Dreams Related To Wolf

Wolf attacking you

Having a dream about wolf attacking you signifies unnecessary suffering you may be experiencing because of your insecurity or shyness.

Two wolves and one turning into a man

I had a dream last night that I was walking to my car, I remember I had to take my daughter somewhere and I auto-started my car when I spotted two wolves in the grass, one was white and the other gray. At first I thought they were dogs but when I went to grab something to throw at them they showed their teeth, they weren't trying to attack, more like they were trying to intimidate me. I saw my best friend talking to the gray wolf that became a man image rubbing on his beard trying to seduce her.

Seeing a wolf in dream visions can often be a sign of loneliness or predatory behavior on someone's part. In the context of your own dream, the appearance of those two wolves could be a metaphor of two opposing forces in your life. You may be experiencing a personal crisis and both factors are weighing heavily on you. Specifically, the grey wolf points to a romantic prospect or someone who would open you up to the possibility of meeting new people. Meanwhile, a white wolf reveals your reservations about doing something that would make you happy yet could force you to go against your principles and personal beliefs. In order to be satisfied and happy, you may have to break your own rules and be more open to new perspectives. No matter which way you choose to go, you would have to be accountable for your actions. Perhaps you need the guidance and insights of your friends to help you navigate this dilemma. Alternatively, this could just be a test of your resolve and your faith. Your subconscious could be telling you to hold your ground and focus on your priorities in order to avoid possible temptations.

A wolf in the basement

I dreamed my cat opened a basement door that was ajar. I went to close the door and saw a wolf had been trapped down there and was waiting on the stairs, growling, looking at me. I left the basement door open, walked across the room to open an outside door so the wolf had a way out. I had to trust the wolf would not attack me, my cat or my dogs. It was growling the whole time. When I opened the outside door, I saw a wild cat run out as well as the wolf. I woke up feeling relieved.

Your cat represents your curiosity, so watching your cat open the basement door means you are interested in exploring your subconscious. You could have buried memories, repressed experiences and unresolved issues lurking in the corners of your mind which are negatively affecting your current relationships as well as hindering your personal growth. Meanwhile, a growling or snarling wolf represents upcoming clashes with your enemies which means you could be partly to blame for their hostility. It is possible that you are unaware of actions and behavior that others deem offensive, so a keen sense of self-awareness and introspection are needed to patch things up with your enemies. Once you deal with your personal issues, your other problem areas would be resolved as illustrated by the escape of both the wild cat and the wolf.

Interacting with a white wolf

I was patting a beautiful white wolf, it was friendly and gentle-natured. It seemed to be smiling. I was calm, relaxed. The dream seemed so peaceful.

Traditionally, the image of a white wolf in dreams is closely associated with false beliefs or clouded perspectives regarding a particular subject or a way of living. Based on the general happy and laid-back atmosphere of your dream, you could be ignoring some important issue or remain opposed to an aspect of your life which other people around you follow strictly and without a question in their mind. Even if you feel comfortable in your own skin at the moment, these circumstances could soon change, for example because of ageing or meeting new people, which would force you to re-evaluate your convictions and adhere to a more established and commonly-accepted set of beliefs.

A baby wolf

Catching of baby wolf in the house with my hand and when I try to take him outside my village (the baby wolf is in my hand), the baby wolf tries to bite my hand.

Catching a wolf in the dream world is often an indication of upcoming conflict and disagreements with someone you know in reality. The fact that this was a baby wolf could mean you would be dealing with someone younger than you or someone you consider less than you. The baby wolf's attempt to bite you as you held it suggests you might be at risk of losing something important to you, although not being bitten during the course of the vision can be interpreted as a sign that you would not suffer greatly overall.

Running from wolves with a baby

Wolves were chasing me and I had a baby in my hands. I tried to hand the baby to someone but they wouldn't take it. Then a voice appeared and said "Sometimes you have to forgive yourself", and right after it said that the wolf died, and I stopped running.

Being chased by a pack of wolves in the dream world alludes to the possible emergence of an influential enemy who could cause a lot of damage to your career. Alternatively, wolves can symbolize self-destructive habits, addictions or unhealthy obsessions. Your dangerous fixations could be threatening your well-being, as symbolized by the baby you were carrying in the dream. Shielding the baby from harm reveals your attempts to find a solution to a difficult situation you are embroiled in. It is also indicative of your fears that others would find out about your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

A black wolf attacking other wolves

There is a black wolf in the background, the wolf never harms me nor is it friendly, we always make eye contact and acknowledge each other. It is always in the background. In one dream there is a pack of wolves and then the black wolf comes and the pack fears the black wolf, the black wolf ends up biting the neck off of one of the regular-colored wolves and it is so vivid in my dream. I can see and hear every detail of the neck being bitten off.

