Dreams Related To Wife

A physical fight with wife

Physically fighting with your wife in the context of a dream is usually interpreted as a sign of the opposite or as a conclusion to some disagreement between the two of you. This means that you can reconcile with her and improve the relationship, which may have suffered as a result of your contradicting views.

Wife in general

Suddenly seeing your wife or looking upon her as she goes about her tasks in a dream vision usually indicates receiving unexpected or surprising news that is positive in nature. The information you receive may take a weight off your chest and ease your heart, allowing you to relax and breathe easily for awhile. Additionally, observing your wife in a dream may also mean good luck in projects you are taking on or being supported by powerful allies when they are most needed.

Wife cheating on you

Dreaming about catching your current wife in the act of cheating, such as finding her in bed with another man or discovering incriminating texts on her cell phone, is often interpreted as a sign of making no progress on or failing to complete important projects. This is likely because you are spending too much time over-analyzing unimportant details and being paranoid about small things rather than paying attention to the big picture.

Wife beaten to death

I have dreamt consistently of my wife being brutally beaten up by random people I don't know, and then every time, dying, as I am struggling to defend her life. And each time I become burdened with hiding her body, even though there are no signs of police or authorities that I need to worry about. It's been 3 times now during accidental naps I've taken. Which I no longer enjoy. Thank you for your time.

Analysis of this dream suggests that there is absolutely nothing to worry about despite the disturbing imagery you are perceiving. The beating and passing of your wife in your vision is actually symbolic of her good health and well-being. She may even be able to enjoy extra peace of mind after getting some good news or taking some time to herself. The other symbol, having to hide the body, represents the repression of some aspect of your personality or some nagging thoughts. Perhaps you feel guilty about your true feelings and hope that ignoring them would bring peace and happiness to your connection with your wife. However, it would be better to be straightforward with your significant other so that you can both enjoy the time you spend in each other's company.

Being a wife to a stranger

For women, envisioning themselves as the wife of an unfamiliar man indicates that they have a number of suitors who are interested in marrying them. This means that, unless they choose not to marry, it is unlikely that they are to remain single for long. However, this sign by itself does not give any additional information as to the quality or outcome of the relationship.

Naked wife

Seeing your wife naked or watching her undress is often interpreted as a negative sign associated with experiencing inconveniences and delays caused by your own lack of attention or motivation. Your inability to finish your tasks in a timely manner and submit things when they need to be handed in may cause even worse issues, such as financial ruin or loss of face, if the problem is not addressed quickly.

Fighting with wife

We were old and my wife said "That's it, I'm done with you, get out!". Then she chased me out trying to kill me with a razor. I ran out and fell in a bush and was trying to fight her off. Then I woke up.

Seeing yourself and your wife as older than you are in reality is often thought to be the reflection of the times you live in. In essence, you are probably experiencing a rough patch either financially or medically. However, the fight you had actually represents how close you two are in wake life. Even in these challenging times your relationship is able to deepen because you work together so well. The razor blade points toward more hardship and trials in the future, but with your partner at your side you would be able to get through anything.

A sick wife

Seeing your wife sick, exhausted, and otherwise unwell in the context of a dream usually means you are currently not experiencing any disappointments or other bad luck in wake life. On the contrary, this vision suggests things are really looking up for you and that you are both successful and financially stable. Your life and lifestyle are likely admired and envied by those around you, especially those outside your normal circle of friends.

Kissing your wife

Kissing your wife in a dream vision, whether it is on the forehead, cheek, or directly on the lips, is usually predictive of upcoming difficulties in your relationship with her. Specifically, this symbol represents having disagreements and fights which could even escalate to abuse depending on the circumstances. These issues, if not resolved, could have a lasting negative impact on your marriage.

Sex with your wife

Having sex with your current wife in the context of a dream points toward a period of misfortune characterized by failure and loss. This means you may have difficulty making progress on or completing large, important projects and meeting deadlines. You may also experience negative financial repercussions because of this situation, including financial insecurity and decreasing materials assets.

Your wife pregnant

Having a dream vision about finding out or being told by your wife that she is pregnant means that she will help or assist you with something you are currently working on or having difficulties with. This could include receiving advice, physical participation and assistance when needed.

