the house. I discover it came in through a new plate window which had a small hole in it disguised with a piece of transparent sheet. The black and white dog reveals your levelheaded and pragmatic nature. You tend to be cautious in making decisions and choosing your path in this world, whether it is related to your career or your personal space. This tendency to play it safe, however, is about to be tested as indicated in this vision. The cat that entered your house through the window symbolizes a feisty personality who is about to cause chaos in your organized existence. Perhaps it would send you reeling into the unknown, then again maybe this individual is meant to teach you a thing or two about living your life to the fullest.
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