The black wolf represents some force in your life that is helping you overcome challenges and avoid the traps set by your competitors. This can be seen in both the wolf's aloofness and in its obvious power. You likely do not know who or what is helping you gain superiority over your peers. While you may be aware of the presence because of the outcomes, the reason and method are a mystery. However, it may not be as important to know as you think. Your curiosity may be strong, but whoever or whatever is helping you probably has an agenda that only you can fulfill. It would be unwise to force them to reveal their identity unless they want to.

Chased by grey wolves

I dreamed I was outside somewhere away from home. I saw 3 wolves a distance away, but close enough they made me scared. I ran to my car to get inside and lock the door so they couldn't get me. There was snow on the ground, as I was running, they were running toward me. I made it to my car. Gray wolves, at least 3. I am not close to my older siblings anymore, some are actually hard to deal with.

The snow on the ground in your vision sets the scene, and it indicates gloominess or despondency, most likely due to some separation from someone important to you. You mention not being close to your older siblings, so perhaps your subconscious recognizes the family that is missing from your life. This is supported by the image of the wolves. When the wolves were farther off, they suggested being negatively influenced by someone near to you in reality. As they follow you to your car and surround you, however, the interpretation changes, suggesting you are possibly believing the lies being fed to you by these unscrupulous individuals. It is possible your subconscious is trying to remind you that you cannot fill in the holes left by your siblings with just anyone. You either need to reconnect with your relatives or find friends who are more concerned for your well-being.

White wolves chasing down the road

I was walking down a road with huge fenced-in woods on both sides. I noticed two white bears yawning by a tree and a white dog, then I tried to take a picture and realized on both sides of the fence they were white wolves and started to come at me trying to get over the fence. So I kept running down the road to get away, then I woke up.

Walking down a road in a dream is usually a positive sign, it could reveal forthcoming success. An activity which involves a great deal of dedication, time and effort would create outcomes that will evoke feelings of fulfillment and happiness. However, being attacked by wolves is a negative sign and shows that there may be situations which will hinder your ability to stand up for yourself or be open and sincere with others around you. Some people in your waking life may think that you do not care or that you are too good for them when they observe the way you act. You may need to begin expressing your intentions more clearly and engage others to see the good behind your reasoning.

Wolf and fox fighting

To see a wolf and a fox fighting in your dream symbolizes open confrontation. It may be the logical culmination of an existing conflict veiled by hostility from someone and which has been present in your life for many years now.

A wolf on a football field

In my dream I was at a kid football game, then a big wolf ran over to where the people were, then after that it turned into a big cat. Then it asked who likes cats, one walked up and got killed, then a group ran and died than I ran alone and saw someone that saw the group all at once.

Watching a football game may represent a situation in waking life where you are privy to some nefarious dealings around you. For example, you may know someone who is cheating on their partner or partaking in illegal activities. While you may feel safe because you are not directly involved, the presence of the wolf in the dream suggests your inaction may not serve you well for much longer. This means that others could condemn you for being complacent with these actions and not doing anything to stop them. Your own conscience could be filled with guilt and regret for some time after this incident takes place.

Seeing a wolf

Having a dream when you see a wolf may be pointing to a reckless coworker present in your office or workplace divulging commercial secrets and capable of stealing from your company or business. This symbol is personification of a predatory enemy or behavior. Be prepared for the worst, such as betrayal or lies.

A wolf appearing in your dreams can also be a sign of loneliness or predatory behavior on someone's part. A lack of friendship or companionship can be another explanation. You may feel that in order to derive personal benefit you have to extort something from others or take advantage of them.

Spiritual meaning of wolves in dreams

Wolf with black-colored fur

To have a dream about a wolf with black-colored fur predicts a person with many faces you are about to encounter who will disrupt the peaceful life of people around you and will make them pray God to be saved and to get help.

Wolf biting you

Having a dream about being bitten by a wolf attacking you is a bad sign of possible losses or diseases you are about to experience.

Aggressive wolf

Dreaming about an aggressive and menacing wolf is a sign of unsupported fears you may have toward someone. It is time reconsider your attitude toward this person of these people.

Killing a wolf

Having a dream about you killing a wolf signifies that you will be able to overcome crafty and resourcesful enemies seeking to discredit you or take over things you value.


To have a dream about encountering a werewolf signifies receiving bad news. If you were trying to run away from a werewolf, you cannot really trust in love of your spouse or partner.

Wolf entering your house

Dreaming about a wolf entering your house signifies possible conflicts with the authorities.

If the wolf which entered your house did not cause any damage to your belongings or did not do any harm to you, be ready for a visit from a high-ranking official.

Peaceful wolf pack

Observing or being around a peaceful pack of wolves in your dream is a symbol of all your troubles and worries fading away and disappearing quickly.

Defeating a wolf attacking you

Being able to successfully defeat a wolf attacking you in your dream signifies tremendous success, wealth and prosperity you are on the road to.

White wolf

Seeing or encountering a white wolf in your dream signifies that you maybe under the influence of false beliefs, which need to be reconsidered if you want to have honor and be respected.

