A giant squid A giant squid with bright white beaming eyes swimming in a cloudy bright blue sky. Squids, particularly those that caught your attention in a dream, represent minor setbacks in both work and domestic affairs. The cause of the trouble is probably related to needing more personal time to recuperate, as too much focus on work not only hurts your relationship with family members, but also increases work-related stress which affects job performance. Noticing the eyes, then, suggests you are ready to tackle this problem head on and devote as much time and effort to yourself and your loved ones as you do for your job.
A horse protecting from a pack of dogs In my dream there was a pack of dogs chasing me when suddenly a horse saw me and started protecting me from them. When it was galloping away, a dog, pit bull, jumped and bit me, plenty of times. The horse and I then got to my house, but the dogs wouldn't let me enter, they kept blocking the door. Being attacked by a pack of dogs in your dream is a bad sign. It means you could either encounter negative forces or experience a great deal of misunderstanding and negativity. These events could make your life less fulfilling or even unbearable. The horse which protected you from the dogs is a symbol of strength and power. You need to dig deep and muster enough courage to face these troubles head on, otherwise they could take away your sense of security and comfort.
Tigers within a dream and in real life I had a dream that I saw a tiger from a distance chasing down another animal. Couldn't tell if it was a mountain lion or an antelope or a deer, but it was a tan-colored animal. I never crossed paths with the tiger, just witnessed it from afar. Earlier that day in real life, I was looking at a piece of jewelry. It was small tiger pendant. I showed the jeweler my Detroit Tigers tattoo as well. Tigers represent power and assertion. You could be eyeing a higher position at work or currently negotiating a deal. The tiger chasing down another animal represents your motivation in pursuit of your aspirations. It could also represent your leadership qualities. Perhaps your subconscious is encouraging you to assume a leadership position. Alternatively, the animal being pursued by the tiger may be a representation of a romantic prospect in reality. Witnessing this scenario from afar plays out your desire to pursue a relationship with this individual.
An albino racoon I dreamed about finding an albino female raccoon. She startled me at first, but quickly became friendly and I loved her and took her home. She was young, about 6-7 months old. Your dream of an albino raccoon alludes to a shifting dynamics in the relationship with an unmarried female acquaintance in the waking world. An albino animal typically symbolizes unusual behavior marked by purity of intentions. This female figure could be showing generosity and good will towards you, which could exists in the form of monetary or other types of favors. These favors may trigger suspicions regarding her motive, especially since raccoons are known to be deceptive creatures. However, let your instincts and gut feeling guide you in your dealings with her. Try to find out the truth behind her motivations.
Being stalked by a grizzly bear Everywhere I go, I catch the attention of a grizzly! Regardless if I am in a car, walking the street or in the house! The grizzly would find where I am regardless of who or what it has to go through to get me. It has tried to snatch the car door off, it has tried trapping me, and it has tried to knock the doors down I hide behind! But I have not been physically attacked by one. Just haunted. And I usually wake up before the worst could happen. Bears generally represent strong enemies or rivals determined to take you on in a fight. The grizzly in your dream, following you around, may mean that rivals are already making plans against you, trying to find your weaknesses or turning your friends against you. As it appears in your dream, your detractors seem intent on getting you backed up in a corner. Perhaps you are feeling bullied or trapped in reality. You may want to remain vigilant for any suspicious activity and take precautions to defend yourself if needed.
A horse drinking water A horse was drinking water from my both hands together... Clear water. This vision is highly auspicious for current and future business endeavors. A horse which drinks water from your hands represents the efficient and stable set-up of your work environment, a place and system which lends itself well to growth and prosperity both for you and the company or people working with you. Noticing that the water was particularly clear predicts being able to achieve your work-related goals by taking advantage of this situation.
Bitten by a cougar Some rock-looking cougar biting me. A dream in which you see a cougar biting you means that you may soon find yourself falling victim to the underhand actions of your rivals and competitors. Furthermore, if you envisioned yourself being unable to protect yourself from being bitten in the dream, it is likely you would not be able to counteract or prevent these dishonest schemes against you from succeeding.
A brown horse with a white saddle Please interpret my dream. I dreamt it was evening and there was a dark brown horse with white saddle, it was standing next to the pool in the condominium where I live. Seeing a dark brown horse standing close to your residence portends a powerful epiphany. You may have embarked on an enterprise, relationship or project of some kind and could soon find yourself having a sudden realization about its future. It is unclear what you could soon realize about this particular endeavor, but it would likely cause you to make a change or shift as to how you handle or participate in it.
