Dreams Related To food

Huge quantities of food

Seeing huge quantities of food or enormous supplies of food signifies fertility, abundance and wealth.

This dream can also signify your sexual desires and appetites growing extremely rapidly. It can also be a sign of poverty, being visited by a lot of guests who will stay with you for some time or a possibility of a gastric disease.

Giving food to deceased

Seeing yourself giving food to someone who is already deceased indicates possible death.

Giving food to somebody

Having a dream about giving food to somebody is a symbol of sacrificing your time and effort, giving too much love in order to help someone.

Seeing others eating food

Dreaming about seeing other people eating food in front of you signifies your ability to rise above the ordinary and show others a better way to live their lives too.

This dream can also be a sign of receiving some kind of an offer or proposition, which, if pursued, can bring a lot of fortune and happiness into your life.

Someone offering you food

Having a dream about somebody inviting you to share food with them predicts joyful and happy periods which are about to enter your life.

Eating food in a good company

Seeing yourself eating food in a good company of friends in your dream foretells unexpected benefit, success in business, true friendship, happiness and love in marriage.

Food being taken away from you

Dreaming about food being taken away from you (especially if it's a dish containing meat), for example by a waiter, which you did not have enough time to finish, signifies that you will be hurt or treated badly by some disrespectful and ignorant people.

This dream can also be a warning of hassles and headaches coming from people who depend on you or who are your subordinates.

Seeing food

Seeing or looking at food in your dream is a warning that you could be hurting your business or projects because of poor bookkeeping, including the records of expenses, which could be misleading or inaccurate.

This dream can equally warn you about hassles and obstacles in your way which hinder implementation of some great ideas. This dream can predict big quarrels or conflicts with your business partners or coworkers.

Spoiled food

Seeing spoiled food in your dream portends senseless spending, redundancy in what you are trying to accomplish, excessive greed or inability to control your spending habits.

This dream can also signify being in need for something or possible losses you are about to encounter very soon.

Someone taking your food

Dreaming about someone taking your food away from you is a bad sign of being separated from your loved ones, it can also predict treason or betrayal you are about to face.

Eating food

Seeing yourself eating food in your dream is a sign of some small troubles or issues coming your way, which you will have to deal with for some time.

This dream can also be a sign of quarrels or conflicts due to some misfortunate events or circumstances, it can portend obstacles, delays or short-lived disappointments.

Cooking food

Seeing yourself cooking food for your own consumption or for your guests at a dinner party is a warning about troubles that may affect your personal life or possible conflict you are about to go through in order to get your point across.

Eating food alone

Experiencing a dream about eating food all by yourself can be a warning about some insignificant or minor losses you are about to experience.

This dream can be a bad sign of disputes and scandals within your family circle, possible breakups for lovers, considerable losses in sales, bad harvest for farmers, shipwreck for sailors. It can also signify possible sickness, poverty and unhappy existence.

Eating sweet food

Dreaming about eating sweet food predicts joy and happiness accompanying your life.

Food on the table

Seeing food on the table or kitchen counter foretells joy and happiness coming into your life.

Small quantity of food

Dreaming about small quantities of food in front of you is a sign of meeting a very frigid and weak love partner, it can also mean having impotency in your sex life.

Deceased person eating food

Seeing a deceased person consuming food right in front of your eyes is an indication of possible disease or health problems you will have to deal with for quite some time.

Fresh food

Having a dream about fresh food depicts possible renovations you will perform on your house or it can equally mean personal rejuvenation and renewal of your spiritual self.

Eating healthy and tasty food in dreams interpret meaning

Eating tasty food

Dreaming about eating tasty and delicious food is an indication that you are safe from disadvantages and negative moments which may enter your life, and which may have no significant impact on your well-being.

Dreaming about tasty and delicious food is a reflection of being free of any negative traits or flaws. Being able to enjoy the delicious and appetizing food in front of you in this dream is a symbol that states you are enjoying life to the fullest. You are one of those people who are able to eliminate the negativity from your life as soon as it is spotted.

