Dreams Related To Woman

Young woman

Seeing a young woman in your dream is a symbol of romance. You are about to enter into a love relationship and this will be something very fulfilling for you. You will have a very fruitful love affair with the right person you are about to encounter.

Dream dictionary for seeing a young woman in your dream

Seeing a woman

When you see a woman in your dream, it can be an indication of upcoming malicious news. This dream suggests that there may be rumors or gossip circulating in your social circle or community, and you may find yourself indirectly involved in the situation. It is important to be cautious and aware of the potential impact these rumors can have on your relationships and reputation. While you cannot control what others say or do, you can choose how you respond to such situations. This dream serves as a reminder to stay grounded, maintain integrity, and focus on your own truth. Be mindful of the information you share and the company you keep. By staying true to yourself and refusing to engage in spreading rumors or participating in gossip, you can navigate this period with grace and dignity. Remember that rumors often hold little truth, and it is essential to rely on facts and genuine connections to maintain your peace of mind.

Old woman

Meeting an old woman in your dream tells of problems or troubles coming your way. It can be due to old issues from your past that continue to hound you, and these have a negative outcome for your life at the moment.

A woman you never met

Meeting a woman in the dream realm whom you have never seen or heard of in reality is not the precursor of a romantic fantasy or lasting friendship. Rather, modern dream interpreters like Miller suggest that this unfamiliar image of a female is an allusion to some stress in your life. The source of the stress is not clear based on this symbol alone, but other memorable aspects, such as the color of the clothes she wore or her actions, may help shed light on the root of your troubles and how you could overcome them.

A woman I know

Seeing a familiar woman in your dreams, like a co-worker, your hairstylist or a neighbor, often is just a reflection of your subconscious being reminded about them in reality. For instance, if you saw the female cashier from a store you frequent, it may be because your brain is trying to remind you that you need to buy something. Alternatively, you may just be seeing this woman because you recently interacted with her in wake life.

A crowd of women

Being in a crowd of women in your dream means that you are about to be betrayed by the person you are involved with. This can also refer to separating from your significant other, and experiencing heartache in the process.

Trying to escape from two women

I saw two ladies working in my house, one warned about the other. Then I went out to escape the two ladies in white sarees, they followed me, they were wearing ghoonghat. Then I offered 100 time payment to rikshaw puller and succeeded to escape.

Dreaming that you are being chased by women wearing veils or scarfs, such as the ghoonghat, could be an indication that there are duplicitous personalities in your social circle. Your subconscious may be warning you not to readily trust individuals who are trying to win you over. They could be outwardly preaching loyalty and good intentions, yet they may be hiding other motives with the intent of smearing your reputation or taking advantage of your weaknesses. Perhaps the rickshaw represents your decision to live a simpler lifestyle or focus on your basic and most important priorities. Refocusing on more essential aspects of your existence may keep you from attracting the wrong sorts of characters.

Old and untidy women

Very old and dirty women in dream.

Visions of meeting or communicating with old and untidy women in your dream foretells problems or troubles from the past starting to resurface. It can be due to unresolved issues from your distant or recent past which continue to hound you, and they may have negative and lasting impacts on your life if you do not manage to address them right away.

Elderly women

Seeing elderly women in your dream vision, whether it is a group of older women gathering at church or truly old and disabled women in a nursing home, means some health problem that you thought you had taken care of would resurface. For instance, those who had a lot of cavities when they were young probably tried to address this issue by having better oral health. However, something worse, like a root canal or impacted wisdom teeth may suddenly crop up and cause you issues. This could be equally true of other minor health problems, such as headaches, nose bleeds or back pain.

Running into a woman

Running into a woman in your dream is a warning of receiving unexpected news. You will get a surprise either through a news that you will receive or in another form. Either way it will be something that will pleasantly surprise and make you a happier person.

This can also be a sign of distress or difficulties in the way you communicate with other people. You may be forced to deal with and work with people you dislike, but you do not have any choice because you need to interface with them on a regular basis.

Helping an old woman

Envisioning yourself helping an elderly lady in a dream is a fortunate omen to be perceived. It indicates your inner desire to seek wisdom and guidance from your elders, be they your teachers or parents or even coworkers. It also means that you are feeling a change in your behavior and are more inclined towards learning the secrets of the world from those who are experienced and learned.

