Dreams Related To Window

Looking at a window front

I was looking at a large window front from the outside and saw many images of Hanuman.

Envisioning yourself peeking in through a window can be an indication of impending failure, especially if you have a large task or project ahead of you. You may find yourself struggling to meet the expectations set for you by a parent, teacher or boss. On one hand, you do not want to disappoint others or have them lose faith in you. Alternatively, you probably do not have the passion for the goal that has been set for you. Perhaps the image of Hanuman suggests your strengths lie elsewhere, and you should be focusing your energy on tasks that play to your traits and aspirations instead of committing yourself to something you do not like doing.

A window in general

Seeing a regular window that is devoid of decorations or details conveys a negative message in dreams. The bad news is that this imagery means failure for your future projects and ventures. You could be crippled by several negative factors that would make it hard for you to properly implement your plans. It is also likely that your initial research and optimistic view would be sorely mistaken. As such, this short-sighted approach and lack of due diligence may churn out more failures than satisfactory outcomes for your planned activities.

A further inspection of the symbolism of a window reveals associations with dreamers and wallflowers. Both types of personalities often spend more time daydreaming and observing others live their lives instead of participating, much like the act of staring through windows and watching the outside world through a barrier of glass. As such, the image of a window can also represent your tendency to dwell in fantastical ideas rather than deal with practical matters. As a result, you could end up living under the care and watchful eye of a guardian who would decide on matters you would rather not think about.

Looking out of the window

Finding yourself looking out of the window in your dreams could reveal your tendency to place a wall between you and your partner whenever times get tough. You may have developed this defensive self-preservation tactic from all the years of coping with conflict as a child. This may have helped you keep your sanity and optimism intact in your youth. Unfortunately, as an adult, withdrawing to your shell could end up damaging your relationship with others. Problems and issues cannot be resolved by avoiding tough conversations. You may have to learn how to be a little bit more vulnerable and a little less guarded so as not to alienate your loved ones.

Someone watching you through a window

Someone watching or spying on you through a window may represent your enemies gleefully looking for an opportunity to sabotage you in wake life. Perhaps you are about to give a big presentation or start on a new project, opening yourself up to gossip, heckling or vandalism. You should keep your plans closely guarded and only share details with those whom you trust the most. This way, your rivals would not have a chance to prepare an attack against you.

Getting into a house through a window

Dreaming of getting into a house through a window, either your own house or someone else's, portends the possibility of getting caught doing something unethical. You would likely resort to committing fraudulent acts because of your desire to achieve your goals. The difficulty of hitting your personal targets, such as a promotion or a major purchase, could tempt you to resort to questionable means. Ultimately, you would have to face the consequences of your actions.

Broken window

The image of a broken window in the dreamscape, whether there is a broken glass or cracked frame, is an allusion to mounting stress as a result of your generosity. Therefore, broken window dream meaning is usually about a problem that you created for yourself. You may be kind and helpful to a fault, and your empathic nature often makes you feel responsible for suffering members of your family or group of friends. Unfortunately, your pro-social instincts could take a lot out of you and you may end up neglecting your own needs. Perhaps the remedy is to know your limits so you do not burn out.

A closed window

The image of a closed or covered window in dreams reveals your low spirits and lack of motivation. You could be overcome by loneliness and depression from acts of betrayal committed by trusted friends or colleagues. This same dream symbol can also refer to a period of waiting and uncertainty. For example, a plan or event may end up being cancelled indefinitely for reasons that are out of your control.

A car crashing through a window

A car crashing through my lounge window.

The car crashing through your window symbolizes a traumatic or shocking incident that would stir you into action. Up to this point, you have been cruising pleasantly in your comfort zone. Unfortunately, you cannot lounge around any longer because an emergency, possibly involving a loved one, would force you to get out of your comfort zone and take a little risk for the good of yourself and the important people in your life. This would also allow you to re-evaluate your existence and help you realize how much you are missing out in this world because of your procrastination or lack of initiative.

Escaping through a window

A dream vision in which you find yourself escaping through the window of a house, building or other similar structures convey negative connotations. The chosen escape route portends difficulties coming your way in the near future. Trouble at work or in your own household could make you long for an escape by looking for new work opportunities or moving out of your current residence.

Standing by an open window

Standing by an open window in dream imageries conveys a message of a fresh start. You may embark on a journey of transformation and self-discovery. This could be a literal journey or a metaphorical one. Either way, this chance to explore or try something new would be a unique opportunity for you to start with a blank slate. This could be the fresh beginning you have been looking for to put your existence in order.

