Dreams Related To Xerox

Using a xerox privately

Being in an office or business setting and using a xerox machine for your personal, private matters, like copying important government documents or making pamphlets to support a cause unrelated to your place of work, is a negative sign indicating involvement in some ill-advised activity or project. Continued efforts toward this goal may end in disaster, meaning danger and other threatening situations which could affect your life in an unpleasant, if not disastrous ways.

Operating a xerox machine

Operating a xerox machine, whether you are inside an office or some other business setting, is a manifestation of your personality, namely, that you put forth a lot of time, effort, and resources to fit in or join a certain group or people. Just as operating a xerox machine can be tedious and unfulfilling, so does this dream point toward your efforts not being rewarded, meaning no matter how hard you try you may never truly be accepted. In the worst case, you may even be superficially allowed to join in, but only so that the other members can take advantage of you.

Dreaming about using or operating a xerox machine may also be your subconscious warning you to spend more time reflecting on your life, behavior, and actions. This is likely because you are stuck in a rut, making the same mistakes over and over again, without change. You are probably feeling frustrated or disappointed, even though you have brought this upon yourself. Your subconscious is trying to persuade you to take time to recognize what you have been doing wrong and to learn from your past failures so you can grow, improve and have a more fulfilling life.

A xerox in general

Using a xerox machine in a dream vision symbolically represents receiving some correspondence, either written or verbal, which could set off a string of events that would cause you to spend a lot of money unexpectedly. If you do nothing to avoid or fix this problem, it might cause a snowball effect, meaning you may spend increasing amounts of money as the situation deteriorates.

A broken xerox machine

Having a dream about a broken, damaged xerox machine, whether you broke it or just found it that way, is often interpreted as a negative sign associated with being the recipient of dark, unpleasant news. This information may be related to some project or cause which is very important to you, specifically, that someone is about to interfere with your plans and investments. You may feel forced to act on this knowledge, which would require a lot of time, effort, and resources to protect your claims.