Eating unfamiliar or poisoned food

Seeing yourself eating food from unknown sources, which looks unfamiliar or if you know that is poisoned, or when you share this food with a deceased person is a bad omen of death.

Eating food with your guests

Dreaming about consuming food at a dinner with a company of your guests or acquaintances signifies possible illness or a disease you will be afflicted with.

Buying huge quantities of food

Having a dream about stocking up and buying huge quantities of food when you are able to afford it predicts extremely wealthy existence or that someone favors you and respects your opinion.

Eating unusual or exotic food

Dreaming about eating exotic, unusual food, for example some delicacies, warns you that your desires and aspirations may never be fulfilled.

People eating food in a refined way

Having a dream about seeing people eating food in a refined way or in a very sacred or cultural environment is a symbol that suggests that you are on the right track in following your aspirations and goals you set for yourself.

Buying food

Seeing yourself buying food in your dream is a good sign for poor people in hopes of getting better off, it can be a bad sign of loss for rich and wealthy people having the same dream.

Grotesque consumption of food

Seeing people participating in consuming food in a grotesque way signifies extreme wealth in your life or good relationship with people you saw in this dream.

Participating in a feast with lots of food

Having a dream about participating in a feast with lots of food and sharing food with other people is a good sign of wealth, prosperity and respect coming from people around you.

Eating leftover food

Dreaming about not liking food that was first served, but developing appetite for leftovers afterwards, is a sign of making some major decision that will affect your life and bring a lot of satisfaction and happiness into your life.

Eating tasteless food

Experiencing a dream about eating tasteless or bland food is an omen of being displeased or being affected by some kind of illness or disease.

A lot of food on the table

Seeing a lot of food on the table right in front of you, with quantities and varieties which astonish you can be a sign of a lot of visitors to your household, the need to prepare for some complicated actions requiring responsible approach. It can also mean possible sickness.

Eating food with someone

Dreaming about sharing a meal with someone in your dream is a sign of good exchange of thoughts, ideas and information which will bring some good outcomes to what you have planned in your mind.

Being hungry and not having enough food

Feeling hungry in your dream but not getting enough food is a warning that you are not getting a lot of nutrition in your life.

Inviting someone to share food

When you see yourself inviting someone to share food you have prepared, it can be a sign of some serious issues or troubles within your close family.

Cutting food

Seeing yourself cutting food, for example while preparing dinner or cutting food on the cutting board, is a sign of great success in things you're trying to accomplish in your life.

Eating food in a large and noisy company

Dreaming about consuming food while being surrounded by large and noisy company, for example on the street or at a restaurant is a warning about your frivolous spending habits or actions and behavior, which could be detrimental to you.

Trying to offer food to someone who dislikes it

Having a dream about a person who dislikes food you are offering predicts meeting someone who may be very inexperienced or timid, which will make it quite difficult to offer help and advice you trying to give to him or her. This dream can also mean a lot of resistance and disobedience from younger people in your family circle who you're trying to mentor.

Being invited to a celebration with food

Seeing yourself receiving an invitation to some kind of a celebration or an event involving food predicts good luck and fortune in your current activities.

Bad food

Food that appears to be rotten or in a bad state portends upcoming troubles or periods of discomfort. For example, your friend or pet may become ill or injured, or you may find yourself in a creative rut. The specific type of food could shed a little more light on the difficulty you would face, as bad fish tends to represent the end of a relationship while rotten fruit is often associated with bad results from your own behavior.

Eating burned food

Dreaming about eating burned food is a warning about some bad news you are about to hear, or unpleasant situations you may be drawn into.

Seeing someone eating food

Having a dream about someone eating food in front of you is a warning that this person is about to be affected by a disease, it can especially be true if you saw this person consuming food with a great appetite.

A man throwing food

I dreamt that I was out on a certain gathering next to a prison. There was quite a number of people and we were sitting outside the prison building on a green and lush lawn. There was a man who was cooking and every time he dishes up he threw the plate of food at me, one after the other. I was ducking and hiding from him but he would find me and throw plates of food at me up to the point I felt that I am tired of running and hiding, I caught a plate and I sat down and ate and he stopped throwing food at me. I don't know what type of food but I did not have any objections to it. Please help with interpretation.