A husky dog in an unfamiliar house I was in a house I did not recognize. I walked in a room and saw what I thought was a wolf. After a closer look I realized it was a Siberian husky dog. Maybe 2 yrs old, gray and white mix fur. I petted him on the head and said hello. I rubbed him down to his neck. He seemed to be cool, calm and collective. There was no one else around at that time. And I wondered how did this dog get in here. He was very friendly. Then I woke up. Finding yourself in a strange, unknown house represents a possibility of meeting a mysterious stranger who is special and quirky. This individual's unique qualities are likely to pique your interest and, as a result, make you invest a lot of time and effort into the budding friendship. Your initial fear of the dog, when you thought it was a wolf, means that others may not be as welcoming of this person as you are, meaning your new friend could fall victim to bullying or exclusion by others. However, overcoming your fear and petting the big dog represents being able to solve this problem together and eventually getting along with everyone.
A sick cat beaten by grandfather My grandpa tried to get a cat out from his dresser and when he got the cat, he started to punch it. I screamed and cried, but he told me it was fine. I then ran with the cat outside where two guys told me my cat was sick. It had purple smoke around it, and he had to shoot its stomach, when he did the cat was okay. Cats are feisty and independent animals, often mistaken as being snooty. The cat in the dream could represent a facet of your personality that is free-spirited and candid. Your elders may be a bit put off by your candidness, mistaking it for rudeness. This miscommunication and generation gap could potentially get you in trouble. A little understanding between you and the aggrieved party is needed to avoid further conflicts. Your pride could take a beating in the process, however there are far worse things in the world than a hurt ego.
Animals fighting on a highway I was walking down a two-lane highway and a wolf came out of the woods on my left side with a mouth full of money, and across the highway a big black bear came running out of the woods and across the highway and jumped the wolf and I screamed loud long and hard. The presence of a wolf in a dream vision often represents someone appearing in your wake life who could threaten your existence or the security and happiness of those around you. Often, it is thought to stand for someone you work with, usually a co-worker or a member of a local council. The money in its mouth is also quite telling, suggesting this person is after money, either yours or the organization's profits. The black bear which comes out of nowhere to attack the wolf, then, is your own realization about the nature of the problem and your conscious attempts to stop this person from going through with their malicious plans. While outright violence is not the answer, alerting the appropriate authorities or curtailing their efforts can yield similar positive results.
Wolves and cows chasing It starts with me running away, but I can't see myself. Then I enter my house escaping the bear or bears, they were brown and then some pretty good-conditioned cows start chasing the bears up the steps and then they try to go down, but the gold cow chased it back up. Escaping a bear or bears in your dream suggests that one of your romantic encounters could take place in a very unusual or unsuitable place. This interesting tryst could give you a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. However, the cows in your vision, symbolizing nurturing qualities, may be referring to influential women in your social circle. These women, possibly including your mother, could disapprove or frown upon a romantic prospect you are about to engage with. They may make it uncomfortable for you if and when you introduce your special someone to them.
Rabbits of different sizes I see my father pointing at the cute bunnies or rabbits falling on the ceiling... I also saw a snake crawling on the floor and a lizard passing by... Can you help me interpret my dreams? I saw 3 regular-sized bunnies and then a family of bunnies: 2 little ones, 2 regular-sized and a medium-size bunny. Dreaming about a family of rabbits symbolically represents both the children present in your family (either your own or belonging to your relative) and your ability or interest to care for them. You may have a calling to spend time with children or simply to love and protect them. The snake represents your fear, possibly about having the responsibility for these young lives who depend on and look up to you, while the lizard suggests you are slowly learning more and more about yourself and the nature of your current situation little by little, easing some of the worry you may have and giving you confidence.
Lizards mating A dream about two lizards mating or having sex. Seeing two lizards mating in your dream could be considered a warning. This dream symbolizes the possibility of being attacked by your enemies or rivals. People at work or in your social circle may be scheming against you and could be readying themselves to strike in the near future. Keep an eye out for anyone acting particularly suspicious and you may be able to avoid such troubles.
A monkey with a blowtorch A monkey is chasing me around with a blowtorch, I am running from him and trying to hide behind rocks. Being chased by a monkey in your dream could point to detractors at work. Someone may be advancing his cause at your expense, trying to provoke you into committing a mistake so that you would look bad. On the other hand, it is also possible that the monkey represents your playful and childish side. This immaturity could be detrimental to your professional advancement. The blowtorch the monkey is holding symbolizes the damage that could be done to your reputation if you do not shape up and become more responsible.
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