Being loved by a woman in a red dress

I usually see a dream in which a woman wearing a red saree sits besides me, hugs me in her lap and loves me extremely. Please tell me the meaning of this dream. I want to know the meaning?

A loving and affectionate woman that you do not recognize appearing in multiple dreams could be a sign that you subconsciously wish to embrace the more feminine aspects of your personality. This does not necessarily have something to do with gender association, but more with possessing certain positive traits that are often attributed to females. Traits like kindness, wisdom, gentleness, and even patience may be the aspects of your character that you should embrace and learn to appreciate.

Seeing an unknown woman

The imagery of a woman you have never met in real life could be a harbinger of good luck. You could cross paths with a stranger, perhaps a girl or someone older, who would change your life for the better. If the unfamiliar woman appears in a verdant environment or picturesque scene, it means you may fall in love soon or enjoy an upcoming pleasant period free from drama or annoyances.

Fighting with a woman

Fighting with a woman in your dream is a sign of wasted energy used on worthless projects. You will be involved in ventures that will not benefit you in any significant way, even though they might be easy to accomplish.

Woman with an empty pail

Seeing a woman with an empty pail who is walking towards you is a good sign. You will find a great opportunity through a venture that will bring you much profit. You will gain a lot materially and experience an increase in your material possessions or assets.

Seeing woman private part

A female's private parts, whether as an image or during an intimate encounter, allude to a secret that will be revealed to you. To interpret what does it mean to see woman private part in the dream, dream workers see it as a metaphor for the dreamer's open mind and empathetic personality. This openness to ideas and perspectives makes it easy for others to open up to you about their private thoughts and feelings, or even sensitive information that could be damaging to their reputation.

A woman unable to put a baby inside a car

A vision that was given - showed me a woman with a baby scraped to her chest and heading to a car. When she opened the door the car was completely filled with stuff and there was nowhere to secure the baby in the car. The car was a running car standing still however the woman didn't have a place to to put the baby due to the pile of stuff.

This dream could represent your subconscious projection of worries and concerns you could be experiencing in regards to a person who is important to you. The baby is a representation of changes or new developments in yours or in this person's life. These changes would influence the other person. The symbol of the car stuffed with items is an indication that this person or yourself cannot embrace, accept or deal with new changes which may be coming your way. This inability could result from some present demanding responsibilities, obligations, duties or anxieties. The notion of the running car can indicate that these changes could be related to relocating, moving away or leaving the other person behind soon. The outcomes of such separation could be problematic for you, but it will all be dependent on what this person decides to do. Alternatively, the running car could suggest you would be forced to change, even though you or the other person seem to be or feel cramped with little internal and external space for new changes.

Woman with a martini glass

I dreamed a woman was stuck on a martini glass. A group was watching her then we were all racing. We had to use a suit as like a sail as such. We went through caves and rapids. The woman ended up on a rock, no she lost but was fine with it. The martini glasses was our tool a boat as such.

Seeing a martini glass is often interpreted as a symbol for collective memories of time spent with friends and loved ones. This is also reflected in the race you and the group of people participated in, which points to an event involving many people. However, traveling through a cave and rapids represents feelings of loneliness and sadness, possibly due to being unable to spend much time with those you care about. This dream, therefore, is likely a message from your subconscious to make time to be with your friends and family to improve your happiness and overall well-being.

Telling a woman with children to leave

In this dream my husband and I allow this woman with children stay with us, her daughter lied on me and said I foot my foot on her face. Everyone knew she was lying. Her mother was a good person, but my husband and I had to tell her and her children to leave us.

Dreaming about allowing strangers into your home suggests you feel aspects of your life are unbalanced. This is likely in relation to your husband since you both allowed the woman and child to live there in the dream. You may feel he is not spending enough time with you or that he is not giving you the attention and love that you need. However, the lying child and everyone's knowledge of her deceit means that things are not as bad as they seem, though improved communication might make things clearer. Asking the woman and her child to leave at the end of the vision can be interpreted as a sign that you need to stand up for yourself and ask for the things you really need. If you keep your true feelings to yourself and do not communicate them with your husband, you may run into problems down the line.