Based on your description, the symbol of a prison is not the central element of this dream. Dreams involving preparing or consuming food outside (such as a barbeque or picnic) may signify feelings of instability or insecurity you may be or soon start experiencing in your life. Combined with the notion of a prison, it could mean that these feelings are the result of being entrusted with some sort of secret or information you are attempting to hide or keep private. Food thrown at you in your dream (abundance of food) which you were first trying to avoid but later accepted to receive, can be a sign of continuing to live wealthier and better off than other people but needing to protect your secret which may lead to having less stability and security.

Taking food to someone

My dream was about taking food to someone. Gender: male.

Taking food to someone in a dream could reveal that you are currently at a point in your life where there are existing or emerging troubles and issues with your family or friends. It is a warning sign that you must examine your life and improve the grey areas which could jeopardize your business, work, relationships or future career. You should also scrutinize the way you deal with others by thinking about events or circumstances which may have inflicted pain and suffering upon them. You may have shown some disrespect and denigrating attitude causing your relationships with others to be stained by mistrust and anger.

Food and drinks

Dreaming about food accompanied by drinks foretells unexpected sad events or circumstances which will drain your emotional energy and make you feel unhappy.

Looking at people eating food

Experiencing a dream about people eating food near you shows your dissatisfaction with how you deal with the needs related to your physical or emotional well-being.

Eating inedible food

Seeing yourself trying to eat inedible food portends defamation and disgrace you are about to experience because of someone's actions and behavior.

Eating food without appetite

Experiencing a dream when you eat food without any appetite can be a sign of longing for new friends or craving for attention. It is probably time to make new friends to enrich and improve your life.

Biting on food in disgust

Seeing yourself biting on food in disgust or while being displeased in your dream indicates possible wasted time and efforts on something you do not really like to pursue.

Seeing fresh food, but not eating it

Seeing fresh food right in front of you in your dream, which you are not eating, signifies prosperous existence, contentment and satisfaction with things that are happening in your life.

Eating food with appetite

Experiencing a dream when you see yourself eating food with great appetite is a good sign of health and physical and emotional stability of your body and mind.

Eating food outside

Seeing yourself eating food outside, such as at a picnic or a barbecue, can be a sign of instability or insecurity accompanying some aspects of your life.

Eating distasteful food

Finding yourself eating distasteful food signifies your inability to find help in the dire situation or belated help you do not need anymore. It can be a sign of late news reaching you or not being able to locate a person you have been trying to find from your past.

Licking food

Having a dream about yourself licking food is a good sign of hope, your ability to accomplish things by using your wits as well as success brought about by your patience and determination.

Sucking food in

Dreaming about sucking on food or sucking it in is an indication of new additions to your family, gaining much-needed respect or becoming better off than you are right now.

Eggs and salad on the table

Being in the kitchen and sitting in a chair at the table with many eggs on the table. Having a salad with lettuce/tomato/cucumber in front of me on the table.

First of all, the kitchen table predicts an upcoming gathering with family or friends. Somebody may be celebrating a birthday or a loved one may be sharing big news. Second, the presence of many eggs alludes to joy and a generous spirit. You are going to be overjoyed by the coming occasion and the people you care about will be happy to share their blessings with everyone. Finally, the salad represents having a reliable and loving family. This whole dream just shows you how blessed you are to have great people around you. If you have been feeling low or lonely lately, then you can look forward to a great reunion surrounded by the people you love.

Filling food

Food that fills you and makes you stuffy in your dream signifies some annoying delays and dissatisfaction with how things are going in your business or your personal life because of these delays.

Flies and fishes over the tables with food

I was in a house with some folks (couldn't remember if I knew them or not). The focus of the dream was that I am seeing or witnessing the food on tables being plagued. Some of the five round tables are plagued by the usual flies. What caught my attention is this one table with food being plagued by fishes swimming or flying in the air as if they were flies. They were similar to gold fishes, only that they got extra big eyes. it was really really weird to me.

