Dreams Related To Zombie

Zombies in general

The image of zombies in a dream vision may reflect a personal tendency to induldge in bad or harmful habits, such as smoking or fast food, or pessimistic thoughts. In many cases, simply realizing you are trapped in a vicious cycle would be enough to spur you to action to get over it. However, this symbol is also associated with the idea of outside influences putting pressure on you and causing you mental strain, even though they may seem harmless or innocuous. The first step in getting over this is to recognize that there is a problem and form a plan for overcoming it.

Being chased by zombies

The chilling imagery of being chased or hounded by zombies suggests you will soon grapple with a serious illness. There will be a mystery surrounding how you contracted this disease, so expect a long period of recovery while doctors find a clear diagnosis and treatment plan. Alternatively, this could refer to some upsetting news about a friend betraying you or similar unexpected and unwanted news.

Yourself as a zombie

Seeing yourself as a zombie in the context of a dream is actually a fairly positive symbol, as it often alludes to being successful at some task or goal you have been plugging away at for a long time. In many cases, your sudden good fortune would be due to outside influences or a sudden boost in luck. It is also possible that competitors you were fighting against before would no longer be involved, allowing you to claim the victory without interference.

Stumbling upon a zombie

Suddenly finding yourself in the midst of a group of zombies may predict receiving extra support or assistance on an important task you have been assigned. Combined with your efforts and leadership, the extra help would allow you to complete the work quickly and successfully. This would bring you great happiness and satisfaction. Additionally, this same image can reflect having suffered trying to complete a project, but now that others know your hardship, they would be willing to help you complete it.

Being attacked by a zombie

Being attacked by a zombie, in either a dream or a nightmare, may predict suddenly rediscovering some past hobby or course of study that interested you before. The amount of blood and gore seen in this vision actually correlates with the amount of energy and passion you would put into this long-forgotten area of you life. In many cases, being involved in this activity or field again would bring both feelings of nostalgia and a strong desire to catch up on all the latest information and techniques.

Talking to a zombie

Envisioning yourself talking to or trying to engage a zombified person in a conversation could portend major arguments or differences of opinion between you and those you consider to be your closest friends. This disagreement may have a lasting negative impact on your relationship with these individuals or lead to a complete breakdown in communication for the foreseeable future.

A deceased person as a zombie

Dreaming about someone who has passed away in waking life becoming a zombie can be interpreted as a sign that you would face many hardships and challenges in your daily life. Their visitation could portend such problems as traffic during commuting, issues procuring child care, or a health problem that limits your activity or ability. You may need to rely on other people for help or support during this difficult period to avoid feelings of depression or guilt.

Your relatives as zombies

Zombies that seem to resemble members of your immediate or extended family can represent upcoming conflicts between you and your relatives sometime in the near future. The cause of this clash is likely related to some form of substance abuse, likely alcohol or recreational drugs. One of your close relatives may be engaging in activities such as these which are threatening the peace and harmony of the family, leading to fights and resentment.

Surrounded by zombies

Envisioning yourself surrounded by a group of zombies or dreaming that such a group is closing in on your location could be an indicator of upcoming health problems or scares. This is likely to be brought about through the contraction of a disease from someone else who is sick. This vision can be interpreted as a warning that you need to take better care of your health by resting and relaxing so as to mitigate the worst of the effects.

Hounded by zombies

Being hounded by zombies in the dream realm is usually considered a precursor to illness and infirmity. You could soon contract a vicious disease that leaves you weak and feeble. It may be something as common as influenza or something rare and incurable. Alternatively, this vision could be a metaphor for becoming incapacitated due to shocking news or a startling revelation. Perhaps someone you considered a friend and confidant would turn against you in your hour of need, leaving you shaken to the core.

Killing zombies

When looking for the killing zombies dream meaning, it helps to think of zombies as a metaphor for bad habits. In this sense, killing a zombie is an allusion to getting rid of a bad habit or perhaps replacing a bad habit with a good one. For instance, instead of dropping on the couch when you get home from work, you may start picking up your place first, cooking a healthy meal before you lose motivation or cracking open a book.

Fighting with zombies and real people

Last night I had a game-like dream of fighting zombie Apocalypse... After that I had a dream if fighting my cousin sister. The next scene includes me seeing an attractive girl and talking to her...but she no more looked attractive when I came nearer...

