Dreams Related To Work

Other people working

Observing people working in a dream, as if you were delegating all the work to them while you were just standing on the side doing nothing, is a sad indication that your current project or business may never be able to take off or bring in any substantial profits. It may serve as a grim reminder that, in order to ensure the success of your project or business, you need to be involved in hands-on operations. You cannot just leave your workers to their own devices. You have to be there to guide them and show them how it is properly done. On the other hand, this dream vision should be a sufficient reason to feel hopeful and excited. Something really important is about to happen which could change your life forever.

Working as a housemaid

For female readers, having a dream about working as a maid portends an episode of hard manual labor at home or in the workplace. You might soon get your hands literally dirty with household chores as a result of days or weeks of your own neglect. You could be overwhelmed by a barrage of paperwork in the office because you did not care to put some things in your list of top priorities. This means that you could feel physically, mentally and emotionally drained for a while. You could choose either to do nothing about it and remain this way for the rest of your life, or to make a resolution to change your habits and turn your life around.

Being late for clocking in at work

Notice: I am a businessman now, but before I used to work at a mill as a worker. Now Dream: I always regularly dream of the place where I was working, I am very late and I am hurrying to be there on time. There used to be punching of all workers at the workplace, and I have missed the punching.

While this type of situation when you are late for work may be frustrating or problematic in wake life, being late for work in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of finding a new, novel approach to an upcoming challenge or difficulty. Your ability to find a workaround for this problem could save you (or your company) a lot of time and money, earning you the admiration and gratitude of those around you.

Working hard

Having a dream about being a hardworking individual is the exact reflection of what you are in real life. You are used to working hard and going the extra mile in whatever you may undertake to deal with. You would not hesitate to burn the candles at both ends just to make sure you can get things done way ahead of time. Due to your diligence and determination in everything that you do, it is not surprising that you succeed and get what you want every time.

Looking for work

Dreaming about looking for work signifies financial gains and favorable turnouts in terms of projects or business ventures which are currently being carried out by you or still in the planning stage. If these undertakings are given enough time, attention and care, they will flourish and become excellent sources of income not only for you but also for other people involved in such projects or business ventures.

This dream vision also indicates your dissatisfaction and discontent over your current work assignment or position. You may not be fully aware of it at present, but the stress related to your work is manifesting in your dream and telling you that it could reach a point where you might resent and blame your superiors and co-workers for leaving you no choice other than to do the job you hate.

Losing work

Losing work in a dream under any circumstance, such as getting fired for a misconduct or being laid off due to a company crisis, symbolizes a similar situation in real life where glitches would occur and disrupt the flow of an undertaking and things would not go as planned. However, you will be able to overcome any difficulty along the way due to your positive outlook in life. You truly believe that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. In your book, it is the challenges which make an undertaking worth pursuing.

Delegating your work to someone

To dream about delegating work to someone else when it could have been done personally portends a work-related issue or a business setback which could escalate into a more serious problem if not addressed in a timely manner. It could pertain to a personality clash involving you and a colleague, or a case of financial mismanagement within the company you co-own. If you care about your job or your business, you must work to patch things up and work things out as soon as possible.

People without work

Dreaming about observing people without work or having nothing worthwhile to do can have two opposing interpretations depending on how the people in the dream reacted to their unfavorable situation. This dream vision could either bring in the cash or spell financial disaster. If the people in this dream looked restless and desperate for something to do, it is a favorable sign in terms of collective accomplishments, sales and profits for a project or business venture. If the people in the dream seemed carefree and happy despite their jobless state, it is a grim indication that your project or business may be going downhill due to a lack of skilled workers or a financial crisis.

Yourself without work

To dream about being unemployed or out of work should be cause for alarm as it indicates personal or business failures and losses. For businessmen, this could start a series of bad decisions which would not only put their company in deep financial trouble, but would also ruin their otherwise impeccable reputation in the corporate world. For gamblers, this is not the time to place huge bets. If they insist, they could be entering the betting place with a relatively substantial amount of money and leaving it with virtually not a single penny in just a short period of time.

Your own workplace

Having a dream about being in the same workplace where you actually go to work in waking life indicates having recently accomplished a task with a significant contribution to the growth of that particular company. For this reason, you should expect to be given a token of recognition in the form of a promotion, a salary raise, an out-of-country vacation or all of the above. Aside from these material gifts, you would also earn the respect and admiration of everyone in the company, making you a living example for other employees to follow.

