Dreams Related To pregnancy

Your wife's pregnancy

Dreaming of your wife's pregnancy whether it is the first pregnancy or not, means that the idea you are toying with right now is actually possible. If you work hard and put a lot of energy in it, you could actually make some profit. You might get some measurable results if you try to put your thoughts together and plan ahead.

Your mother pregnant

Dreaming of your mother being pregnant is a dire warning against a dangerous or desperate situation. It can mean that your mother might fall gravely ill or might even succumb to death.

Complicated pregnancy

Having a complicated pregnancy in your dream, such as having a premature delivery or a birth defect, indicates about your tendency towards negativity. You are inclined to thinking in negative ways and may be hounded by unhealthy thoughts. There are old issues in your life that may continue to bother you, giving you undue distress.

Being pregnant

Being pregnant in your dream symbolizes having an unhappy life with your prospective husband. It can also mean that you will have unattractive children.

Pregnancy for virgins

If you are a virgin and had a dream of being pregnant, it is a warning that you will be faced with disgrace. Some unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances may arise in the future which could lead to this.

Pregnancy while being pregnant

Dreaming of a pregnancy while being actually pregnant in real life, refers to having a healthy delivery. You will also have a fast recovery after giving birth to your baby.

Becoming pregnant for females

Dreaming of becoming pregnant if you are a female symbolizes meeting someone new whom you will start a meaningful relationship with. This relationship will be much better than the ones you've had in the past. It can also refer to having a great start to a new relationship at this moment in your life.

Becoming pregnant for males

If you are a male and had a dream of becoming pregnant, it foretells of having problems in your relationship with your current lover or someone you have a non-romantic relationship with. It can also mean that there may be undesirable circumstances that may arise brought about by your connection with this person.

Pregnancy for men

If you are a male and had a dream about a pregnancy-related event, such as a baby being delivered or a woman in labor, it means that you are willing to father a child with your partner or female lover.

Wanting to become pregnant

Wanting to become pregnant in your dream signifies your maturity. You are undergoing a period of accelerated personal growth and you desire to try doing things that are more meaningful and worth pursuing at this stage of your life.

Your girlfriend's pregnancy

Dreaming of your girlfriend's pregnancy is a warning that she is hiding something from you. You are left completely unaware of this secret, and the result of this can be negative, if not devastating for you. This is especially true if you have not made any future plans to advance or improve your relationship.

Seeing a pregnant woman

Seeing a pregnant woman in your dream symbolizes being faced with unhappiness or unhappy periods. There may be some troubles or unfortunate events that could interfere with your daily life or with your work.

Pregnant with a boy and girl

Knowing the gender of the baby while being pregnant in a dream often means that the dreamer's plans are slowly taking shape in reality. You could be planning to implement a business idea and this dream points to a positive development in this venture. The gender may have something to do with your associations with a boy or a girl. Maybe a girl means your plans are related to feminine pursuits and vice versa. Meanwhile, if you are pregnant in reality, then this dream vision is likely a reflection of your curiosity and excitement about knowing the gender and eventually meeting your baby.

Pregnancy with twins

Being pregnant with twins is a symbol associated with finding out something horrible or unpleasant at a time that is terribly inconvenient and embarrassing. For example, you may get some bad news while you are entertaining friends in your home or at a special event. While your internal emotions would be in turmoil, you would also feel compelled to keep a happy, calm exterior for the sake of those you are with, making your torment all the more unbearable.

Baby dying during pregnancy

A dying baby in the dream world is an ill omen. To witness a baby dying during delivery or birth predicts possible failure. The birth itself symbolizes hope and new beginnings, so to have a baby pass away during the process does not bode well for your plans. This REM sleep vision cautions you from taking too many risks or making decisions without due diligence. At the very least, you may lose money from some of your investments. At worst, your savings could get depleted on an idea which seemed brilliant at first only to end badly for all involved.

Unwanted pregnancy

Right now, I am 18 and in my final year of high school. I dreamt that I felt pregnant exactly this year. I didn't understand, because my boyfriend and I had been using protection. I was so afraid, but then my boyfriend whom I love so much became what I wanted him to become - so much more loving, caring and supportive... What does this mean?

In the context of the dream you are describing, the feeling you had about becoming pregnant could signify a great change or shift occurring within the relationship with your boyfriend. It could have positive connotations, such as taking the relationship you have right now to a new level, especially with the note you provided about your final year of high school. Or, it could have some not-so-pleasant developments, perhaps due to the fact that after he became more caring and supportive, he also lost some of his freedom or personal space and may start thinking of getting some of it back to himself.

Deceased grandmother prophesying pregnancy

My deceased grandmother, but I'm not sure which one because I don't remember her face, hugged me from the back and put her hands on my stomach and told me I was pregnant. I didn't want anyone to know, so after she told me, I closed the door to where everyone was.

While it is unclear whether you are pregnant in real life or not, dreaming about being pregnant suggests an unhappy relationship with your boyfriend, husband, or significant other. This is also supported by the image of the closed door, which indicates several challenging or exhausting situations being present in your life. However, feeling the embrace of your departed grandmother is a sign that you always have a safe place to return to, whether that is your birth home, a friend's apartment, or a special place that only you know.

Pregnancy gone wrong

Had a dream that I was pregnant and my baby stopped moving inside me?

Dreaming about being pregnant is often associated with meeting new people and, in particular, being introduced to someone you find attractive. The relationship that blossoms are likely to start much better than others you have experienced in the past, giving you butterflies and filling you with joy. However, not being able to feel the baby moving after a while might indicate things suddenly turning sour, though the cause or reason is unclear. There may be something you can do to prevent this from happening, but it is also possible you will not want to.

Unhappy with daughter's pregnancy

My daughter was 2-months pregnant and I was looking for an abortion doctor.

Dreaming that you daughter is pregnant means that she is growing up and having a mind of her own. She is starting to make her personal decisions and forging her own path in this world. However, you do not trust her ability to make decisions. This is probably why you were looking for an abortion doctor in the dream. Perhaps you are having disagreements in the waking world and you just want her to remain the obedient child that she used to be. This is not the way things work, unfortunately, and you may have to make peace with her choices even though you may not necessarily agree with them. All you can do is give advice and provide guidance, but she ultimately has the freedom to decide for herself.

A possessed woman unhappy about pregnancy

I had a dream that I was six months pregnant and a possessed lady would run at my stomach with a torch screaming and acting afraid of my baby inside of me.

When you dream about being pregnant, it often means that you are experiencing a difficult period of time with your prospective husband or current lover. The woman acting afraid of the baby inside you could represent the future of your relationship with said individual. More specifically, the woman may refer to the hardship and pain you would go though, suggesting that you should really consider whether or not you want to move forward with this relationship.

Baby not wanting to come out during pregnancy

I am pregnant in real life, 3-4 months, I felt the baby moving for the first time and I reached down to feel it and both its hands were right underneath the surface of my skin as if it were upside down in me reaching up. My water broke and it held onto my fingers like it didn't want to come out. I was nervous about telling family and the father to feel its hands. I felt very connected to it for the first time. This baby is coming at a bad time - the father and I fight and live on a boat.

Dreams that center on the imagery of holding a small baby's hand are extremely auspicious and should be regarded as a positive symbol regarding your situation. It means that your current troubles and difficulties would be resolved successfully. In this case, it seems you would be able to find a solution to your situation that brings you happiness and peace of mind. This might mean moving to a new place, resolving an argument or settling a problem that has bothered you and your partner for some time. No matter how the issue is resolved, you would eventually be content and at ease.