Dreams Related To Worms

Worms coming out of my body

Worms are generally associated with dirt and decay, but they are also often used to symbolize fertility and maturation. Using those associations, the image of worms coming out of the body in dreams can refer to events and experiences that would cause buried feelings and suppressed issues to come out. Those feelings and issues can either be positive or negative in nature depending on which parts of the body the worms are coming out of. For instance, pulling worms from your ankle can point to situations which would heighten your distaste towards material and worldly things. If the worms are coming out of your eyes, then your views and perspectives could be skewed by negative and counterproductive thoughts and feelings.

Worms in poop

I'm a man and I'm 27. I dreamed last night about shit on the ground and a lot of worms in it, I got scared in the dream and then everywhere I looked there were worms. Thanks.

Feces seen in a dream tend to be associated with acquiring great profit or wealth unexpectedly. However, when combined with the vision of worms, it means you may be putting up a barrier that prevents you from reaching this goal. Or some existing obstacles could be taking a toll on you and causing you a lot of personal struggles keeping you far from where you want to be. If necessary, try to discuss your stronger sides and weaknesses with someone more experienced to help you move forward.


Dreaming about earthworms may not sound like the most interesting thing, but it could still be significant when it comes to your personal relationship with someone. There is the potential for your relationship with this person to undergo some major changes after experiencing this dream vision. It may also indicate future travels that could lead up to this event, or even bring new possibilities and opportunities outside of your everyday life.

Worms in general

If your dreams are typically about worms, this may represent your own life and showing that on the outside you are holding up and everything seems to be okay, while on the inside you could be broken and negative. Similar to how a worm hides inside an apple, you are hiding behind your wall you have built up and allow others to affect you in a negative way without trying to stop or prevent these things from happening.

Killing a worm with salt

I saw a long fat and long worm coming out of a bag. I put salt on it and it became dry. I am a female.

Dreaming about killing a worm could mean you are about to experience a challenging period due to someone's attempts to have a relationship with you on a deeper level, most likely as a lover. The salt used in your dream could mean you would have to be calm, yet firm when dealing with this person's advances towards you and, if necessary, you would need to be reasonable if they force you to abide by their wishes. Maybe you will have to show them just how irrelevant their intentions are compared to what you are after.

Worms crawling on your body

Dreaming about worms inching along your body is a reflection of your inner desire to gain or achieve some kind of prosperity, whether financially or materially. However you may be struggling to attain these goals since they seem to be out of reach. If you happened to be brushing the worms off your body in the same dream, it symbolizes that you are not interested in accumulating possessions or property and do not like the idea of having them in your world. You tend to pay more attention and devote your time to spiritual and non-material things instead.

Worms in soil

If you were to find yourself dreaming about watching worms in soil, this is a favorable sign of good harvest or the increase in the number of livestock for farmers or anyone who works in the field. If you saw worms in large quantaties in your dream, it may signify a greater abundance, for instance in a garden or a bountiful harvest during the upcoming season.

A white worm turning into a snake

I opened my Mr. Coffee One-Touch cup and there was a squirming white worm, within 2 hours it turned into a snake.

The image of coffee in the dream realm is often associated with wealth and prosperity. Rather than denoting anything bad or unfortunate, the white worm inside the cup can be considered the manifestation of your desire to acquire or pursue this wealth. For instance, you may soon have the chance to try a new job or invest some money. This vision is not only reflecting your wish to become wealthy, but it also suggests your efforts would be fruitful, as the worm turning into a snake reveals you have good instincts when it comes to money.

Crushing a worm

If you are a female, dreaming about crushing worms could be a prediciton that you might go through a distressing life period soon by receiving unwanted affection from someone who wants to connect with you on a deeper level. The best way possible to get out of this situation is to politely tell them to back off, but you would still need to be direct and to the point when saying that you are not interested in these advances.