Confrontation with a woman from the past

Dreamt of a woman I used to fellowship with years ago and we parted ways after realizing she was not OK spiritual-wise. I saw her tardy and sad.. Turning her face against me each time I would get closer. I was circled by a large singing crowd and suddenly a huge beautiful lace curtain was hoisted in front of me with her face sulking.

Seeing a woman you interacted with some years ago suggests she has either recently turned up in your life again or that she has been on your mind. She may have made a strong impression on you at the time despite her perceived difficulties with spirituality. This woman may represent another person whom you are interested in currently. The image of her turning her face away from you in the dream represents both your desire to learn more and some apprehension about getting closer to someone, again either the woman you saw or another person you have recently grown fond of. The concern comes through a little more strongly in the symbol of the singing crowd that surrounds you, which means you are worried about your family and the larger community's response should you pursue a relationship with this person. The lace curtain at the end of the vision indicates that your subconscious is telling you to let things remain as they are, or to not go any further than you already have.

A woman in a green dress flirting

In my dream, a woman in a green dress was trying to seduce me at a family function. I did not know her.

The green dress the woman wore represents satisfaction and happiness within your relationships, both familial and romantic, however, this is only an illusion. This is because a woman who acts seductively toward you in a dream vision predicts disappointment in those closest to you, possibly causing you to react badly to their behavior and do something questionable yourself. You might want to brace yourself for news regarding your loved ones and try to avoid making rash decisions about it in the heat of the moment.

A careless woman starting a fire

I was at a dinner party of some kind. I went into the kitchen and there was an angry woman who I did not recognize, who was being careless with cooking oil. As I was passing, she recklessly threw some cooking oil onto a dish in the oven missing most of the dish and a lot of the oil landed in the back of the oven. I did not think she was angry with me, I was just watching. I anticipated a fire would start, so I calmly left. I heard a loud explosion and a huge fire had started. I was running, but did not feel scared. I wanted to go back for my things, but could not. I was unhurt and in control.

Having a dream about encountering a furious female stranger portends the possibility of taking the blame or being subject to shame which is not deserved. People might point their accusing fingers at you for a misdeed you did not commit. They might humiliate you for no reason at all. Therefore, you should be careful not to inadvertently put yourself in such compromising situations. Apart from that, the visions of an out-of-control fire around you is also an indication that you are concerned about the possibility of having a fire hazard in your own house that needs to be addressed. You must use caution when operating electrical appliances and replace those you suspect could potentially cause a fire in your household.

A woman sweeping her house

Dreaming about seeing a woman sweeping in her own house.

Dreaming about a nondescript woman who is sweeping her own house is a fairly negative sign in two different ways. First, the sweeping aspect indicates becoming involved in shady activities, like fraud or deception. This is because you likely try to take care of this business when others are unaware of your intentions. But it is unlikely you are to be successful hiding your activities, as a woman is often said to represent the spread of gossip, both true and untrue. You may want to think twice before doing something those around you would frown upon because once it gets out, you may find yourself in bad standing with those you care about.

Kneeling before a handicapped woman

I was on my knees, I was going to touch a woman in a wheelchair, her left leg was hurt and my son whom I have not heard from walked into the room. He had light blue slacks and a white shirt on and he looked healthy. What does this dream mean?

Dreams containing imagery of coming into contact with or being around disabled or crippled people are a reflection of your anxiety and concerns about the lonely existence you anticipate ahead. The subsequent appearance of your son whom you lost connection with could be symbolic that these thoughts are directly related to you missing him in your life and the fear that you may never hear from him again. At the same time, the bright clothes and his good health indicate that there is a strong bond that exists between you and him, so you could reunite with him soon, despite your doubts and uncertainty.

Having a strange woman as a mother

I use to have a dream where I was young again and I was different skin color, I was a little darker than usual. In my dream I remember I saw my mom and I wanted to go up to her, but I was pulled back by this lady who said "What are you doing?" and I answered "Let me go, I'm going with my mom" and she was laughing and telling her, "Sorry I do not know what has gotten into my daughter." I was like "You're not my mom, let me go." I got out of her grip, crying and trying to run to my real mom and she said "Sweetie, I am not your mom, she is". I just kept crying non-stop, until I woke up. Honestly, I haven't figured it out yet.