Talking to someone through a window

The interpretation of a dream in which you are talking to someone through a window depends on the identity of the person on the other side. If it is someone you know, then it is possible that you are having difficulty communicating or finding a common ground with this individual. Perhaps your personalities are vastly different so that you often find yourselves on opposing sides for a lot of issues. On the other hand, if you are talking to a stranger, then maybe you are unaware that someone close to you often does not listen to what you have to say because they hold a prejudice against you.

A boarded up window

A boarded up window in dream visions is often a bad omen. Bad luck may fall upon you in the coming weeks or months. The future looks bleak due to a variety of factors and your subconscious may be preparing you for the worst. In addition, if the board nailed to the window is in the shape of a cross, it could foreshadow your own death or the death of someone near and dear to your heart.

Peeking in through a window

Envisioning yourself peeking in a house or building through a window, especially if there is a sense of apprehension about what you are seeing or about to see, can be an indication of an impending failure. You may have been tasked to oversee a project or accomplish a target at work, yet you find yourself struggling to meet the expectations. This inability to rise to the occasion could make others, especially your superiors, lose faith in you. On the other hand, your disappointing performance may be due to your lack of enthusiasm and motivation. Perhaps your strengths lie elsewhere and you are contemplating a career change.

In addition, dreams about looking or peeking in through a window reveal your desire to explore your subconscious or the inner workings of your mind. You could be puzzled by your train of thought from time to time, so you would like to get to the roots of your idiosyncracies and psychological issues. However, if this is a recurring scenario in your dreams, it may be time for you to consult an expert, possibly a psychiatrist or even a psychic, who can guide you in uncovering deep-seated issues without messing up your mental state.

Opening a window to vent

Dreaming of opening a window to vent or to let some fresh air into the room means your subconscious is telling you to cut ties with a strong negative influence in your existence. Someone close to you could be a toxic presence at work or in your social circle and this may have caused conflict or issues to arise in your personal or professional relationships. You may have been feeling like something is off and most likely it is largely due to the maneuverings of this individual.

A heavily-draped window

To see a window covered with heavy drapes in a dream often reveals the dreamer's strong sense of isolation and loneliness as a result of being alienated from social connections. Being cut off from your loved ones may push you further into depression, fueled by excessive alcohol consumption and dependency on medication. In addition, if you are trying to look through the heavy drapes and out the window, then you may be ready to reach out to friends and family to find some solace and support during this difficult period. Perhaps you are also anticipating being alone in your old age, so it may be wise to keep your connections strong to avoid isolation and depression in the future.

A shadow in a window

The presence of a shadow or silhouette of a person in a window in your dream portends a mysterious or strange event you are about to experience soon. The nature of the event is unclear, so it could either be positive or negative. Your reaction upon seeing the shadow may give you a clue as to what to expect about this upcoming occurrence. Perhaps your mind is merely preparing you for something unexpected so you can manage your reactions and temper your emotions.

A barred window

A barred window in dreams often refers to a separation. For example, seeing the barred window of a jail cell or a shop window means you may have to say goodbye to a close companion. It could be a family member, a friend or a romantic partner. This separation from your loved one may be a consequence of relocating to a distant place or in some cases, you may have a falling out which would effectively cut your ties.

A window covered by cobwebs

The symbol of a window covered by cobwebs is associated with neglect and isolation in dream visions. You may have been feeling abandoned and alone lately. Perhaps your social connections are having trouble relating to you. Maybe you do not reach out enough and that is why people are slowly starting to keep their distance. It is also possible that you feel unappreciated. Your loved ones may be used to having you around that they often forget to thank you for all that you do for them.

Many windows from inside

Seeing numerous windows from the inside of a house or a building reveals boundless opportunities for the dreamer. These opportunities could occur in the real world in the form of job openings or they could originate from your own mind as ideas and insights. Either way, you would have your pick of the lot which means you have the rare advantage of making the most of the enormous luck being dealt your way. On the other hand, if the windows are obscured, blocked or boarded up, you would experience a bit of difficulty trying to access great insights or track down opportunities for professional development and financial gain. They exist, but you have to exert a little more effort to find them and use the full breadth of your potential.

Wide-open windows

Observing or standing close to wide-open windows in dreams portends changes in the dreamer's attitude and overall worldview. You could be focusing on everyday details that you forget to see the bigger picture. Fortunately, an event, situation or encounter in the real world would open you up to new experiences and ideas. The specific scenes and images you see through the open windows would provide more clues to the aspects of your existence which would be exposed to new insights and potential for expansion.