For males to dream about crushing worms could mean that they are placing their distrust and blame on their partner. They believe that their partner is the one who is unfaithful or flriting with other men when in reality it might not be the case. If such accusations continue, there is a great chance of your significant other leaving you for such a ridiculous reason, somthing that could have been prevented in the first place.

Worms in chicken soup

I was cooking chicken soup and found little worms in it.

Dreaming about cooking chicken soup represents being in a happy, calm state of mind. Things in your life are probably relatively peaceful and drama-free at the moment. However, finding worms in your pot is an ominous sign predicting this serenity may not last much longer. Specifically, envisioning worms in soup indicates the rise of a powerful enemy from somewhere nearby, such as your place of work or in your community. This person is willing to go to extremes to surpass you or take what is rightfully yours because of jealousy and envy. You should keep a watchful eye out for those who may seek to overthrow you in the future.

Worms on the floor

The floor, symbolizing foundation and stability, can take on various interpretations in dreams. Often, they represent family, work or social connections depending on the aspects that anchor you to society and the real world in general. In that sense, seeing worms crawling on the floor could be an indication of brewing conflict and unresolved issues in places where you feel safe and supported. You may be turning a blind eye to problems that have long been festering beneath the facade of civility and politeness. Some big event or circumstance could reveal the unacknowledged frustrations or issues at work or in your own household. To openly communicate about these things may be the start of the resolution needed to maintain healthy relationships.

Worms in your skin

Finding worms inside your skin in a dream vision likely means the dreamer is hiding something foul and rotten. The worm or earthworm is generally a metaphor for dirt and decay, so the image of worms in your skin denotes unpleasant secrets and negative thoughts. There could also be feelings of guilt and shame because you are hiding information that could have adverse effects on others. Alternatively, you may have committed an act of betrayal or participated in inappropriate activities and now your conscience is starting to creep up on you by conjuring up this symbolism in your dream vision. Dreams of this nature can also reveal a dreamer's desire to let go of negative energies by coming clean and taking accountability for his actions.

Worms inside the lip

I had a bump in my lip, I opened it up and there was a black or greyish worm and it was dead. I pulled back the skin on the inside of my lower lip and there were more of the same worms moving slowly through the tissue in my lip.

The mouth is often associated with conflict and insult, so a mouth that has bumps and sores may indicate you are about to get into a verbal altercation with someone in the near future. Worms are positive symbols associated with success, so it is likely you are to come out on top in this argument. However, while winning an individual argument may make you feel victorious, you may want to consider the more far-reaching effects of your words and behavior, as others may not look favorably on your tactics.

Worms in food

Seeing worms in your food while in a dream is not something to take lightly. This could mean that someone at your job is jealous of the position you have within the company and will stop at nothing to make sure they surpass you. It may involve them questioning your work and hoping that you will fall into a spell of contemplating your personal integrity and everything you have accomplished to make it this far. 

Blue worms

Worms in general refer to damage or inner turmoil that may not be immediately obvious to other people because you hide it so well. The blue color adds another layer of bad news to this dream symbol. So, a blue worm represents depression that is eating you up inside. You try to put on a brave front, but you may actually need to consult a professional in order to manage your downward spiral. It does not help that every time you check your social media or watch the news, all you ever see are negative happenings around the world. It may help if you wake up every day and remind yourself of the little blessings and good developments in your life to keep your mood in balance.

Being on the bus and given worms to eat

I had a dream that I was in a strange house with a lot of extended family. I dreamed that they left and I had to go find some food for my self and my younger cousins. I ended up getting on a bus. I dropped one of my unlit cigarettes through a hole in the floor on the bus which prompted me to get off and look for it. I couldn't find it and then I realized I was lost. I started walking in the direction I thought was homeward. I met three Hispanic guys on the way and they gave me a Styrofoam plate of worms to eat. When I got home ate one and I grabbed another to eat but it stung me.