This vision is a highly ominous sign in regards to your personal life and emotional well-being. Dreaming of yourself being different from what you are in wake life is a revelation that your subconscious is manifesting a different version of yourself, probably an aspect of your personality that you dislike and try to hide from others. This could include your desire to minimize the presence of such a trait to such a degree that your subconscious self is not even recognizable by your mother in this dream. Furthermore, the presence of a different mother could point to others learning about your weakness anyway and using it to take advantage of you. It may be time to come to peace with yourself and use this experience as an opportunity to become stronger.

A woman offering fresh milk

A woman giving me fresh milk.

Dreams about fresh milk are most often related to feelings of nostalgia, a subconscious longing to go back to simpler, happier times. Be it a childhood friend or a particular place from your past that you have fond memories of, you might want to reach out, go back and reconnect. It could be an enriching and beneficial experience for you.

A woman taking furniture out

A woman came into my dream and replaced my furniture and I was not able to complain or do anything.

Dreaming of your furniture being replaced points to the possibility of an older member of your family passing away in the not too distant future. Seeing that you could not counteract this woman's intentions could also suggest that this is a relative you hardly ever interact with, which, while sad, is not likely to cause disruptions to your daily life or bring about significant emotional repercussions.

Black women standing on water

I had a dream about 3 black women. I pick one of the women, but all of them looked the same, but the color of their lips was different, it ranged from brown to a dark brown. I pick the one with the dark brown lips. The women were in the water and so was I. One of the women was standing on top of the water and it was like ice, but the water was warm. Then the clouds came down to the water and we were all playing on the clouds and the water, we were all having a good time.

Despite enjoying your time in the water, playing and wading in warm water could symbolize challenges in wake life, especially those connected to work or special projects you are involved with. However, the image of the black woman standing on top of the water suggests you have within you the strength and endurance to overcome these difficulties if you look outside the box and keep trying new things. Your focus on the women's lips could also indicate that these potential difficulties could be solved or overcome by communicating your thoughts and ideas to others involved or affected.

Receiving advice from an unfamiliar woman

Saw a desk and a computer, and looked at my phone (ex was texting me). Didn't know what to say back. The phone was white, it was a different phone. A lady came she had pretty wavy curly loose hair it was black, and her voice sounded black. She was thick, but I think big-boned or medium-boned. She was dressed professional and said, "If I were you I'd date him, he's a producer, he likes music, makes his music. Y'all have the same stuff in common, I'm just telling you, girl".

Getting advice in dreams usually points to issues in real life needing resolution. Based on your dream, it seems that you are currently grappling with relationship concerns. Are you thinking perhaps of getting back together with your ex or is there a new romantic prospect? More often than not, your dreaming consciousness wants you to recognize something that you already know, but are not ready to accept or admit. Your mind is also putting pieces of information together and processing them in your dream. Whatever the case, the good thing about receiving advice in dreams, love advice or otherwise, is that it urges you to introspect and find out what you want or find the best way to approach a problem.

In love with a strange hairy woman

I had a dream I was in bed with this big muscular furry and that we are a boyfriend and girlfriend. And we were just cuddling in bed and sometimes she would kiss me on my head and cheek.

While somewhat unusual, the strange furry who you were being so taken by in your dream, represents a certain feeling of dissatisfaction that could start nagging at you in the near future. Something in your life could trigger this feeling of discontent, which may lead to conflicts with people who are close to you. Keep a straight head, remember who your true friends are and this should be over soon.

Being unable to talk to an old woman

I had a dream about an old woman in a old-fashioned blue dress staring at me. I tried to talk to her, but I could not get any words out, it felt like I was completely numb.

Dreaming about an old woman points to the possible heartache and frustration you may suffer due to malicious rumors circulating behind your back. Regardless of whether they are true or not, this blow to your reputation could cause you a great deal of stress. The old-fashioned blue dress the woman in your dream was wearing represents the emotional distress that may be caused by the aforementioned gossip. Keep your head high and do your best to not let such things affect you and you may come out on top of the situation.

Becoming a woman for a male and enjoying it

I am a male in high school. In my dream, I was a woman for 4 days. I spent those days making friends and being truly happy. On the last day, I went to prom, and asked my friend to get me laid, and wasted.