Sealing a window for winter

To dream of sealing a window or insulating it in preparation for the coming of winter portends upcoming trials. Winter, in this context, refers to the rough patch you are about to experience. It could be a particularly stressful period at work where a lot of things may go awry and you have to exert tremendous effort to resolve problems as they arise. As such, this dream vision serves as a precautionary measure to help you achieve a mindset that would help you overcome all those challenges.

Washing a window

If you are washing a window in your dream, your subconscious may be telling you to be more observant and discerning in your daily existence. Relationships and shared experiences could cloud your judgment when it comes to individuals in your inner circle. Unfortunately, it seems someone in your social group may be intent on bringing you down. Though their motives are unclear, it would be in your best interest not to divulge any of your weaknesses or sensitive information to someone you suspect is being insincere.

A window frame

A window frame without glass, such as those you see at a workshop, usually points to gossip and intrigue in reality. Unfortunately, the subject of the malicious information being peddled in your social circle could be your intimate affairs. The truth may have been twisted out of proportion, but you still have to deal with the judgment and malice from others, even those who barely know you.

A shattered window

Seeing a shattered window in dreams generally reveals trust issues. You could be prone to twisting every little observation into something negative about your partner. Closeness to someone could be misinterpreted as infidelity or the inability to quickly respond to calls and messages and deemed as a sign of disinterest. In these instances, you are actually acting out of fear which reflects your own insecurities. Thinking that you are not good enough makes you extra sensitive and paranoid about losing the person you love to someone better.

Climbing into a window

Envisioning yourself climbing into a window often reveals a strong desire to explore your spirituality and the inner workings of your mind. You are probably ready to confront your own demons and become the best version of yourself. The state of the space you find after you have climbed into the window likewise provides further insight into your current mental state. For instance, a chaotic space marks confusion while a clean one indicates clarity and discipline.

The emotions you feel during this dream scenario can also influence the overall meaning of the dream. For example, feelings of apprehension as you are climbing into the window can be an indication of your own fears and anxieties about your future. However, if another person is climbing into the window and not you, this could portend the possibility that you would get involved in a passionate affair in reality. This development could take you by surprise as you would not initially be attracted to this individual.

Car window being smashed

I had a dream someone was smashing my rear car window out!! I was in a car accident in 2014 and went through my rear window I don't know if it's related - the only thing in the dream state was revenge is what I was yelling.

This vision seems to have more to do with how you perceive the influence of others in your day to day life rather than a reaction to past trauma. In the realm of dreams, cars tend to represent our lives and our personal spaces, so having your space violated by someone smashing in the windows could mean you perceive a threat to your person in reality. This could be interpreted as a warning from your subconscious to be wary of those around you. Some people may come into your life and try to subtly sabotage your work, while others would come in and obviously try to make your life more difficult. If you are just starting to deal with a new group of individuals, it may be best to exercise caution until you know their true intentions.

Someone staring at me through my window

Dreaming of someone staring at you through your window may evoke a sense of threat and unease. Your subconscious could be detecting an underlying intention of harm from someone around you, whether known or unfamiliar. Unconscious signals often escape our awareness in wake life, and this dream might be due to your subconscious picking up on a looming danger. Whether from an acquaintance or someone closer, the intrusive gaze hints at potential harm or manipulation. This unsettling scenario may also reflect an internal struggle or a manifestation of your own fears and vulnerabilities. The dream could be urging you to confront these concerns, whether related to personal relationships, hidden desires, or suppressed emotions, and seek a resolution to regain a sense of control.

Putting glass in a window

If you dream about putting or installing glass in a window, then your mind could be telling you to add security measures to your immediate surroundings. You may have to secure your home for the sake of the people you care about because there are threats lurking in your environment. The safety measures may also include your health and psychological well-being because you need your strength and your wits about you in order to protect the people who matter in your life.

A wind opening a window

To dream about a gust of wind opening a window could reveal your mind's tendency to wander. As a result, you may fail to notice major changes happening around you, and perhaps even within yourself. This inability to focus on the more important aspects of life could put you in a precarious situation. A long brewing problem could catch you off guard or it may take a long time for you to realize your true potential.