This dream contains numerous symbols which both combine and conflict with each other, making the interpretation difficult. One image that stands out is that of getting on a bus, which is often associated with beginning new projects or going on some sort of adventure. However, because you exited the vehicle before reaching your destination, it might predict the plan either not being completed or falling short of your expectations. This is also seen in your getting lost within the dream, which can also point to not moving forward with some aspect of your life. Stagnation is likely to leave you feeling dissatisfied or unfulfilled, which is further supported by your eating of the worms but continuing to eat when you returned home as well. In summary, being unable to achieve your goals may prevent you from growing as a person or challenging yourself, which in turn may cause feelings of frustration.

Eating worms

If you find yourself dreaming about eating worms, whether purposefully or without knowing it, it is a positive sign. You will find yourself being victorious in whatever you are trying to accomplish in life, whether it is a milestone or just something on your bucket list, you will gain reverence and praise from those near and around.


Dreaming about observing or dealing with silkworms contains a positive connotation. This vision represents the strings or ties you have with other people which are very strong, you would be able to rely on them for anything when it comes to dealing with a difficult situation or enduring hardships. These relationships will continue to remain strong and lasting as long as you reciprocate and be there for them when they are in need.

Worms coming out of mouth

Envisioning a multitude of worms pouring forth from your mouth is an ominous symbol to perceive while in REM sleep. This symbol is often associated with afflictions of the stomach and intestines, particularly food poisoning. It would be wise to be cautious about what you make or order to be delivered in the near future lest you subject yourself to unnecessary pain.

A giant worm attacking girl scouts

Female. I was sitting on top a cliff looking down to girl scouts camping in the forest below with binoculars and they were starting a camp fire when all of a sudden a giant worm busted from the ground and ate them all.

Sitting at the top of a cliff in your dream vision means you are at a crossroad and facing a major decision. This could be a make or break period for you. In that sense, the camping ground you were observing below refers to your social circle and support group. These are the people who make you grounded and make sure you do not forget your roots. In addition, Girl Scouts typically represent order and preparedness. So, this may symbolize your efforts to prepare yourself for what is in store for you in the future. Finally, the giant worm alludes to suppressed issues and emotions kept hidden. This is the symbol you may need to watch out for because those issues could potentially sabotage certain opportunities no matter how much preparation you make. You need to be mentally and physically prepared to take on the challenges ahead.

Worms crawling on grass

Having a dream about worms inching along the grass is a sign that should not be taken lightly. This may be a prediciton that you will soon encounter hostile interactions from people you work with on a daily basis or even from the members of your family. Stay apprehensive during this time and watch to see what may be upsetting this person to become so aggressive towards you, their outburst may be an underlying cause why they are trying to come in contact with you.

Worms coming out while in the bathroom

I dreamt that I was in the loo and all that was coming out inside of me were crawly slimy worms. I was not crying, I was just looking at this and every time I pee or poop, everything that comes out is just worms.

Worms are symbolic of the wall you tend to build between yourself and the world. You may act happy-go-lucky and cheerful around friends and family, but on the inside, you may be suffering from sadness or even depression. This idea is epitomized in the common image of a worm within an apple. In this case, you are the apple and the worms represent the darkness within you. Excreting the worms from your body in the form of urine or fecal matter, then, portends accidentally exposing your true self to someone. You might fear this spontaneous revealing could affect you negatively later on, but this could be a chance to seek help and reach out to someone instead of keeping everything bottled up inside you.

Pulling a worm out of the ankle

I had a dream that there was a blob or black mush on my ankle, top of my foot area and when I was pulling on it I noticed it was a worm and it broke and I wasn't able to get it all out. Then I woke up. Grossed me out, still grosses me out. What does this mean?

Worms crawling over your body typically mean a desire to accumulate wealth or achieve prosperity. Hence, pulling a worm or worms out of the foot suggests that you are not interested in material wealth. Your proclivities, it seems, are more geared towards self-fulfillment and spiritual pursuits. The breaking of the envisioned worm apart can also hold a significant meaning here, because it reflects a need for direction and possibly financial assistance. Perhaps you are prone to wandering and refuse to be tied down by conventional adult expectations.