This dream may also be telling you about a disease or worsening health conditon for someone in your family.

Fighting with a wolf

Having a dream about fighting with a wolf if you are a female is a sign that you may have an uncaring or indifferent boyfriend or husband, or it could mean a possible quarrel or fight with someone.

Wolf pack going after you

Having a dream about a wolf pack chasing or closing on you signifies real-life threats coming from criminals or people with dark past.

A wolf pup

Dreaming about a wolf pup is a symbol of being lightheaded on your success and losing control of the things you are trying to accomplish because of your initial success.

Walking together with a wolf

If you are a male and had a dream about walking side-by-side with a wolf, it can be a sign of you getting married soon.

Grey wolf

Seeing or encountering a grey wolf in your dream is a sign of dealing with matchmakers who may provide just enough help for you to start a new romance or relationship.

Befriending grey wolves

I was waiting for work people to meet me the next day. I had my pet dogs with me. It was a forest, I fell asleep outside and awoke early in the morning, it was snowing. I walked over to get my car. I turned around and there was a peaceful pack of grey wolves where I had slept. I drove over to them, and wound the window down, the alpha sniffed my dog, then me and accepted me, I wasn't afraid. I got out of the car, I felt at home, I knew others would be afraid but I wasn't. I stayed with the wolves.

This vision seems to carry a prophecy of misfortune about your future, however, it also seems to indicate that whatever the issue is, it will not affect you too terribly. Being in a forest while it is snowing and wintry portends some type of loss, usually of someone you care about. Rather than meaning the death or passing of a loved one, it seems more likely that they would simply move away, leading to a slow and steady disconnection from your life. While it would certainly be sad, it would be nowhere near the same level of pain as if they were to die suddenly. Further supporting this interpretation is the peaceful pack of grey wolves which were neither afraid of nor aggressive toward you. This symbol also represents minor pain or inconvenience but suggests others may be hurt more than you. Perhaps your ability to be strong in this situation would be a comfort to those left behind.

A dead friend and a wolf during winter

It was an eeire winter daytime, no sun, just white-out sky with gray leafless trees. I'm sitting in a truck in the woods. From the woods comes walking by one of my closest friends I had, who died years ago. I tear up and yell to him. He looks but walks by down a hallway, like on a path with leafless gray trees on both sides. He disappears into the white distance and then a gray wolf with no face came out. I knew it was one and the same as if Corbin transformed into it. It jumped in to the truck and in front of my face, I wake up.

Finding yourself in a forest during winter is an ill omen about an impending loss. You could lose a friend due to a huge argument or it could be financial loss. The truck you were sitting on refers to your big goals and ambition. This means the loss you will experience may dampen your resolve to chase after your dreams. Meanwhile, seeing your deceased friend in this dreamscape refers to being disrespected by your peers. You do not feel supported by your friends or family, so this could also contribute to your lack of motivation. Finally, the wolf at the end signifies all the negative feelings building up inside you because of the frustration and insecurity you feel in your current situation. The lack of support and possible quarrels with your loved ones may be aggravating your personal demons.

A wolf eating a dead man

Hi, I was with a group of people wandering around. We came upon a prison. I was now by myself and wandered around. I came across a man being eaten by a wolf. The wolf was just eating the dead man. I watched for a minute, then said to the guard it is unfortunate for the man, but I suppose the wolf got to eat too.

According to Freudian theories on dreams, the setting of a prison takes on a quite literal meaning. It is suggestive of limited options or choices in reality. In essence, your unconscious mind is projecting your feelings of entrapment and likening them to being in a prison. Wandering around may allude to not accepting that you do not hold as many cards as you would want. The wolf eating a man is a similarly alarming symbol to perceive. It suggests your situation puts you at a disadvantage compared to others. This may only be a warning, however, depending on your circumstances. You may still have time to correct your path or find a new way to tackle your problems.

Meaning of dreams about a wolf howling or attacking you

A howling wolf

Hearing a howl of a wolf in your dream means that you may uncover conspiracy in existence against you, and will be victorious over your enemies or people trying to cross your way in a negative way.

Unexpected encounter with a wolf

Having an unexpected encounter with a wolf, especially in the wild, means that you are about to have a very important conversation with someone you have been trying to talk with for a long time now.

A wolf with glowing eyes

Lying in bed, look over and saw a beast wolf outside. It had green glowing eyes. It tells me to let it in. I won't. It tells me again, I still won't. He says he won't hurt me, but I know he's evil.

Having a close encounter with a creature or beast resembling a wolf in a dream serves as a prediction of soon being served with some disheartening news. If you are in a relationship with someone special, this news could be coming from that person. The repeated attempts of the beast to be let in and your refusal to do so could also indicate that you may have already been exposed to something negative developing inside the relationship, but were able to prevent it from worsening. If you feel that your trust in someone is greatly diminishing, perhaps it is time to have a frank talk with them.