Images of food plagued with various critters generally suggest the need to reevaluate some of your tendencies in reality. For example, flies on food point toward having a pushy nature, meaning you have little trouble asking for what you want or need. However, the flip side of this particular attribute could mean you are putting off some of your responsibilities on others, causing them to resent you somewhat. A similar story is seen in the symbol of the flying fish, a sign associated with a goal-oriented attitude. You probably have some desire or ambition you hope to achieve in the near future, but you may be after it for the wrong reasons, such as money or fame. In the end, both images in your vision are probably a message from your subconscious to think a little more carefully about what you want in the future and how you are going to achieve it.

Eating food in large chunks

Experiencing a dream about biting off or consuming food by large pieces or chunks is a warning about possible loss because of your inattention or inability to follow up on obligations and responsibilities.

Unable to choose food and three doors

I dreamed I was at outside feast, there were plates of food to choose from. I couldn't decide which I wanted, there was roast beef and hundreds of other foods. I was putting food on my plate, but could not decide which I wanted. For some reason, I left 3 pieces of poop right in the roast beef and walked away. Also, I dreamed of seeing 3 doors, one of the white doors had a brown wooden handle. I remember telling someone to use the wooden handle door.

This vision seems to be a metaphor for an upcoming celebration you would soon be part of in reality. For example, the symbol of the outdoor feast specifically predicts and upcoming family event, such as a wedding or birthday party. It is also possible to include the marriage or celebration of a close friend or friends in this category. Moving forward, the roast beef could represent your own spirit and energy. Therefore, being unable to decide what you wanted may refer to mixed feelings about the event in question. Perhaps you have a tense relationship with one of the other attendees or maybe you have not seen the hosts for a long time. In either case, suggesting that another person use the white door may be your subconscious reminding you that you can bridge the gap that exists between you and these other individuals by simply being open to entering into the same space they are while accepting that some things change with time.

Looking for food

I had a dream that I was looking for food and was hungry and could not find any. I went back home and when I got there it looked like a hotel and I asked my son if the breakfast buffet was still serving and he said no it stops at 12 and in the dream it was almost 3. I went to see for myself and when I arrived it was full of everything I would want to eat. I panicked and my son and I grabbed what we could and when we returned the buffet looked as if it hadn't been touched. We ate again and the same thing happened. Other people began to eat and I then felt relieved that the buffet would last.

Being hungry but being unable to find food can be interpreted as not being satisfied in some aspect of your life. You could literally be lacking in certain nutrients due to poor diet, or you might need something more abstract like social interaction or free time. However, later having a voracious appetite and consuming gratuitous amounts of food points toward trouble brewing in your relationships, possibly with your son since he is the main person mentioned. He may say or do something which causes you worry or experience stressful moments, or the two of you may get into an argument over something related to your house, like chores that have not been taken care of, his behavior, school progress or even the appearance of his untidy room or living space.

Throwing out bad food

I dreamed I was at someone's house and holding a carton of eggs. I noticed one egg was bad, black yolk inside, so I said it needs to be thrown away. I threw it away, as well as a bunch of green grapes, that didn't look bad, but I thought they were bad too. Like I was at an old friend's house, seems she was remarried, new husband not so nice.

Dreaming about an old friend suggests a sense of nostalgia. Perhaps you are yearning for some social connections and you are curious about how your friends are faring during these uncertain times. It can also represent an old mistake that is catching up to you. The carton of eggs represents an investment. You could go into a business with a friend or a loved one. Unfortunately, the egg with the black yolk means some of the risks you take might backfire and you need to cut your losses before things become unmanageable. Throwing away the green grapes, meanwhile, is an indication of your maturity. It means you have managed to stop fueling other people's negativity and focusing on building them up or encouraging them to make the most of their situation.

Swallowing big pieces of food

Dreaming about yourself swallowing big pieces or chunks of food is a sign of big joy and happy existence you will be surrounded by in the nearest future.