White worms on the body

Saw white worms crawling up my body. I couldn't even get rid of them as I felt weak. Woke up.

Dreaming of worms crawling on your body reveals your internal desire to prosper and become successful in your chosen field or career. Unfortunately, the worms also indicate a struggle to attain your lofty goals and ambitions. Your physical weakness and inability to brush the worms off of you symbolizes your worldly ways and tendency to focus on material possessions. Sadly, your financial capacity is not enough to pay for your wants and other luxuries. Ultimately, this is your mind telling you to control your spendthrift ways so that you can afford the necessities.

Fishing and using worms as bait

Dreaming about using worms as bait when fishing is a reflection of being drawn into a routine. This vision may serve as an indication that your current way of dressing is too plain. Changing your wardrobe and style a bit could help you stand out in the eyes of other people. Perhaps it is the time to try that new hairstyle or a pair of shoes you have been eyeing. You might get more attention from those around you than you realize, bringing positive changes into your life.

Worms coming out of my stomach

The imagery of worms coming out of your stomach refers to a cathartic moment. The right conditions, perhaps getting inebriated or a similar relaxed state, would allow you to pour out emotions which you have been bottling up. This could be either positive or negative, such as declaring your love towards someone or airing out your resentments. Either way, you will feel lighter once these suppressed feelings are expressed.

Pulling worms out of nose

Pulling worms out of your nose points to your efforts at rebuilding your reputation. An embarrassing situation caught on camera may have gone viral and turned people against you. Perhaps you posted a critical statement about a beloved artist like Taylor Swift invalidating her causes, then her legions of fans came after you and unearthed all your past questionable choices. In the aftermath, you are painted as a petty and insensitive person which means you need to be more careful with your statements in the future lest you cross a group of people with enough resources to take you down.

White worms coming out of skin

White worms that appear to come out from your skin represent an internal battle making itself apparent. While this may sound cryptic, it essentially means that your internal struggles with wanting to be well-off or live a luxurious lifestyle may be apparent to those around you based on your conversation and actions. For instance, you may have made an off-hand comment about wanting to find someone to take care of you financially, like a sugar daddy. Your friends and family could be a bit concerned with these seemingly harmless observations. Perhaps you need to reevaluate the role of money in your life.

Pulling worms out of right eye

I dreamt that my right eye was red and swollen and almost blind. I could feel something was covering it... There were two black worms which no one could pull out for me... Finally I pulled them out myself and killed both worms... My swelling stopped and my eyes healed instantly. What can be the meaning of this?

Red, swollen eyes indicate being in the middle of a situation which may result in negative consequences for you if you do not carefully assess the problem and take measures to prevent things from getting out of hand. Given the distressing experience of partial blindness and no one being able to help, this could represent feelings of frustration or distress, particularly related to relationships. This might mean unwelcome advances from a member of the opposite gender or a friend or family member who is butting in to some personal issues in your life. In either case, because the dream shows that you are able to remove the problem by yourself, it might be wise to simply thank them for their attention, but politely ask them to let you handle it. Being direct about your wishes is likely the easiest way to make your wants and needs clear to the other party. Suddenly being healed at the end of the dream may symbolize your negative feelings abating once you have taken control of the situation.

Black worms on the wall

My dream was about black small worms crawling over a wall.

This dream about seeing worms crawling on the wall could be a sign of soon changing your occupation or what you do for a living to begin working on some project or activity which could drastically improve your overall income. If the background (the wall) was light or white in color in this dream, it could also signify a written or typed message you have recently come across or are about to be handed, which would lead you to these auspicious developments.

A worm inside the eye

I dreamed I had something in my eye. When I looked in the mirror at my left pupil, it looked oblong. As I looked closer, I realized it was a worm coming out of my eye. As I fought with getting it out before it squirmed behind my eye and into my eye socket, it fell out of my lower eye lid and down my shirt. It was the most disturbing and realistic dream I have had in a very long time.