Zombies in a dream represent you old bad habits you are trying to get rid of and leave behind, so you might have been going through a process of trying to refine yourself (i.e. quit smoking, learn something new or change your daily routine in some way). The second part of this dream could be the fact that someone is standing in your way preventing you from accomplishing what you have been trying to overcome or eliminate from your life. Finally, the vision of meeting with an unattractive girl means help and support you seek and will receive from someone who is in a close relationship with you in order for you to make these improvements in your life.

People looking like zombies after a plane crash

My husband and I purchased a old farm house in 1997, remodeled it and started our family... Well, my husband and both children have the same exact dream over and over. They see a plane crash in our fields by our house and after the crash, the people are crawling around on the ground with missing legs and arms like zombies.

Seeing an image of your home in a dream represents being comfortable with your place in life. It shows how much you care about your family and enjoy their company. However, this peace and satisfaction may be in jeopardy as you may have already imagined from such a jarring, unpleasant dream. Seeing a plane crash suggests your family (because more than one person has experienced this dream) may soon go through a difficult, trying time. The injured, zombie-like people predict that whatever occurs is likely to be completely unexpected and ruinous. The crash further indicates that others may be willing to offer you help, either physical, emotional, or financial, to get you through these times. However, you should politely decline and try to take care of things yourself. If you rely too much on others, you may find that things quickly get out of control, putting you in a worse place than you were before. Be on the lookout for situations which may quickly go awry and, if the worst does happen, stick together and help each other.

Being intimidated by zombies

I always tend to have dreams of zombies and locking myself, and people who are with me (if there even are any), inside a place to get away from whatever is outside. Those types of dreams sometimes involve zombies and sometimes don't. I have no idea what this means and would be amazing if you could help (:

Dreaming about the undead could be a subconscious reflection of having susceptibility to bad habits, someone's negative influence, negative thoughts and drives. Alternatively, your dream could also be linked to your stress and anxiety in real life. Locking yourself in a room to get away from the zombies, or other threatening outside forces is your way of finding a sanctuary amid tremendous responsibilities and everyday worries. Perhaps you are trying to find ways to shield yourself from the harsh realities of life as a means of keeping your sanity and regaining control over the situation.

Being surrounded by the undead

I was in a house I had never seen before with people I have never met. We were hiding from these people trying to get us, which in my mind we were coherent zombie-like people. These people started to hold hands to create a circle around the house and barricade us in. I got outside and started running from a little girl, I don't know. She got closer and closer and I started feeling scared and then woke up.

Hiding inside a house among strangers suggests upcoming stressful encounters and issues in the waking world. You could be experiencing a lot of pressure at work or school, hence the manifestation of this scary vision. Though hiding out and running away from the problem, symbolized by zombies, may seem to be the best way to ward off undesirable circumstances and troubles, you are merely getting yourself backed up in a corner and making yourself easy prey. On the other hand, the zombies may point to your personal fears. You could be starting to feel burnout from work or studying and beginning to go through everyday tasks and duties without invested emotion or passion for the outcome of your labor. Try to revisit your motivation to avoid being too jaded.

Escaping a zombie apocalypse

So the first starts I wake up and escape through a window, running off of rooftops and jumping through windows. All of a sudden, I'm in a limo and it seems like I'm in an Austrian version of Black Butler. After a while, it turns as if I woke up, it's like a zombie apocalypse except it starts with people who had a certain illness. If they bit you it'd take 2 months to infect you. Everyone I love was turned except me. At the end of the dream I go to a bunker and it slowly closes, and my mom comes to me.

The type of media we consume on a daily basis can sometimes bleed into our dreams. In your case, the context and scenario are inspired by the shows and movies you currently watch. Some of the symbols allude to incoming opportunities and the consequences of grabbing certain opportunities, both good and bad. For instance, windows point to prospects and chances. You could be at a point in your life where doors are opening up and you have your choice of the lot. The downside is, you may be inclined to feel important because of all the opportunities, as symbolized by the limousine. An inflated ego could also damage your relationship with your loved ones, hence the zombie apocalypse. Conflicts and arguments could arise among family members or people who are close to you.

Surviving a zombie apocalypse

I dream about being in a zombie apocalypse or nuclear fallout, although unlike most, it is not at the start of the apocalypse, my dream tends to start well after the beginning. Most of the time there are no actual zombies in my dreams and I am not afraid, if anything I feel safe. If there are zombies then I am always in control and generally am killing them, again I am not afraid. I am also generally alone in my dream or with one other person, typically someone my age.