Wolf eating from humans hands

Having a dream when you see a wolf eating from someones hands is a sign of a very dangerous person who threatened a lot of people, including you, will be soon caught and dealt with by authorities.

Wolves in a pack

The number of wolves you have counted in a wolf pack while dreaming represents the number of bad or unsuccessful years you will need to live before your life gets better or you make some major steps to achieve what you have been planning on achieving.

Wolf bringing you food

Dreaming about a wolf providing you with food indicates that your life is supported or strengthened by some forces or powerful influence of nature.

Wolf closing in on you

A wolf running towards you or closing in on you predicts meeting a dishonest person or conducting your business with an uncaring or untrustworthy individual who may pave a way to its complete failure.

Wolves howling in a circle

Hearing or seeing wolves howling in a circle in a dream can mean a lot of troubles for your family. Do not try to escalate things by hurting someone close to you, try to anticipate and avoid conflicts or disputes which may arise.

Wolf chasing its prey

When you see a wolf chasing its prey it can be a sign of your vulnerability and susceptibility to being taken advantage of by other people. People maybe unknowingly or intentionally demand things from you or ask for help and support, and this may cause you to neglect your own personal life.

The best answer in situations like this is to remember about your own wishes and wants and things you enjoy doing, but do not go overboard and cause conflicts with people in your life, try to find a perfect balance between other peoples demands and your own needs.

A pack of wolves

I was standing next to a large pine tree and 4 wolves were running towards me, then by me and a fifth wolf slowly walked around and behind me as if wanting me to join them. I was afraid and threw a rock near it and it ran off. It was not angry or violent.

Seeing a pine tree in your dream is an indication of your masculine appearance or the way you portray yourself in front of others. The notion of a pack of wolves seen in the same dream could be indicative of some recent experience when you interacted with or caught the attention of some peers who wanted to influence you in a bad way or tried to persuade you to do something you did not want to be a part of. The same vision could also be a sign of your unwillingness to participate in or strong aversion to doing something you have recently been assigned, such as a collective project or a task involving more than one person.

Captured wolf

Seeing a captured wolf in your dream signifies success, defeating very powerful enemies or adversaries, and turning your life into hassle-free and peaceful existence.

Wolf stealing something from you

Having a dream when a wolf has stolen something belonging to you signifies possible marriage or engagement which may happen very soon.

Wolf preying on a baby goat

Seeing a wolf going after a baby goat signifies that in your life you do not need to wait for help from other people, any problems you encounter can only be solved by you. Do not rely on help from other when you know you are the only one who can solve them.

Wolf lying on your bed

Seeing a wolf lying on your bed, especially if you can tell that this is a female wolf, means that your peaceful existence will be ended soon as a result of interference from some powerful or influential people.

Aggressive wolf standing still

Dreaming about an aggressive wolf standing still in front of you can be a sign of meeting with an official or an authority figure with positive outcomes for you or your family after this meeting.

Wolves surrounding me

Being surrounded by wolves is often interpreted by Native American and shamanistic sources to mean that you are in a highly precarious situation in reality. You may be on the verge of making an important decision or taking a certain course of action, but be on your guard! Some of your preconceived notions or current information may not be correct. If you act under these false pretenses, you could make a grave error.

Ocean waves shaped like wolves

I dreamt that I was standing on a shoreline whilst watching wolves run out of the ocean, however these wolves were formed by the ocean waves. Every time a wave came to the shoreline, a group of wolf-shaped waves would run from the ocean and then disperse.

This vision is highly symbolic of the upcoming troubles you are about to go through. The image of waves breaking on the shore represents peace and tranquility. Your current existence is marked by order and calm. On one hand this means you have few troubles to worry about, but it also means there is nothing exciting or interesting to give spice to your life. However, when the waves break and take on the form of wolves, it suggests you may soon experience some events or situations that would cause some drama in your life. The wolves in particular are associated with enemies and potential danger, so you are sure to have your hands full for awhile dealing with these issues.

Being attacked by a baby wolf

I recently escaped a "moderately" abusive marriage although no divorce has come forth. The husband doesn't know where me and my kid fled to. In the dream in addition to him finding us and throwing acid on us, a baby wolf was in the garage howling at me and my little boy. I opened the car door to shoo him away and he jumped in and tried to attack. He bit me on the arm but didn't hurt my kid. His fur was prickly.

Your fears and frustrations relating to your husband and your marriage are manifesting in your dreams through various symbols. The acid depicts his hatred towards you or your perception of his growing anger. You are afraid of what he is capable of if he does find you and your child. Meanwhile, the baby wolf represents your husband's plan to find you which you will discover. This discovery will allow you to make the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your baby safe. Alternatively, it can also mean that the evidence you are gathering to finalize the divorce or file a case against him for domestic abuse are still weak or insufficient. Finally, the bite on your arm symbolizes the negative effects of this ordeal. Your fear of being found and building a case against your husband are likely bringing out your temperamental and impatient side. You could be projecting your anger and frustrations onto your child or people who care about you. It is your burden to control your emotions and remain a loving, nurturing parent even though you are facing challenges at the moment.

