Dreams Related To Worry

Worrying about the car being overheated

While with various acquaintances all who were musicians and some of their older women followers on a road trip the car overheated. We somehow repaired it but I was worried when we were trying to leave and the motor was running that it would overheat again because it was taking too long for one of the group to get back in the car and drive as the motor would cool better while driving. Then I remembered that I made sure the repair was done correctly and stopped worrying.

The road trip in your dream is an allusion to the current flow of your life. It is also a metaphor for a sense of adventure. It is possible that with the current circumstances, you are eager to jumpstart your career and focus all your energies on achieving your goals. The car overheating means your subconscious is reminding you to pace yourself. Perhaps your eagerness to dive back into work could result in burnout and fatigue. However, the end of your dream is a very auspicious sign that you are both mentally and physically prepared to tackle all the challenges ahead.

Worried about things getting wet in the house

Hello, can you help me interpret my dream? I was in the house because it was heavy rain outside and suddenly someone asked me to transfer her to another house in front of the house we occupied. Then, when we get there, I feel confused about why the bamboo floor getting wet where I could see a roof... And I was worried also when I saw firewood that might get wet by the rain. Your response is so much appreciated... Thank you.

Heavy rain surrounding your house during a dream vision represents the negative energy coming from someone around you. While you may be in a good place in your life, a friend or family member close to you could be projecting their problems on you, bringing you down and making you feel worse than you should. The house with bamboo floors suggests you are afraid to speak against this person or to tell them to take their problems elsewhere. The water you saw on these floors further supports this idea. Through this vision, your subconscious may be trying to come to a solution. It would be wise, then, to take time to find the words that would calm the rage in this individual and give her some much-needed peace of mind.