Someone going unconscious while eating food

Seeing someone hungry who lost consciousness while consuming large amounts of food is an omen of sudden troubles with your distant relatives, possible sickness or an accident that might catch you off-guard.

Preparing food for a healer

I dreamt of a traditional healer asking me to make her a soft porridge, but not on a stove. I remember stirring and putting in brown sugar.

Dreaming about helping a healer to prepare potions or food is generally a positive symbol which predicts major improvements in you social status, ability to communicate with those around you more efficiently and with favorable outcomes, both for you and these people. Sweet and soft food in a dream is also indicative of drastic improvements in your overall well-being, mood and other aspects of your waking life, which would definitely help you enjoy life and company of other people around.

Catching containers of food falling from the sky

I dreamt that I was in my yard just before sunset and suddenly as I look up into the sky, I saw a big stainless steel bowl rolling from above and fell into my yard, as I looked up again, it was followed by a second, third, fourth and even big containers with cooked and uncooked food that I was catching into my hands before they reached the ground. I was calling for my family to come and see what I was seeing and my kids came out of the house and were watching me just catching all these containers.

Seeing multiple containers of food raining down from the heavens could represent things being out of place in terms of your financial record keeping. Food is important and usually belongs in a certain area for storage, so seeing food falling about the yard could indicate the numbers of your calculations may be scattered to the four winds. In essence, this vision can be taken as a warning to get your finances organized and on track before something terrible happens, something like a government investigation or a gross miscalculation in what you are able to afford.

Buying spoiled food

I had a dream about shopping at the grocery store, and buying discounted meat, ham and corned beef, that had already spoiled. Then I went looking for my boyfriend who has been missing in action for the past week. I found him at a friend's house in my dream, and he was the climbing into a stolen truck and I ran to hop in the vehicle to get him to talk to me. He began to pull away telling me there was nothing left, but couldn't tell me why. I'm pregnant with his child, and he won't even acknowledge me. What could this dream mean?

The spoiled food items in your dream indicate you may have some difficulties controlling your spending. Just as buying food that is already past its expiration date in real life is a waste of money, so does this dream represent being careless in financial matters or not as frugal as you possibly should be. Discounted foodstuffs may also point to inefficiency in your working style or experiencing some loss or failure in regards to a goal you are trying to accomplish. Being unable to find your significant other may represent a past experience or situation in which he let you down, possibly connected to the goal or aim you were working toward. His leaving and ignoring you within the vision may be a symbol of your apprehension to trust him completely, particularly in regards to fidelity.

Food eaten by a teacher

I arrive at the dining table and my father tells me joyfully that my favorite dish has been eaten by my teacher (my favorite teacher).

Dinner is usually symbolic of an end of a phase or a situation. To dream that someone eats or takes away your food or favorite dish is a sign of separation from your loved ones, or in extreme cases a treason or betrayal. It could be that you are about to embark on a journey that takes you away from your family for an extended period. The happy disposition of your father and the presence of your favorite teacher are both positive references to the nature of your pending travel or the new chapter you are entering.

Men giving food

Two men give me food to eat.

To dream of being given food to eat is an auspicious vision. The two men represent your good luck and fortune because you may soon find yourself enjoying a happy and satisfactory period in your life. All aspects of your existence would settle down into a comfortable pace where you need not worry too much about your immediate needs.

Food falling from the sky

I saw a square UFO-type craft flying above the city and after that, having dinner with friends, anytime someone said the name of a food, it fell from the sky on top of their heads... Weird.

Dreaming about a UFO or another strange, unrecognizable flying object could represent receiving some unwelcome, disheartening information about yourself or someone within your family. It is likely something which was hidden from you by those you trusted, which only adds salt to the wound. However, envisioning food which suddenly appears out of nowhere suggests that this secret was kept with the best of intentions and that your family and friends only want the best for you.

Food prepared by a manager at work

Eating food prepared by a manager at workplace.