The eyes are windows to your soul. A worm coming out of your eye indicates an emotional upheaval. It may be that you have been harboring tension or repressing negative emotions and you feel the need for an emotional outlet to weed out the source of anger and frustration. This dream could be telling you to free your mind from harmful and counterproductive thoughts in order to gain a clearer perspective about how you are living your life. Once you get these negative aspects out of your system, you will have renewed motivation to go on.

Eating earthworms

I was ordering my usual dish in a dream, but in real life, it wasn't my usual at all, and I always eat the earthworms, but this time I started to chew it and then I spit it out on the ground and threw up from looking at it and some unidentified people were watching me that was right next to me and they all seemed upset.

Eating or chewing worms in dreams is a positive sign. It means that you could triumph in your current endeavors, whether a promotion you are gunning for or a new undertaking. Ingesting earthworms portends praise and appreciation being bestowed upon you. However, spitting them out implies that the accolades you could receive will leave a bitter taste in your mouth. The saying "Be careful what you wish for" is apt in this vision - a realization that maybe what you want is not what you need.

A toilet filled with white worms

I haven seen in my dream some kind of dirty worms completely filled in toilet. Half of them are dead and other half are crawling. All are in white color, disgusting in look. Few are starting crawling on the wall of bathroom and I am trying to flush water on them to get over them.

This vision gives a fairly negative vibe and paints a poor picture for your current or future situation. A dirty, insect-infested toilet represents becoming the caretaker of someone important in your life, most likely an elderly family member. This person is likely to need assistance for even the most basic tasks, including bathing and using the restroom. While this may be troublesome or even disgusting, you are unlikely to have much choice in the matter as other options are either unavailable or too expensive. This is coupled with the image of crawling worms which portends showing a brave face in response to these challenges while falling apart on the inside. While getting help may be difficult, you should still reach out to friends for love and support during hard times.

Throwing up with colored worms

Having worms (white and green) in own vomit. As I vomited in my dream, the worms were alive and squirming. There were only two green worms and they had very bright eyes. Expecting reply as soon as possible.

Worms symbolically represent trying to keep a brave face while things are falling apart around you. Specifically, this dream seems to be related to your health, as vomiting in a dream vision is usually associated with physical ailments and illness. You may feel like you are coming down with a certain condition, but may be pretending it is alright, possibly because you do not want others to worry, or you are worried about falling behind in your work. However, your health is very important and should not be ignored lest things get worse.

Pulling worms from under the feet

Please, I dreamed that I am removing worms from under my feet by pulling them one by one. But my left foot remained with a wound.

A dream in which you are removing worms from your feet, leaving behind open wounds and lacerations, can be interpreted as a subconscious desire to achieve some kind of material or financial wealth. You may be currently struggling to reach these goals as the wounds that remain on your body seem to point to. This could be causing you undue stress and exasperation.

Worms coming out of skin pores

In my dream I remember realizing that I was dreaming and I was walking towards my grandmother's house and I remember seeing a big earthworm inching, then I fell down a pit and I saw a worm on my hair. Then I ended up on the top of a mountain and worms were coming out of my ears, mouth and nose. Eventually they came out of all my pores and my eyes were glowing bright green. Then I saw my spirit leave the body flying back up the pit and when I reached the top I woke up.

Dreaming that earthworms are crawling or coming out of various orifices in your body suggests revelations of buried feelings and suppressed issues. Falling into the pit represents renewal and transformation. By purging yourself of long-held grudges or animosity, you would get yourself out of your rut and emerge triumphant having just slayed your personal demons. The significance of your grandmother's house is unclear. Perhaps you are trying to get back into the good graces of your family and your resentments and spite are holding you back from reconnecting with them. Once you overcome your own contempt, you would find that they are waiting to welcome you back with open arms.