Men at work

Observing men hard at work in a dream is a favorable sign indicating success in a current project, business activity or undertaking. This dream vision speaks for itself, and it is you and the people around you working together and making a concerted effort to reach your collective goals in pursuit of a better future for everyone involved. Apart from that, the image of men sweating it out in the dream is a clear indication that you are in excellent physical shape due to your commendable health habits.

Daily work

Dreaming on a recurring basis about daily work routine is a sign of finding real comfort in daily work habits in particular and daily life's repetitive cycle in general. As this dream vision suggests, you seem to be living a structured, organized life with everything laid in perfect order and carried out at the right time every single day of your life. For this reason, you may not be open to changes in fear that these might affect your ability to function as you normally would. You may also be afraid to explore new possibilities because they might throw you off the track and cause you to lose your true identity. However, whether you like it or not, changes will come to you sooner or later, and you will have no choice but to accept them.

Unhappy to work

Dreaming about feeling unhappy or disappointed about work, as if work was some kind of a shackle which binds and forces you to do the same things over and over again every day of your drab, uneventful life, is a good indication of your willingness to embrace changes and new things coming your way. Perhaps upon realizing that your life would be getting nowhere if you chose to stay in your comfort zone and remained contented with what you currently have, this dream vision indicates that you would be ready to take risks and explore the unknown if that is what it takes to break free from the conundrums of life and to carve out a niche for yourself in a world where people are used to living under someone else's shadow.

Happy to work

A dream about being happy, enthusiastic and positive about work is an indication of being contented and satisfied with the current situation regarding work in particular and life in general. By all indications, your uncomplicated way of life is what makes it perfect, and wishing for something better than this would only lead to pain, unhappiness and disappointment. As far as you are concerned, coveting something more than what you really need is like asking for trouble, and worse, a disaster. You would rather have things in your life remain as they are.

Refusing work being offered

Having a dream about refusing an offer for work for any reason whatsoever, such as shunning the hard labor associated with this particular job or resenting its low pay, is a good sign of family bonding and healthy relationships among family members. The offer in the dream symbolizes the cheap thrills and temptations which the world lures you into taking on a daily basis, but no amount of persuading would make you forget the values of honesty, integrity and morality which you have learned from having been born into and raised by a decent family. To you, nothing could ever go wrong if people just uphold the importance of family. For married couples, this dream vision indicates that their union has been blessed from the day they exchanged "I dos".

Deciding to quit work

Deciding to quit work in a dream symbolizes bouts of indecision and reluctance to make steps to improve the current situation. It is likely that the complication involved in the process of making life better may look so daunting and overwhelming that it could be scaring you off instead of motivating and pushing you on. This dream vision is telling you that you need to go through the mess if you want to straighten things out. You have to experience pain and suffering to find real happiness. For instance, it would take years of toil, sweat and blood before you could attain success. If you are currently going through a very difficult period in your married life, you may need to experience the pain and bitterness of a separation or even divorce to be able to move forward.

Being laid off of work

Dreaming about being laid off work signifies the need to improve on character, personality and work ethics. If you want others to look up to you, you should lead an honest, decent life which is worthy of admiration. If you want to earn the respect of your superiors, colleagues and subordinates at work, you need to exert a lot of effort in improving both your work-related skills and interpersonal relationships.

Working outside of your field

Having a dream about working outside of your skill or field of expertise symbolizes trials and challenges temporarily hampering or disrupting the smooth operations of a project or business. This is your chance to show your co-workers what you have to offer. If you could use your ingenuity, creativity, skill and talent to help turn the project or business around, you will become a valuable team member or business partner who will have a say in important business decisions from that time onwards.

Getting promoted at work

Having a dream about getting promoted at work and feeling so excited and ecstatic about it signifies the opposite things that could happen in waking life. Instead of grinning from ear to ear in happiness, you might cringe in disappointment and defeat for having failed in your bid, whether it pertains to your search for employment, your efforts to grow your business or your attempts at winning your dream partner's heart.

Changing work type

Having a dream about switching careers or making career changes, for instance in hope of a better pay, is exactly how it would unfold in real life. You would soon be accepting a better-paying job somewhere else in exchange for your present job which apparently pays you less than you deserve. If you are not leaving your current job anytime soon, you should expect to get promoted into a much higher position and receive a much better compensation as a result.