For males, perceiving themselves as a woman in a dream bears ambiguous meaning. For one, it may reveal emotional instability. Perhaps you experience sudden mood swings for no apparent reason. Another reason behind this dream vision could be a latent discontent about who you are. You may still be in the process of getting to know your real self, and as a result, your mind goes through other existential possibilities. Alternatively, this could just be a manifestation of your curiosity about women and femininity. In trying to understand women, your mind conjured up a situation wherein you are quite literally walking in a woman's shoes.

A strange woman at the front door

I was in my condo and saw a woman outside my front door. I didn't know her. I asked her to leave, but she wouldn't leave. I started to point my finger at her and shout "Get out, get out, get out, get out..." at her. I was getting more and more anxious.

The feeling of dread and anxiety that the woman in your dream inspired in you suggests some degree of instability in your current relationship. The woman outside the door that refuses to leave could be a subconscious representation of your jealousy towards people that approach your partner. This jealousy, in turn, could prove disastrous for your relationship in the long run.

Being a woman and looking for tampons

I am a male age 19. I had a dream where I was a woman and I was trying to get a box of tampons because I was on my period. I was in the house I grew up in as a kid. I had the tampons downstairs, but I was trying to sneak them away. I am still in high school, so during the whole beginning of the dream, I was getting my backpack ready for the first day of school. At the end of the dream I was getting ready for bed, the entire time I was worried about getting septic shock without a new tampon.

For a man, being a woman in a dream vision represents some aspect of your day-to-day existence becoming rather unusual. In many ways, this strange turn of events could have a deep impact on your life and on interactions with others despite seeming to be an inconsequential event in the short-term. Having a period in this vision is the manifestation of your emotions, especially those that tend to get the best of you. Searching for a tampon, then, could point toward a concern of becoming overemotional and a desire to halt the flow of their progress. It may be worthwhile, however, to actually let your emotions out, such as sharing them with friends, writing about them, etc., so that you can learn from your feelings instead of pushing them down as you go through this interesting transformation in your life.

A woman causing a brawl at a wedding

I dreamed of getting married when a woman was shouting things from the crowd and my fiance turned and ran and beat the woman up, then she started throwing glasses at me.

Dreaming of any type of interruption to your wedding ceremony is a bad sign. In the context of your dream, the heckler in the crowd who rattled your fiance could be a symbol of trust issues. Perhaps this heckler is a projection of a part of you that is uncertain about fully committing to your partner. It could be a manifestation of your lack of tolerance in terms of dealing with suspicious behavior. Your greatest enemy is yourself because in order to go to the next level, there must be solid trust between the two of you. You both need to be willing to hear each other out instead of listening to hearsay and unfounded accusations.

Feeling uneasy after a woman's revelation

I had a dream last night and I'm not sure what to make of it. A woman said to me "You touched this earth in April, the same I left it. You are of real kindness and peace, he knows but he is blind, he loves but he is lost"... I then woke up and my heart felt really heavy and I honestly just stayed home because something just feels off since then. She was making dolls and wearing something like a nurse in the 60s wore.

Nurses appearing in a dream symbolize healing and improvement. You may be at a crossroads at the moment or are dealing with a complicated issue. This matter could be wearing you down in all aspects of your waking life: physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. As such, the nurse in your dream serves to remind you to put yourself first because you cannot help others if you are unwell yourself. The "he" reference in the dream could be a loved one you have been trying to support and help for so long, yet you feel all your efforts have been taken for granted. Perhaps you have stopped trying to help someone recently and your conscience is making you feel guilty and restless.

Teeth of a strange-looking woman

I dreamt I was making pastries and a woman came up to me wanting to try my pastries. I was explaining they were not meant for her, then a friend came around seeming to question why was she there. Then she turned and faced me with a weird smile, looked like she had two top teeth protruding from her mouth. We came face to face with each other, close enough for me to bite down on her teeth and lips. Then I woke up.

Dreaming about baking pastries is a powerful symbol that signifies your wildest dreams coming true in a most unexpected way. While this may sound like a good thing, you may have to go through a number of struggles to get there or maintain what you have earned. This can be seen in the image of the strange woman's protruding teeth. Biting down on her teeth and lips, however, suggests you would not only be able to avoid some of the trouble, but also counteract or overcome any difficulties or obstacles that get in the way of your goals and aspirations.