Window curtains on fire

Dreaming of window curtains on fire or burning often foreshadows a period of struggle and difficulty. You would have to contend with major problems in important areas of your life, such as work and family. It would take a strong resolve and a lot of courage to keep trudging on as big bumps appear on your path. If you manage to overcome these obstacles, you can either become better for it or you may find yourself more cynical and cold.

A beautiful view through a window

A dream in which you find yourself looking out of a window and seeing a beautiful scenery is a reflection of your dreams and aspirations. This stunning view represents the ideal life that you want to have for yourself. This is likely your motivation for working hard and being ambitious. Unfortunately, this dream is still out of reach at the moment. Something may be preventing you from achieving your goals and it may be associated with your inconsistent decision-making or your overall attitude.

Sitting on the window

Sitting on the window, such as the window sill of an open window with your feet dangling in the air, points to a period of contemplation. The vision means you may have committed some questionable actions or have gotten yourself involved in a shady deal. The fallout of your bad decisions would force you to reflect on your misguided behavior and allow you to be more circumspect when making future decisions.

Breaking a window

Envisioning yourself or another person breaking a window is an indication of frustration due to dissatisfaction. Your sex life, in particular, could be the culprit to your foul mood. There could be a lack of intimacy due to your partner's physical or emotional unavailability and this is messing with your mental state. On the other hand, it could also reveal your shifting perspective. While you may have been inclined to focus on tangible objects and practical issues, you may find yourself looking towards more spiritual and immaterial pursuits as a result of undergoing significant challenges.

A window from a jail cell

Finding yourself in jail in a dream vision and then focusing on a window inside a jail cell denotes misguided optimism. There may be a particular goal which you fixated on for a while now, perhaps it is a major purchase like a house or a dream car. It could also be a person with whom you want to create a special connection. Unfortunately, your efforts remain futile and more impossible with every passing moment. Your approach may be wrong for the kind of goal you want to achieve. Or maybe you need to find other useful activities to spend your time on.

A troublesome view in the window

Dreaming of looking out of a window and seeing troublesome images or scenes could be an indication of your tendency to be gullible. You may be easily influenced or swayed by confident and persuasive personalities, or individuals who are close to you. Being too trusting could backfire in a major way and place you in a predicament. Your subconscious, through this dream vision, may be urging you to be a little more discerning, proactive and form your own judgments based on the information you were provided with.

Bustle behind the window

A dream in which you are looking out of a window and observing a lot of activity on the other side reveals your keen sense of mortality. The hustle and bustle you see through the window symbolizes the passage of time and the enormous amount of events that occur in any given period. Thinking that you are running out of time could inspire a change in you, such as going after your dream with more focus and determination. Alternatively, you could also realize the value of choosing your friends and allies with care. Not everyone can be trusted, hence your mind may be telling you to be a little less trusting and a little more cautious in forming relationships.

A window in the roof

Coming across a house with a window in the roof, regardless of its position, is a very auspicious symbol in dreams. Traditionally, this is an indication of peace and harmony reigning in your household, whether it is among your family members or the people you currently live with. In addition, the window may portend productivity and prosperity blessing you and your loved ones as a result of lucrative opportunities that would open up for you.

A round or oval window

Seeing a round or oval window in dreams often reveals clairvoyant or psychic abilities. If the window is open and you are looking through it, then it means you have an inclination in exploring this innate ability of yours. You may be intent on using it to help others. On the other hand, if the window is closed or boarded up, you are either reluctant to recognize your gift or fearful of what you are going to see.

Jumping out of a window

Jumping out of a window in dreams often reveals the dreamer's spontaneous personality and risk-taking behavior. Perhaps you tend to act on your instinct and follow what your gut is telling you even though others are giving you advice to the contrary. Maybe your risks have paid off in the past and this fed your current appetite for it, no matter how impractical or ill-advised it is. Sooner or later, you may have to deal with the possible fallout of your lack of due diligence and foresight. Sometimes, when the odds are against you, you can always listen to those who have more experience than you so you can avoid paying a great deal because of a bad decision.

Falling out of a window

Envisioning yourself falling out of a window, regardless if it is done intentionally or accidentally, often foreshadows an imminent danger or threat in the waking world. A negative force could be creating havoc in your sphere of existence. This force may be negative emotions, bad influences or a general atmosphere of doom and gloom. As such, your mind may be issuing a warning to help you manage those negative forces and avoid possible misfortune or accident.