Someone changing their work

Having a dream about someone switching jobs or making career changes predicts financial losses due to excessive spending or as a result of an external factor which cannot be controlled. You might consider watching your credit card use or avoiding places which could all too often trigger your impulses to buy unnecessary things. You should also be wary of risky investments, especially those which promise to make you richer. Furthermore, a future national or global economic crisis might affect currency and property values, so it might be wiser to lie low and make as little movement in your bank account as possible for the time being. On the other hand, this dream vision portends upcoming conflicts and disagreements with close friends and acquaintances, so you might need to think of possible ways to avert such occurrences as early as now.

Husband changing work

Having a dream about your husband switching careers or changing his work predicts a happy and fulfilling union between the two of you. Quite the opposite of what the dream vision may imply, your husband will turn out to be a one-woman man who values honesty and openness in the relationship. If you are already married, you would be blessed to have someone who is not only a devoted husband to you but also a doting father to your children.

Working with your hand

To dream about using your right hand in carrying out work is a sign of good luck as regards your career, business or current romantic relationship. You could soon get promoted, make substantial profits or find the person of your dreams either by sheer luck or as a result of something which you have always worked on achieving. However, dreaming about doing manual work with your left hand indicates the grim possibility of suffering from a misfortune or not being able to finish an otherwise emotionally or financially rewarding undertaking.

Working at home

Seeing yourself working at home in a dream is an ominous sign indicating a period of financial hardships and domestic problems. There is a high likelihood that even the most basic needs at home may not be met. A household which goes through this crisis could end up breaking apart, unless the members decide to stick together through thick and thin and work things out to turn a potentially devastating situation around.

Working at your previous job

A dream about having the same type of work as you previously had in real life predicts contentment and satisfaction with your current job. It indicates that you may have found the job you have always dreamed of having. Because you love what you do, you will excel in it and become a valuable asset to the company you are currently employed at. People will take notice of your achievements and give you the recognition and respect you deserve.

Where I used to work

Envisioning yourself back in your old office or former workplace means you are likely facing a similar challenge you experienced in your old job. Dream workers are telling you about this interpretation to point out events from the past as markers of learnings or signifying a need for guidance. Your subconscious is taking you back to your previous job to remind you of the lessons you learned and common issues you faced so that you can change and avoid making the same mistake or repeating a pattern that does not serve your goals.

Working in panic

I arrive somewhere and it is my job, yet it does not look like my job. I work with patents and I can not find them. The day progresses and my panic increases. I can not get to my job. My bike is gone or I can not get to them. I have had this dream for decades more than 25 years. In different shapes, yet all with the same panic feelings. I just cannot get to them.

Dreaming about being in panic for some apparent reason is a reflection of your established harmony with the outside world and ability to find peace of mind and serenity no matter what life may throw at you. The recurring nature of this dream is just a subconscious validation of your efforts in finding balance and stability. You may have had some stressful experiences or events in the past, but the dream suggests that you would be able to manage and control any adverse situations should they begin appearing in your waking life again.

Learning about being laid off at work

I came to work and were told I was moved to another department or agency and I was not told all my stuff was packed up and I was upset. I left, then came back to find out why they moved me and no one would talk to me and they called security. Then I took off.

Dreaming that you have been transferred to another department or company without your prior knowledge likely reflects the type of alienation you feel in your workplace. Perhaps you feel underappreciated despite all the effort you put into your job. Not being aware that your stuff has been packed alludes to possible insecurities on your part. It is likely that your frustrations are associated with you questioning your contributions at work. Maybe you do not feel fulfilled or accomplished and believe you can do much more.

Being proven wrong at work

Misconception about me in workplace which I am trying to clear, but the other party is smart enough to prove me wrong every time.

Dreaming about having troubles in your workplace due to some unhealthy competition or rivalry could mean that you are feeling insecure about your professional or financial situation and because of that you could be looking for someone to blame for your failures. You may be feeling disinclined or struggling not to make it obvious to your teammates, but the current stress you are facing could lead you to succumb to negative thoughts and attitude that you should try to avoid as it could be detrimental to your long-term success.

Work every night

Dreaming of working every night indicates a subconscious preoccupation with your job or career. The anxiety and stress associated with this dream imply a common feeling of pressure and responsibility in your waking life. Overall, this dream vision and associated symbolism reflects your mind's ongoing process of finding solutions or answers to work-related assignments or challenges.