Being attacked by red worms while in a boat

In my dream, I was on a pretty small boat. My friends, family, and some people I don't know in real life, but were my friends in my dream, were using the boat to go to a fashion show party, in which WE were the models. Suddenly, these red and skinny worms started taking over the boat. We were so afraid of them that we were trying to find ways to get them off of the boat or escape. We eventually found a way to get off the boat and back to land, although we never went to the party.

Being in a boat with people you know and love is a positive portent associated with fortune and auspicious circumstances. The fact that you did not know or recognize some of them from waking life is of no consequence. Furthermore, your intention to go to a party and be model (beautiful people displaying fashionable clothing) represents the positive energy that surrounds you and your relations. However, despite your apparent happiness and good fortune, the red worms which crawl aboard the boat can be interpreted as a manifestation of your passionate desire to do and have even more. This selfishness and vanity could threaten the peace and comradery that once existed between you and others. Getting off the boat at the end of the vision points toward your ability to overcome this lapse, but you would have to abandon your designs on greatness in order to do so.

Worms following around

They were like worms, but they kept following me whenever I'd go somewhere and that time I was running around screaming and hugging a person, but I don't know if it was a boy or a girl.

Worms are a rather complicated symbol, as they have both positive and negative aspects. Worms that follow you tend to represent your desires and dreams. However, they also suggest that these lofty ambitions are forever beyond your reach, for example, when desiring to be a famous musician when you have never picked up an instrument before. If you have such a goal, it may be more useful and fulfilling for you to channel your time and energy into projects and dreams which are attainable and could add value to your life instead of wasting resources chasing what is never meant to be.

Pulling out worms from the rear

I was dreaming about two worms going out of my asshole. Then I pulled out too hard to pull using my 2 hands, then I got it. What is the meaning of my dream? Thank you.

A dream in which you see worms coming out of your body's orifices, such as your anus, could represent certain subconscious feelings you have in regard to yourself and your place in the world. It is possible that you tend to build a wall around you to keep others away, perhaps without even realizing you are doing it. You may even see yourself as an outsider, and these feelings could be taking their emotional toll on you. If this happens to be the case, it would be advisable to look for advice from someone that you know you can trust. There is no shame in asking for help when you really need it.

Boyfriend covered with white worms

There was a party at my house, I needed to use the bathroom. My boyfriend said "You don't want to go in there". I went in, my brother was there, acted like it was nothing. I ran out when I saw two thin whitish long pencil-like worms in the sink. My boyfriend was laying down with two whitish plump juicy ones with brown spots on top with a lot of little legs. He says "They are good for me". He dropped it on the floor and it crawled fast up my side to my armpit, I froze, I woke up yelling OMG! No!

Dreaming of seeing a wild party going on in the house is a bad sign. It foreshadows attending some sad event, like the funeral services of someone close to you, sometime in the near future. Seeing your brother in the bathroom with you, especially given his nonchalant attitude, is also a negative sign representing exasperation, sadness or hopelessness due to these unfortunate circumstances. The last symbol, worms, are often symbolic of the wall you tend to build between yourself and the world, particularly when going through a difficult time. You may act happy-go-lucky and cheerful around friends and family to put them at ease, but on the inside you may be suffering from sadness or even depression. It would be wise to seek out someone to talk to so that things do not build up unnecessarily.

White worms crossing the road

I had a dream where I saw many white worms crossing from one side of the road to the other. I was walking on that road as well, but I was trying so hard not to step on them and I did. Please help, I am very confused about this.

Worms in dreams generally represent your own façade, suggesting that on the outside you are holding up and everything seems to be okay, while on the inside you could be broken and miserable. Similar to how a worm hides inside an apple, the worms allude to hiding behind the wall you have built up while allowing all sorts of abuse to happen without trying to stop or prevent these things from happening. The symbolism of these worms crossing the road while you go out of your way not to step on them similarly reveals your passive nature. Instead of calling out others on their unethical behavior, you likely choose to turn a blind eye. It may be time to take a stand on important issues.