Dreams containing images of your manager or boss taking on some domestic duties or responsibilities could be an indication that your current workload and schedule are taking over family relationships and interfering with the connections between you and your family members. The dream, therefore, warns that you could be slowly losing touch with the members of your household and people who once mattered to you in favor of accomplishing more or performing better at work.

Ordering food

Ordering fast food from a restaurant or online application is a fortunate symbol to perceive in a dream. It represents finding a good work flow that has positive psychological effects on your daily life. Your daily rhythm would raise you up and be the remedy to your current issues rather than be a cause of stress or unhappiness.

Sharing food with someone

Giving someone a portion of your food or sharing a meal expresses generosity. You could be naturally inclined to help others and subscribe to the belief that evil stems from neglect. Communal eating also symbolizes strength in numbers. You are likely part of a supportive community where people come together whenever a difficult situation arises. The food on the table itself represents valuable resources, so sharing food indicates a willingness to allocate resources to the needy.

Being in line for food

I was in line to get free food. I was no 2 but people behind me come and take food and go. It was difficult for me to save my own food, but I ended up doing it.

Being in line with people cutting to get ahead of you for food portends delayed plans and unmet expectations. You may be too lenient bordering on being a pushover. This could hurt your chances in your career if you do not learn to assert yourself. Alternatively, it could refer to the value of patience. Sometimes you just have to wait for circumstances to go your way in order to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Food laid out on tables

I dreamt two of my friends were directing me to a management office. I asked them to accompany me, but they refused. They just shouted "Go in!". After that I went in, but nobody was in the management office. I found two different types of food on different tables. One was noodle and the other was a cooked big white fish that was garnished with different vegetables. I took a big portion of the fish with vegetables. I want to know what is the dream interpretation. I am a student.

This dream symbolically represents giving into temptation and should be regarded as a warning against selfish, self-serving behavior. Initially refusing to enter the management office in this vision indicates a strong understanding of morals, what is right and wrong, although entering the office at your friends' urging suggests you are susceptible to peer pressure when push comes to shove. Additionally, taking part in the cooked fish indicates that your motives may be self-centered, such as being prone to initiating unnecessary competition or trying to get more than your fair share. While this behavior is often essential to get ahead of others, you may want to be careful that it does not become a habit or even an addiction.

Increasing quantities of food

A relative (female) with a tiffin and a bag. Later, as the bags open, there are more tiffins showing up, 2 more tiffins. What can this dream possibly mean?

Seeing tiffins increase in numbers is an auspicious sign associated with being treated well and hospitably by others, particularly those in the service industries. If you are about to go on a business trip or vacation, you can expect excellent service and, depending on your luck, a possibly upgrade to your accommodations.

Drinking yogurt

I dreamt about drinking yogurt and enjoying it alongside some friends.

Yogurt symbolizes cooperation and customs, usually associated with meeting new people. In the context of your dream, drinking yogurt represents a need to adapt to certain events and occasions. It is always tricky to read human beings and gauge their motivations. You could be engaging in some networking events sometime soon and this dream vision reveals your apprehensions about behaving appropriately while asserting yourself in such a capacity.

Uncooked food and turning light switches

I left a pot of beans cooking on low all night long and when I came back, they weren't even burnt. In the same dream I also dreamed I kept trying flipping light switches to turn on lights, but got fussed at because I was turning off lights in other places.

Dreaming about cooking food that specifically has not burnt is a positive sign regarding your family situation. It usually represents the peace and happiness your family is currently experiencing or is about to live through. In many situations it also points to contentment in your family unit, as though no one is lacking anything or has their wants and wishes fulfilled without much waiting. The second vision, turning on switches which do not light what you want, could indicate the presence of good and bad luck popping up at random intervals in your life. The frustration comes from the fact that you have little control over which period you are in at any given time.

Food sold in a forceful way

Dreamt I bought a boiled egg forcefully and fried baked beans. I told the seller I don't want the egg, but he quickly crashed and gave me a white clean egg, so I ate in the dream.