Former wife

Having a dream where you run into or interact with a former wife, a woman you were once married to but later divorced, indicates you may be forgetting things that are not important. You may wish to hold onto these memories for nostalgia or comfort, but it is likely that constantly reliving those moments is doing more harm than good. Forgetting and letting go is essential for the healing process. Additionally, seeing an ex-wife in a dream may also signify emotional wounds that are in the healing process which were caused by someone you once trusted in your past.

Clothes worn by wife

Noticing that your wife is wearing expensive, ornate clothing, such as garments made of silk, designer brand jeans, or elaborate jewelry, predicts that you are about to become very busy due to problems and roadblocks either in your work or home life. This could include opposition for other people or technical problems with machines. However, if you observed that your wife was donning dirty, damaged, or generally poor quality clothing, it suggests that in order to get ahead in life or at work, you should do whatever tasks have been presented to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Traveling with wife

I dreamt of traveling in a vehicle with my wife, lovingly and cozily.

Traveling happily in a vehicle together with your wife suggests domestic bliss. You are in it for the long haul with her and looking forward to your journey together. It is also an optimistic dream vision as the movement indicates your desire to move forward towards your goals as individuals and as life partners.

Wife in a good mood

Having a dream where your wife is happy and content, either because of your doings or in general, is often interpreted as a positive sign connected with work or hobbies. This vision means you are likely to experience wild success in a current work endeavor or DIY project you are working on around the house.

Wife eating raw meat

I've seen in a dream my wife secretly eating raw meat with blood, and her face along with mouth was stained with blood, while I catch her, she shows it is her normal attitude.

Seeing someone eating raw meat in the dream world is usually a sign of possible problems they face at work or even at home. Perhaps you noticed subtle differences in your wife's behavior and your gut tells you that something is not right. Your instincts may be right, as she could be experiencing some health or mental issues which she is hesitating to share with you. Alternatively, blood is a metaphor for passion and love, so in that context, there is a likelihood that your wife is indulging in her passions by rediscovering her interests. For so long she may have focused on the needs of others and it is only recently when she has had the freedom to pursue her own dreams. It could be jarring or unfamiliar territory for you, but perhaps your subconscious is encouraging you to understand her motivations and support the ambitions she has.

Wife from a distance

Seeing or observing your wife from a distance in a dream predicts she may fall ill or otherwise be incapacitated in wake life. Just as she was unreachable in your vision, so does this dream predict that your efforts to care and help her heal may be in vain or ineffective. However, this is not cause for alarm, as this vision also carries the interpretation that whatever ails her is unlikely to be life-threatening or affect her for a long period of time, meaning she should be back to her normal self soon.

Yourself as a wife

Envisioning yourself as your wife, such as going to her place of work, wearing her clothes, or doing the chores she usually takes care of, indicates you are about to go through a period of time filled with annoyances and inconveniences. The cause of your troubles is procrastination, meaning you have been putting off important tasks because they seem to be too difficult, despite the fact it would make your life easier to just bite the bullet and get it done. For example, you may have been asked to repair door hinge which doesn't close right, but because you have been putting it off, you are inconvenienced every time you try to open and close it. Additionally, seeing yourself in the position of your wife could also predict having a conflict or verbal disagreement with another member of your family some time in the near future.

If in the course of realizing you are your wife you also notice having freckles or other face blemishes, if could indicate receiving a project or proposition which may turn out to be highly profitable. This means either there is a monetary incentive for you to participate or the payment is quite high in proportion to your efforts. Additionally, if you felt comfortable and happy in your position as your wife, you are likely to experience good luck in new ventures. No matter how difficult or insurmountable a project seems, you are unlikely to experience any trouble or issues while it is progressing. The results of your labors are also predicted to be great and appreciated by those around you.

Wife leaving

I keep dreaming my wife leaves me, and that I can't open my eyes. The first one, multiple dreams different places and she is gone suddenly. The second one, think I am awake, but can't open my eyes.

Having a dream about your wife leaving you may indicate that you are about to be surprised or shocked by someone's discreditable lack of thankfulness, particularly regarding something that you did as a favor for them. You may have provided financial assistance in the form of a loan, helped in some physical way such as with a move or a tricky tire change, or provided emotional support and a shoulder to lean on for a friend who needed to talk things out. Being unable to open your eyes in a dream vision represents being deeply in love with someone, most likely your wife who is the main subject of your dream. You may be concerned with or jealous of a new acquaintance in her life, or you might be showing your subconscious desire to spend more time with her.