Wolf skin

Seeing wolf skin in front of you can be a sign of unwanted visitors wanting to stay in your house and who may take you a long time to part from. Wolf skin spread on the floor, is a sign of being invited to a birthday party where you may have a chance to meet valuable people for your business or interesting to you in other respects.

Wolf failing to catch its prey

Dreaming about a wolf failing to catch and kill its prey warns you that you should not jump on new propositions or offers someone has for you - you maybe at risk of losing what you have built or accumulated so far.

Eating wolf meat

Having a dream when you are consuming wolf meat is a good sign of being able to successfully defeat your enemies or competitors, either in your personal life or in business.

Wolf eating meat off the bone

Seeing a wolf devouring meat of the bone may be a bad sign of disadvantages and hardships coming your way, take a note and be prepared.

Snarling wolf

Having a dream about a snarling wolf predicts clashes, conflicts and fights with enemies or people you dislike.

Wolf on green grass or a lawn

Looking at a wolf lying on green grass or a lawn can be a symbol of efforts your enemies are putting forward to degrade or disappoint you, however, they will not prevail because you are smarter and more resourceful to successfully counteract these attempts.

Caring for a wounded wolf

Caring for a wounded wolf in your dream is a sign of meeting with a person who has been known as not the best type of character. But you are about to discover that there is another side of story and things will clear up and make you realize that this person is not as bad as he or she was portrayed by others.

Wolf wrecking your house

Dreaming about a wolf entering your house and wrecking it can be a sign that you are about to be threatened with prosecution or being investigated for something you have done in the past.

Milk of a female wolf

Dreaming about milk coming out of female wolf or drinking it can be a very bad sign of troubles and uncertain times coming your way.

Wolf on top of a mountain

Seeing a wolf on top of a mountain from far away in your dream predicts some unpleasant situations you may become part of, but will be able to overcome and put behind you, sometimes even to your advantage.

Wolf in a cage

Dreaming about a caged wolf signifies prosperity and success in business. This dream can also indicate your good health. For those who are married, this dream can be a sign of an upcoming family trip or a getaway.

Fast chase by a pack of wolves

Trying to run away from a pack of wolves chasing you at a very great speed signifies emergence of a very powerful enemy who may cause a lot of damage to you, it can also mean betrayal, or some other unfavorable event you are about to face.

Wolf pack chasing a prey

Having a dream about a wolf pack chasing their prey predicts a possibility of failures and disappointments which may cost you wasted time, energy, and health complications.

Catching a wolf

Having a dream about you catching a wolf, either in a cage or by killing can be an indication of a quarrel or a fight with people you dislike or with someone trying to interfere with your actions or intentions.

Friends being attacked and eaten by wolves

It starts out as a pack of man-eating wolves fighting with my friends in the dream, the wolves kill and eat my dream friends. Then later one of the wolves is almost cartoon-like and is holding a pregnant woman hostage at knife point. The pregnant lady gives birth to kittens, then later the wolf eats the kittens? It was a weird dream.

Dreaming about creatures resembling wolves attacking your friends could mean that you are about to receive some unpleasant or disheartening news, which may originate from your relationship with these people. The cartoon images of these creatures could predict that you will receive this message or information by printed media or the Internet. However, the images of a pregnant woman giving birth to kittens which were later killed by the wolf creatures points to the involvement of a female figure trying to interfere with your plans or intentions, but she most likely would not be able to succeed because of your ability to either anticipate bad things coming to you or the lack of preparedness and good planning on her part.

Escaping from a wolf pack

If you have successfully escaped from a wolf pack chasing you in your dream, it can points out the need to deal with your creditors, who will be very difficult to get rid of in real life.

Riding on a wolf

When you find yourself riding on a wolf while dreaming, it is an indication of a triumph over the wiles of a powerful and resourceful enemy you have been in confrontation with.

Wolf hiding to catch its prey

Having a dream about a wolf lying low while waiting for its potential prey, for example near grazing herds of cattle warns that you will not be able to be successful in preventing evil deeds coming onto you despite your best efforts to resist them.

Wolf killing foal

Having a dream about wolf killing foal belonging to you signifies potential failures and losses.

Wolves falling on the car from the sky

I'm a female and I dreamed I was driving and there were dozens of grey wolves falling from the sky all around me, but they didn't hurt me. One hit the front windshield and just bounced off without damaging the car.

Driving in a car is often seen as a symbolic representation of your journey through life. If the road was smooth and straight, it could indicate a peaceful existence at the moment. If, however, the road was bumpy and had many twists and turns, it could suggest experiencing troubles or disappointment. Grey wolves are often interpreted as a sign of someone getting involved in your love life, like a matchmaker or a well-meaning relative. This could be a positive sign leading to an encounter with your soul mate, but given the number of wolves, it may also predict many people prying into your private affairs, which could be annoying or tiresome.

