Dreams Related To Workplace

Empty workplace

Finding yourself at work during a dream vision and realizing you are the only one there suggests you are not currently contributing to the company in any way. In some cases, it could point toward a lack of motivation to be a productive employee. Perhaps you feel your ideas are not supported or that you do not fit in with the company culture. Alternatively, you may be having a negative effect on the atmosphere around you by spreading malicious gossip about co-workers, creating more work for others through your mistakes or generally being a negative, pessimistic person.

Being replaced by someone else at workplace

I my dream I am at work and there is always a new hire to replace me, and I am not supposed to be upset my this. And also I can't find my tools that I work with, like they are being hidden on purpose. Someone is always in my work station.

Seeing yourself being replaced at your place of work could be a reflection of your existing concerns and worries in regards to some task or project which you feel you have little ability or insufficient time to complete as required. This task or assignment is more likely to be related to your actual work environment. Your excessive focus on your missing work tools and suspicions of foul play at your work station could be pointing to the fact that a real person who is your co-worker or team member may have been performing much better than you, prompting these visions to appear in your dream.

Being taunted at workplace

I dreamt I lost my wallet out of my purse. I was at a workplace. The people in the window had it and wouldn't give it back. I fought for it but had to leave. Walking I came across a voodoo site and appeared to bounce off a wire away from it, went back to get my wallet and did. I have read these things mean witchcraft is practiced against me. In one instance I fought it and got the wallet back, in another I walked through it and on my way back bounced off a wire to go over it.

Dreaming about being at work or a business setting and surrounded by dark and sinister forces during a dream vision is the manifestation of stress from your wake life creeping into your dreams. You probably have difficulty shaking off the troubles of the day or loosening the tension in your body before going to bed at night. The source of your issues can be seen in the image of the lost wallet, a symbol associated with debt and obligation. In some cases this refers to loans or other borrowed money which you have yet to repay, however, it can also be associated with having to "return the favor" to someone. Whatever your situation, you probably suspect your time is running out fast and this person is already breathing down your back. This can be seen in your fight over the wallet. Your eventual success at claiming the wallet does not necessarily mean you do not have the obligation to repay your debts, rather it suggests that you can feel relief when the ordeal is finally over.

Stranger things happening at workplace

I was at work and had a jar of tadpoles, two got out and one turned into a giant frog, the other into a walrus. I went into the break room and there were a great number of children sitting around my grandmother's old dinning room table eating Easter dinner. The children had broken the ornamental decorations off the chairs and were using them for rabbit ears, I asked my uncle, who works with me, who let them break the chairs, in which he replied, "I don't know, it wasn't me".

The two tadpoles at the beginning of your vision represent your potential for change or an upcoming transformation you are about to go through. In this case, you subconscious seems to be divided between two outcomes of this change. You could find yourself in a practically beneficial situation (think status or money) that causes you stress and worry, which is seen in the image of the frog. Or, in the case of the walrus, you could struggle with the tasks of day-to-day life, but have peace of mind. The unusual and slightly disturbing scene at your grandmother's dining room table suggests you are ready to move outside your comfort zone, though whether that is toward greater stability or greater chaos is up to you to decide.