Disgruntled wife

Having a dream where your wife is unhappy, displeased, or annoyed with your behavior or words is actually a positive sign associated with success in confrontation, negotiation, and debate, especially with people who tend to get in your way or are jealous of your status. This disagreement may take place in front of others, raising your position even higher after victory is achieved.

Sleeping with the wife

Sleeping with your wife, without scenes of partaking in any sexual activities, is usually interpreted as a positive sign meaning you tend to have happy, constructive thoughts. You can often encourage yourself and improve your mood by remembering past joys and keeping a bright outlook on the future. Additionally, seeing yourself sleeping peacefully alongside your wife can also indicate having a deeper, more meaningful relationship with her through spending more time together. This growth could lead to a more active sex life.

Wife covered in mud

I am male, I dreamed of my wife covered in mud.

Mud generally represents struggle and stagnation. When associated with work, this means a barrage of tasks and tedious undertakings would slow down your personal and professional progress while also weighing you down with stress. However, since your wife figures in this dream vision and she is the one covered in mud, then you can anticipate a pretty messy and complicated situation which would involve her. She could get herself involved in shady deals or illicit activities and you would have to clean up the mess. Then again, this tricky situation could brew between the two of you and you would find out too late about it. You need to be able to open the communication lines in case one, or both, of you is hiding something that could damage your marriage.

Hugging your wife

Giving a hug to your wife or pulling her into a loving embrace in a dream is often interpreted as a sign that you are soon to hear from an important person located far away from you. This means you may receive an email or phone call from a person you were once quite close to, both physically and emotionally, letting you know they plan to return, at least for a short period of time. Dreaming about your arms being around your wife also predicts good outcomes for new products you have designed or success after the launch of a new business.

Deceased wife holding keys

I see my deceased wife holding some keys.

Dreaming about your now deceased wife holding a bunch of keys is a sign that the personal choices you have been making recently are not what is beneficial for you. You could be struggling with making the right decision at the moment because you have several options and do not know which one to choose. The dream therefore advises to carefully consider your next moves and perhaps seek advice from others in order to avoid being placed in a questionable or unfortunate situation or circumstance.

Happy and beautiful wife

Envisioning your wife being particularly happy or beautiful in a dream vision is usually interpreted as a negative sign indicating the opposite. More specifically, this vision indicates you may be the target of evil intentions, most likely fraud or deceit. Falling prey to these actions may cause some serious heartaches or a period of depression in your life.

First wife

Seeing, observing, or interacting with your first wife in a dream vision, whether you are currently on good terms and communicating with her or not, predicts you have recently or are about to return to an activity or task you have not worked on in a long time. This could be a sport that you played in grade school or a hobby that you gave up after having kids. However, if it is generally considered a bad habit by those around you, such as smoking, gambling, or excessive drinking, you may want to avoid being drawn back in or seek help from loved ones.

Wife suddenly appearing out of nowhere

Envisioning your wife appearing out of nowhere, such as coming suddenly from around a corner or dropping on you out of thin air, suggests negative outcomes or consequences from a plan you have recently put into motion. This means that you are highly unlikely to succeed in the path you have chosen for yourself. There is a chance that your inability to complete your goal is due to troubles and disagreements in wake life, particularly with your wife, which prevent you from focusing all your energy on improving yourself.

Meeting with a future wife

I had a dream last night that I have met my future wife but I don't know who she is. I just want to know what is the meaning of that.

Dreaming about meeting your future wife portends the arrival of someone interesting in your life. This new association could actually lead to the formation of a mutually beneficial relationship. Your vision could further predict that you would be introduced to a woman who is charming and alluring. It is even possible you would feel a strong connection with her. However, just because you find her appealing does not mean that she would automatically reciprocate your feelings. In order to win her over, you might have to prove you are a gentleman worthy of her affections.

A conflict with the wife

Having conflicts with your wife within a dream while experiencing disagreements or fighting with her in real life suggests these problems are soon to be resolved, either by outside forces or through your own efforts to get through this rough patch. The result of this is likely to improve the quality of your relationship, allowing you to find comfort and love within your partnership to an even greater degree than it used to be before.

Wife dying

Envisioning the sudden, unexpected passing of your wife in a dream, even though it is expected to be symbolic of a tragedy, is actually interpreted with positive connotations. It predicts the opposite of what it was perceived as, namely that she would enjoy good health and have peace of mind. This means you can enjoy each other's love and company for a long time.

