Dreams Related To nature

Beautiful nature

A dream about standing in awe of the natural beauty of the bright, staggering landscapes and rugged, exotic locales, which seem to glow unaided by sunlight, is a sign of progress when it comes to your career, business or personal relationship. Your improving work performance will certainly not go unnoticed but will be followed by a commendation and a promotion offer by your superiors. If you are in the field of business, you could experience a slow but steady surge in the demand for the products or services you are selling. On matters of the heart, the person you are currently going out with will keep growing on you as the days go by, and it is highly likely that your relationship will culminate in what you would consider the happiest day of your life, which is the day you will officially unite.

Natural disasters

Observing or experiencing natural disasters or catastrophes in a dream is symbolic of similar disastrous events and occurrences in waking life. The raging storm in your dream could represent a job loss or financial difficulties. The deadly avalanche or landslide could mirror your business failure. The frightening earthquake could be foretelling a shake-up in your romantic relationship which might threaten to destroy it. The magnitude of these natural calamities and the extent of their damage would indicate the seriousness of your actual problems and the subsequent suffering and pain you would experience.

An open and beautiful natural site

To dream about the panoramic landscape of wide, open spaces, geologic formations and natural sites represents personal freedom and happiness. You are currently or will soon be at the stage of your life where you will be able to do whatever you want and excel in that field, too. You will enjoy your full freedom in the creative process concerning your career and professional growth. You would have the luxury of steering a project, business or personal relationship in your own direction. As expected, your vision was spot-on.

Nature in the countryside

Dreaming about taking in the beauty of nature in the countryside speaks of the importance of making the right connections to ensure success. Personal effort, hard work and determination are key ingredients to realizing life's goals and aspirations, but surrounding yourself with the right people in the industry would give you the winning edge and increase your chances of making it to the top. Their power and influence could help you find your own niche in the competitive world in which you are moving. Moreover, through your close association with these types of people, you will learn and imbibe their culture and language, and eventually become one of them.

A sight of nature in golden colors

My dream was of a golden sunny day with water as a large stream in the mountains. A man was standing beside me, but I couldn't see him. Everything in the dream was gold. I could see my reflection in the water and I was smiling.

The beautiful scenery on a golden sunny day reflects your positive outlook on life. The mountain, in particular, symbolizes your dreams and ambitions. Perhaps you are setting your sights on a goal. The smiling reflection in the stream denotes optimism and clarity of the mind in your quest to achieve your goals. Similarly, the golden tone of the dream points to a rich and rewarding outcome that awaits you should you maintain your optimism and bring out aspects of yourself that are often associated with the male stereotypes, such as rationality, assertiveness and a healthy view of competition.

Explaining the nature of tides to others

I dreamed I was explaining to 3 or 4 people while sitting on a beach, the difference between tides on the East Coast and Gulf Coast, North-South movement vs East-West and the dramatic difference as it was then low tide at the beach. I am "male" and grew up on the East, that it wasn't a shock to me. Just surprised at dreaming about this.

Generally, a dream which involves teaching or informing others about a concept or idea reveals the dreamer's self-confidence. You may have recently further solidified your credibility or widened your sphere of influence, which is why you were showing your perceived or true expertise in your vision. The symbol of tides, in particular, refers to the ebb and flow of emotions. Perhaps in reality you are a source of wisdom and guidance for friends, colleagues and loved ones. Your subconscious may be urging you to use your influence to help others overcome their personal issues and provide the emotional support that they need. Your own past experiences may add even more weight to the advice you dispense since you went through those problems yourself.

A beautiful scene of nature

I have seen a beautiful real scene of nature with beautiful mountains, clear river and shining sun. Green mountains were there. I am a woman.

This vision is two-fold in that it predicts an unpleasant situation with an eventually pleasant outcome. Specifically, the beautiful mountains with their clear river represent partaking in a task that seems to take you further away from your actual goals. In most cases, this symbol is associated with working in a field outside of your real passion and expertise. This is coupled, however, with the shining sun in the mountains, a symbol indicative of progress and financial improvement. These symbols can be interpreted as a sign that although you may not initially appreciate or like the tasks before you, they would surely bring you fortune in the future.