A woman sitting in the middle of a river

Dreamed about a woman sitting in the center of a river underwater but not drowning. She was staring at me and was surrounded by burnt bones with eels swimming through them. The woman had straight red hair, green eyes, and ornate bronze bracelets and she was void of emotion. Couldn't reach her or the riverbanks. Was surreal but peaceful, yet surrounded by charred animal and human bones.

This ethereal woman seems to be a projection of your subconscious mind, which suggests that she may represent some ideal you wish to personify, such as grace or elegance. With this in mind, seeing the woman sitting calmly in the middle of a flowing river could be the manifestation of your desire to be focused, calm, and collected in the midst of the difficulties life throws your way. In order to achieve this better version of yourself, however, you may have to give up waiting for others to assist you and take matters into your own hands, as signified by the human remains the woman was surrounded by.

A woman who stopped wearing hijab

I dreamt when my brother-in-law came to visit together with his wife and I saw that his wife no longer wears the hijab.

The hijab is a symbol of traditional values and conservative beliefs. Perhaps the fact that your brother-in-law's wife was not wearing a hijab in the dream reveals your impression of her. Maybe you find her opinions and ideas too radical or progressive in comparison to the other women in your social circle. Alternatively, her appearance may reflect her independent nature and candid personality. You either admire her for her newfound courage or are uncertain about how to handle her recent transformation.

A business woman with hairy legs

A sophisticated business woman with hairy legs that I am attracted to.

Seeing a woman with hairy legs is typically associated with masculine traits. The woman you were attracted to in your dream may be a representation of a powerful and influential woman in the waking world. Your world may collide with this individual perhaps by working on a project together or being introduced by a common friend in your social circle. Either way, you may be inclined to submit to her will because of her strong personality.

A woman needing to be pleased

A woman at a table. She said something that implied someone pleasuring her under the table. I'm asexual lesbian but pro-sex.

The vision of a woman in front of you who you thought was in need of sexual pleasure could represent a prototype or paradigm of what you consider women to be. Her notions of someone pleasuring her, when you were unsure of who it was or what exactly was going on, may be a reflection of your general attitude towards sex. Although you are not against it, you may still feel engaging in intimate psychical relations could lead you to awkward situations with those you feel you are attracted to.

A woman with a chef knife on top of stairs

Female. About 30 years ago about when I got pregnant with son, second child, I dreamed I was in basement of the old farmhouse where I grew up, which I dream of often. Someone standing at top of the stairs broke a pearl necklace, all the pearls bouncing down the steps toward me. I looked up and saw standing in the doorway an unknown woman with chef knife making downward chopping motion. I woke up and saw same woman in bedroom doorway for split second making same chopping motion.

Going to a place from your childhood makes sense in this vision, as this symbol may be the manifestation of your desire to find comfort and to be sheltered from the troubles you faced in reality. You may have had concerns or doubts about your pregnancy that were making themselves apparent in your dream. The image of the pearls from the broken necklace bouncing down the stairs further suggests you felt helpless and hopeless. This may be the case if you or your son were experiencing health issues during this time. It is also possible you had been given a wrong piece of advice back then, as the female figure with a chef knife appearing in your dream represents practical knowledge and experience miscommunicated with you by someone causing you distress and anger. The notion that you still remember this vision so clearly all these years shows how much of an effect it must have had on you at that time.

An old woman disappearing

Old woman faded away.

In the realm of dreams, witnessing the enigmatic vanishing of an elderly figure holds profound significance, potentially foreshadowing the impending triumph over present challenges or dilemmas. This mysterious vision may symbolize a forthcoming resolution of personal issues or even the noble act of aiding another in their triumph over adversity. As dreams continue to captivate the human psyche, this powerful imagery encourages hope and resilience in the face of troubles, promising a brighter tomorrow for those who encounter it during their slumber.

A dark-haired woman

Dreaming about a woman with black or brunette hair is likely an effect of thinking too much about workplace conflict. You could be experiencing some tension between yourself and someone with lofty goals who sees you as competition. There may also be others who are openly hostile towards you and you have no idea why they are exhibiting this attitude. Perhaps finding a neutral third party could help you hash things out with a coworker.

Woman being a man

A woman who appears to be the opposite sex is a symbol associated with what is going to happen in the future. Your world could be completely changed by something that happens, turning your life in a totally different direction from what you want. Unfortunately, in this case it may be better to go with the flow than fight the current.