A window with black drapes

The image of a window with black drapes in dreams may be an indication of possible illness or health conditions affecting a member of your family in the near future. The black curtain means that this particular health issue may be more serious than you initially thought. Your sick loved one may need a long time for care-taking and recovery. In addition, the circumstances of his or her illness would have further repercussions on other aspects of your existence, including financial and emotional burden.

A window covered with dust

Dusty windows are actually very auspicious symbols in dreams. Despite the film of dirt covering the window, seeing this image in a vision means you would be able to achieve success and prosperity through your admirable work ethic, strong social skills and high motivation. The dust on the window represents the challenges and dilemmas you would overcome in order to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

A wall outside of a window

Looking out of a window and then seeing a wall blocking the view in your dream likely means you are feeling lonely and isolated. This could also be a reflection of your fears and apprehension about ending up alone and abandoned by your loved ones. Alternatively, you may be feeling lost and stuck when it comes to your overall life plan. Perhaps you have lost your way and you are no longer sure how to proceed with your plans.

A white window with a message in it

I had a dream where at the end a white windows screen popped up and covered my entire view. On the screen, text kept generating in rows with the same phrase. "Bad dream". I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't and when I tried I could never fully open my eyes, but I could vividly see the room I was sleeping in. I stopped trying to open my eyes and for some reason, I saw the red x button which is usually on the right side in the windows tab. I touched the red x in my dream and I immediately woke up.

Your vivid dream may be an example of lucid dreaming wherein you are able to control the scenario in the dream. In your case, you were able to jolt yourself awake by closing the blank window. Lucid dreams usually occur when the dreamer's mind is still active or possibly still processing recent information or events in the waking world. Since your mind may still be tethered to reality, the dream world becomes more malleable and changeable according to your will. Specifically, the white windows represent a void in your subconscious. You either had a sensory overload prior to sleeping or you are experiencing a lack of inspiration, hence you are unable to ignite your imagination or come up with good ideas at work or your personal projects.

Water pouring from a window

Water pouring out of a window due to flooding.

To dream about water pouring out of something could be a sign that you have witnessed or been involved in a conflict or disagreement. This vision, then, is a warning that you must do something about it or else face the repercussions of not resolving the problem. Your role as a witness should compel you to speak about the truth, as failure to do so could harm someone else's welfare, peace of mind and safety.

Jumping through a window and getting injured

I jumped through a window and glass shards got into my knee.

Windows in dreams refer to opportunities, so jumping through a window can symbolize exciting events and favorable circumstances. Perhaps you cannot wait to take on new challenges and learn new things. However, grabbing this opportunity, whether it is for career or personal advancement, could be both difficult and painful. The shards of broken glass in your knee allude to losing your balance and sense of control. There may be a lot of unfamiliar situations and tasks which could take a lot out of you on all fronts: physically, emotionally and mentally. The emotional aspects may come from dealing with new personalities and the politics that comes with it.

Someone looking through my window

A disturbing dream of seeing someone watching you through your window, like a man, symbolizes impending issues around you. You need to communicate your ideas well to avoid arising problems that will be a result of overreaction, either at work or in your family circle. People around you may be observing all your actions, which you will not appreciate. In addition, this vision also signifies an aspect of your relationship. You might be on the verge of breaking point due to the constant negative views you are getting. With these meanings in mind, it is best to look through how you deal with various circumstances in the real world.

Someone coming through my window

Watching someone coming through your window and entering your room or house is an ominous omen to perceive in the dream realm. It is most often a warning, and you should heed it. Someone breaking into your home or private room is a metaphor for certain individuals who are starting to take action against you. You may not have considered them a threat before, but they could cause some serious damage to your reputation and mental well-being now. Stay calm and take care of yourself so that you do not leave yourself open to be hurt or disturbed by these sinister people.

Windows falling out

Dreaming of windows falling out indicates a feeling of a dead end or a missed opportunity in your waking life. The notion of the windows separating you from the outside world in itself signifies a feeling of being stuck or limited in your actions. You may feel like you are missing out on important prospects. The interpretation of this dream is a message from your subconscious to take action and seek new paths or opportunities in your life. This dream tells you to break free from the restrictions that are holding you back and to take action toward achieving your goals.

Window frame falling out

Seeing a window frame falling out in a dream symbolizes a broken or shattered object, portion, or endeavor in your life. You may feel pushed to take action but have experienced fruitless results. Generally, such dreams indicate feelings of despair over your fairest efforts not working out. Someone or something has caused the break or failure, leaving you feeling helpless. It's essential to remember that sometimes things fall apart to make way for something better.