Wife giving birth to a child

Dreaming about your wife giving birth to a new child, whether you currently have children or are childless, suggests that you are able to recognize and appreciate her best qualities. These qualities include loyalty to you, commitment to the marriage, and support in times of difficulty and stress. Your ability to rely on her and trust her completely allows you the freedom to express your true feelings, meaning you never feel alone or abandoned.

Wife surrounded by other family members

Envisioning your wife surrounded by other members of your household, such as your children, parents or extended family, may be an indication of upcoming travel, particularly to places that are far away or foreign. Not only are you expected to arrive safely and smoothly at this location, but you are also likely to have many exciting, moving experiences along the way. Additionally, whatever brought about this trip, work or personal matters, is predicted to be completely resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

Crying wife

Envisioning tears in the eyes of your wife or watching her cry in reaction to something you did or said is indicative of upcoming failures, miscommunications and challenges. This is likely to last for some time and encompass multiple areas of your life, making it feel like nothing is going your way. You may also feel disappointed or depressed as a result of these happenings.

Wife smiling

Dreaming about your wife bestowing you with a loving, joyful smile is often interpreted as a positive sign associated with good luck and fortune. Specifically, this means that a currently bad or unideal situation is likely to turn around and either cease to be an issue or improve rapidly. You may not even have to exert any effort or use any resources to make this come about.

Being a wife and arguing

Seeing yourself in the role or position of your wife and then having an argument with your spouse, whether it is you or someone else, is often interpreted as a sign that you are about to commit to an engagement or start working on a project against the wishes of the other members of your family. This includes such activities as agreeing to take the whole family to an event which only interests you or doing large scale renovations which would inconvenience the people in your home. Your actions may cause bad feelings within the household, as your wife (and children if you have any) may be disappointed, annoyed, or angered by this action. This same vision can also portend chaos in your day to day existence, meaning your schedule may be more hectic than normal and you may have an increased number of engagements and responsibilities that are difficult to manage.

Surprisingly pleasant wife

Communicating or interacting with your wife and noticing that she is more compliant and willing to assist you than usual is a positive sign associated with success in risky situations. This means you are likely to profit in situations where the stakes are high but the guarantees are low. Achieving success, however, may require a lot of time and demand your best effort and attention to the details of your task.

Being abused as a wife

Envisioning yourself as the wife of an abusive husband in a dream vision, including both physical and emotional abuse, is an ominous sign indicative of a series of unfortunate and demoralizing events taking place in your life. A lack of harmony and good communication skills may further exacerbate the problem, giving you little relief in your time spent at home.

Having a wife for single men

Dreaming about having a wife, if you are a single, unmarried man in wake life, predicts you are about to meet or be introduced to an interesting, alluring woman. You are likely to be extremely attracted to this woman, possibly desiring to become intimate with her or begin a relationship. While this sign does suggest succeeding in this endeavor, it could require a lot of time, effort, and resources on your part to get her become interested in you.

For a single man, having a wife in a dream vision is also associated with the fulfillment of sexual desires and intimacy, meaning not feeling lonely or frustrated in your relationship. However, in order to achieve this level of closeness, you should show this woman your caring, thoughtful side. To understand and reciprocate your feelings, the woman you are with needs to know you care about her as well. Opening yourself up to her is likely to have unexpected but pleasant results.

A verbal disagreement with wife

Verbally disagreeing with or purposely trying to hurt your wife with harsh, unkind words often points toward one of you, either your wife or you, becoming ill or otherwise incapacitated. While the length of time spent on the sickbed, the type of disease, and the severity of symptoms are unclear judging by this symbol alone, it would be wise to do early medical screenings and be conscious of any changes happening to your bodies in the coming weeks.

Wife dying in an accident

Having a dream where your wife suddenly and tragically passes away before your eyes predicts feeling indignant or unappreciated. Specifically, this vision points toward doing necessary tasks for someone or being thoughtful, but receiving little to no thanks in return for your time and effort to make the other party happy. This lack of consideration may confuse or insult you, especially because of your previous impression of this person's character. After this event, you are unlikely to do anything for this person above or beyond exactly what they ask for due to your disgust at their behavior.

Being near water with the wife

I had a dream last night. I am standing near a water body, which was like a big pond. I was standing with my wife and it was a sunny day (day time). I was happily chatting with my wife and showing her the water body. Interestingly, what I saw was, that the water body had two types of water. One is clear and the other one is slightly red in color and they were mixing together at a junction. It was like the same water body had two types of water mixing at a fix point. I was showing this to my wife happily. What is the meaning of this dream?