Dreaming about successfully navigating the apocalypse and fighting off zombies may be the manifestation of egocentrism or narcissistic tendencies in waking life. Through this highly stylized vision, your subconscious mind may be warning you of the loneliness and troubles you may face if you continue to push others away with your self-centered actions or illusions of grandeur. If you continue experiencing visions of this nature, it may represent a lack of desire to change your ways. However, not learning how to share and be generous with others may be disastrous in the future.

Helping children after a zombie outbreak

My dream was about zombie pigs who were infecting people. I nursed all of the children back to health when they got sick, and they looked up to me. It felt nice being appreciated and helping the children to recover.

Envisioning yourself safe during a zombie apocalypse, even one spread by pigs, suggests you have a lot of pride or narcissistic tendencies. While this is normally considered a reflection of poor behavior in wake life, taking care of the sick children may reveal that your pride is actually well deserved. Together, these symbols show that not only does a lot of your self-worth derive from your work but also that you are very good at what you do. Others probably rely on you for guidance and support at your company.

Zombies inside the childhood house

I was in the house I grew up in, where my father still currently resides. I found my dead mother's corpse wrapped in plastic underneath a bed. My boyfriend and I lifted it onto the bed. Part of the plastic came unwrapped. In the other room, I heard a zombie-like snarl from the room her body was in and felt the need to escape the house. When I came running back to rescue my kids, they were already safely outside.

Finding the corpse of your dearly departed mother in your childhood home represents some dark periods or memories from your past resurfacing in the present. The fact that your boyfriend was with you during this time may indicate either his part in bringing these old memories to light or his taking care of you while you deal with the half-healed wounds. Safely escaping the zombies with your children at the end of the vision points toward a new period of growth and happiness in your life. Once you close the book on the darkness in your past, you would be able to experience a bright new future.

Fighting zombies at a bus station

In my dream I was in a bus station when it was suddenly overtaken by zombies. Suddenly I gained Spider-Man's powers and did battle with all of them before I faced my brother who had been consumed by the Carnage Symbiote.

Battling zombies in this dream vision may be an allusion to your real-world battles with your own demons. Zombies generally refer to self-destructive and harmful habits that not only endanger your well-being, but also negatively affect your loved ones. In that context, becoming a superhero such as Spiderman reveals your difficulty and struggle to overcome your own unhealthy vices. You may have tried and failed numerous times in reality to clean up your act and avoid being a liability to your friends and family. This could be your final chance to redeem yourself to them since the superhero powers symbolize enormous resolve and commitment to become the best version of yourself.

Fighting zombies in a church

My dream was about zombies at my church, I was running to my church and after a bit I got in. A zombie got in and was about to get someone but she went under the rafters, another one came up these stairs, but me and someone else kicked it down. Then we were at this training place with a black instructor like a drill Sargent. There was a sign talking about martial arts and then I woke up. I'm a male.

This chaotic vision seems to be a reflection of your current conflicted state of being. The images of the zombies suggest a tendency toward one or more bad habits, such as over indulging in legal activities like drinking or illegal ones like drug use. Running to the church, however, points toward a recognition that this is not the right path for you. You seek to rid yourself of these weaknesses or turn a new leaf. Perhaps the drill sergeant and the martial arts are indicative of a need for better structure or control, meaning you need to plan activities that would prevent you from having time or money to go back to your bad habits, or you need to set up a support system that keeps you on the straight and narrow.

Trying to save friends from zombies

I was at my grandma's house and I walk outside, look at the yard, look away, look back and there are zombies everywhere. I start walking inside but then I see my friends, so I go to open the barricade that is made out of baby gates that has suddenly appeared. So I start saving my friends and then my crush appears. So I hurry to save my crush and I accidently pinch her while doing so.

Finding zombies at your grandma's house is a sign that you are self-aware. Specifically, people around you may be prone to bad habits and mob mentality, but you manage to check yourself and avoid being influenced by problematic people. Trying to save your crush from the zombies likely means someone you love is in danger of giving in to peer pressure. It is possible that you recently underwent a rude awakening about the ugly sides of others and you want to share this knowledge with your friends before they get trapped in a bad situation.

Grandmother turning into a zombie

I dreamt my grandmother choked on a fly and then turned into a zombie and tried to eat me.

Witnessing your grandmother choking on a fly suggests a relative may be under the influence of a malicious individual. Someone's wild speculations could be poisoning the mind of a loved one and this could negatively impact their view of the world. In addition, the transformation of a loved one into a zombie indicates familial conflict fueled by possible substance abuse or other destructive habits which tend to ruin relationships. Reaching out could be a good remedy for this situation. People need to know that they are loved and appreciated, especially during this age of isolation.