A pack of jackals, wolves and fierce wild dogs

If you happen to be around a pack of jackals, wolves and fears wild dogs chasing you in one pack be aware of potential thieves or robbers who may be threatening your peaceful existence.

A white wolf in a cage

A white wolf was caught in a cage by two men from the country side. One of them was waving at me to see what was in the cage, I approached the cage and a white wolf was snarling at me with its sharp teeth.

This dream about seeing a caged wolf of a white color could indicate that currently you have stability and peace in your family life, work environment or pursuit of your goals. However, the image of a white wolf tells you that you could be led into accepting misinformed opinions and influence on behalf of others which could greatly interfere with the way things are going for you right now. If you want to continue living a peaceful and worry-free life you must protect yourself from people whom you don't not completely trust and prevent their attempts to sway you in the direction which contradicts the views and ideas you have established for yourself.

Wolf with a red head

Dreaming about a wolf with a red head signifies your dubious position while lacking compelling arguments when you need support as far as material or financial matters you may be concerned with.

Wolf in the zoo

Watching a wolf in the zoo and to see its eyes locked on you can be a sign that you have people slandering you behind your back.

Dreams about wolves what is the meaning

Being killed by a wolf

Having a dream about you being killed by a wolf is a bad sign of losing something, experiencing losses, or suffering consequences of a nasty gossip spread around about you.

Becoming a wolf

In my dream, my camp counselor from this past summer asked me, "Do you want to win in this next activity?". I replied with a yes and he took me to this greenhouse-type place and, after looking around for a bit, a gray and white wolf appeared. It launched itself at me and I had a sensation similar to when one gets goosebumps. After that, the wolf "became a part of me."

Seeing a previous camp counselor in your dream may indicate that this person had a profound effect on you during your time together. His question and your reply both reflect your ability to communicate your ideas and opinions clearly to others. The image of the grey and white wolf usually suggests meeting someone in a high ranking position, but because it became a part of you within the vision, it more likely means that you are going to become more respected or admired, possibly due to the successful outcome of a project you are currently working on. This dream seems to show your potential to influence others with words and the prestige it may bring if utilized properly.

A fox turning into a grey wolf

I was being followed by a fox and after shooing it away a couple of times it came back to me with no fear and turned into a big grey wolf that I welcomed into my home.

This dream about being followed by a fox and shooting it contains a prediction of getting involved in some fraudulent activities or questionable romantic affairs which could be associated with a high risk of being slandered or your reputation affected in a negative way. The image of a fox turning into a wolf and entering your house is a sign of upcoming confrontation or conflict with people expressing hostile attitude towards you. The grey color of the wolf you have befriended and welcomed to your dwelling could also mean having to meet with a person or people holding an important official position, such as a government representative or social worker for reasons known to you.

A wolf in sheep skin falling off the sky

As the dream started, I was in a very strong storm. I was looking up at the storm clouds, very dark... As I was looking up at the clouds I noticed something white falling from the midst of the clouds, it was solid white and was covered in hair or woolly, or something, as it fell to the ground. I thought it was my dog. I have a solid white very large dog, as it fell, it was coming very hard and fast and when it hit the ground it bounced very high, it bounced 2 times, I walked over to it and I noticed it had very large teeth and that it was a wolf in sheep clothing and it was dead, and then I woke up.

Dreaming about being caught in the midst of a terrible storm suggests experiencing challenges or road blocks while working on an important project at your company or while on the job. You may have difficulty meeting the expectations set by your boss or supervisor. This situation is likely caused by the interference of someone you once trusted, as the symbol of a wolf in sheep's clothing portends the same meaning as the saying in real life, namely that you are to be betrayed by someone you thought was on your side. If this has not already occurred, you may want to be on the lookout for a person whose actions and words do not match up.

A wolf killing adversaries

I had a recurring dream of a black wolf killing people who try to harm me or whom I dislike. He seemed to be protecting me but never came too close to me.

To have this dream of being protected by a wolf with black-colored fur could mean that lately you have been successful in warding off people who are deceitful and hostile toward you. Their intentions could be to disrupt your peaceful existence and interfere with your progress while you are working on a project or task. The notion that the wolf kept its distance could mean that you are unsure about what exactly helps you to succeed in eliminating these people's presence or influence.

Being attacked by feral wolves

I keep having recurring nightmares that feral wolves are chasing me. It's not always the same location, situation or people, but in every dream, wolves are trying to attack me and nobody feels threatened or sees them, but me. Everyone seems so calm when they see them or don't believe they're there if they don't see them.