This dream about observing two types of flowing water mixing together is a symbol of new experiences or changes you are about to face. This change or transformation is most likely going to affect your relationship with your wife. Symbolically, traces of red color in the water which caught your attention in the dream is an indication that one person in this relationship relies too much on emotions, the quality which could be slowly taking over common sense and practicality. Because of this seemingly minor discord or imbalance, one of you could feel that his or her wishes or desires are not accepted fully or addressed properly. The last part of this dream when you seemed to be happy pointing to the "mixing point" means that you might be concerned or worried about the presence of such nuisance inside your relationship and want to perhaps find sensible solutions or ways around this issue.

Wife trying to kill herself in traffic

Wife takes off coat, wearing Hollywood-style white dress, runs under a moving truck, truck swerves, she gets up, runs toward another vehicle.

Seeing your wife in a beautiful white dress is symbolic of your relationship with each other as man and wife. This could serve as a reminder of your past happiness and commitment or indicate how much your relationship has grown since your marriage. Her unusual behavior, however, suggests something (or someone) is threatening the happiness of the life you have built together. This could be some addiction or outside force which is tearing down what has grown over time, or it could be a person who is trying to draw one of you away from the other. You may need to be strong in the face of great difficulty or temptation in order to overcome this situation.

Husband using his wife for a terrorist attack

Husband holds his wife hostage, straps a bomb on her, takes her into a public place and blows her up.

Seeing a man in the role of someone's husband suggests you may want to get involved with someone romantically or deepen the loving bond you share with your current partner. This desire to improve the relationship possibly stems from a recent disagreement, as the man's behavior toward his wife in this dream indicates the presence of conflict or open confrontation. While your intentions are honorable, it would be wise to tread carefully lest things become stirred up again by acting too quickly.

Brother-in-law's wife attacking

Ever since we've moved from my brother-in-law's and his wife's house I've been having very horrifying dreams and she's always in them! I dreamed that I was in a dark room, all I saw was that woman's shadow, then a black hissing, growling evil cat came out of a closet and was viciously attacking me. I was screaming and that woman was laughing at me, she had this evil laugh. She was just watching the cat attack me. She won't leave my dreams. I also had a dream she had done black magic on my family.

This vision is a highly ominous sign regarding your brother-in-law's wife, and you should be very careful with your future interactions with her. Black cats often predict the rise of a powerful adversary or enemy in your life, someone who is interested in ruining your life for no reason other than their own enjoyment. This is supported by the cat's hissing, which also indicates that this person is interested in making your life miserable and challenging. You should limit your time spent with this person as much as possible and try not to get into altercations that you may later regret.

Wife cutting hair too short

Dreamed twice that my wife cut her hair too short and I was mad about it. What's the meaning?

Dreaming that your wife has cut her hair too short is actually a warning about your own financial situation and spending habits. More specifically, this sign points to living beyond your means or not having a solid plan for your future. You may have even been hiding your extra expenses from your wife, which could explain her presence in this dream.

Wife transforming into three women

My wife became 3 separate sisters. I loved them all equally. Although they had different clothes and hair styles, they all were physically similar. One of them told me that they would not be jealous about the other two because they were the same person. Nonetheless jealousy arose!

The appearance of your wife as three separate sisters in your dream reflects your view of her multi-faceted character. There may be days when you have to get along with contradicting aspects of her personality and yet despite this, you have learned to love the nuances that you keep discovering about her during this marriage. This vision could be a manifestation of your struggle to reconcile all sides of your wife and understand her persona. Perhaps the aim of this dream is to help you see your wife as a whole instead of the bits and pieces of a fragmented human being.

Wife trying to drown instead of saving

I was drowning in a lake. My wife was on the pier and instead of helping me, every time I would reach the surface for some air, she would keep pushing my head under water.

A dream about drowning reflects overwhelming stress or an emotional roller coaster. Drowning involves the inability to breathe and the constant threat of going under water. In the real world, this symbol of drowning may come from present or future challenges you are going to face and which could make you feel suffocated. The notion that your wife, whom you trust to save you, kept pushing your head underwater alludes to problems between the two of you. Perhaps you feel like she is not being supportive or concerned about your welfare. Additionally, this could be a sign of troubles developing within your marriage which are causing you distress. Both of you could benefit from reaching out to each other to hash out any brewing or suppressed issues.