Both boiled eggs and beans are negative symbols associated with multiple issues occurring in wake life. While beans point toward small, insignificant nuisances getting on your nerves, boiled eggs could predict serious drought or other terrible forces of nature raining down upon you. In this way, your rejection of the food could represent avoiding a variety of disasters ranging in severity from minor to life-threatening. The clean, white egg at the end of the vision further supports this idea, showing your success in dealing with these troubles in a very short period of time.

Food turning into feces

I am a 30 years old guy. I had a dream that my brother and I were traveling, we decided to eat so that we could have the strength to work. But after just a bite, an odor just came, then we realized that there was shit in that place. So I went to another place, and it was the same because shit was everywhere. I nearly vomited the food. So, I stopped eating and paid and we left. Thank you.

Traveling with a close family member in a dream, your brother, in this case, suggests that you are about to go through a period of material loss or misfortune. Your brother, as seen in this vision, would be there for you during this difficult period when other friends or less reliable family members would possibly be willfully ignorant of your pain and suffering. Seeing and smelling feces in your food could predict one of two things. On one hand, it could represent becoming depressed and despondent due to your situation. On the other hand, it could predict something out of the ordinary happening which turns your situation around completely.

Helping someone carry food

I dream of my uncle (mum's bro). He bought a basket full of food from wet market saying going to visit the 5th aunt. So I help him carry and try getting taxi, but no cab. Then I went to look and wanted to buy a shopping roller bag, but not suitable.

Buying or carrying large quantities of food either predicts a well-off existence or that someone favors you and respects your opinion to a great extent. In your dream, being unable to load those purchased food products into a cab or a roller bag likely points to unrealized potential or a lucrative idea that did not quite take off yet. Perhaps you and your uncle are sitting on a great business venture or concept and you merely need the right vehicle or the right investors to properly implement it.

Taking food from neighbors

I dreamed of taking food from my neighborhood.

Envisioning yourself taking food from your neighborhood is a warning. It suggests that you could be harming your business or projects because of low-quality bookkeeping. This may include inaccurate entries or misleading records of expenses. If this is the case, use caution and take action to improve the quality of this area that is harming your work and jeopardizing your future.

Eating bad-tasting food

Eating horrible food which I cannot eat if I am not sleeping.

Experiencing a dream about eating food you dislike could be a sign that you are to be affected by unpleasant events in the near future. You could experience a situation whereby you would require help but unable to receive it. The help may also come quite late at a time when you do not need it anymore. It can also be a sign of late news reaching you or not being able to locate a person you have been trying to find from your past. Overall, this dream is symbolic of being greatly displeased by a certain negative occurrence.

Throwing away food

To throw away food in the dream world could mean that you lack the motivation to work or to make the most out of life. You may be feeling depressed because of a series of setbacks. Maybe someone rejected you and that made you retreat to your shell or be afraid to express your interest in other people. If the food is already spoiled or expired, then perhaps something about your workplace or your immediate surroundings has made you jaded. It is possible that you discovered corrupt practices or unethical incidents which make you want to pursue a different path.

Giving food to poor

Sharing food with or feeding the poor alludes to repentance according to Christian dream workers. This symbol is associated with being humble enough to recognize your weaknesses and seeking guidance on how you can improve. Furthermore, it suggests you also are willing to put in the effort and give of yourself for the improvement of your moral state.

Ordering fast food

Envisioning yourself ordering fast food from a restaurant in a dream realm symbolizes that the dreamer is more concerned about short term pleasures and less worried about the long term impact of things. Unfortunately, this may be the cause of your failures in achieving your bigger goals. You could be going through an internal argument between your brain and heart about not having long term goals and be content with your small little enjoyments, but the fact of the matter is that if you focus too much on your short term goals then you will only have fleeting rewards.

Burning food

To see burnt food on a kitchen stove in a dream realm contains a reflection of your past relationships and experiences, whether good or bad. This is a positive sign as this will encourage you in wake life to eagerly introspect and connect the dots accordingly. This self analysis not only helps in seeing yourself in the mirror but also prevents going overboard in the future.