Wolves are often connected to the psyche, representing self-confidence or self-efficacy. Seeing wolves attack you, then, can be interpreted as a sign of being your own worst enemy, meaning your lack of confidence or shyness could be hurting you. Others may be unaware of the crippling effects of your inner voice, either because you do not reveal your weakness to others or because they are not paying attention. In either case, it may be wise to share your true feelings and insecurities with a trusted person, such as a parent, friend, or professional, who can help you make sense of them and outgrow them.

Defeating a werewolf

Dreaming about successfully defeating a werewolf can mean a vacation that may become too long for you, so you will be facing the need to look for new and more exciting things to occupy your time with.

A wolf and a fawn together

If you happen to see a wolf and a fawn together it can be a troubling sign of you performing some sinful actions or getting yourself into very dangerous and precarious situations.

An affection for a wolf

I dreamt I was feeding a huge wolf dog treats from my hand. He was standing on his hind legs, he was huge and gray and soft. He was very familiar to me and on a leash or chain. We had a great affection for one another. When I awoke I was missing him and had teared up. It was like an old friend I really missed. He also was licking my face and hands.

This dream about feeding a wolf grey in color represents your longing to start a new relationship or find a friend who would resemble someone you used to know intimately, who used to be either your close friend or romantic partner. Although there could be several reasons you do not associate with this person anymore, you may have come across an individual or people who are affectionate, tender, and very compatible with you. They may have already shown you their feelings toward you, so your dream visions retained and magnified these positive images related to the aspects of their personality you really like. Even though it could turn out to be something completely different from what you expect once you establish a closer relationship with this new person or these people, this vision shows that you are in a constant search for a soulmate or true friend.

A white wolf on a leafless tree

I dreamed I saw a white wolf relaxing in a tree with no leaves.

The presence of a white wolf in a dream reflects false beliefs. You might be deeply rooted in a mentality that is not only unpopular but is also opposed by many because of its irrationality. This might be centered around your life or career, which needs to be assessed or re-examined to avoid any sort of embarrassment or distress. At the same time, the vision of a tree with no leaves represents a period of sadness and misfortunes. This could be linked to the belief you are strongly holding onto. Clinging to this mindset could drain your energy, leaving you feeling lost and confused. It might be better to let go before anything undesirable could happen.

Surrounded by grey and white wolves

Surrounded by big beautiful grey and white wolves in the late evening. They were not hostile nor was I afraid, neither they nor I made a sound. It's the second time in over a year that I've had this dream.

Grey and white wolves around you in your dream could signify that you may be acting or making decisions based on false beliefs. Someone may have told you something which is not true, and you accepted this information as valid and meaningful. You may need to reconsider your ways of communicating with others, especially when their advice or other type of input has no merit or plays against you afterwards. The fact that in your dream the wolves were not threatening at all indicates that these changes are doable and do not require a lot of effort on your part.

A wolf protecting a pet from being choked

A huge black wolf jumped over me two times while I was choking my dog and I got scared and stopped, went inside, shut the door and held and loved my dog.

This dream contains fairly ominous signs in regards to your love life and warns you to proceed with caution. The black wolf symbolically represents someone who is meddling in your personal affairs, particularly in your romantic interests. This can be seen in the vision as the creature jumps over you, which in real life may take the form of asking many questions and seeing how you respond to certain clues. In either case, trying to injure or hurt your pet suggests that you may have some negative experiences because of this invasion of privacy. This is likely to have a bad effect both on your stress levels and your relationship you currently have with someone special.

Attacked by wolves on the street

I was at my grandparent's house, I left to go to work and saw wolves gathered across the street trying to get into a house. They didn't notice me, so I kept going. However, upon arrival to my grandparents' house, they did notice me and three of the six were attacking me. I was screaming, my grandparents raced onto the front porch, and I was being killed.

Being attacked by wolves with a fatal outcome in this dream is an ominous sign which indicates unnecessary suffering caused by your inability to stand up for yourself or be open in front of others. You may think that others do not think badly of your shyness, as seen in the wolves initial ignorance of your presence, but the truth is that many people in your life think you are either reticent because you do not care or because you think you are too good for them. To remedy this situation, you may have to make special efforts to express your feelings clearly and kindly engage others to communicate their thoughts and opinions.

Wolves devouring real-life enemies

In my dream wolves totally devoured the flesh off one person, ate out the entire throat of another, and partially ate out the throat of the other person. These three people live under the same roof as I do, and are enemies who recently hurt me. I had this dream after the fact.

This dream depicting wolves attacking and killing people you know in wake life, particularly those who have hurt and disappointed you, is a negative sign often thought to be the manifestation of your darkest feelings at this time. The wolves themselves point toward disappointment and regret over the time and energy that was wasted on these individuals, so your subconscious is probably trying to get revenge for their deeds to you, even though there is not much you can do at this point, as you probably realize.

Wolf hiding under sheep's skin

Having a dream about wolf hiding under sheep's skin warns about forthcoming treachery you are least expecting or completely unprepared for.

Wolf's paw

Seeing only a wolf's paw in your dream is a sign of your anxiety before meeting with your enemy or a person who has negative influence on your life.