Crying because of lost wife

I saw that I am crying because I was not able to find my wife and my family members were trying to keep me quiet. Later I saw my wife is back and I stopped crying.

Crying during the course of a dream vision usually predicts having a disagreement with someone, most likely your wife, given her prominence in this vision. The cause of this fight is probably linked to a task you have been working on or a goal you have yet to accomplish, as is seen in the image of your wife appearing suddenly at the end. If things have not been going your way in regard to this unfinished business, it may be best to leave it alone and start fresh lest you waste more time and resources than necessary.

Wife having sex with her son

My wife had a dream where she had sexual relations with one of our sons. What could this possibly mean?

When a parent dreams about having sexual relations with their child, it is often thought to portend an upcoming scandal affecting this person or the entire family. In this case, your wife or son could become involved in something they would rather keep under wraps, but extenuating circumstances could force their hand, revealing to others something embarrassing or outrageous. This could have a negative impact on the reputation of the whole family, so it would be wise to keep private matters protected and ask them to avoid any unnecessarily risky activities.

Wife trying to push to be killed by a bear

I fought off a bear and he went over a cliff and I realized my wife was behind me and was going to push me over the cliff. Then I woke up.

Seeing yourself fighting a bear and ultimately winning only to see your wife try to push you over the cliff right after could represent your bad or questionable behavior when dealing with competition. You may be easily provoked into conflicts and quick to raise your voice and show temper. It is possible that your wife is someone whom you see as competition over a particular aspect of your shared life, such as who takes the best care of the children, gets paid a better salary and so on. You should try to avoid getting into confrontations if this happens to be the case and learn to be happy with what you can do and accomplish together.

Love triangle involving wife

I have a recurring dream that my wife is leaving me for another man. I find out she has a boyfriend at a social gathering which the three of us attend. It's never the same guy or social function.

Dreaming that your wife decides to leave you for a secret lover is an ill-omen. This dream could be representative of certain issues in your marriage. While you may be unaware of them or perhaps, actively ignoring these problems, they could have long-term ramifications for your conjugal life. Your best tool in cases like these is a good line of communication, being willing to admit that there is something wrong and trying to figure out how to fix it.

Walking away from wife with another woman

I dreamed that I am walking away from my wife with another woman, very much in love and happy.

There are two distinct components in this dream vision. When you dream about seeing yourself walking away from your wife with another woman, it signifies you are about to meet and interact with someone who would help you deal with life's issues and become a trusted friend. Being in love and happy with a woman other than your wife could also denote your loneliness and dissatisfaction with how things are progressing in your relationship with your spouse. Generally, outside affairs are used as an escape from the boredom of daily life, so it likely means your current daily routine needs excitement and you strive for more meaningful experiences and interactions with others.

Wife tying shoelace

I saw my wife tying my shoelace in the dream.

Envisioning your wife in a dream as she goes about tying your shoelace usually is a symbol of good tidings. Perhaps you are about to receive good news about a risky venture you invested in or a business activity in which you have invested a lot of time and effort. These good tidings will take the weight off your chest, making you stress-free and relaxed for a while.

Becoming the wife of a customer

My husband was working next to my house that was being remodeled and my customer was doing it. My husband comes over and my customer tells my husband I'm his now. What does that mean?

Dreaming about a house in a state of being remodeled signifies a changing life condition. It suggests that a major personal transformation is coming into your life. Perhaps you have been dissatisfied with the way your relationship is progressing with your husband. You could be comparing your marriage to other couples' and trying to improve it in one aspect or another. The scenario of realizing you belong to someone else in this dream points to the lack of communication with your husband or your inability to address important issues with him because of his unwillingness to listen to what you have to say.

Inside a plastic bag with wife

My wife and I were inside a very large plastic bag that was filled with glue, we drained the glue out. That is all I remember.

Envisioning yourself and your wife inside a large plastic bag with glue in this dream suggests closeness and intimacy. As a husband, you are privy to your wife's secrets and you also disclose any information to your wife with ease. It could be any little details or facts concerning friends, family or colleagues. Sharing of such sensitive aspects makes your bond and affection stronger as it gives both of you the assurance that your conjugal life is going well. Draining the glue out in the dream is also suggestive that both of you also talk and confide to close friends about the state of your marital affairs. This could be positive or negative depending on the information being disclosed and it is probably wise to discuss this matter with your wife and set boundaries on the facts being shared with the outside circle.

