Dreams Related To YouTube

Being intimidated by YouTube influencers

I'm female, I had a dream about TONS of guys. Some of which are well-known youtubers. I was the only girl in the dream and they kept trying to take my robe off when I looked away. They ALL wanted something, it kind of turned into a game. Later I was forced to go into a bathroom to have a sexual intercourse with someone famous. What does all this mean?

Being surrounded by famous people or celebrities is an allusion to new perspectives. Perhaps you are opening yourself up to exciting opportunities which could lead you closer to achieving your dreams. Moreover, having intercourse with a famous person implies getting recognition. Powerful or influential people will notice you and give you the validation you crave. On the other hand, this could also imply delusions of grandeur. Immersing yourself too much in popular culture could make you lose sight of real-world problems. Your subconscious could be reminding you not to get too spellbound or charmed by big personalities as it could lead you down a path that you might regret.