Being put in a bag and worms biting

I hug this man in a dark sweater. His head is covered with a jacket and suddenly he just placed a bag on me. I started feeling something biting me up on my legs. It was worms and they were very stinging. What does it mean?

Dreaming about hugging someone you do not know points towards upcoming and unexpected meetings. It could be with anyone who had once shared a close relationship with you. Perhaps a friend or an estranged family member might try and come back into your life. The notion of him dumping a bag of worms on you signifies that the person in question could bring about some problems or difficulties for you. Try to stay aware and be alert for any mishaps.

A worm quickly growing inside a bag

A large worm in a plastic garbage bag that I have difficulty keeping tied in the bag due to accelerated growth. Although the worm grew larger by the second I was able to contain it in the bag keeping it from emerging out from of the bag.

Worms in a garbage bag usually point to existing problems in your waking life. One large worm that grows exponentially, then, could refer to a single issue that is quickly spiraling out of control, possibly leading to great disruptions in your day-to-day existence. However, your ability to keep the worm from getting out of the bag means that you would succeed in handling this emerging issue or prevent it from getting out of hand.

Food turning into worms

Male, 54. I opened up my can of chew and the chew had turned into a few small night crawlers.

Dreaming about your food transforming into night crawlers could mean you are having conflicting feelings about your bad habits and perhaps you are afraid you could develop health issues if you continue down this road. The night crawlers could signify the disgust you feel about your addiction or the potential threats you believe could cause you harm in the future. Perhaps, if you are planning on giving up a long-had vice, this is a sign you should do so.

Worms turning into snakes

Female. A Styrofoam container of worms that were cold or frozen turned Into a snake and bit my friend. She sucked the venom out. Then another container of worms turned into a rattlesnake and tried to bite me before I woke up.

Frozen worms can be interpreted as a sign that you are holding some deep pain or feeling inside you. By not addressing this issue, it has left you a bit cold, possibly only in certain situations or around particular individuals. For example, you may be able to make polite surface conversation with relatives who have judged your choices, but you would be unable to share your true thoughts and feelings, making your responses and facial expressions appear a bit robotic. Seeing the worms turn into a snake and bite your friend and then watching as it happens again to try and attack you could mean that your instincts to shut this individual out or avoid a certain situation are spot on. It is very likely that someone is plotting against you and is perhaps planning to hurt your friends in order to get to you. It would be wise to guard both your physical self and your heart.

Birds and worms

Chicken feet, worms and an owl with worms.

These are symbols connected to your household, they indicate your ability to provide for the needs of your household members or for yourself using your ingenuity and sound financial decisions.

Pooping worms

Dreaming of pooping worms is a symbol of unexpected or unpleasant things that are coming out of you, both literally and figuratively. The worms represent something that is causing you to feel dirty or unclean. Furthermore, it also symbolizes aspects of yourself that you find unsavory or repulsive. In some cases, it could be associated with financial and material wealth, as worms are often found in soil and the soil is associated with acquiring profit. However, in this case, the dream may be indicating that the way you are acquiring wealth is not healthy or sustainable. It also denotes that you are not doing things in an ethical way, or that you are not being true to yourself. Overall, you have to take better care of yourself both physically and emotionally.

Vomiting worms

Vomiting up worms in a dream indicates a strong need to get rid of bad, negative emotions. In a sense, you may feel that you are about to burst because there are so many strong words you would like to say. However, holding these ideas inside you is literally eating you alive. Purging yourself of those things is definitely a necessity. Not only would you feel cleansed and refreshed, but you may even be able to undergo a bigger transformation through this journey of self-discovery.

Worms in your hands

In the dream realm, worms in your hands can be interpreted as a metaphorical representation of feeling invaded or penetrated by unwanted or unsettling information or knowledge. This sensation of pulling them out from your palm implies a desire to remove or address these uncomfortable aspects. This dream serves as a spiritual warning, urging you to pay attention to any invasive influences and take necessary steps to protect yourself and seek answers from trusted sources.