Wife being escorted and bleeding

I had a dream that I woke up in a hotel to my wife coming to the door of the room with two escorts bleeding from mouth and teeth falling out. When I ask what happened as she opens her mouth to speak, one escort covers her mouth with their hand. I woke up from the dream and Googled you guys.

Being in a hotel typically means you are looking for an escape. You could be feeling stressed or listless and you want to have some leisure time, perhaps on your own, in order to recharge. Negatively, this can also be an ill omen of relationship problems which may lead to separation. Similarly, a bleeding mouth portends conflict and family problems. The mouth is a symbol of communication, so maybe part of the problem is that one or both of you are hiding vital, possibly destructive information, from the other. This is especially represented by the notion of her mouth being covered. Finally, seeing someone losing teeth reveals your fear of losing your wife. You may have sensed a gap forming between the two of you in reality and this has instilled some anxieties and apprehensions about the possible dissolution of your marriage.

Wife losing face in a car accident

I was in a car accident, couldn't get to my wife, the car caught fire, she was burning. When I got her out, her face was burnt, then it fell away and she was faceless.

A car accident in dreams typically refers to destructive thoughts with a possibility of inflicting self-harm. In that context, the burning car could mean that your self-destructive habits or thoughtless ways may cause conflict in your family. You may even mess up your own standing because of your lack of foresight and self-control. Similarly, a burning person or a person on fire usually refers to suffering and destruction. This vision means that your mistakes could have adverse effects on your wife and family, so her faceless appearance at the end of the dream may refer to losing face. Your actions may bring shame and humiliation to your loved ones.

Wife hiding clothes

I have this dream or a dream similar to it over and over again. I am with my wife and other people and she hides my clothes. Everyone else changes their clothes to go someplace nice, but when I want to change mine, they are gone and she won't tell me where they are. So, I have to get undressed, shower and wait naked in the bathroom for my clothes which are hidden. If she finds my clothes, they are all tangled up and I cannot untangle them! So everyone else is ready to go, not me. So, I wake up mad at my wife!

Clothing in dreams represents your image or outer appearance. In that sense, dreaming that someone hides your clothes could mean that somebody is trying to change certain aspects of your personality. It could mean that your wife's expectations of you are different from how you perceive yourself. As such, the clothes when they are found appear tangled up. Alternatively, being naked in the shower means being vulnerable. Perhaps your wife is forcing you to face your own personal demons and flaws. The longer you get to know each other, the more personality traits present themselves and not all of them may be positive. Sometimes you may bring out the worst in each other and that can be difficult to accept.

Deceased wife accusing of cheating and becoming a demon

My friend had a dream about his late wife. In the dream he was asleep on the bed with his phone in his hand showing the last dialed number with his ex girlfriend's name on the screen. His late wife entered the room and could see the phone from a very far distance and was angry at him. She asked him if he is busy with his ex again. He walked up to her to hold and kiss her but she pulled away. After a while she kissed him back but turned into a demon. What does that mean please?

While the sum of the parts of your friend's dream do not make sense, looking at them as a whole paints an interesting picture. First, the strongest symbol is clearly that of your friend's late wife. Her presence suggests your friend has been making questionable decisions lately, perhaps in regards to his relationships or interpersonal relations. While he may literally be involved with an ex, it is more likely that he is simply not treating some people in his life as well as he should be. Additionally, the ex herself may be the manifestation of negative feelings resulting from comparing two things. For example, your friend may be ready to move on and find a new romantic partner, but he might also have trouble separating his current interests from his previous experiences. Lastly, the location of the bedroom reveals that your friend should invest more time and energy into his relationships lest his friends and lovers turn against him.

A deceased wife with a picture of the girlfriend

My passed away wife whom I loved comes to me showing my girlfriend in a bold painting smiling and pointing to her.

Dreaming of your dearly departed wife could shed some light on your current situation, namely the one between you and your girlfriend who was also present in the vision. Your wife is motioning toward a bold image of your girlfriend, a lucky type of image that is associated with achieving a goal or getting to another level. It could be a metaphor for your relationship status. Perhaps your dearly departed wife is letting you know that it is a good time to consider taking things a little more seriously. She may be subtly letting you know that loving someone else does not diminish your love for her, rather, it complements it as there is no limit to how much you can love. If you feel comfortable and ready, now may be a good time to test the waters with more commitment or a more formal relationship.