Wolf drinking out of your pet's water dish

Walking on a wolf drinking from your pet's dish indicates that you may have someone close to you whose actions are insidious and aim to harm you in some negative way. You should be very careful or you may lose your job, property, family, and possibly even life.

Being surrounded by a pack of red wolves

I was walking with a wagon and walked up on three red wolves. The alpha howled and then they tan up to me growling and gnashing, but never attacked me. The alpha came up from the back and went for my wagon which contained two pit bulls and my two children. I then woke up.

The wolf as a symbol in a dream refers to predatory individuals lurking in your life. The pit bull represents your protective and defensive side. It is possible that you are feeling threatened by the presence or suspicion of a competitor or a stranger in your social circle. Your survival instinct is kicking in as manifested in this dream. Keep your eyes peeled for people who may be trying to take advantage of you.

Family member attacked by a wolf

I dreamed that my children's father was attacked by a vicious grey wolf behind my house after he left my house.

Wolves in dreams represent strength, survival and pride. To dream that your children's father was attacked by a wolf alludes to your expectations of his responsibilities towards your children. Alternatively, you could also be concerned that he is unable to effectively perform his duties as a father due to his other commitments or problems he may be dealing with. The dream is reminding you to remain open-minded regarding each other's parental responsibilities, especially when they could affect the children's well-being.

Being a wolf and attacked by other animals

A shadow wolf runs through the forest at twilight. Eventually it comes to a small clearing with a lake in it. It looks across, sensing something is watching it. It starts to back away, then is attacked by creatures from all sides. Then someone tells me the wolf is me.

Wolves in dreams are symbolically linked with the ideas of deception and recklessness. Because you are being projected in the image of the wolf, it seems your actions in the community or workplace could jeopardize both everything that you want individually and what your company is aiming to do. The clearing in the forest and your natural instincts to back away from "danger" suggest you are lonely or in distrust for those around you. However, until you are able to trust others and treat them fairly, you may find it difficult to find a solution to this situation.

Being attacked by a pack of black wolves

I was with people I enjoyed being with outside. I stumbled away from the group where there were two large pine trees and I noticed there were three big black wolves. The leader darted from the farthest tree to the closest, followed by the two other wolves. They possessed ill intent to attack the people I was with, but the leader realized I was there alone and attacked. He ripped flesh from my right arm with his teeth, but I fought back just as much, the second wolf was coming to help. Someone pulled my left arm and saved me.

This dream where you are attacked by black wolves signifies suffering which may be your own doing. The pine trees in the background represent your masculinity and the facade you put on to emphasize your strength, resilience and virility. In connection to the black wolves, it seems like you may be dishonest in the way you portray yourself in the eyes of your peers. The group of wolves, therefore, alludes to the unacknowledged side of you or parts of you that you have not fully discovered yet. Fighting these wolves reveals your struggle to deny or suppress who you are.

Protecting family from rabid wolves

My parents, brother and I lived in a town near the ocean that would occasionally board up windows and deadbolt doors to prepare for rabid wolves that would come out at night to hunt. We also were encouraged to wear neutral clothing so we'd be less visible to the wolves. Toward the end of the dream, I realized that we'd left a window open on the top floor and when I ran up the stairs to close it, I heard the sound of wolves entering and moving toward my family who didn't have any idea.

Wolves are strong and aggressive creatures as depicted in your dream. Securing your house to make sure they do not get inside reflects fears and apprehensions towards some external influences or forces aimed at negatively impacting your family's peaceful existence. As such, these animals may be a representation of harmful habits or even menacing individuals who could hurt not only you, but also other members of your immediate family. It is something that could threaten your family's ties and integrity. Perhaps this sneaky threat that comes prowling at night is someone's addiction going undetected or a damning secret being kept by one of your loved ones.

Baby inside a wolf

Dreaming of a wolf giving birth to a baby carries a spiritual meaning referring to your character. You are nurturing person, and establishing a connection with people is a piece of cake for you. People turn to you for support as they trust your wisdom. Yet, the image of the baby being raised by the wolves symbolizes that you also yearn for support and guidance from the people around you. You want to get the same attention that you give other people.

Red wolf

While wolves are generally associated with predatory behavior and going for what you want, a red wolf in particular is a symbol of love and passion. A red wolf or wolves suggest that you would go as far as intertwining your finances with someone in order to get to your perfect match. While your enthusiasm to share should be admired, just make sure you are choosing the right person first.

Black wolf with red eyes

The evil glowing red eyes of a black wolf should be considered an ill omen of short term problems related to friendship and fidelity. This may be true of you, your partner or a friend. In general, this symbol suggests someone is looking for a fast way to escape the confines of an overbearing relationship. This individual may be emotional and unable to think straight. While cheating or backstabbing may be unforgivable, if it is short of that, you may want to show some grace either to yourself or the person who wrongs you.