Dreams Related To World

End of the world

Dreaming about the end of the world can be a reflection of catastrophe and mayhem in reality. In a sense, this vision reflects the uncertainty and chaos present in your current lifestyle or the turn of events in your community. You may need to focus your efforts on small parts of the problem in order to cope with this situation and get a handle on your emotions.

Unfamiliar world

A new and unfamiliar world in a dream vision can be interpreted differently depending on your perception of it. For instance, if you considered this new world to be inviting, interesting or a place you would like to stay, it suggests you would go through a period of time marked by positive experiences. On the other hand, a world that appeared to be scary, dirty or even full of suffering may mean some terrible, unfortunate changes are about to befall the area around you. This may refer directly to your neighborhood or to your country at large.

Being in the world from the past

Envisioning yourself in a world from the past, like in Shakespearean times or something out of a Jane Austen novel, is often considered a reflection of your current disappointment with certain aspects of your reality, with different periods of time and symbols within the past world alluding to various interpretations. In essence, this vision suggests something is bothering you in wake life, whether it is that your current job is boring or that the political climate in your country is making you angry or agitated. If the dream seemed to take place in ancient times or with a notable figure from history, it may refer to wanting to learn something from them in order to better your own life.

Being in the future world

Spending time in a future world, whether it takes on a steampunk vibe or looks more like chrome box, can be interpreted as a sign that you are thinking about the future. In fact, the way you perceive the future could reveal something about what you are worried about or expecting to happen. For instance, a dark, dingy future world may reflect your fears about certain events, such as climate change or the outcome of some application that decides your actual future. Alternatively, a society that seems to function smoothly or a world where peace and equality have been achieved could represent your hope to work toward such a future through social activism or online petitions.

Alien world

Envisioning yourself in an alien world means you are going to move into your own home or apartment. This is the first big step to your independence. It will be challenging and there will be much to learn about adulting, but you will emerge stronger and more responsible. Alternatively, the alien world could represent your lack of a sense of belonging. You are a lone wolf and often find yourself in situations where you feel excluded. This can lead to feelings of loneliness.

The world during the Apocalypse

Observing the world during the Apocalypse depicts hopelessness arising from a major loss in your life. A beloved person could pass away which would leave you feeling aimless and unsure about how to navigate a world without them in it. This dream symbol could also point to a huge calamity brought about by global warming. This tragedy will lead to loss of lives and livelihood. The aftermath will be a sea of suffering and rebuilding will take a long time.

World completely different from reality

Envisioning a world that appears to be completely different from your own reality may reflect some aspects of your personality. For some individuals, it represents a tendency to daydream and live in a fantasy world, while for others it represents a rebellious streak and a desire to ignore the status quo. In either case, this vision suggests you would soon face some hurdles to your success in reality. Whether it is an inability to focus or a distaste for playing by the rules, your non-conformity would make it much more difficult for you to make progress on your goals compared to the average person. You may decide to continue down your path without being influenced by others, but it may be easier to just buckle down and work hard just like everyone else.

End of the world flood

Envisioning the end of the world as a biblical flood has important connotations according to Christian sources of dream interpretation. Although God promised to never use a flood to destroy his creations again, seeing such a symbol in a dream may reveal a smaller scale disaster is about to hit your area. For instance, you may hear about a severe weather warning and need to hide from a tornado, hurricane or snowstorm. While the damage is unlikely to affect the whole world, your area may be particularly at risk for natural disasters as foretold by this vision.