Dreams Related To Woods

Eerie woods

Male. I was walking on the road with 4 of my friends, the feeling was very eerie, a sunrise with fog coming off the cracked pavement. I see these woods on the side of the road, I remembered I just couldn't remember how I want to go there, but all my friends said "No" and wouldn't tell me why they wouldn't go to the woods. Then we are in a huge abandoned building, like a post-war setting and me and my best friend are running through this place. The setting of this had been in over 100 of my dreams.

Dreams revolving around the idea of a path or a road represent your journey through this lifetime and the events, activities and experiences which take place during that time. In this vision, you were traveling with friends, which is interesting, given the consistent presence of a forest near you. The forest symbolically represents feelings of loneliness or isolation. You may not be physically alone in the waking world, but you probably do feel emotionally isolated from others or a certain friend or family member. This is supported by the image of the abandoned building which illustrates your deep dissatisfaction with your present situation.