Dreams Related To Wire

Being close to a live wire

I'm a male. I was standing in the middle of a city street. I looked up and there were powerlines. A plane was flying really low at slow speed and clipped the lines. I ducked and fell to the ground. One line fell to the street and came next to me. A live wire was dancing right in front of my face, extremely close to my face. I felt a bit scared but I also felt like I wanted to touch it. I just stood on the ground staring at it. I had this same dream twice in one night.

The powerlines you looked up at towards the beginning of this vision represent your subconscious mind's recognition of the suffering others are going through in reality. You see others going through life carrying their burdens, and you empathize with their situations. The airplane that clips the lines suggests a situation close to your life that would bring you some measure of happiness and prosperity. For instance, a new law or set of guidelines may improve your day to day life in some way. Even though you would see positive effects from this change, the live wire that danced before you suggests you know that for one reason or another, not everyone in your life would be able to benefit from this situation. Perhaps you feel a bit of guilt, which could be the reason you saw the same vision more than once.